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Truth Or Dare (Adult)
Site Suggestions and Help
Need help? Post here! Also share your comments, thoughts, suggestions here so the site can be improved!
133 TopicsServer Upgrade?
countryboy25 @ 10:49am August 26th, 2015  
Come up with new Truth questions here, and/or share. Points are not awarded here.
13 Topicsfirst time
spamnature @ 02:10pm September 18th, 2014  
Come up with new Dare Ideas and/or share your best. Points are not awarded here.
130 TopicsPanty shopping dares
kinamar @ 10:20pm August 8th, 2015  
TorD Stories
Get help with stories and/or share your own. Points are not awarded here.
8 TopicsNew Story - Ashley at the Theater (Fiction)
admin @ 02:51am January 22nd, 2014  
Find Slaves/Masters the old fashioned way
330 TopicsVirgin slave looking for Mistress
KBizzle @ 11:04pm October 10th, 2015  
Introduce yourself here
33 TopicsNewbie
KBizzle @ 10:57pm October 10th, 2015  
Talk about some of the crazy things you have done.
6 Topicslocked out of house naked
dai01 @ 12:38pm July 17th, 2012  
Discuss the movies you have seen, going to see, or even made.
2 TopicsMovie Matching
sammilicious @ 01:45am August 16th, 2007  
Discuss music and music videos here.
1 TopicsNew Tom
Baby_Luvz @ 08:56am July 29th, 2006  
Basketball, Football, Soccer, you name it...
0 Topics
Play and/or discuss games.
11 Topicsrock-paper-scissors
xxxGamer @ 10:42am October 23rd, 2014  
Site Problems/Support/Suggestions
Post here if you need help, find a bug, or want a feature added.
24 TopicsStory Issue
admin @ 12:22am October 22nd, 2014  
Generally talk about anything in general here...
28 TopicsI'm looking for someone I met on here, please help
andrewbarclave @ 04:12pm February 11th, 2014  
Discuss politics, inventions, ideas, etc.
1 TopicsWould you allow yourself to be tracked?
daringtempest @ 09:49am July 1st, 2011  

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