The Walk Home Part 4
The Walk Home
Part 4

By the time Becky got out of the doors she looked all around.  There
was no Rachel in sight.  What WAS in sight was a woman walking across
the street.  She saw Becky and turned around to continue on her own
side of the street.  "Yeah...great- I got a ribbon all thanks to Rachel
and now she’s gone, so I can't even give her a piece of my mind!"  She
felt very helpless again but there was just nothing she could do. 
'Why'd I have to be so stupid about leaving that shop too?  I could
have at least waited a few moments in the bathroom, I actually had some

A loud honk snapped Becky back to attention.  Looking
up towards it she looked down the street she was headed.  She knew
she'd be crossing Main St, but she had hoped it would be before rush
hour.  That road was now becoming packed.  Cars were honking, a traffic
jam was building.  Cars were pulling onto the road she was on now. 
Becky hid behind a parked car to think.  Becky was wrong about there
being an hour left till rush hour; then again she couldn't blame
herself.  She didn't know the time.  Rachel's trick had cost her too
much time, now what was she to do? She had to go that way.  Once across
the street she'd be able to go through the new house development, and
into the subdivision there.  She had to get home as soon as possible,
but now a wall of cars blocked her way.

She looked everywhere,
but, of course, there was no turning back now.  She had to go before it
got too late.  "Ok... I really have to move.  I hope this works
out...maybe if I...."  She tried to duck down on the side of a car she
was coming up on.

The cars were not moving much up ahead, truly
a traffic jam.  A lot of people were probably trying to get out of town
to go on spring break perhaps.  Becky got closer and closer to Main
St.  At the end of the road she was on, she ducking into a doorway of a
building, they were currently closed.  From there she could look out
onto Main St.  She could not see any break in traffic at all.  It
almost came to a complete stop.

She tried her hardest not to
turn around even once.  "You can do this Becky- you don't want to be
'Princess' all your life" she thought.  She came up to the first row of
cars.  All of a sudden the horns that had been honking from traffic
seemed, to her, as if she was getting honked at.  How often does
someone see a naked girl in the middle of a town like this?  Becky got
flush-red in the face and tried to cover up and crouch down where she
was.  'What am I thinking, did I just walk out here naked?! Oh god,
what do I... I just have to.' She started to think in her head as she
actually did a full spin around.  'Keep moving, you have to just do
that.' She said as she approached the cars.

She passed in front
of one car and the back of another.  She had a hand draped over her
breast, the other between her legs.  A car prevented her going
straight, so she had to head right and get behind it.  She didn't have
much room to fit though, so she had to drop her guard.  She was left
exposed in front of the sea of cars, hands now at her sides.  If her
nudity didn't fuel her to keep moving, it was the fact that she was in
the middle of traffic.  The honking was starting to hurt her ears.  She
tried to shut herself off from the world.  As she made it another row
over though, she saw into the window of a car she was passing.  A man
on his cell phone just had his jaw opened, staring at Becky's wobbling
breast and butt.  Becky looked away, but it was too late.  She was more
humiliated than ever before.

In all her shame, she had to continue.  Turning back now would've made Becky go against everything she's worked for today.

for her, the next lane of cars would be impossible to slide between. 
She had a few options here.  She could either somehow convince every
car to back up at the same time and let her through; lay down and try
to slide under one of the higher cars; or she could (and would have to)
crawl over one of the cars... She had no choice but to do her last
thought.  Nobody is coordinated enough to move and she also thought
"What if the car moves while I'm under it... that wouldn't be very
safe.'  She just closed her eyes and put her hands on the hood of an
old yellow sedan.  It looked as though the driver didn't mind her on
his car at all- 'free show' he figured.  She knew what had to be done
to get over the car, so she lifted her left leg and immediately
followed suit with her right to swing herself up on the cars hood. 
Without her shoes, she didn't dent the car one bit, but she got a bit
of road dust on the hood.  The driver was amazed at the quick flash of
a slit right in front of him.

Crawling over the hood now, Becky
held one hand over her hanging breast.  It didn't do too much to cover
her, but she couldn't stand to just stay uncovered.  She was unaware
though of the view she was giving the people behind her.  Her ass was
raised in the air and wobbling, below her cheeks where her legs held
tightly together, her lips were peaking out.  She made her trip over
the roof and at the end she swung her legs around and off the car, for
a moment her bare butt sitting atop the hood.  She noticed how odd it
was to have her bare butt rest against the smooth surface.

slight hesitation kept her on the car.  She couldn't help but think
about how the car felt against her back end.  She actually liked it. 
The honking though kept up and she was taken back to reality.  She
hopped off the other end of the car and had to let hers down altogether
to do this.  Again everyone stared in shock at her hanging breasts and
exposed pussy.

She reached the medium between the roads.  She
took note of how she missed the soft grass against her feet, much
better than the concrete from before.  She had only 3 lanes remaining
to cross.  Again she had to do another side ways walk between the front
and back of a car.  Her attempts at covering were being lost to her
want to get out of there quickly.

Getting between two cars,
Becky made her way back into traffic.  There was no straight path once
more, she had to move up a car to get to a clearing to pass.  The gap
between the cars was tight, so tight she had to walk sideways, hands at
her sides to fit through.  As she went along she felt herself squeezing
between the cars.  She had a problem when she was met with two side
mirrors.  The gap was not enough as she struggled to fit.  During this
struggle, she looked up to see the drive of the car in front of her
staring down, down between her legs, right at the point below her
bush.  Her face was redder than red at this point.  Someone was getting
a free peak between her legs, and she could only struggle to slowly
squeeze between the mirrors and stay on display, unable to move her
arms for cover.

Some of the honking was still continuing, which
covered the sound of one of the drivers windows opening.  The driver,
of course was male.  He reached a hand out while Becky was in between
the two mirrors.  She thought he was going to fold his mirror down for
her but to her luck.  He reached out and rubbed her right
nipple.  She got even redder than before, but this time it was in
anger.  "Screw off bud! I'm not your little toy- you got that??"  The
driver stared in amazement and put his window back up as Becky pushed
herself through the mirrors.  "Wow... did I just say that?" Without
continuing her thought process, Becky went in front of the asshole's

It appeared as though after this lane of cars she'd again
have to give this side of the road a similar show due to how packed
they were.  This time though she had a bit more experience and knew
what to watch out for.  After she squeezed in between a truck that gave
her a whistle and a car that gave her a wink, she had to go over
another car.  Climbing onto the car, she kept her goods out of sight of
the horny little perv’ of a driver.  She had to hold her breast, her
other to help her crawl.

With her right hand on her breast, she
was trying to stay balanced on one.  She started to slip, her body
wasn't dry, it was covered in sweat from all the running and moving
today.  She could feel herself falling onto her left side.  She
screeched as she fell on her side.  When she opened her eyes she was
barely on the hood of the car.  Lying on her back now, her breast and
pussy laid open to anyone to look at.

Her left knee had slumped
down a bit.  Her arm hurt too much for her to move right now.  She
hadn't quite taken into consideration of her position and what site it
gave, especially the drivers running parallel.  With adrenaline keeping
her on her toes though, she grabbed her slit in embarrassment.  She
cupped it in her hand while slamming her legs closed and spun around. 
She slid off the car and started to run off.  Her soccer legs had paid
off, she ran fast away from the site of the traffic jam.

surroundings were different now.  All around her were houses just
starting to be made.  Traffic was non existent on this road, it was
still dirt.  By the looks of it, none of the people working on the
houses were around yet.  Becky was able to stop and take a break behind
a bush near the frame of a house being built.

Now registering
the events that occurred, Becky just sat with her hands over her face. 
She could swear that she felt a lot of heat coming from it.  She had
just basically ran, squeezed, jumped, and put herself in so many
different positions in front of a large audience.  She did this all
naked too.  It was too much for Becky to handle for the moment.  She
just sat and tried to calm herself down.  She didn't know if she wanted
to laugh out of insanity, or just plain die from embarrassment.

her emotions have a break now, she let her physical self have one.  She
laid down on her back and watched some clouds go by while she caught
all her breath and rested her running head.  She knew she was wasting
time, but she didn't care.  She was away from that horrid scene at the
cars.  After another minute or so she sat up.  She looked around and
decided to continue the way she was going.

Continuing east,
Becky would be able to get through the construction, and into a
subdivision.  From that subdivision, she could get to her own.  A good
number of houses were now between her and safety.  She couldn't get the
memories out of her head though, about the awful street crossing.  She
ran her hands over her breasts, picturing how everyone could see them,
how they were staring at them.  She herself admitted she'd be laughing
or staring wide eyed at the site of a naked girl climbing through
traffic.  She clasped a hand over her pussy out of post modesty.  She
was shocked to find it wet.  She cursed under her breath in confusion. 
She didn't understand it at all, why humiliation had this weird side

Her confusion was leading to anger though, anger towards her two 'friends'.  Was this all really worth it?

walked towards a recently finished version of the subdivision she was
in.  She had to go through some yards, though.  The road wasn't
finished and all the construction equipment was still in the middle of
the road, blocking all of the access at this end of the block.

walking, Becky was able to calm herself down some.  The fresh air and
beautiful weather was helping.  Without a soul around also, she was
able to start feeling safe again.  Being in the middle of town naked
was incredibly scary, but now she seemed to be alone.  She was again
perhaps starting to enjoy the naked stroll; at least it kept her mind
off of past events.

Nearing the end of construction though,
Becky had to get serious again.  Placing both hands over her breast she
scurried behind the last of the incomplete houses.  A small patch of
trees separated the area from the normal subdivision.  She could see a
backyard through them.  She took a moment to intake a breath of air,
and then made a run for it.

At the tress, she waited in patience
to make sure it was clear.  She was enjoying her seclusion, but soon
that'd be taken away.  She almost wished she could just stay there. 
The want for her clothes was greater than her want to stay in hiding
though, she quickly left the cover of the trees and went into the

Gaining access into the backyard, Becky slowed down. 
She looked both ways through the backs of more homes.  They all seemed
empty, including the one she was in.  Hopefully everyone who didn't
have to work was still sleeping during the break.  Becky got close to
the back wall of the house and looked around the corner, viewing the
street.  A car was going by, but traffic after that seemed dead, in the
sleepy neighborhood traffic appeared light.  She could see on the other
side of the street someone was getting into their car.

them a moment, Becky waited longer.  She kept chanting in her head
'just keep moving, just keep moving'.  Becky knew she couldn't just
wait around, and she felt so much closer to home now.  Once the car was
gone, she made a run for it.

The neighborhood was a much
different atmosphere.  The sun was considerably higher in the air. 
Everything around her looked so happy and friendly.  A place where
children played, adults attended yards, no cares in the world.  Becky
felt out of place, she was worried, and she was very naked.

in the streets, Becky had two hands over her breasts, legs hopefully
moving too fast to allow view between them; her butt bouncing behind
her.  Becky was to narrow minded at this point to really stop and slow

She looked around as she got on the other side of the
road.  She knew vaguely where she was, and knew to keep heading West. 
She made her way down the side walk heading to the closest street that
went west.  With no one in site, she felt safe enough to take the

Taking the turn around the corner, she was now on a
new street.  Up ahead she could see another car pulling out.  She made
a quick dash behind a bush to hide.  It went by without noticing and
she continued her pace down the road.  Her heart thumped in her chest.

had no real choice but to continue going.  She was getting deeper and
deeper into the collection of many houses.  She couldn't turn back or
find a better way.  She could no longer find a place to hide till
dark.  Her best option was to keep moving forward before it got later
in the day and more people were about.

After some more time of
running she found herself being approached by another car, but this
time from behind.  She had no time to avoid being caught.  The driver
slowly pulled up along the street next to her.  He slowly drove gazing
at Becky's nubile body.  Becky couldn't stand just running there, she
had to hide.  With no considerable cover, she did the next best thing,
cut into someone’s back yard.

To her luck she found no one back
there, and the next few yards looked to be the same.  Making her way
across them, Becky could feel herself getting tired.  She needed a
rest.  She had to stop as she reached a fenced in yard.  She looked
behind her, seeing no one there she slowed down.  She figured she
needed to get a place to rest again; her sprinting took too much out of

Walking between the houses she found that the gate to that
yard was open, and the yard inside was vacant.  Becky got the idea to
hide back there, but had to check something first.  Heading up back
near the road, she discovered that there were no cars in the driveway,
no garage to be hidden in.  The lights seemed off and the house dead. 
She would be able to hear any cars if they were to return home.

now slipped in through the open door to the backyard.  Taking a seat
down against the fence, she again had a safe moment to rest.
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