Amy Stuck in an ENF Story Part 2
Amy Stuck in an ENF Story
Part 2

By Jappio

“Having me do your work for you?” she thought. “Ok Katie. You have to promise to keep this a secret.” Amy said, her friend nodding in agreement. “Well, you see.”

“On with it.” I whispered.

“No need to whisper, she can’t hear you.” Amy responded to me out loud.

“Huh?” Katie asked, getting a bit lost.

“Oh not talking to you, sorry.” Amy tried covering. “Not going to edit that one out I take it?” Amy asked silently this time.

“Not a chance. This is an embarrassed female story after all.” I reasoned back to her.

Continuing on with her discussion with her friend, “Well you see. I’ve been reading some stories. Well just that there are some themes I’ve liked a lot. I read stuff like girls being naked in public, or in some way forced to go naked. Even stories about girls being exposed and embarrassed. Stuff written by certain dirty minded writers,”

“Uncalled for,” I said.

“But yeah, the thoughts of those stories have just been getting to me.” Amy said finally. Katie the whole time had this look of curiosity on her face. For a moment she thought, then smiled.

“Ok I get it. It’s sort of an exhibitionist thing. You like being seen naked and junk, or at least want to.” Katie reasoned.

“Yes, by chance Katie somehow already knows stuff about ENF and exhibitionism to come up with that theory. I mean the chances sound low, but hey, as long as it means the two of us eventually ending up-” Amy didn’t have time to end her thought, as I wouldn’t let her.

“Tell you what. I’ll keep your little kink a secret, but you have to let me help you out with it!” Katie said grinning broadly.

“No, you don’t have to do anything. It’s really nothing.” Amy begged for a moment, not wanting someone to get involved.

“Hey, I wouldn’t let a friend down. Now let’s go get something to eat.” Katie said as the two exited the bathroom. Amy was nervous at what Katie had meant. Suddenly her little adventure was probably going to take a new turn.

A new turn it did take too. As the two were walking down the hall, Katie suddenly had taken a step behind Amy. Before Amy could notice, Katie had her hands in the waistband of her pants. “What are you?” Amy said to Katie, or was she saying it to me? Oh well, regardless Katie only smirked as she pulled the pants down to the ground.

“Oh my god!” Amy shouted as she looked around to see the few sparse people still in the hall now looking at her. She was frozen stiff in fear. “If I were in any control, I wouldn’t have loudly gasped like that. I also would be pulling my pants up by now.” She thought to me, but of course she could only stand and stare blankly. “Fine sorry, just let me cover already.” The embarrassment was amazing for her.

“Oh Amy, I didn’t realize you didn’t have panties on!” Katie said, probably a little loudly. Katie had only planned on showing off her friend’s panties. Amy finally moved her hands down, both between her legs, cupping her pussy. Blushing profoundly, she didn’t know what to do. “Let me guess though. Under my hands, although I am thoroughly embarrassed, I also find that I’m actually a little bit wet?”

“See, told you liked this stuff.” I mocked her. She resigned to her fate and eventually got the wit to pull up her pants. She had her bottom on show for such a long time, and even her lips a bit too for so long she just wished the earth would eat her she was so embarrassed.

“Cliché line after cliché’ line. I want to know where the originality in this story comes in.” Amy complained. However soon she was at lunch with Katie, finding a quiet table to just enjoy each others company. At first Amy couldn’t even look Katie in the eye; Katie was tactfully quiet at first.

“So, I’m sorry about the thing in the hall before, but from what I can tell, you must have loved it.” Katie said in a hushed voice.

“Oh umm, it’s OK what you did, but I didn’t…” Amy said as her sentence trailed off.

“You can’t lie to me. Look at those nipples of yours. I bet the whole thing has been on your mind since.” Katie said.

Knowing she couldn’t keep it a secret, “Because you would just make me tell it anyways.” Amy knew she had to come clean to her friend. “I’ve never felt anything more thrilling.”

“Undo another button.” Katie said as she looked around real quick.

“What?” Amy said in confusion.

“Undo another button on your shirt. In fact two more.” Katie said as she again was smiling in her own evil way. “You know you want to.”

“Oh the progressional unbuttoning of a blouse, such an overused way of exposing a girl.” Amy thought to herself as she did as Katie asked, although hesitantly. “Hesitantly is a bit too common too.” Amy’s breasts were now barely contained in the shirt. Her nipples begged to pop out, her aerolas on the edge of the shirt. That was all after one button too. Amy was smart and took the next button off from the bottom.

“Of if you’re going to cheat, 2 more buttons.” Katie said giggling. Amy only followed as Katie said. Amy didn’t want to back down now and disappoint her friend. She couldn’t help but also love the feeling of something so risky. Two more buttons were undone and her shirt hung on from two middle buttons.

“What do we have here? Is little Amy giving in to a more flirty side?” said the girl who suddenly sat down next to the two girls. The girl’s name was…

“Let me do it since I know exactly what it’s probably about. This girl is Brianne, and she is one of those bitchy high school hot girls. She is for no apparent reason really antagonistic towards me. She feigns being friendly to just get in close to me and mock me in some way. Soon she will be the source for much humiliation to me.”

Amy was right in her summary. “You should probably actually think about writing you know. You’d probably be able to write one heck of a story.” I complimented her, knowing though she wouldn’t enjoy the suggestion.

“So, what’s the occasion? Decided you’ve been enough of a tease and just want to get in some guys pants as fast as possible before graduation?” Brianne joked with an annoying laugh. “Not even wearing a bra, allowing for easy access, huh?”

Amy only blushed to the girls comments. She didn’t know what to say.

“Oh, Amy here is just trying something out.” Katie said in her semi-defense.

“What, being a slut?” Brianne said with another laugh.

“Actually I have a sincere request. The word slut is a tad strong and unfair if you ask me. I know I don’t have much say in what little perverted story you write, but I’d prefer if you weren’t too demeaning. Some of the readers probably won’t want to feel bad for me after all.” Amy reasoned.

“Good point I guess actually. I’ll tone it down in that department.” I assured her.

“So, little shy Amy feels like showing off a little. I can see it’s having quite the effect on you.” Brianne said extending a finger to lightly brush against Amy’s hard nipples. Amy gasped at the touch and bounced back a bit. Her breast bobbled and threatened to pop out. Brianne though still went to flick the other nipple. Katie only smiled as she watched poor Amy getting teased like this.

“Yep, look at just little ole me being randomly submissive to this girl. Yep, just sitting here let anyone who happens to look to see this display. Of course why worry about anyone stares, not like a teacher would notice this happening.” The cheeky girl thought to herself.

Amy was saved by the bell eventually as lunch was suddenly over. “We’ll talk later about your new choice of dress Amy.” Brianne said wandering off. Katie could only smile as the two got up.

“I have to get going too. Meet after school at my car. We can hang out and talk about stuff.” Amy said before bursting out in a bit of a giggle. “Also don’t do anything too crazy.” She said as she left Amy by herself with her thoughts.

“I hardly count having your absurd narrations going through my head as being alone.” Now two people knew slightly about her want to be naked. She worried about what her friend Katie was going to help her with and even more afraid of what Brianne had planned. The only thing though that made her not feel horrible about it all was the arousal she was going through. The shirt she had on that was barely hiding her breast, and the roughness of her jeans on her bare bottom reminded her about her lack of panties. The slight nipple play from before she also had to admit she liked. “Shutting me up by turning me on, huh?”

I’d say classes continued on for normal for Amy, but they really didn’t. Her lack of clothing kept her on edge. She at one point even considered running to the bathroom to relieve herself, but she didn’t dare do so. “Oh god, you’re going to keep me on edge for like half this story, aren’t you? The usual perpetually aroused girl, right?” Amy guessed, fearing that it would be true.

Soon it was Amy’s last period of the day, gym. She wasn’t sure how she was going to change for the class without any underwear on. All the other girls probably would think something if they saw her get fully naked. She did the only thing she could think of, hide in the bathroom till they all left.

Going through gym in just a t-shirt and shorts was something new for Amy too. She couldn’t help but notice the loose cotton material around her bottom. She felt so vulnerable with that small layer of clothing being the only thing covering her lips, which only seemed to grow wetter and wetter throughout the day. Her breast swaying below her top unsupported also gave her a similar free but vulnerable feel. She was afraid others might notice, but she felt she didn’t have a choice. She just couldn’t convince herself to put her underwear on for the rest of the day, it was a personal challenge.

“You are awfully quiet.” I said to her as the students were doing a bit of wrap up stretching.

“Bland stories like this don’t deserve comments,” Amy rudely thought. Of course now as she bent forward stretching, she heard some giggling from behind her. A group of boys and girls in her class now noticed that half her butt had slipped out of her puny shorts. Tugging up her shorts, Amy could only blush. She also mentally snarled and said some bad words to me, but I won’t repeat those as I find them biased.

Back in the lockeroom, Amy almost made the mistake of changing amongst everyone. She had her hands in the waistband of her shorts when she realized again she had nothing on underneath. She quickly scurried into the restroom to wait for the girls to leave. She hoped it wouldn’t be too long so everyone could go off home.

In the bathroom, Amy was left to only her thoughts. The day so far had been so much for her. She had done so much. Not so much to match some of her crazier fantasies or stories she read, but enough to get a good taste for it all. All day she had been aroused since she had made that stop in the bathroom earlier. “Just keep talking about my arousal. That’s a good substitute for story, right?” Amy again said in that irritating and unattractive sarcastic tone of hers. She was lucky for her cute appearance and her role in this story. Had she neither, no one would want to read about her. “I doubt that many people will be reading it anyways. I mean stories like this are dime a dozen. Nothing is going to interest anyone that much.”

The silence in the locker room broke Amy out of her rude mindset. She peeked her head out of the door to verify. Seeing no one around, she knew she could get changed again.

Of course as her shorts were being pulled down, she paused before putting her pants on. She thought about how the original idea and purpose of the locker room was to shower and that supposedly girls were supposed to get fully naked. Yet in this day and age, it seemed people only got down to their underwear during normal school gym. During swimming time, towels were worn to hide naked bodies even. Next Amy took off her shirt before putting on her pants, breaking up her usual routine.

“Actually I’m surprised. I figured with your whole ‘shy’ routine you’d have thrown in that I never change around the other girls. That I always wait and dawdle to change.” Amy remarked. She probably was just beginning to see how original I can be. "More of a laps of judgment I'd guess."

Sitting on the bench and pulling her socks off, Amy was fully naked for the second time that day at school. This time she was in a room that just moment ago had at least 15 other girls her age. She imagined herself being like this with them around, all of them able to gaze over her body. It took all of her will to keep her hands at her sides instead of between her legs.

She then thought about the showers. She never heard a rule they were off limits. She could probably use them without getting in any kind of trouble. She got up from her bench and walked over. She played with the knobs till a blast of cold water made her jump. A little more knob playing, “If you were a decent writer, I’d assume the knob playing thing to be foreshadowing,” the water soon grew to a more tolerable temperature, and Amy was now letting herself relax.

All the day’s excitement was bubbling up, and she couldn’t think of a reason to not to give in. She first lay a hand over one of her breast. Tweaking a hard nipple she sighed in pleasure. Doing the same to the other side, Amy was losing herself now. “Oh I get it. My clothes are being stolen right now.” Right or wrong, Mary still continued to do as she was. Her own little world was enveloping her. "I'm going to be doing this as I don't notice the new visitor the room. They'll approach and startle me before I can climax." She traced a hand down her chest, over her flat stomach, and through her pubic hair. Spacing her stance out, her hand was met with a different kind of wetness. Her lips were puffed out, begging to be touched.

Her ensuing moans were interrupted by the sound of shoes against the tile floor. “What do we have here? Cleaning up?” came the voice behind her. Amy instantly froze. Who showed up after hours, and who had caught her in her embarrassing act?!

“Brianne I can only assume,” Amy luckily guessed. Indeed a hand reached over to turn the water off and turn Amy around. Brianne stood standing staring at the shocked naked girl. Her dripping body all offered for her eyes.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 |
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