Nude figure modeling
Sorry I have no pics on this one.  But just yesterday I did something I've never before.  I was a nude model for 2 artists (male & female).  We made plans for the past week and I had a few "takers" to do this.  I offered to be the model and would not charge for my services.  We went up the canyon and found a nice secluded place just off the road.  We had a little shade which was nice cause it was a warm day.  They set up their boards and I laid out my blanket where I would be posing.  It was exhilarating as I began to completely undress naked in front of these 2 people I had never met before.  I stood there naked as we decide what type of poses for me to do.  As you know with figure drawing, the model stays perfectly still for a period of time while the artists look over your entire body for their drawings.  It was such a thrill, outdoors in the cool breeze, knowing that these 2 people were analyzing every inch of my body.  We did this for over 2 hours and we're planning a follow up session for next week.  Hopefully, I can have a few pics snapped of the fun.  We also hoping to have a much larger group join us next week.  What a sexually thrilling experience that makes your stomach have knots.  Good thing I didn't get erect but quite frankly, I was almost hoping to.  Maybe next time for my 2nd edition . . .Page 1 | Page 2 |
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Date: 11:39am July 31st, 2010
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