Mary's Camp Adventure Part 3
Mary's Camp Adventure

Part 3

By Jappio


Mary was left again waiting in front of the cabin. She
was worried that because she wasn’t being let in, that once again she’d be
underdressed. She was promised she wouldn’t be bottomless, so she had some


The two walked out and locked the door. The fact that she
didn’t see a large bundle of clothes worried Mary a lot.


Holding out a wad of black cloth, Julie smilingly said,
“bottoms, like we promised.”


“These? This is underwear; I can’t have anyone seeing
these!” Mary complained. She didn’t think she’d be back to the shirt and
panties look.


“Don’t worry. You have swimming after lunch. Just explain
its part of your bikini. No one will know the difference,” Jenny suggested.


“I suppose all I’m doing is run a bit of kickball with
group K. Yet I’m still not happy about this!” Mary settled for their little
game. She pulled the panties up, relieved to again have something hugging her
bottom, even if it was just underwear.


“Oh we know you’re not happy, you’re more than that,”
Julie said with her sly smile as they walked off in a different direction.


“I really do need to remind myself to kill them when this
all done,” Mary grumbled to herself. She began her walk over to the sports
fields. Kickball wasn’t going to be very hard to run at all. She’d need to get
a ball, choose team captains, and then just keep score for them. She could sit
the whole time. The swimsuit story did seem pretty believable too.


Mary was the first to the field before the group K could
arrive. She needed to get a ball from the sport equipment shack. She looked
about at all the stuff lined on the walls and in boxes. Eventually she found
the box that would have the kickball she needed.


The box was fairly large, and she didn’t see any
kickballs at its surface. She reached in and began to search through the many
shapes and sizes of balls. Right as she got her hands on one though, she heard
someone from behind her.


“Oh, hello Mary. Early as usual I see.” Mary was in a
state of worry though for awhile, so the presence of a person, and one talking
to her freaked her out. She quickly stood straight and got the ball. She
realized that being bent over, she may have been showing more than she wanted
anyone to see.


“OH, hello Jake!” She said with a bit of yelp. It was one
of the other counselors.


“Sorry if I scared. I was just getting a volleyball. I
see as usually you’re prepared for later. All set for the beach too?”


“Huh?” Mary asked, not sure what Jake was talking about.


“Your bikini. Are you not going to the beach?”


“OH! Yes I am, after lunch.” Mary now knew that someone
other than her friends had now seen her panties. She knew that he thought it
was just a swimsuit, but that didn’t stop Mary from blushing. “I better get
this ball over to the field,” Mary excused herself and quickly left.


 Mary was fortunate
to take a moment to catch her breath back at the field. The group of kids that
were going to play kickball arrived. The kids were all teenagers, probably
early high school.


“Ok everyone, kickball this morning. You all know the rules
I presume, so who would like to be a team captain?” Mary asked, trying to put
her state of undress in the back of her mind. The teams were picked, and soon
Mary found a spot on a nearby bench to sit on. She was careful to keep her legs


Mary couldn’t really believe it. Here she was sitting in
just a t-shirt and panties. None of the kids knew, but she did. Jenny and Julie
knew too. Beyond the lack of pants, she also wasn’t use to the lack of a bra.
She looked down at her own chest to see that her nipples were again hard. Mary
couldn’t help but worry others may notice. The only thing keeping her from
having a nervous breakdown about it was that Jenny, Julie, and herself might
only be able to tell because they are looking for it.


The first game was settled and Mary decided to switch a
few players around. Yet disaster struck when one of the kids decided to ask


“Are you wearing shorts under that thing?” came a
question from the back. Mary instantly blushed.


“Uh no…” Mary began to say, stammering to explain. She
was getting nervous now; this was a group of a bunch of people now that may
have seen something.


“Whoa! Really? No way, isn’t that shirt a tad short for
something like that?” One of the girls asked now.


“No, you misunderstand. I’m wearing my swimsuit under her
for later!” Mary tried explaining. She saw a few grins disappearing. Looks like
the kids had preferred the idea that their counselor was being naughty or
something. If only they had known the truth.


“Really?” one of them asked in disbelief. Eyes and grins
were again on Mary.


“Of course…” Mary though knew that they wanted a bit of
proof. Only one thing came to her mind to get the tension off for the moment.
She gripped at the front of her shirt, and while closing her eyes she lifted it


She tried telling herself that it was just like a bikini.
She tried telling herself no one would think it was her underwear. Yet she knew
deep down she just flashed a bunch of people her underwear. Her face was
getting red, so as soon as her shirt was pulled back down, she turned and began
to walk towards the benches to again observe the game from afar. “Get back to
playing now, we want to finish this game before lunch!” Mary didn’t dare look
back for the moment. However since they all did go back to playing, she knew in
the very least they weren’t suspicious anymore.


The game continued like the last. Mary was again given
the proper moment to relax her nerves too. She still was trying to recover from
the flashing of her panties she had given though. It was just soo… naughty she
though. She wasn’t use to naughty. She did things by the book. She wanted to
blame Jenny and Julie, but she knew they didn’t make her lift her shirt. She
couldn’t understand why she did it.


“Miss Mary!” one of the campers cried as they ran over to
her. “You OK in there? We got the ball stuck in a tree, it won’t come down,”
Mary was informed.


“Oh uh, I’ll get the ladder.” Mary quickly went back to
the equipment shack. Inside there would be the ladder they needed.


Setting it up, Mary realized a new issue. Being on a
ladder and higher up than everyone would mean another show of her panties. Her
heart beat began to race again. She couldn’t believe a second time now she’d be
giving this show to everyone.


She tried to calm herself as she climbed the ladder. She
knew that below people were now getting a peek at the black material between
her legs. She was quick to grab the ball and throw it down. She was soon again
on the ground and finally again not showing her underwear off. Everyone leaving
to play again though let her know that no one must have noticed anything wrong.
She was so glad the swimsuit story had worked.


She excused herself to return the ladder, happy to again
be by herself for a moment.


In the equipment shed, Mary was still having a tough time
keeping her breathing in control. She still felt the thrill from moments ago.
She was finding it hard to deny the effects this embarrassment and exposure was
having. She didn’t know that she could experience such feelings doing something
she thought she shouldn’t be. Without thinking, Mary brought a hand down to
investigate the tingling she’d been feeling between her legs. She was shocked
to find that she was actually gathering quite a bit of moisture.


Although Mary thought herself as a good girl, she still
would find herself exploring her body when alone at night in her room. She
would masturbate, and knew what it meant to be aroused. Yet she never
experienced it quite like this. She snapped out of her trance though to realize
that she shouldn’t be feeling herself up in the equipment shed. She blushed,
thinking about how she let herself do that, especially since anyone could come
by and catch her.


She returned, still flushed, but tried to act normal. The
kids got a few more games done with team switching. Mary was relieved nothing
else really happened and it was time for everyone to head back and get ready
for lunch. Mary would have run back to the cabin if it wasn’t for the shirt.


She of course though was locked out, so she again had to
wait there. Jenny was the first arrive, smiling when she saw Mary on the step.
“Hello Mary. Guess I beat Julie back at least.” Jenny sat next to Mary and put
an arm around her. “Holding up ok?”


“I guess… people at least believed that I was wearing a
swimsuit,” Mary said with a sigh.


“Oh, so people saw your underwear today? How wonderful!”
Mary wasn’t happy that now Jenny knew though. It may have been wiser to have
kept her mouth shut about that. “So, was it fun?”


“No! It was humiliating. They may have not thought
anything weird, but I still can’t help but blush about it,” Mary whined. Jenny
just hugged her a little tighter.


“Don’t worry champ, you’ll get used to it. I’m sure
you’ve experienced the benefits too though. You’ll be begging to give shows
like that one day.” The fact Jenny said that with such a sincere and kind smile
made Mary curious. It gave Mary a weird vibe.


“Sorry I’m late. We can get going now.” Julie shouted as
she ran up to the two. Jenny stood up to join her; Mary was just left to sit


“Go where?” Mary asked.


“Why to go to lunch silly. Remember today we get to help
serve,” Julie reminded.

“Oh no, I have to do it like this?” Mary asked, not wanting to be in front of
so many people like this. She was hoping by now she’d get more clothing on.


“Your story is that you’re ready for swimming. Wear
anything more, and people will begin to question,” Jenny reasoned. Mary was
again stuck being pulled along in her state of undress towards the dining hall.


This time when they arrived, the place was already
teaming with people. Mary felt a bit dizzy, almost felt like she needed to sit
down. So many people were there, and by any form of accident they might see
something they shouldn’t. “Heck, accident? With the way Jenny and Julie have
been, I wouldn’t be surprised if they stripped me here” Mary thought to
herself. She squirmed at the thought, trying to block out the image of her
naked in front of everyone.


She had to get to work though, so Mary was able to find
her place behind the food line. She was both relieved and scared to see that
Jenny and Julie were on either side of her.


At first the two were kind to Mary and left her alone.
Mary though wasn’t in anyway able to keep calm. She saw as many walked by her,
not knowing how underdressed she was.


“Eeep!” Mary squeaked as she suddenly felt as her panties
fell to the floor. She turned to see Julie trying to pull them off her ankles.
The person getting their food quizzically looked at Mary. “Nothing, my friend
just tickled me and it scared me,” Mary tried to explain not wanting to let
people know she just lost her bottoms.


She gave an evil look to the smiling Julie who was now
slipping the panties off her feet. “Just remain calm, beyond the shirt
covering, you also have the tables too,” Julie whispered as she got up and
continued her job.


Mary now was bottomless, with countless people
everywhere. Julie was right about no one being able to see anything, but Mary
could still feel it. Nothing was truly guarding her nudity at this point. Her
legs were almost feeling weak from the feeling.


More and more people walked by, none being the wiser.
Mary’s heart stopped every time she felt the other two toy with her shirt too.
They’d lift the garment up, exposing Mary to themselves. If it weren’t for the
tables that all the food was on, so many more could be witness to this. Mary
had no way to stop them either. If she did anything too rash, someone would
most likely notice. It got so bad that at one point that the two girls wouldn’t
put the shirt back down. Mary was essentially naked form the waste down in a
room full of people for at least 5 minutes.


If Mary thought her legs were wobbly before, they were
worse now. She couldn’t believe she could stand and look someone in the eye,
them just getting their food or saying hello. They didn’t have a clue about her
situation. Of course to Mary it was the only thing on her mind. She would look
to the other two as if to plead, but they would only smile. It only made Mary
blush when she knew they had some idea how this effected her. If she wasn’t so
concerned with her bottomless state, she’d be worry about the nipples that were
trying to poke through her shirt that whole time.


slowed down, and very few were getting any food. Julie and Jenny let up their
assault on poor Mary so she could push down and smooth out her shirt. She of
course didn’t seem fortunate enough to get her panties back though.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 |
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