caught on the rock
I have really loved this TofD site and want to continue sharing experience & photos.  Just today I agreed to a photoshoot with my friend.  The photographer took us up the canyon to an amazing beautiful area of the canyon where humongous boulders were scattered around.  Seriously, the beauty was breathtaking.  Once we hiked into the area where the boulders were, he asked me to climb on the rock for some photos.  My female friend was below the rock looking up towards me and the photographer a ways off capturing the 2 of us.  He asked me to take off all my clothes (which we had previously planned to do with him).  So I am totally blowin in the mountain breeze, butt naked enjoying this amazing & erotic moment when 2 hikers came up from behind us. I'm not sure who was more startled . . .us or them.  It was 2 guys just hikin around and I'm sure they were shocked to see perched on top of the rock having photos taken.  Since the photographer just took the pics today, he was going to copy them onto a DVD for me.  I can post a few of them when I get the DVD.  waaaaaay coolPage 1 |
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Date: 07:29pm July 23rd, 2010
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