Lisa Invisible Part 3
Lisa Invisible
Part 3

By Jappio

was once again on the street.  She was wondering
what she could do to get her mind off of Alex. 
Nearby was a residential area.  What
if she went into someone’s house?  To be
naked in a stranger’s house would be crazy, she thought, but she didn’t let go
of the idea.

then quickly ran towards the residential area. 
She picked the first house, a nice two story building. It looked liked
no one was home.  The front door was
locked, but she didn’t have a problem finding her way in through the back door.

She found herself in the kitchen, and decided she needed a quick snack.  She knew stealing was wrong, but this was
just a quick bite to eat.  She found an
apple on the table and started to munch on it. 
She then relocated herself into the living room, and lied down on their
couch.  She made sure to stretch out, so
she could get the whole feel.  She then looked
over the imprint on the couch.  She was loving
being invisible.

She got up and wandered through their rooms. 
She found the bedroom and jumped on their bed.  Suddenly though she heard someone enter the
garage.  She freaked and jumped off the
bed and was about to make a run for it, but stopped.  She remembered she couldn’t be seen, so she
didn’t need to run away.  Instead, she
snuck out to see what was happening.

A man and a woman walked in.  They were
giggling to each other as they locked up and snuck into the hallway.  Lisa had to move to the side to not run into
them.  They went straight to the bedroom.  The man was going at her blouse as she went
for his clothes in equal earnest.

This is when she realized though, this woman wasn’t just anyone.  She was Tina, Lisa’s best friend since the 3rd
grade.  Lisa and Tina had shared their
secrets, talked about everything, and they trusted each other with anything.  Lisa assumed that this was that guy Tina had
been talking about.  Lisa knew that Tina
was more ‘active’ with her boyfriend than Lisa was.

They were down to their underwear but they slowed down.  The man had Tina sit on her knees on the bed.  He got out a blind fold from the drawer
nearby and wrapped it around Tina’s eyes. 
He then told her to stay there and wait for her surprise, and to not
take off the blind fold.  He then snuck
into the bathroom.  Lisa couldn’t believe
it, she was watching in on some couple actually having sex, and one of them was
her best friend.  She though couldn’t
help but move into the room.

She snuck closer.  What if she got
involved? Tina wouldn’t be able to tell that she was invisible, but that
wouldn’t fly with the guy.  Then again
what would she care if the guy came in and found his girlfriend with an
invisible person? She couldn’t get in trouble, and it would be hilarious.  Yet there was the problem of Tina, would she
be able to tell it wasn’t her boyfriend. 
It was too late though; Lisa was already climbing onto the bed.

This was crazy.  The two of them were
very close, even at times sharing sexual secrets.  Yet Lisa thought they were only friends,
never anything more.  Sure Lisa was curious
of how it would be if they were ‘closer’, but of course she dismissed the idea
all the time.  Tina too though seemed to
be just as curious as Lisa, but Lisa never could tell.  Sometimes it seemed like Tina was trying to
start something between them.

The first thing Lisa did was reach her arms around her and started to undo her
bra.  Lisa felt as if she was in someone
else’s control.  Tina wiggled, a bit
surprised by the sudden action.  Lisa
then moved a finger along Tina’s shoulder to where her bra was still being held

“Who is this, this isn’t my boyfriend!” Tina said quietly, unsure of what was
going on.

“Oh well, I’m um.” Lisa didn’t know what to do, the fun was going to be over
all too soon.

“Oh, I get what he is doing, we were just talking about trying some voyeur
stuff and with a woman, he owes me then.” She said coyly as she went to take
off the blind fold.

“No don’t, I’d like to keep this anonymous please.” Lisa said quickly holding
the blindfold over her eyes.  Lisa’s
heart was pounding like mad.  She almost
felt guilty, tricking her friend like this. 
She decided though to try and not reveal her identity.  Maybe one day Lisa would tell her.  Tina would probably be the only one who would
believe that Lisa was running around naked and invisible.

“Mmmm, sounds kinky.” Tina said.  Tina
was the same age as Lisa.  She had
beautiful long blond hair, a fair complexion, and was a little taller than Lisa.  Her breast were real nice and full, but not
too large.  Lisa had always admired
Tina’s beauty, and was always sort of jealous too.  Many times Lisa had seen this woman in her
underwear.  She even recognized the
current pair, a frilly pink set of bra and thong that was really cute.  Lisa had also seen Tina in further states of
undress, but never got a good long look or felt ok with staring.  Would today be different?

Lisa didn’t say anything, just kept focused on what she was doing.  She slowly pushed the bra off of Tina’s
breasts, and rested below them.  Lisa was
so caught in the moment now.  She never
considered herself to like women, always denied any old sexual feelings towards
Tina, but now was so different.  She
really didn’t care that Tina was a girl, or that she was her best friend.

She moved her hand to the side of Tina’s breast, and slowly traced around it
with one finger.  She slowly spiraled her
finger until it was circling the areola. 
She then lightly touched the nipple, and then repeated the process on
the other breast.

Lisa watched what she was doing to her best friend.  She felt Tina’s breasts heave as she breathed.  She started to become more concentrated on Tina’s
nipples.  They were pretty hard at this
point, just like Lisa’s had been all day. 
She removed the bra completely and continued to lightly touch the

Just then Tina grabbed Lisa’s hands and pressed them hard into her own breast.  “Don’t be so shy!” Tina commanded.  Lisa then started to massage Tina’s breasts,
full palm, with both hands.  Tina moaned
slightly as she started to wiggle her hips.

Lisa then felt something on her back.  It
was Tina’s hand.  She almost screamed but
made sure to ignore it.  Tina’s hands
wandered up and down Lisa’s back.  They
lightly lingered at the tip of Lisa’s butt crack and then went back up.  “I see you came ready.”

Tina then started to move closer and closer to Lisa.  They were soon pressed against each other.  The only thing between their breasts were
Lisa’s hands.  Tina’s hands were now near
Lisa’s butt, slowly making there way onto and then lightly massaging Lisa’s

Suddenly there was a quick swat and Lisa’s butt stung.  Lisa quickly moved her hands down to her rump
to rub away the pain.  Without her hands
on Tina’s breast, they now made full contact. 
Lisa had her bare breasts pressed against her best friend’s bare breasts.  Tina started to gyrate her breast against
Lisa’s.  She moved Lisa’s hands away from
her butt and went back to massaging it.

Lisa was in awe.  This whole thing was
moving so fast.  She was now feeling like
she was the victim.  Tina seemed so
forceful.  She couldn’t go away though,
she didn’t want to.

Lisa moved her hands around to Tina’s butt, to do the same thing she was having
done to her.  She was slightly out of
breath, the feeling of her hard nipples against Tina’s bare breasts, and the
feel of Tina’s hard nipples against her own, seemed crazy to her.  Never had she had such intimate contact with
someone.  She was glad though that it was
her best friend.  Lisa so wanted to let Tina
know it was her, but she knew that would only make things stop.  She could wait to tell her. 

She had the elastic of Tina's thong between her fingers, and she started to
pull it down.  She did not take them off
though, merely down enough to be able to rub Tina’s butt.  They stayed like this for awhile, rubbing
bare breast, and massaging each other’s bottoms.  Lisa though decided to move things along.  She then gave her own swat on her best friend’s
butt, as revenge for earlier.

Tina made a slight yelp, and then straightened out a bit.  She backed up a bit, and then lied down on
her back, with her head resting on a pillow. 
Tina stretched out her legs and laid there, as if waiting for something.  Lisa got the idea and crawled to her.  Lisa ran her hands up Tina’s legs, up her
sides, and lingered on the waistband of her best friend's thong.  She slipped her fingers under and pulled them
away.  She then tugged the thong down, slowly
revealing Tina's bare pussy.  Lisa let
out a squeak, not expecting that.  Tina
giggled, guessing Lisa was shocked at her bald pussy.

Lisa continued to pull the thong down Tina’s bare thighs, her bare legs, and then
off Tina's bare feet.  Lisa looked as she
now was straddled over this naked woman. 
Not just any woman though.  Lisa
was now naked with her best friend!  "Wow..."
Lisa let out.

Tina moaned as she ran her hands up and down her body.  She must have been getting impatient.  Lisa was unsure of what to do at this point
though, she was still in awe.  She could
only think to lie on top of Tina in an embrace. 
Lisa slowly lowered herself onto Tina. 
She was slow to kiss Tina, because she was so very unsure, but as soon
as their lips touched Lisa lost herself in the action.  They kissed and they caressed; Lisa was
loving it.

She felt ambitious and started to slowly kiss down Tina’s neck.  She kissed each nipple and continued on downward.  She got to the smooth skin of Tina’s pubic
region.  She kissed it and moved around
onto her thighs.  She could look up and
see Tina's pussy, open and shimmering with wetness.  Lisa looked up farther to see Tina now
playing with her own breasts, her eyes still blindfold, and she was moaning.  Lisa grew quiet as she watched this.  She was surprised at being able to see this
so close.

"Don't slow down, don't stop!" Tina panted out as she kept playing
with her own breasts.  Lisa was now hesitant
again.  She was afraid to do this.  She was afraid of what it would taste like,
of what it would be like, and what it would make her.  She slowly licked up the side of Tina’s
thigh, and then got real close to Tina's pussy lips, but she turned and went up
the side to the top.  Lisa had to do this
she told herself, so she then directed her tongue downwards.

Tina continued to moan in need.  Lisa got
closer and closer.  She got a bit of the
wetness on her tongue.  She didn't
immediately taste anything bad, so she continued.  Lisa reached the tip of Tina’s lips and
didn't stop.  She then felt her tongue go
over a hard spot and suddenly two hands pushed her head down.  Tina screamed with pleasure as Lisa’s face
was being washed over with juices.  She
was hoping to take this slow, but there was no point to that.  Lisa figured she had gone over Tina’s clit, and
she should have known Tina would react like that.

It took Lisa a little strength to be able to lift her head under the constant
pushing of Tina’s hands.  Lisa continued
licking and tasting Tina’s lips.  It was
hard to keep doing this.  Tina’s pushing
and the bucking of her hips made it hard. 
Lisa also was very turned on.  Lisa
had her own hand between her own legs, and she was working away.  She made a slight gasp and Tina then released
her head.

“Sorry dear, I forgot all about you, come on, lets make us both enjoy this.”
Tina then grabbed Lisa by the waist and spun her around.  She then lowered Lisa down and Lisa screamed
in sudden shock and pleasure.  Tina had
landed a lick right on Lisa’s clit.  Lisa
was so unused to the intense feeling.  She
first reacted by clamping her thighs.  This
though just allowed Tina to lick more.  Lisa
couldn’t take it.  She let go and raised
herself away from Tina’s tongue.  "New
to this I see, just don't forget about me, ok." Tina said moving her hips
to try and remind Lisa what to do.

Lisa was so shaken up, but she just continued with her job.  She was now starting to get the hang of it.  Tina was doing stuff to Lisa too, but she
wasn't exactly doing her absolute best.  She probably was too distracted by what Lisa
was doing.  Lisa sort of chuckled to
herself.  Here she thought that she was
the inexperienced one, but this was probably just as equally new for Tina.

Lisa was getting really close to orgasm by now. 
The whole day's events were about to crash down on her.  She knew she couldn't handle it for much
longer.  "Mmm, Tina this feels sooo
good." Lisa moaned out.

"Wait, is that you Lisa?!" She suddenly heard Tina moan out.  "Damnit!" she thought.  When she moaned she wasn't thinking about
trying to disguise her voice or anything. 
She was now panicking.  Tina had
stopped licking her, but Lisa didn't think to stop.  She just kept going.  Tina stopped the questioning though, as she
was really close.  Tina’s thighs and
Lisa's face were now incredibly wet.  Lisa
didn't give Tina a chance for anymore questioning.  She took her right hand and started to rub Tina’s
clit, while sticking her tongue into her lips.

Tina screamed out in pure joy.  She
bucked her hips and wouldn't let go of Lisa's head.  She tried biting her lip to stay quiet, but
couldn't.  Lisa was still panicking, but
she didn't stop.  Tina was thrown into
multiple orgasms.  Finally, she loosened
her grip and lied back.  She was
exhausted.  She panted and breathed hard.  Lisa slowly got up and looked.  Tina lied there, naked, still with that
blindfold on.  Lisa felt panicky.  She knew it was her, she knows now her best
friend just had sex with her.  Lisa was
incredibly horny herself, but she wasn't even thinking about it now.

She looked around, and in the nearby mirror saw in the bathroom doorway, a man
standing there.  "Oh crap!" she
let out quietly.  She had forgotten
completely about Tina's boyfriend.  She
couldn't stay now; the guy probably would have thousands of questions, like
what the hell Tina was doing.  Lisa was
invisible, so he probably saw his girlfriend going into multiple orgasms for
seemingly no reason.  Lisa got off the
bed and ran out into the hall.  Tina
slowly got up and took off her blind fold. 
"Lisa, wait, where are you going?" She said, she couldn't
stand to chase her, her boyfriend was standing there, in awe.

Lisa ran out the front door and into the street, she was panting and quickly
found some strangers yard and lied down. 
She was in panic, she was scared, but she also realized how horny she

tried to reason with herself.  “Tina
probably won’t believe it.  What about
Alex though, I just did it with another girl. 
It’s not like I cheated on Alex though, I was just messing around.  He technically cheated on me anyways.” She
thought to herself.  She didn’t know what
to think, it all seemed like she was just trying to convince herself she had
done nothing wrong.

She got up and walked back towards the city.  She wanted to try and put this all behind her
for now.  She knew she still had plenty
of invisibility time left.
Part 4 Will be coming as soon as possible.
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