The Walk Home Part 3
The Walk Home
Part 3

She couldn't help but think of what everyone else would be thinking if
they were to see her.  All the people of this town and in the
subdivision, anyone of them could see her completely naked.  Her bare
breast, her cute butt, or even between her legs.  It was too much for
her to think of.  She eventually contemplated the perfect way to get
by.  'Morning Rush hour is coming up in about an hour for this section
of town...maybe I can get to a subdivision if I really push..."

made her way back through the trees and bushes.  Soon she found herself
in town where she left off.  I just have to make a short walk northward
bound of West Town Street, and then take a right.  Then she'd be on a
side road.  A few shops and other buildings would be on it.  Then she'd
be crossing Main St.  Finally, after more
straight-walking through a
construction zone, the subdivision would be reached.  Sadly it would be
only one main half of the subdivision.  She'd still be plenty far from
that point.  Something about being naked in town though was more
frightening than a subdivision.  To her, she assumed it felt more
'public', and when naked, that was worse.

Walking along the side
of buildings, the road to her right, she was left pretty much in the
open.  To her right, the street lay, cars would be able to see her from
there, and the parking lots were not too large, so she wasn't far from
the street.  Before, the buildings and businesses were closed and
empty.  Now, though, a few cars were scattered in the lots.  Surely a
few shops had people in them.  Becky's walk became a type of dash and
duck.  She'd move fast when in fear, but slow down when hesitant to
move on.

'This is crazy.  I can't believe I'm actually doing
this.' She thought to herself.  Her feet continuously made contact with
the concrete, only reminding her of her naked form.  Her breast were
cradled in one arm, not just to cover up, but also to support for her
quick sprints.  Without a bra, quick movements would be a pain.

to her left she would occasionally see her reflection in store
windows.  The site astounded her.  She admitted to herself that she
would be shocked to see someone like this.  'I would think whoever was
doing this was crazy!' she told herself.  'Then again I don't have a
choice, really...' She thought to herself.

Becky's rash move out
into town was probably a good idea.  A moment more of hesitation and
she probably wouldn't have chosen the option to go through town.  The
idea was crazy, but Becky wasn't used to being on her own.  Decisions
weren't something she had to make too often.  She normally just went
with how things were going.  Becky though had no one's help, and was
naked and scared.  Her want to get home obviously overlooked common

Her turn was coming up, the side road she had to reach
was approaching.  She would first have to dash through a parking and
then across the street at the corner.  It looked clear, she could only
see a few cars in the lot and the building appeared closed, for the
most part, anyways.  The street to cross was also seemingly clear.

here goes..." She mumbled as she ran through the extremely spacious
parking lot as fast as she could in bare feet.  As she neared the
opposite corner of the lot, she got a honk and a whistle from a car she
just passed.  There was a man inside the car changing his shirt for
work.  "Oh my GOD how did I not see that???" she said, yelling at

She started to run faster to the corner.  Her arms now
clamped over her bare breasts, butt sticking out due to her crouched
position, her eyes shut out of shame.  She had to get out of there. 
She soon approached and stopped at the corner to cross.  She couldn't
just keep herself standing there out in the open.  She was just about
to run as she saw the few cars coming down the road.

Her nerve
got to her as she panicked.  She turned around away from the corner and
headed back towards the shop.  The building she was running to had a
nice display of bushes along the side.  She took immediate cover behind
one.  Cars weren't coming in large number, but they were frequent
enough to keep Becky in hiding.  She couldn't move without being seen,
but if she waited too long she'd be stuck in the morning jam...

was crouching on her tip-toes, holding her bare breast in hands.  She
tried to look around the bush to watch for a slow in traffic.  As she
tried to stay balanced on her toes, she leaned back too much and
suddenly squealed and stood.  Her misbalance had caused a branch to
poke her right between her legs, grazing her moist lips.  The whole
thing really surprised.  "I feel so exposed and vulnerable out here
like this." She mumbled to herself.

Her wait didn't last much
longer as a break in traffic had come.  She stayed on her feet as she
started to think about how to time her dash across the street.  The
adrenaline started to rush through her.  Again she made a rash decision
and decided to make a run for the street.

When she approached
the street, the supposedly last car was crossing.  She ran behind a
white sedan with only a driver inside, but she saw his eyes catch her
body through his rear-view mirror; he had sped up much slower than she
though.  As she turned her head to the right, she discovered a whole
other car approaching.  A whole family caught eyes with her.  In all
this running, everything seemed to be in slow motion.  What they saw
was truly probably an odd site.  A young woman, hands clad over her
bare chest running naked across the street in front of them, early
morning.  Shock would be the best description.

She got to the
other end of the road and kept going straight.  She left the family
have a view of her round butt as it bounced and wobbled away.  Becky no
longer had parking lots around her.  The buildings were right up next
to the sidewalk.  Up ahead, Becky could see someone parking on the side
of the road, about to get out.  Becky quickly made her way into an
alley to her right out of view, hopefully in time.

An alley
wasn't the cleanest place for a naked girl.  She felt VERY exposed even
though she was completely out of public eye...even if only for a
moment.  She gave herself a moment to rest.  Her heart was beating. 
More strangers had now seen her so exposed.

She checked around
the corner to see if anyone was there.  After all seemed to be clear
she headed out down the street again.  What she didn't know though, was
she was being followed...

Becky was walking along when suddenly
she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She screamed, grabbed both her
breasts with one hand each, and quickly turned around to see who it
could be.  Her eyes opened wide when she saw it was Rachel "What are
you doing here?!" Becky asked as she quickly ducked down a nearby
parked car, realizing she was still pretty naked in public.

"Oh get up, ya baby" Rachel said in a very demeaning tone.

Becky looked up at Rachel and said, "What are you crazy? I'm not standing up out here!"

then Rachel reached down and grabbed Becky's arm and pulled her hard
enough to get her standing.  Becky tried to crouch back down but Rachel
held her in place.  "You got some stuff to do for me, Princess..."

should I?" Becky said as she turned her head away from Rachel.  She
kept her arms crossed over her chest, she didn't bother to try and
duck.  She watched out of the corner of her eyes for anyone coming

"I offer some clothes if you do one small thing." Rachel
said.  Becky turned and listened; perhaps Rachel would be nice and
actually help her out some.  "I have some clothing for you, all you
have to do is just go into that store two doors down and get in the
bathroom." She said with an evil grin.

"You can't be serious!
How could I do that?" Becky asked, shocked at the request.  Becky
couldn't picture herself stepping into a store naked.

"Oh don't
worry, the place is open real early, I just saw a customer walk in a
moment ago." Rachel said, as if it were no big deal.  "You don't have
to do it, but then again I don't have to keep my mouth shut about what
you're doing, or keep myself from telling the cops." Rachel
threatened.  Becky took a look at the store just a few doors down. 
"You want clothes anyways.  What's the worse that could happen?"

they will think I'm freak, call the cops, and my life will be ruined."
Becky said.  "Not to mention, why should I trust you.  Why help me now?
Why is it you want me to do this anyway?"

"I'll be sincere with
you Becky.  I'm not trying to help you.  Sure you're little naked game
will end, but I'm insuring you, miss perfect Princess, get humiliated
beyond belief.  I think it would be hilarious to see you walk in there,
naked in all your glory." Rachel's expression as she explained her
motive seemed to be one of contempt and excitement.  Becky could tell
she was indeed sincere about wanting to humiliate her at least.

"I don't have much of a choice.” sighed, knowing Rachel could make things worse.

good choices at least.” Rachel said with an evil grin on her face. 
Becky then began walking towards the shop, slowly.  She forgot now
completely about her trip home, now only the soon to be exposure in a
store, for after it, she wouldn't have to worry about a naked walk home

Becky walked over past the first door on the way
there.  Her hand gripped tight around her breast.  Her feet kept her
moving.  'Why am I doing this?' She thought to herself.  'Surely there
is something else I can do.'

She was now approaching the
building.  She could now see the open sign.  Only one car stood parked
out front, the same car the lady from before walked out of.  The store
seemed to be that of an antique shop.

She stood in front of the
store now, hand on the handle.  She stood there staring at her
reflection in the glass.  She could see her one hand clutched tightly
to her breast; her bare bush standing out.  The morning light casting
glares over her naked form.  Small sweat drops could even be seen on
her skin.

'Why am I doing this? How did I get in this mess? Why
do I cover my breast, not my pussy? Why is Rachel helping me? Should I
even do this?' Many questions ran through her mind as she stood there.

honking car behind her snapped her out of her moments of thought.  She
quickly swung the door open, out of instinct to run and hide.  As she
stepped inside she almost ran face first into someone.  The lady from
the car before stood staring: At the counter stood another lady, also

Although shocked, they seemed at the same time
expecting.  Becky assumed they must have been waiting for her, seeing
her through the glass of the door, but for how long had she been lost
in thought and fear? How could she be so stupid as to just stand naked
in front of a window?

"Is there- I mean can I- uh anyway I can help you ma'am?" The clerk asked the shocked Becky, who could only stand and stare.

didn't know what to do.  This wasn't like before with Rachel, she at
least knew Rachel.  This wasn't like the times on the side of the road,
she could run and hide.  Now though, she stood standing naked in front
of strangers, she had to interact with them, and had nowhere to
effectively run.  She tried to move, yet she couldn't get herself to.

customer walked over to Becky and laid a hand on her shoulder.  "Are
you ok miss?" She asked with concern.  The contact with her bare
shoulder was enough to get Becky moving again.

"Yes, I'm just. 
Oh god, I don't know if I can do this..." Becky started to say.  She
was confused.  At that moment it was all too much.  She could feel
herself getting dizzy.  "Today's just been so long and wearing...." She
said, in her light minded state she started just to speak her mind. 
"This is so embarrassing.  I don't know why I'm doing this.” She said,
her breathing becoming more regular.

She had a chance now to
look around.  The old shop was small.  Knickknacks lined the walls and
tables.  The clerk behind the table seemed to have a more curious look
on her face, the customer had one of shock and concern still.  Becky's
mind was starting to clear as she was able to start observing things,
her panic being put to the side.  It was as if suddenly she was

Initial fear being lost now, other feelings and
emotions were surfacing.  What she could feel was incredible.  She
could feel under her arm her nipples growing hard.  Her clamped legs
were almost quivering, between them a heat was rising.  This exposure,
this degrading thing she was doing, it all had a side effect.  She
wasn't sure at the time, but it was all turning her on.  The whole day
it was, but this moment alone seemed to almost double it.

"Are you sure you're OK?" The customer asked one more time.

shook her head one more time.  "A bathroom, where is your bathroom?"
Becky asked.  The clerk pointed to a hallway, she was too confused to
bother to stop Becky and ask anything.

Becky made her way past
the customer and through the store.  She opened up the bathroom door
and closed and locked it.  She then slumped to the floor and took some
breaths.  She had a chance to stop and rest.  She could feel that her
face was red, and when she stood and looked in the mirror, she could
clarify it.  She felt so humiliated to have stood naked in front of
those two women like that.  She tried to think of a cover story, she
didn't want to face them again and not have a reason.

when she remembered her real reason, her clothes.  She started to scan
the entire inside of the restroom.  She saw no shirt, no pants, no
underwear, no socks or shoes.  The only thing she could find was a
small blue ribbon.  "Why did I trust her?!" Becky said in an angry
whisper.  She wasn't so shocked to find nothing, but more shocked she
allowed herself to be tricked.

Gripping the ribbon in hand,
Becky wanted to go out and give Rachel a piece of her mind, yet she
stopped at the door.  She still had to walk out of the building fully
naked in front of two strangers.  The though of having to do it again
had her heart racing again.  She didn't have a clue what to tell them. 
Perhaps she'd ask for help, maybe they'd have clothes.  She was part
way through thinking of the plan when she remembered something.  This
adventure of hers was meant to push her, if she gave in now, who knows
how her friends would treat her.  There would be no way of getting rid
of the title of 'Princess' if she gave in so soon.

With pride
flowing through her now, she opened the door and stepped out in the
shop.  She had her head raised high, and her arms at her side.  She was
telling herself she'd just walk right by and thank them.  She wouldn't
let just a little exposure to keep her down.  This idealism of hers was
quickly crushed though.  The instant she saw the two pairs of eyes
staring at her nude form, she made a small squeal and crouched over,
one hand over her pussy and one over her breast.

Her resolve
wasn't much.  She couldn't picture the humiliation of being seen naked
very well, she wasn't use to it.  She didn't imagine they'd stare so
much.  She thought she could do it, but she couldn't.  She slowly
shuffled through the store.

"Where are you going miss?" The clerk asked, concerned for the naked teenager heading towards the door.

I can't stay here.  I me- mean I have to be somewhere else." Becky
tried to explain.  "This is all kind of like one big stupid bet or
something." She muttered walking out the door and back onto the street.
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