Bad Luck at Work Part 3
Bad Luck at Work

By Jappio


Part 3


Suzie was happy to be out of there. She was scared half
to death by it, but she was lucky her boss came by for the perfect distraction.
Of course she now had to worry about two boys thinking there was a naked girl
running around.


She mustered all the stealth she could as she tried to move
nonstop towards the customer elevator. She had to cut through office furniture
and the many different chairs set up. She was weaving her way past a customer
when she heard a familiar voice not too far from her.


“Over here we have a variety of different recliners,”
Suzie’s boss said leading some customers into the maze of chairs. Suzie knew
she had to hide fast.  She spotted a
chair and quickly climbed on it. There was also a blanket on it that she used
for cover. To properly hide herself, she couldn’t sit normal; instead, she curled
up into a ball, on her knees and hands still. She had the blanket pulled over
herself, and her butt to the back of the chair.


“Mmm,” Suzie moaned until she slapped a hand to her mouth
to keep herself from making that noise. It would appear that when she climbed
onto the chair, she must have kicked a switch. The chair she was in was meant
for relaxation, and had built in massage options. The back of the chair was
fitted with little moving knobs to help with people’s backs. Suzie however was
in an odd position. Her back wasn’t to a chair, but rather her backend. The
little knobs in the chairs pushed and prodded not only her cheeks, but also had
a path set right for a certain pair of lips peaking out between her legs.


Suzie didn’t want to move. She knew that any movement or
sound might reveal her to her boss. She had to sit there as the chair actually
stimulated her.


“Ohhh” Suzie moaned, both in pleasure and desperation.
She wanted to move away from the knobs just a bit so she wouldn’t be pushed too
far, but when she tried the blanket had begun to slip away. She was forced to
recoil back, to try and keep the blanket balanced on her. This though only
caused her rapidly moistening lips to be pressed harder against the chair.


“Over here we have some of the best chairs around. They
have a variety of massage options even for relaxation.” Suzie’s boss was
leading the customer towards Suzie now. She quickly brought a hand to her mouth
so she could bite down on it to prevent any moans from coming out.


Suzie was being pushed closer and closer to the edge. The
thrill she went through today on top of the chair, and being so close to being
caught were all adding together. Images of her being caught be her boss, naked,
and in mid orgasm on the chair in front of customers washed through her mind.
Any attempt to move here bottom away from the chair though only shifted the
blanket and risked her exposure.


“This one is one of my favorites in fact,” Suzie’s boss
said as he grabbed hold of the chair that Suzie was in. He and the customer
were right on the other side, still unable to find the quivering blanket on the
chair. Suzie shut her eyes and braced for it.


The boss began to spin the chair around. The slight jerk
was all the blanket could take as Suzie could feel it slide across her body.
Inch by inch it caressed her skin, letting light shine down onto her bare body.
It took all she could to stop herself from screaming, moaning, or making any
noise when she heard it flop against the floor.


“Oh, looking for something for a dining room, those would
be the other way,” Suzie heard her boss’s voice trailing off. Suzie seemed to
have luckily not been seen. The customer must have stopped the boss before he
could fully turn the chair around.


Suzie slid forward into a slump, half on the chair, and
half on the floor. She needed a moment to catch her breath. She was surprise
how close she had come to orgasm. She wondered to herself if it was all from
just the chair.


She stood herself off though, and with one more breath
was on her way again. She knew she couldn’t just lie out in the open like that.


She got to the customer elevator, hit the call button,
and quickly ran for cover to wait for it, not wanting to greet potential riders
with her naked body.


When she saw the empty elevator before her, like before,
she ran right inside and began pressing the heck out of the close button.


“You can do this. Just a short walk to the clothing second.
Borrow something to wear, and then figure out where to go from there,” she said
trying to psych herself up. She’d be let out right near the accessories like
hats and scarves. A short walk through shoes and then she’d be able to find
something to put on.


When the doors were open, Suzie was able to exit unseen
and began what she thought to be her final challenge.


Although she was slowed down with having to wait in the
shoe section for a bit, Suzie had made it and was maybe only an arm’s length
away from a new pair of jeans to squeeze into. However she heard people approaching
from two different sides. She was trapped this time.


When the two people arrived, the both looked Suzie up and
down. They were surprised to see the naked girl, just standing there, very
still. “Oh it’s just a mannequin,” one of them marked.


Suzie had done the only thing she could think of. With
two people coming, she quickly struck an exaggerated pose and held it,
pretending to be an unclothed mannequin. It seemed like a stupid idea, but it
looked like it worked.


“Second naked girl we’ve seen today dude,” one of them


“I tell you, we’re on like some prank show,” the other


Suzie couldn’t believe it. It was the two guys from
upstairs before. Looks like with the idea of a naked girl running around, they
didn’t want to leave.


“Dude, the girl on the TV was hotter though,” one said as
he chuckled and gave the other a fist pound.


“Yeah right. This one’s rack is way nicer!”


The two of them began to look Suzie up and down. Suzie
did her best to not even shiver. She told herself it was all Ok. They didn’t
know she was real, so it wasn’t like they were seeing her.


“This one seems to be clean shaven too man. Totally
sweet!” They began to wander off on their own though. Even if Suzie did look
like she might have been a mannequin, they probably would have gotten scorn if
they were caught ogling her.


Suzie relaxed once they were far enough away. However
before she could turn and claim her prize of some pants, she saw marching in
her direction her boss. He hadn’t notice her yet, so she was able to escape
back into the shoe section to retreat from him. When he continued to
coincidently go in the same direction, Suzie began to feel like she was being


No place felt safe as the two weaved through the store
and all away around it. Suzie never got a moment to really get away from him.
She never could go back, and she incontinently always ran to hide where ever he
was headed next. Suzie’s bad luck was setting her up to be caught by her boss
at this rate.


Suzie saw her chance though at the appliance section. A
bunch of the washers and dryers had been covered by a tarp. They needed to be
repairs, so they were covered. Suzie figured she could hide under there.


“Hey, who is under there?” The boss said as he approached
the moving lump under the tarp.


“Oh just me sir…” Suzie said as she climbed over a couple
of the dryers. Now she was really trapped.


“What are you doing in there?”


Suzie had to come up with an excuse fast. “Jack misplaced
a form. Thought he lost it here. I’m looking for it.” Suzie’s foot had brushed
something and suddenly the dryer she was on started up. Suzie suddenly let out
a yelp.


“Everything Ok under there?” the boss asked.


“Oh yessss mmmm… I just accident-accidentally hit
somethingggg.” Suzie said in a breathless moan. Not only had she been scared by
the dryer turning on, but her leg had slipped. She was now straddling the edge
of the machine, which with its rhythmic vibrations; Suzie couldn’t help but
feel the effects between her legs.


“Well just to let you know, I am really proud of how much
work you’ve been putting in. I think I’ll not bother writing down you being
late today.”


“Oh thaaaannnks sir.” Suzie couldn’t help but let out
some moans. She couldn’t talk and suppress them.


“I also think that if you show up on time more often, you
might be looking at a promotion.”


“Ohhhhh thank you sir sooooooo much.” Suzie was getting
closer and closer to her limit. She was naked at work, hidden only by the tarp,
on the verge of orgasm in front of her boss.


“Feel free to take off early today even. You more than
made up for today.”


“Tha-ann- aaa- Ahhh ahhhhhhhh!” Suzie called out as she
arched her back. It was too much for her. The machine had gotten to her and a
climax washed all over her.


“You ok Suzie?” the boss asked sound distressed as he
patted Suzie’s back.


“Oh ummmm yess Sir. Just stubbed my toe is all.” Suzie
said as she slouched down a little. Only now was she finally able to find the
machines off switch. She wouldn’t be surprised if her boss could see her blush
glowing from under the tarp.


“Well I’ll be on my way. Get those papers to Jack and go
home and rest that foot.


Suzie crawled out of the tarp slowly after he was gone.
She brushed herself off. She was so relieved that her boss had no idea what
just happened or how she was dressed.


She looked around to decide her new route to get back to
the clothing section. She knew the other way was going to be a long one. She
saw though if she could get past the registers, it would be a lot shorter.


“No way could I do that without being seen,” Suzie
thought to herself.


 That’s when Suzie
noticed a kart not too far away. It was piled with clothing to be put out.
Someone was probably just about to bring it over to the clothing section. Suzie
only saw children’s clothes on it, so she couldn’t just use them. However she
noted that she could hide on the bottom shelf of it, and be pushed safely over
there, with no risk.


Checking to see if the coworker pushing the kart was
near, Suzie made a dash and quickly got under the cart. The clothing that hung
over the sides kept her hidden and she’d be home free in no time it would seem.


“Oof, this is heavy,” someone said as they began to push
the kart. Suzie peeked out and saw that she was being pushed right past the registers
as planned.


Suzie’s weight though wasn’t centered. As the kart moved
on, one of the wheels was taking too much pressure. Having been old, it easily
came undone. With a crash the kart was suddenly on its side.


“Owww,” Suzie said as she got up from the crash. She had
landed on her bottom. She then looked up and around her. She noted that
multiple eyes were all on her. They weren’t just on her though, they also were
on her breast, on her butt, and even right between her legs.


Suzie just stared back with an open mouth. For so long
her luck had held up and besides two punks she had fooled, no one had seen her
fully naked yet.


Suzie’s face reddened as she finally had the sense to run
and try and cover herself with her arms. Suzie ran past the remaining
registers. Coworkers and customers watched as the naked girl made her way past
them and to disappear into the maze of clothing racks.


Suzie mulled around in the back room for a bit. She had
been able to find a shirt and some jeans to put on. Her face hadn’t dropped a
tone in redness for almost a full half hour. Word was getting around and everyone
seemed to tease her about it. She was taking it like a trooper though and tried
to laugh it off. The people she tried telling had a hard time believing she was
that unlucky. She of course left out parts about the two guys who had seen her
or those run-ins with the boss.


“At least the boss never found me.” Suzie thought as she
headed for the back office. She had found her original pants, and a friend had
offered her a spare sweatshirt she had in her car. Suzie was ready to quick
change and go home now. She was happy to be able to put this day behind her.


“Hey Jack, could you make sure to have those paper on my
desk by, whoa! Sorry!” Suzie’s boss said as he suddenly entered the room. Suzie
had been too busy undressed to notice his footsteps as he approached. The boss
merely assumed that Jack was the one in the room. He didn’t think someone would
be changing. The moment the two noticed each other, Suzie was again completely
naked. She hadn’t even a moment to cover herself at all. Luckily her boss was quick
to excuse himself out of the room and apologize.


my bad luck as always. At least I didn’t get fired!” Suzie thought as she quick
changed and went home, trying to put all the embarrassment behind her.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 |
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Freakin awesome story. Love it!
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WOW!!!!!! what a story! I loved it are you going to make more please say you do??!?!?!?!?!?!?
March 12, 2011, 6:03 pm
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