dice game
Roll a dice to see how many times you play roll a dice to select your punishment and follow instructions for each.
If you rolled 1 it's masturbation now roll to see how many times you have to climax roll again and times by 2. You have that many minutes to achieve your number of orgasms
If you rolled 2 for punishment its spanking. Roll again to see how many you receive 1=10 2=20 3=30 4=40 5=50 6=60 Roll again to see where 1=back of feet 2=legs 3=ass 4=nipples 5=genitals 6=tip of cock or clit Roll again to see how hard 1/2=soft 3/4=moderate 5/6=hard
If you rolled 3 for punishment its waxing roll again to see how many minutes you receive roll again to see where 1=chest 2=nipples 3=ass cheeks 4=ass hole 5=genitals 6=tip of cock or clit
If you rolled 4 for punishment its anal Roll again to see how long to carry out instruction. Roll again and follow instructions 1=put a finger up your ass 2=put a marker up your ass 3=put a big carrot up your ass for the full length of time 4=get a partner to stick there tongue up your ass or lick a carrot then stick it up your ass 5-6=screw yourself with a vibrator for the full length of time
If you got a 5 for punishment its mild exposure roll again to see how long to complete each instruction 1=strip now 2=complete all house chores naked 3=take your bin out 4=stand in back yard 5=stand in front porch 6=go outside the front door.
If you rolled 6 for punishment its watersports. Roll again to see your fate. 1=pee on your feet 2=pee on your legs 3=pee on your belly 4=give yourself a golden shower 5=as 4 with mouth open 6=drink a cup of pee.
Describe every detail.
My roll for the number of times was six. My first roll was a six, and then a five. I think golden showers are very discusting and digrating so I ended up convincing the group for me not to do this one if I did the six dares plus one more.
On my next roll I got a four. I rolled a five then. I don't do any dares with my ass. I conviced the group to let me use a pocket pussy instead, but there stipulation was that I had to do it naked on the front lawn.  So I stripped down and went to the front yard with my pocket pussy.  I then started to go to town with it. I came in only a few minutes. No one went by though while I was doing this.
I then rolled a five. I then rolled to see what I had to do and got a four.  So since I was already naked I went to the backyard. Since a time limit was not specified I had to roll to see how long.  I rolled a two. So I only had two stay in the backyard for two mins. I then had to roll the dice again while I was in the backyard naked still.
On this roll I got a two. I then rolled a four, five, and a one.  So i had to get spanked forty times on my nipples softly. Since I was already naked this was easy to start.  One of the girls was picked to complete this part. With us still in the backyard the girl started to spank both of my nipples rather quickly.  She got to thirty rather quickly. Then slowed down and took about ten minutes for the last ten.
On the next roll I am still outside naked and I rolled a three and a six.  So I was to be waxed for sixty minutes.  I then rolled for where at and got a two. Since nipples would take less than sixty mins I also had to have my chest, armpits, groin, and but checks waxed.  I would of had to have my legs waxed to but they went slow enough that they ran out of time.  The whole time they where waxing me we where in the backyard. Waxing is rather painful. I didn't see if anyone had noticed what we were doing, since I am still not used to waxing I was a bit distracted.
Once done with the waxing I rolled a two. I then rolled a two, three and a two.  So I had to be spanked twenty times on the ass moderatly hard.  They picked the same girl to spank me again.  This time she spanked me rather hard. She also would tease me making me think she was going to hit me hard then barely tap me. My but was rather sore by the time she got two twenty.
The next roll was a six and a two.  I don't mind peeing on my leg so much so I completed this part of the dare. I was glad I had to go pee already, and since I was already naked and outside I just had to pee on my leg there. Once I was finished the group let me rinse off my leg with the garden hose.
When I was done rinsing off I rolled again and got a three.  I then rolled a four.  Since the only place I still had hair was my legs, my arms and my head.  I had to have my arms waxed first.  They then waxed the top of my head.  After that they started to wax my legs.  I realy am not used to waxing.  Once they finished waxing me I was allowed to go back inside and we went to the next dare.Page 1 |
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