The Walk Home Part 5
The Walk Home
Part 5

Her thoughts began to wander once more.  She remembered the exposures,
she remembered the hard times.  Sadly all this did was work up another
fire between her legs.  Her hand at her side moved up over her breast. 
It gave it a slight squeeze.  The feeling was good though.  Becky again
squeezed her breast, this time letting out a slight gasp.  She then
moved her ringers to her nipples, giving it small rub.

Her other
hand found its way to her thighs, sensually rubbing them now.  She
closed her eyes as she continued to message them.  Parting her legs
enough, she was able to feel the wetness coating her lips.

ran her hand through her bush, toying with the hairs.  Slowly her hand
rubbed the exterior of her pussy.  Moisture was now being spread over
the opening lips.  Becky moaned and gasped as she lightly graced her
clitoris.  The pleasure was almost painful it was so intense, she could
only lightly touch it, every time sending what felt like warm ripples
through her body.

Becky stopped though when she heard something,
something like a twig snapping.  Looking up real quick Becky was
shocked to see some boy walking up to her with a weird look on his
face.  His eyes were wandering around, but he didn't look totally happy
either.  Becky cupped her pussy and placed her arm over her breast. 
"What are you doing here!?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude!"
The guy said as he looked away.  He almost appeared guilty, he was
blushing too, but not nearly as much as Becky.  Becky herself was
completely red in the face.  She was actually caught masturbating in a
strangers backyard! "Uhh... is there anyway I could help you?" the boy
asked Becky while she continue to sit, too confused to make any actions
to get away.

"NO! um... I don’t think so anyway..." Becky
hesitated to think of any answers.  There was no real way the boy could
help her, anyway.  She had a walk to finish and plans to continue if
she was going to get home at a decent time.  The boy looked all over
his back yard making sure not to look at her, directly.  "Surely there
is something i can do to help?"

'Clothes Becky, maybe he could
give some clothes' she told herself.  "I can't just leave you out here
like that, unless you're doing it by choice." The boy said to her. 
Becky stopped to think at that remark.  "I did not choose to be
stranded out here naked!" Becky yelled, perhaps just a little too

The boy looked all around to make sure no one was around
to hear it, and luckily everyone in the neighborhood was out at work or
on vacations.  Becky piped up "hey do you think you have any clothes
for me?"  The boy looked a bit upset.  After all, a naked girl in his
back yard?  Why would he want her to cover up?  But he was honest
enough to let her know the truth.  "I’m sorry, all the laundry in the
house is either taken by my parents on vacation or in the wash... all
the clothes in the wash are mine anyway"

"Oh…" Becky said as she
looked away, disappointed she wouldn't be able to get dressed just
yet.  The guy felt bad about letting her down.  "If you want to could
step inside for a moment, I was going to have lunch too if you were
interested." he explained.  "You little pervert, you think you can just
trick me into your house like that so you have me all to yourself!"
Becky exclaimed

"NO- No its not like that at all!"  The boy
looked even more upset at the thought of his misanalysis.  "I just
wanted to help you out...- your skin is burning a bit so i figure you
have been like this for a while..."  Becky studied the boy closely for
a while looking for the right thing to do.

She could tell though
in his worried eyes that he didn't mean any harm.  Reflecting back
though, Becky wasn't too sure if she was thinking straight anymore. 
She didn't know how she convinced herself to go bare ass naked into a
random strangers house.  Becky got up with as much dignity as she could
and followed the boy into the house.  He was real nice to open the door
for her.  He didn't seem to be trying to peak at either, at least not
too much.  "I'll get going on lunch, feel free to take a seat at the
table.  Oh also what's your name?" He asked as he walked into the
kitchen and began getting some food out.

"Yours first," Becky shot back.

"Oh right, sorry... I’m Brandon."

said "Well: Hi, Brandon.  I’m Becky."  On a normal day she would’ve
held out her hand for a professional handshake but she was a little
busy covering herself, today.

She wiggled in her seat a bit. 
Her bare butt felt weird against the wooden chair.  She had both hands
now over her breasts; beneath each hand she could feel a hard nipple. 
"Would you like a coke while you wait?" Brandon asked.  "Why yes, thank
you." she said, happy that for once today someone was being so nice.

not too sure if you want ice but you got some" Brandon said with a
chuckle.  Becky said "Oh that should be fine" and returned a small
chuckle, herself.  "I’m so glad you actually are concerned about my
well being.  Not too many people are...especially one person in
particular."  She proceeded to sip her coke and recap the day with what
seemed to be her new friend Brandon.

"I understand if you don't
want to say, but would this person happen to be the one who got you
into the... condition... that you are in now?" He asked, blushing just
thinking about how he had a naked woman in his kitchen.  "Oh well...
ummm... no it isn't, although it would probably be easier for me to be
angry if it was her, although she hasn't helped me at all."

went on to say of the more recent events in town with her escapades all
for a ribbon.  "I was so mad I threw the ribbon as far as I could the
second I got outside..."  Becky looked up at Brandon who had his full
attention on her face.  "Hey what’s your deal anyway?  Guys can’t look
at my face when I’m clothed and you seem just peachy while I’m in the

"Oh well it would just be rude of me to stare other
places, and after what you've gone through I don't think you need
another set of eyes on you.  I have to say though it's pretty
impressive what you've done.  I don't know how you could actually stand
it all." he said.  He then walked over to the table with two plates and
sandwiches on them.  He slid one in front of Becky.  "Eat up, you've
been out since morning, you need some food in your stomach." He said as
he began to eat his.  Becky was very grateful that such a nice person
was the one to find her.

The time passed lightly as the two
shared small talk about the sandwiches and the day that has been. 
Before either really knew it, their sandwiches were gone and a good 20
minutes had passed.  "Oh wow its getting later a little faster than I
hoped..." Becky said but she didn't seem too disappointed.  "Does that
mean you'll be leaving?" Brandon said with hopes that shed stay

I stay longer, it probably will only get harder to get going.  I've
learned today sometimes I just have to go without taking too many
second guesses." Becky said, but she was for sure hesitant.  Sure she
didn't feel comfortable naked around someone, but she sure didn't want
to wait till the subdivision might be full of people.  "Are you sure? 
I could get you some clothes, I mean I don't want to make you go out
there like.." he said as he quickly scanned down Becky's body, but then
shook his head trying to snap out of it "like that." He said.  "Oh
Brandon, that's nice of you but.... after talking about it, perhaps my
two friends are right, maybe I should try doing stuff without any
help..." She said, not believing she just turned down the easy way out.

you sure? ... I guess if you really don’t want anything I won’t
argue... But do you really have to go so soon?"  Becky looked at the
clock again stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

"As I
said, it probably will only get worse in the day." She said standing up
from the chair.  She turned to the door but stopped to think.  Could
she really just leave the easy option?  Why would she put herself
through more torture... She turned to look at Brandon.  Brandon’s eye
though were now not as gentlemanly, his ability to hold out was
probably dieing.  They were eyeing up Becky's butt now.  "I guess I
can't blame you..." She mumbled, and she surprised herself that she
wasn't bothered by him staring.  "I suppose you should leave.  I guess
I shouldn't be too worried, you seem to like it a little bit
anyways..." He started to say to her, but he realized he may have said
just a little too much.

"Well you might...." He tried to say. 
Becky turned to him to try and talk about it.  "Why though?" she
asked.  "Well other than in the yard... well right now you don't seem
to want to cover up..." he said.  Becky looked down to see she was
standing with her arms at her sides, not hiding the full frontal show
she was giving now.

"Well that's just, I've just... oh my..."
She said, confused.  She didn't cover though.  Although she was
embarrassed as all hell, and she wanted to just run and hide, something
kept her standing and showing.  "I'm sorry, I'm probably going too
far." He said, he then realized he was still staring.  "Oh god sorry
for staring too, I didn't mean to" He said turning away again.

stood standing naked still.  She wasn't sure why, but when he looked
away it bothered her.  "Now are you saying you don't want to see?"
Becky asked, almost offended.  "No not that at all, I think you look
stunning.  I mean you are very beautiful!" He argued, but blushed at
the sudden proclamation.

"Then look at me, don't just look
away." She said.  She couldn't believe what she was saying.  "You
sure?" he said, taking just a quick peak.  "Well I don't know, but at
least do it.  I mean I'd rather have you staring than some random pig
on the street... and this way I can tell if I like it." She said...
starting to run out of breath.  This situation was a lot for her, but
this time with Brandon had revealed to her she needs to face problems
more head on.

Brandon went with her request, and took her body
in.  He didn't just stare at one spot though.  He looked her all over,
and not just the naughty bits.  Becky did nothing but squirm in her
spot, watching his eyes roam.  Her heart would feel as if it stopped
whenever they would widen when crossing over a specific spot.  'He
keeps staring more intently between my legs, but also a few other
places, like my face...' she though to herself.  After a moment of that
Becky had to turn away.

"Oh no, I'm sorry, was that too much. 
God I'm such an idiot" he said trying to apologize, again looking
away.  Becky didn't respond right away, as she was turned she put a
hand over her chest and was breathing heavily.  The moments before were
so intense, so sensual, and so very odd to her.  She was embarrassed,
but at the same time she could tell she was indeed aroused.  Her hand
for a moment tweaked her nipples but she remembered where she was and
who was there.

"No it's ok, it's just I needed to, oh nothing
just get a breath." She tried to say.  "I have to get going now though,
I can't stay here much longer." she said as she started to walk off,
'If I stay any longer I might take this too far.... What the hell am I
thinking today?' she questioned herself.

"Oh please be safe, and
again sorry for how I acted." He said.  Becky stopped though and turned
around.  Brandon stood standing shocked that she stopped.  Becky then
approached him and embraced him in a hug.  Resting her head on his
shoulder she whispered to him, "You don't need to apologize, and thanks
for the help." she said.  She broke the hug though and quickly walked
out the back door.  Brandon just stood in shock, not believing what
just happened.  He could swear that for the rest of his life he would
always be able to feel her naked body pressed against his.

outside, Becky was lost what to do though. She remembered which
direction to head in, but the question was how. She knew that she
couldn't use backyards for a bit, as there were fences set up. Not
having any more choice, Becky made her way to Brandon's front yard.

crept along the side of his house until she was able to get a good
enough view of the road. The streets were still fairly empty, so she
tried to not hesitate. Again her dashing between different forms of
cover took place.

She did her best to stay out of the view of
cars, but it wasn't always possible. The worst was when they honked. It
was bad enough to her to know that she was scene, but to also
potentially draw attention was even worse.

Becky was making good
progress, but this left her tired. As her running was slowing down, she
hadn't even heard the car coming till it was too late. Sadly they did
more than just honk. Becky tried to sprint off, but the car seemed to
slowly follow her. She could hear a bit of chearing from inside. She
didn't even bother to look back, she just wanted to be out of site at
this point. She quickly manuvered into some backyards to find her

She wasn't prepared for what she was about to see. As
she went between the two houses, she could see on both sides problems.
On one side was a batch of college kids with a volleyball net. On the
other was what looked to be some old people having a picnic. Becky was
now out in the open, and knew she couldn't back, yet left and right
weren't any better for options. The horn from behind her kept her
moving though to find cover.

Becky saw the one thing of
salvation, a shed was in one of the yards she was in. Before the two
groups of people could get site of her, she quickly got inside the
wooden structure.

Becky took a moment to take a break. Breathing
heavily she just wanted to relax. After getting some breath she checked
to see if the coast was clear, yet both groups of people were still

Becky couldn't help but lay back and try to relax. She
figured she'd be waiting for awhile. All the running around that day
was getting her really tired. She had been up so early, and all that
did was tire her out more. It was no surprise that she fell asleep when
she only meant to rest her eyes.

Becky's slumber did not last
long.  She had possibly heard a noise.  Eyes still closed though her
attention was immediately brought to a wonderful feeling.  In her sleep
it had looked like her hand had wandered between her legs.  Moving her
fingers around a bit, she found that she had some wetness already
spread.  Letting out a moan and a sigh, Becky continued what she was
doing.  Her free hand found its way up her body.  Having just woken up,
she wasn't sure what was going on really.  She had forgotten her entire
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I'm loving it so far. Can't wait till there is more posted =D
September 22, 2009, 9:15 am


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More! More! More! Great story! I'm not sure I want it to end!
September 22, 2009, 9:29 am
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