Amy Stuck in an ENF Story Part 3
Amy Stuck in an ENF Story
Part 3

By Jappio

“What were you doing in here all by yourself?” Brianne asked with an evil smile. She looked up and down at Amy’s body. Amy finally made a move to cover herself up.

“Don’t even write where my hands are, everyone knows how I’m posed,” she thought. “Oh, well just today in gym I needed a bit of a shower afterwords, that’s all,” Amy tried explaining.

“Oh yes, and I’m sure a few certain areas were getting just an extra special bit of notice,” Brianne guessed. She had probably noticed the hard nipples and puffy lips. Most probably would have no doubt.

“Oh um, no nothing like…” Amy tried to stutter out. She was so embarrassed right now. Yet at the same time she found this embarrassment also horribly exciting. She didn’t know if she could continue to stand there with her hand where it was without doing something she might regret.

“So why are you covering up, I thought you wanted to start showing off or something?” Brianne questioned. Amy could only stand and curl her toes in embarrassment. She desperately wished she could be wearing clothes like her tormentor. She felt so silly being naked in front of a fully clothed person.

Tugging though woke Amy from her hypnotic like state. Brianne was pulling Amy’s arms away. “What are you doing?” Amy asked.

“You wanted to show off girl, and I just want to see. You have nothing to hide really. I’ve already seen you a bit, and it’s just us girls.” Amy didn’t move at first, she was much too shy to. “Do it, or I’ll drag you out into the hall and show you off to others."

“Oh yes, because I’ll believe a threat like that. She would get so incredibly busted for something like that! I mean pulling a girl naked into the halls is something I wouldn’t get in trouble for, and she would be suspended easily.” Amy wasn’t about to act logically though. She was just going to drop her arms in defeat, blushing as Brianne got to look all she wanted.

“Legs wider.” She commanded. Amy didn’t do anything at first, but a stern look from Brianne got her to shuffle her feet a little apart.

“Let me guess, wider still?” Amy asked herself. She was right, because Brianne did ask for that. “I assume you want to now write my feet are shoulder width apart. I also assume it’s still not enough.” Amy thought as she shifted her feet even farther apart without having to be told. She continued blushing, thinking about the view she was giving.

“Hands behind your head.” Brianne ordered.

“Giving the all common pushed out chest look. Oh my, look at me blush as my pointy nipples and wet lips are there for Brianne’s view,” she thought in a sarcastic tone as she put her hands behind her head. She did blush, and Brianne was able to look at the pointy nipples and wet pussy. Amy shouldn’t be joking. She knew that she was quite exposed and truly embarrassed. Yet her snarky attitude I suppose wasn’t going to let me see that part of her.

“This must turn you on a lot. I bet you probably want me to drag you out there anyways.” Brianne mocked as she crouched down a little. She put her face only a few inches from Brianne’s sensitive and exposed sex. The feel of Brianne's breath hitting her sensitive clit was enough to tell Amy just how close she was.

“I wonder if this is when the lesbian twist comes in. Then again I thought it was going to be Katie, so maybe not yet.” Amy thought, but she would be proved to be wrong, as Brianne got up and started to walk away.

“I have to go somewhere. We’ll talk soon probably. I can’t wait to see you wearing nothing but that blush soon.” Brianne said before leaving site. Again alone, Amy was left to her thoughts.

“Skip the reflection and claims of arousal; let’s get to the point where I find my clothes are missing.”

Just as Amy must have apparently hoped for, her clothes were indeed gone. All that remained was her phone and a note. The note basically said that her stuff would be returned later and to have fun walking out of school like that.

“Of course because I was dumb enough to not use a towel in the shower, and because of bad writing, not a bit of cover is laying around the locker room, right?” All too right, Amy was left with nothing to cover with. Suddenly the stories of girls forced to walk home naked flooded her mind. Of course because of the fun kill she could be, she didn’t bother masturbating. She just went straight to call Katie for help.

“Now just openly putting me down in your writing? Something tells me I am getting to you. Here I thought all you writers adored us naked girls. Then again I guess you are the type to happily humiliate and change our lives for no reason too.”

“Amy, is that you? Who you talking to?” Katie asked over the phone.

“Bastard. I originally was keeping that in my head.” Amy thought to me. However she had a phone call to talk in now. “Oh, no one. Listen I really need your help.”

“With what? Where are you?” Katie asked, sounding concerned.

“That awful Brianne stole my clothes, now I’m stuck in the locker room with nothing to wear. I need you to get me clothes or something.”

“Oh that sounds perfect actually. Tell you what; I’ll drive up to the side of the school. No one should be there now and you can just run out to my car.”

“Oh no, please, just come in and bring me some clothes if you could.” Amy pleaded.

“Nope. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to help you with your little kink. Trust me, you can pull of the short run to the car. You’ll love it.” Amy didn’t get another chance to say anything. The phone was hung up, and Amy was resigned to her fate.

“Only because you’re making me. I also like how my own best friend didn’t like take me seriously or anything.” Amy pondered. Yet she needed to shift gears into prepping herself to her soon to be public naked walk to the car. She had only dreamed of something like this, now she was about to do it. Her anticipation and fear were running wild at this point.

“Well, I’ve waited long enough. Let me go quick poke my bare head and shoulder out that door.” Amy said out loud. Indeed outside Katie was watching the door and saw Amy’s bare shoulders and head poke out the door. “My long wet hair flowing down, a look of worry on my face?” At this point, I figured I might as well just stay quiet and let Amy write the rest. Release it as a first person experience. “No thanks Jappio, you can write the rest. I wouldn't want to be attributed to writing something like this.”

Seeing no one around quite at that moment, Amy began her first naked run outside. Although a short distance, Amy was in another world. She could feel “the warm sun on her back and the gentle breeze between her legs.” Melissa should begin to learn to keep her mouth shut, “My name is Amy I thought?” Amy should begin to keep her mouth shut, because she should be more concerned for her public nudity.

Running in a hunched position, Amy could swear she was running a mile. She couldn’t believe just how naked she felt outside. Yet luckily and unluckily, her running came to an end as she scampered inside the passenger seat of Katie’s car.

“Unbelievable girl. You really did it!” Katie said with glee as the naked girl sunk in the seat. She held her hands over herself to try and hide something. Her close friend Katie ever rarely saw her in underwear, much less fully naked. Not to mention, Amy was worried about someone seeing into the car. Katie put the car in motion though and they were now leaving the school.

“So did you love it or what?” Katie asked, appearing far more excited than Amy.

“I’m guessing you want me to deny my pleasure in all this right now?”Amy asked me, however I’m sure she knew the answer. “No. It was really humiliating. Brianne took my clothes and made me pose for her. Not to mention I’m now sitting in a car naked!” Amy said with some distress in her voice.

Amy was afraid as she passed cars and people on the side of the road. She wasn’t sure if they could see in. Every stop light seemed like hell for her. She worried every time a larger vehicle passed, possibly being able to see in!

“Oh I know. Let’s go to a fast food place. I bet they would love to serve us in the drive through.” Katie said looking over to Amy.

“I warn you. This might be a bit too fast of a development. To be exposed so soon like that is asking too much of my character.” Amy tried reasoning with me.

The worried face Amy was showing only made Katie laugh, “Don’t worry, I wasn’t about to do that. Let’s quick get to my house. I think I have the perfect idea for today.” She said. The ride wasn’t much longer, and Amy again had to muster the courage for another naked run.

“Can’t you get me something to wear first; I don’t want your neighbors seeing me.” Amy begged, hiding in the car as Katie was getting out.

“Nonsense. If you really are into this stuff, you’re going to want to do this. I’ll be heading inside. Meet me there when you’re ready.” Katie was now already half way to the door. Amy could only manage to get a foot out, frozen in fear.

Yet Amy couldn’t help but keep herself just waiting. She shifted and moved to leave the car. She shivered at the pleasure she felt when she felt her skin unstuck from the leather seats. Her whole body soon left the car and she was for the second time that day making a naked public run.

Amy didn’t even look to see if anyone could see. She just quickly barged into Katie’s house, shutting the door fast, and resting her back to it as she sat on the floor, breathing a sigh of relief. Were she not in her friend’s house, her hand would have been much busier.

“There you are slow poke. Quick, come in my room.” Katie said from up the stairs. Amy got up and went to Katie’s room, who was happily awaiting her.

“So I totally got a sick idea. I have just the outfit planned for a little run to the mall, but first we have to do something I know you’ll just love.” She said as she held up a razor.

“Well, just as you planned I suppose. How will you convince my character into accepting this I wonder?” Amy thought to herself. “What’s your idea?” Amy asked worryingly, feigning ignorance of course. She stood shaking, covering her nudity in front of her friend.

“Oh, well I know that girls like you love the vulnerability, inability to hide their nudity. So I was thinking I’d make it all the more sensual for you. Go sit on the edge of my bed.” Amy did so, crossing her legs and putting a hand on each of her breast. Katie then produced some shaving cream. “We’re going to get rid of that bush of yours.

“You’re going to what?” Amy asked in shock.

“Don’t lie to me. If you read the type of stories you do, then you know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ve thought about doing it before.” Katie was right, but Amy didn’t want to admit it. “Now just lay back and spread your legs. Be sure to not move though, wouldn’t want me cutting anything.”

“Oh I don’t know Katie. I mean I don’t know if I want anyone seeing me all smooth down there. I don’t even think I want you to see so close…” Amy admitted, biting her lip in thought.

“Oh come on, just us girls. I really want to help you Amy. Please, do it for me?” Katie asked. With the puppy dog eyes she was showing, Amy couldn’t really refuse. She also couldn’t say much but nod. She laid back and spread her legs partially, closing her eyes.

“You could just skip this scene. Not like people can’t go read it in any other story.” However, Amy’s wish to block this out wasn’t about to happen. Soon the shaving cream was being lathered between her legs. Katie was getting a front row seat to Amy’s most private of areas. Katie then got her razor ready. Pushing Amy’s legs wider, Amy began to shave away Amy’s pubic hair.

“Let me guess. Since there’s a sharp metal object down there, I of course can’t choose to hide anything from Katie, who can most likely clearly see and smell my arousal?” Amy asked, but since she thought she was so smart, I'm sure she was just asking to try and bother me. Her blush was almost glowing. It even spread down her neck and over her chest. Katie would occasionally glance up and smile sweetly at Amy. This of course would only make Amy blush more.

“Now a little rinse.” She explained as suddenly Amy jumped a bit when the cold water hit. She wasn’t expecting that. “Lastly let me rub a bit of this lotion in.” Katie explained, apply some to her hand. Amy was again at Katie’s mercy. Amy couldn’t believe it. She was sitting naked on her friend’s bed, as that very friend was now sensually rubbing something in her bare private area. She had never thought-

“Here, let me just finish that train of thought for you,” Amy offered me. “Oh my god. My best friend is touching me in such a sensitive spot. I can’t believe it. I never even considered that I might like woman. I never thought that something like this could feel so good. Oh god, could Katie be into girls?” Amy recited in her head, but in a mocking monotone voice probably trying to again poke fun at my creative genius. Of course even though she was telling herself this wasn’t exciting, she couldn’t help but pant and let out moans as Katie finished up. Amy even almost wished she hadn't stopped.

Due to the evil smile on Katie’s face, she probably knew how much her friend wanted just a little more touching. However she got up and backed up to inspect her work. “I love it! Get up and look in the mirror.”

Katie slowly got up. She gasped though when she saw her own reflection. Now between her legs nothing was hidden. The hair gone, the skin was smooth and moist, some from the water and lotion, some from her. She slowly slid a hand there to feel her newly shaven sex. She couldn’t believe just how smooth it felt. It also took a lot of her will power to not let her hand wander too much. She so desperately wanted a bit of release, but her shyness couldn’t let her in front of her friend. “Not yet at least I take it.” Amy assumed. “Oh my Katie. I don’t know about this. Doesn’t this make me look like a little girl?” Amy asked allowed.

“Oh no, I think it looks totally sexy. Also just think how vulnerable it will feel! Imagine if you were like this when I pantsed you the hall” Katie explained. Amy had to admit to herself that the extra level of exposure was rapidly adding a new thrill to her exposure. She also blushed at Katie's explained scenario. Images flooded her mind of her standing exposed, but totally shaven while on view of those people in the hall.

“Now I’ll get you your clothes, and then we’re out of here.” Katie explained as she rummaged through the closet.

“While she does that, explain to me a little plot hole before.” Amy asked of me.

“What do you mean plot hole? I wouldn’t fall to such a foully as that,” I explained.

“Then how is it she shaved me bare on her bed? Wouldn’t a normal person do it in like a shower, where it won’t just make a mess?” the obnoxious girl pointed out.

“Look, people reading won’t really notice that little point. It’s no big deal. I can cut a few corners.”Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 |
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