Lisa Invisible Part 4
Well an unexpected surprise for some of you, my editor did a great job and finished up the final part.

Lisa Invisible
Part 4

By Jappio

Once she got back, she decided to head to a part of the town that was close to home, so she could go back when ready.  On the way, she played more of the same tricks she was playing before.  She was getting back in the mood of this whole adventure again. 

Soon though, she was no longer in the area of town where the stores and restaurants were located.  She was now in the business area.  Buildings for various companies were everywhere.  Some were pretty big too.  She then had a great idea.  She quickly ran into the parking lot of one of the bigger buildings.  She made her way between the cars and found the front door.  She was about to enter it when she looked inside and saw a lady at the desk.

She figured the lady might freak if the door opened by itself, so she decided to wait until someone else entered the building.  Luckily, not long after she started to wait, some guy with a package walked up to the door.  As he went in, Lisa snuck in behind him.  He walked over to the receptionist, as Lisa went further into the building.

Lisa didn’t even know what this company sold.  All she cared was she was in a building, with a ton of people dressed up all nice and conducting business, and she was naked.  She snuck into a random nearby office, and started moving around different things in the guy’s office. 

He would turn to get a file, and she would misplace his pen.  When he went to get something from the printer room, she opened up a bunch of porn sites on his computer.  Satisfied after seeing his shocked face, as he tried to close all the stuff off on his computer, Lisa continued on through the building.

She then saw a nearby stairwell and decided to make a quick run up the stairs.  She figured that she originally planned to be exercising today, so she might as well make up for being interrupted before.  She ran up the stairs, all the way to the top.  She was on the top floor and panting hard.  She found her way to a large empty meeting room, and then looked out the window.  She looked at the whole town, and thought again about how she had been out there, naked.
She got another naughty idea as she pressed herself up against the window.  If she could be seen, it would probably look really obscene.  She giggled to herself.  She could feel the warm sun warming her up.  Suddenly the door to the room swung wide open, and a large group of people in suits walked in.  Lisa let out a little yelp in surprise, and got off the window.  She remembered though that they couldn’t see her.  She just stood there and watched as they sat down and started talking about some business deal.

She then noticed one of the people there occasionally looking off in her direction; appearing slightly shocked at something he saw.  After the third time, she got worried.  She looked around in panic, hoping to see what else could be catching his eye.  That’s when she noticed on the window, she could see her imprint.  It wasn’t much, but she could see where her breasts were pressed against the window, and even a little bit of sweat in certain areas.  There was also some other liquid on the part of the window where her pussy was pressed against it.  Lisa had a good idea what that liquid was.

So, she moved away from where she was standing.  The businessman still stared at the same spot.  This meant that he couldn’t see her, but he could see the odd looking thing on the window.  “Could he tell what caused that imprint?” she wondered to herself.

Just then, she got an idea.  She snuck over to the table, and lifted herself up.  She was now standing on the table.  She looked all around her.  Men and women in suits were all around her, and here she was, naked before them.  She had been naked before hundreds of people today. 

She couldn’t take it anymore.  Her hand quickly found its way between her legs.  Her other hand was now tweaking her nipples.  She was already close, so she figured it wouldn’t be long.  She thought about sitting, since she would probably not stay standing, but she couldn’t stop.  It was all too much, and it wasn’t long before she let out a loud moan.  That is when she heard everyone turn silent.

She had her eyes closed during that time so when she opened them she was welcomed by a bright light.  She looked and saw it was a projector.  She wondered why everyone was so quiet.  It must have been her moan she figured.  She looked though and everyone still seemed in shock.  They were looking at the screen.  She turned her neck around to see at what.

 She really couldn’t see the presentation.  She couldn’t see it though because there was a silhouette blocking the image.  The silhouette was of what appeared to be a woman, and she didn’t appear to have clothes on.  Also between her legs appeared to be fingers, idly rubbing.  She couldn’t believe it.  She was invisible, but her entire silhouette was still there.

She let out a quick screech as she covered up out of instinct.  Everyone was still shocked and looked at the presenter who seemed equally shocked.  Did they perhaps think it was part of the presentation?  She didn’t have time to think though, as she suddenly felt someone touching her ankle.  She looked down to see a man with his eyes wide open, and feeling what he thought was nothing. 

She quickly ran down the table and jumped off.  She started muttering “Oh my god!” to herself over and over as she ran off from the room.  She was in quite a daze.  She was just caught masturbating in front of all those people, well sort of.  She looked down and saw she was still invisible, and started to reason to herself that they didn’t catch her, because to them she was just an anonymous invisible female.  That’s who they caught. 

She was exhausted though as she reached the stairs, so instead of walking down the stairs, she pushed the button for the nearby elevator.  Soon it arrived and she walked in and her body slumped against the wall on the opposite side of the door.

She was panting hard from the exhaustion.  She was also still a little sweaty.  She moved her hair out of the way of her eyes.  She looked up at the wall of the elevator.  She could see her face red.  She fixed up her face a bit and admired herself.  There she was, naked, her breasts heaving with each breath.  Her legs slightly spread.  The elevator doors close, and the elevator started its downward descent.

Suddenly her eyes got really wide.  She started to shake and get panicky.  She was seeing herself?  She looked down and confirmed that she was still invisible though.  However, when she looked back at the wall, and then at all the surrounding walls, she saw herself.  “What the hell!” She said out loud enraged and confused all in one.  She stood up and kept looking at the reflection, hoping it would somehow go away.

The elevator stopped though and the doors opened.  About five guys in suits walked in.  They were busy talking when they looked towards one of the walls of the elevator.  The first one stopped talking and pointed to his friends.  They then looked back and forth from the wall and where Lisa was standing.

Lisa saw this and wondered what was going on.  She must still be invisible; if she were they wouldn’t have kept looking away.  Then she looked at the spot on the wall they were looking at.  As she looked there she saw their reflections, and for a second hers and their eyes met.

She then realized.  Her reflection was still there.  The people in the elevator were looking not directly at her, but her reflection.  She quickly clamped her hands over her breast and pussy though.  The men though turned there attention away from the old reflection.  They were now looking at where she was standing.

She looked around and turned her neck around.  They weren’t looking at her once again; instead they were looking through her still invisible form and right at the reflection of her ass behind her.  She screeched at the sudden exposure.  She again reacted and turned and covered her butt.  This though was foolish since now they were looking in the same spot, but at her exposed breast and pussy again since she had her hands on her butt now.

She just realized this and quickly covered up properly, but was getting really frustrated.  Luckily the elevator stopped and she quickly rushed between the men, who were startled by the sudden shoving.  As she ran she could hear them talking to each other.  They sounded pretty freaked out, saying they think they saw a ghost, a naked cutie of a ghost at that.

She got out of the building as fast as she could.  She didn’t even bother waiting at the door.  She was back outside and she quickly hid in between some cars in the parking lot.  She looked around and made sure no one was there.


Back at the lab the scientists were talking amongst themselves.  They now had a mirror with them, demonstrating the flaw.
“Aw, so this invisibility isn’t perfect.” The man in the business suit said as he looked in the mirror at what once was the invisible mouse in the lab.
“Sadly no, one’s reflection still remains.  An odd side effect, which can be exploited, but I’m sure if you continue to fund us we can discover much more.” A scientist asked of the man.
“I’d be mad to not continue to fund you, even with this exploit, it’s an amazing discovery.  Anyways, to be caught in so many reflections you’d have to be horribly unlucky.” The man joked as he laughed and left the scientist to do more work.

Lisa was still hiding behind a car.  She was kicking herself now.  How could she be so stupid? She shouldn’t have ever taken her clothes off back in those woods.  That’s when she remembered about the guy with the camera, who seemed really interested in taking pictures.  Could he have seen her?  She then remembered in a past photography class that an old camera, like the one that guy was using, actually uses mirrors for the view finder.  So, that man had seen her when she was in her underwear in the middle of the forest.

She suddenly heard a car moving.  She stayed calmed though, she wasn’t in a mirrored elevator anymore.  She was in a parking lot.  The car parked and a man walked by.  He stopped suddenly though, and looked in Lisa’s direction.  He was looking past her though, not at her.  “Oh damn!” Lisa thought to herself.  She looked behind her and she saw it.  The car she was next to was quite shiny, and the door behind her was probably reflecting her squatting ass perfectly to the man.

She quickly got up and ran away from there.  She found her way back to the side of the street.  She had to get home, and fast, before there were any more incidents.

She then recalled the boys at the bench, back in the park.  They were staring so intently at that puddle, because they could see her in it.  They could see her stripping in it.  She had exposed herself and showed off everything to those boys.  She must have.

She was back in a more busy part of town.  It didn’t seem as fun anymore.  She just wanted to get out of there.  She was hiding now, avoiding large crowds, looking each way making sure no reflection of her was being made.
She remembered the stupid kid who was looking into his spoon.  He was probably doing that because he could see her too.  She found her way near a bus stop and she suddenly had an idea.  On the bus, she should be fine, and it would be quicker than running through town.  She saw an empty bus bench, and took her seat.  No one else seemed to be really waiting, so she figured it would be fine.  She saw now large mirrors or anything that would show her reflection nearby, so she relaxed.

This relaxing and waiting though started to lead to more fun for her.  Her hand wandered its way between her legs again.  She stuck a single finger in between her lips and let out a soft moan.  She couldn’t believe that even after all this she was still horny.  She then again lost track of her surroundings, and heard someone shout something to his friends.  She looked up to see someone staring right down on her.
She then looked down to see what he was looking at.  Below her, right through her, was the bench sheet, which to her horror was quite clean and shiny, and pretty reflective.  You could perfectly see her bottom and even between her legs, right at her inserted finger.  She freaked and pulled her finger out.  Before she could do much more, the guy who was staring at her reflection attempted to touch the image that was making his so curious, but Lisa’s invisible lap got in the way.

Time stopped for a moment for Lisa.  Similar things had happened to her all day, but this time; it seemed different now that she knew the man had a good idea of what he was doing.  She could feel the man’s finger tips in her hair, and they started to move around, trying to feel for what else was there.  Luckily she got up and ran from the spot before it could go any farther.

She didn’t want to stay there, but she knew she had to wait for the bus.  She considered her options and thought more about the bus.  It would be a bad idea; there are mirrors on a bus she figured.  She had sat there for nothing.  She now quickly ran from the bus stop.

She ran by some store windows.  Another large group of people were around all staring at the window, just like earlier.  She realized though the window was quite reflective, so that means before people were not staring at the products, but at the nude woman running, just like they were now.  She screeched and covered up as the people stood around confused at what they just saw.

Lisa then remembered what happened with Alex.  She remembered the mirror in the shop.  She thought about it and figured Alex might have seen her, seen her naked in his store.  What would he think of her, would he think she was easy now and expect sex whenever and wherever?

She stopped once she was away from the windows and took a few breaths.  She was getting so flustered, embarrassed and confused, but at the same time she still felt horribly excited.  She then heard honking, and saw the driver looking in his rearview mirror.  She cursed to herself as she quickly ran off again; hopefully she would get home soon.

She remembered what happened at Tina’s boyfriend’s house.  She remembered Tina’s boyfriend looking in the mirror.  He could have been doing that the whole time, watching her having sex with her best friend.  Also, what about Tina?  Tina knew it was her that was there.

Lisa finally made it back into her own subdivision.  She was seen in a few puddles and car mirrors, but she made it into her own house.  With the door closed behind her she was now finally safe.  Her parents were out of the house and she found her way into her room.  She closed her window and looked in her own mirror.  She could see herself in it, and she cursed how all of this turned out.

She was still invisible, and she reasoned she would be for awhile now.  She lied down on her bed and closed her eyes.  She was not going to leave her room, until she could leave it visible and clothed.  She then went over the day’s events in her head.  She thought of all the embarrassment and humiliation, as well as the weird and confusing parts of the day.  Yet, she also thought of all her feelings and excitement of the day’s events.  Her hands were plenty busy throughout the rest of the day and night, and many nights after that.

Well that's all there is now, Lisa Invisible is over. I hope you all liked it. I'd like to put out a special thanks to my editor. He has done a wonderful job and I deeply thank him for the hard work. I'd also like to thank those who helped me proof read it. Now as for everyone, let me know how you liked the full thing. I also would love some critique, and to know what I could do better, as I want to keep on improving as a writer.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 |
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AnonymousGreat Story with a Great Twist! Thanks for sharing!!!
July 9, 2008, 8:22 am


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alsome can't wait for the next set of storys and finishing up the mary storys
July 11, 2008, 8:50 am


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Well I can't say I'll be aiming to "finish" the Mary stories. I plan on it to be a constant runnig series. Of course I guess it will eventually have to stop at some point, but hey, there can be new characters introduce to relive the series in a new way too.
July 12, 2008, 9:29 pm


Total Points: 466
lol sucks for her lol
July 16, 2008, 3:07 pm


Total Points: 8
jappio your so cool I want to party with you
July 27, 2008, 5:40 pm


Total Points: 8
jappio your so cool I want to party with you
July 27, 2008, 5:50 pm


Total Points: 0
great story, nice aspect where you insert a short summary of where she has been. and a nice plot where the reflections turned out to be everywhere!
August 5, 2008, 5:13 am


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Always love your stories and dares. They are the only ones I make sure I read all of. I saw the reflections bit coming right from the puddle incident, though the camera was a clever idea as it probably isnt widely known about its internal mirrors. I would suggest making the setup for the mirrors part less obvious with more ideas like the camera. However, it was a great story, as are all your stories, with a good amount of detail and a very good storyline. Not at all believeable but very erotic and it made a good read. Looking forward to your next story or personal dare! (btw, I made an account just to thank you for your stories and give you my opinion :) )
October 13, 2008, 3:38 pm


Total Points: 27
Excellent Story.. I have read your dares and your stories. Good Job indeed..
November 27, 2008, 5:52 pm


Total Points: 12
love the stories
December 4, 2008, 4:48 pm


Total Points: 0
Thanks everyone, glad you all liked. I didn't want the reflection thing to be too obvious, but at the same time I didn't mind people finding out, it was suppose to fool some people, but not everyone. Some would be in for a great twist, while others would feel they found something out and have like a special second knowledge throughout the story. A win/win in my mind =P.
February 8, 2009, 11:40 pm
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