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Mary at the Beach Part 2

Mary at the Beach

By Jappio


Part 2


Mary just sat in silence looking at Jenny. She didn’t really think about what she was doing. She would have been so embarrassed had Julie made a comment about her checking out Jenny’s ass. Mary though was just lost in what she had done. She was so use to being the naked or embarrassed one. Mary had witness a few cases of Jenny having herself exposed before, but this felt different.


Mary reached over towards Jenny. She grabbed hold of the bottoms and tugged them out from Jenny. Jenny let out a light sigh that scared the living daylights out of Mary. However, it appeared Jenny was still in the middle of her nap. Mary crumpled the bottoms in her hand. “Wait, are these little wet?” Mary asked herself. Knowing that none of them had gone anywhere near the water yet, there was only one conclusion Mary could come to. She dropped the bottoms next to her.


“Oh god, could that have been from before? Did having them fall off in the line do that to her?” Mary asked herself. Mary knew from her own adventures that the moisture was a result of excitement. “OH no, what if she’s awake and knows what’s happening?” Mary looked down at Jenny, she seemed very sound asleep.


Mary picked up the bottoms again and investigated them. “Wow, for once it’s not my own arousal that’s showing… I wish she were awake so I could try and tease her about it or something…” Mary’s thoughts trailed off, something suddenly came to her. For the first time thought about witnesses. She wasn’t even thinking about people looking over and seeing the naked Jenny lying on the beach. Mary also didn’t think about what people would think if they had seen her stripping her and then inspecting her bottoms!


Again she threw the bottoms to the side. She looked around in panic. She noticed people were glancing her way. Mary was fully dressed in a bikini, and a naked girl lay next to her, but Mary was the one blushing. She only could guess that the people who did glance over were focused on the naked butt out in the open. Mary at least tried to convince herself of that fact.


Mary noticed the people all walking by looking down at the naked girl. Mary was beginning to feel guilty. She couldn’t believe she would just expose her friend to all these people.


When three of the guys walking by stopped and started pointing, Mary became more concerned. They were a bit far away, but something seemed to really catch their eye. Mary sat up and also looked at her friend’s bottom. That’s when she noticed that her legs were too wide open. Like that, the guys were probably seeing more than just her bare cheeks.


Julie had also gotten up again and was watching Jenny’s new spectators. She grinned seeing that Julie hadn’t a single stitch of clothing on her body.


Mary leaned over the naked Jenny to whisper to Julie, “We can’t leave Jenny like this, everyone is seeing her! We need to do something!” Mary was in a panic, having second thoughts.


“Jenny won’t mind, not like she’ll know,” Julie said with a giggle. She obviously didn’t mind that people were getting a look at her. Mary blushed when she pictured herself in this situation. She was glad that at least Jenny’s breasts were hidden since she was lying on her stomach.


“What’s that about me?” Jenny grumbled suddenly. Mary’s eyes shot wide open as she looked over to Jenny. She was starting to push herself up off the ground and looked over at the two girls. “Must have dozed off by mistake.” She said as she began to roll over so she could sit up. Mary tried to say something, but nothing came out of her mouth.


Here Jenny was turning over, here whole naked body being completely shown in the bright sun. The people who had chosen to continue to stare now got site of Jenny’s entire bare front side. “Um Jenny, you’re umm, your suit…” Mary still couldn’t really make a coherent sentence.


Jenny’s bare breast with rosy nipples, beautiful bottom, and brown triangle tipping her very private area between her legs were all shown to her audience. Mary had seen Jenny naked before, and Mary has seen her get exposed before. Yet now it was really hitting Mary just how crazy of a sight this all was.


Jenny finally out of her sleepy daze managed to figure something was wrong. She took a glance down and saw her naked state. She began looking left and right and saw the multiple faces looking at her. It took a moment for her to totally process it, but as soon as she did she quickly brought both knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. The screech she added in didn’t help her become unnoticed though.


“Where’s my suit?” Jenny asked loudly. Mary figured that she must have been much too tired, or she might have had the better sense to be quieter. Before Mary could hand back the bottoms, Julie dangled the top in front of Jenny.


“You should keep better track of your things,” Julie mocked. Jenny made an attempt to use one hand to grab at the top. Julie snapped it back quickly, keeping it away from Jenny. This went on for awhile until Jenny finally just stood up to try and get it.


“Give my suit back!” Jenny demanded as the two now struggled. Julie was doing her best to keep the top away from Jenny. Mary watched in amazement as the very naked Jenny danced around in the sand to get her suit back. She was using one hand to try and snatch the top, and her other hand was on breast guard duty. She noticed that although she had gripped one breast with her hand, her arm failed to cover the other.


Snickering and giggling could be heard around them. Almost anyone in ear shot probably had their head turned now. Mary wondered if Jenny even had a clue of just how many people were looking at her. The struggling seemed to go on for quite the while. It was only when Jenny started to use both hands to get her top back that she finally succeeded. Fortunate for Jenny, Julie was smaller than her, so she just had to get a good grip of her arm to stop her from keeping it away longer.


The blush on Jenny’s face told Mary she had to be overwhelmed with embarrassment. With shaky hands Jenny put her top back on. She then looked at Julie again. “Where are the bottoms?” She asked in a meek tone.


“Over here.” Mary finally spoke up. She handed the bottoms to Jenny, who put them on, finally being covered. She only glanced at all the people who had just seen her.


She gave a flustered but harmless shove to Julie, who couldn’t seem to stop grinning, and sat down, hanging her head down.


Mary felt she might need a consoling. “I’m so sorry Jenny; I didn’t know it would all go like that. This is all my fau-” but before she could say any more, she noticed the smile on Jenny’s face. “Wait, don’t tell me…”


“Sorry to scare you if we did. I knew you guys were stripping me ever since I felt Jules pulling the top from underneath me.” Jenny wasn’t hiding her face because of embarrassment, but to prevent people from seeing she was nearly laughing. “I’m quite proud of you though, taking my bottoms gave me just the right amount of extra thrill.”


Mary couldn’t believe she’d been had. She hadn’t a clue Jenny had been awake almost the entire time. She also knew then that Jenny must have done a lot of those things on purpose. She wanted people to look when she screeched, to get an extended look when she danced around trying to get her suit, all of that.


“Let’s go for a swim, get away from all the looky-loos” Julie offered as she stood up and started to walk down to the water. Mary watched as Jenny followed suit, so Mary of course went with them.


It didn’t take long till all three girls were running into the water, walking out to the deeper end till they could just float and relax. The water felt great on such a warm day. They took a moment to splash around and move about getting use to the water.


Julie approached Mary with her usual evil grin, Julie had to be up to something. She held up in her hands her bikini bottoms she had been wearing. Mary wasn’t so much surprised that Julie was stripping herself, but more so that she was doing it with so many people around. “Are you nuts?” Mary asked.


“I’m surprised you aren’t use to it yet. Come on, you should try it to. Skinny dipping is great.” Julie explained. Mary looked over to Jenny for support, but Jenny also quickly raised her bottoms out of the water. Both of them were bottomless now.


“There are so many people around. You can’t really expect to get away with this,” Mary warned.


“Oh come on. No one can tell, it’s all too deep in the water. As long as everything stays deep enough, we’ll be fine,” Julie explained. She then turned around, and bobbed her bottom out of the water by bending. Julie’s bottom came out of the water flashing Mary before quickly disappearing again below the surface.


Mary was again all flustered. Being flashed and asked to take her bottoms off was all getting to her. Their smiles gave off both a teasing but begging look. Mary didn’t know how she could turn them down, she started to realize she never seemed to know how to.


Mary let her feet stand her up right in the water. She grasped the sides of her bikini bottom. She clenched her hands tight as she looked left and right. So many people seemed nearby. She just tried to assure herself no one could see deep enough to notice. She wondered if she had always been this susceptible to peer pressure when it came to Julie and Jenny.


She still couldn’t believe how chilling it always felt when she would lower anything off her body. Every time she would slide a pair of jeans or underwear down her legs in any form of risky situation it always gave Mary this slight buzz. The feeling of the fabric pushing against her skin, the skin slowly becoming exposed was sort of a big moment for her during these adventures. “I wonder what Julie and Jenny think during moments like this,” she questioned herself.


Mary lifted her legs higher in the water to get the bottoms off her feet. Now she was just as naked as the other two girls. Mary couldn’t believe the feeling of the lake water wrapping all around her new exposed skin. She didn’t know that the flimsy material of her bikini bottom blocked out so many sensations. Perhaps it was just the thrill and adrenaline giving the feel of water a new meaning.


“So, going to prove what you did?” Julie asked, not even giving Mary the proper chance to soak things in for herself. She slowly brought her bottoms out of the water to show her friends. She quickly hid them below the surface so no one would think anything odd was going on.


So many people were all over the beach and in the water. So many of them could potentially see Mary naked from the bikini top down, it sent shivers all through her body thinking about that fact. She only had the water she was standing in to hide her. Mary had never felt so naked and exposed near such a large number of people. Even thought logically her bikinis bottoms didn’t cover much skin, it covered most of the important stuff.


 Jenny and Julie were no longer standing still. They began to wade through the water, just going off in a random direction. Mary didn’t want to be alone, that was for sure, so she followed.


Passing by people was putting Mary’s nerves in over drive. She couldn’t believe at various given points strangers were merely a foot away from her very naked lower half, yet no one knew. She was getting away with something so very naughty, and she had to admit she was enjoying it. She was scared, but the thrill kept her going.


“Probably one of the best times I’ve had is I faked losing my swimsuit in a lake once. The walk up the beach was so incredible,” Jenny whispered to Mary. Mary gripped her swimming bottoms even tighter after hearing that. Chances are Jenny only said that to give Mary more reason to worry but be excited.


Jenny’s planned worked, because now Mary was trying to picture herself running up to her towel, bottomless in front of so many people.  Technically she was already bottomless in front of them all, but they couldn’t tell.


“Anyone else hungry, perhaps we should go back and have lunch now?” Julie asked. Jenny and Mary nodded their heads. At the same time the girls got their suits on. Mary felt it was a little weird do that just out in the lake like that, with two other girls who were bottomless too. They walked back to shore and got their beach things as they headed back to the picnic table.


Sitting down, they began to pull out some of the food they had prepared. They had simple sandwiches to help fill them, a few snacks too. Julie wasn’t about to let the meal stay simple though.


“Mary, we have a deal for you. You take your bottoms off, and we’ll do the same,” Julie said as she leaned forward across the table.


“What? No way, we don’t have the water to hide us now!” Mary pointed out.


“Oh, but we’re sitting. No one can see you from the front, and if by random chance someone walks behind you, they’ll probably just assume that you’re bottomless are low on your legs. Just a little bit of butt crack showing,” before Mary could interrupt Julie went to seal the deal. “We’ll be at a lot more risk, we have the whole beach behind us.”


Mary had to think. Again at the expense of a little exposure on her part, the other two would be exposing more. Mary knew that she could probably try and take the upper hand now.


“How about then you guys also take off your tops. I mean you’d only be on show to people who would be behind me, and as you said that’s no big deal since not too many people seem to go back there.


Julie laughed. “Yes, but remember, we’re already showing more than you. We take off our tops too, and everyone behind us will see we’re naked if we don’t have any straps going across our backs.”


“Not to mention that at least with the bottoms, some people can assume their just riding low. Almost everything is hidden, our boobies wouldn’t be,” Jenny added.


“Oh come on, you guys chicken or something?” Mary teased, hoping to egg them on.


Julie and Jenny just laughed at the claim. “You’re actually going to try calling us that?” Jenny questioned.


“You must be joking. If it’s not that hard you should take your top off then,” Julie challenged.


Mary was about to shut up now, but she knew this was her chance to get the upper hand. “You guys don’t have to do it, but you could at least maybe pull the front of your tops down. Straps still show in the back.” Mary was waiting hopefully as Jenny and Julie gave each other a look.


They turned to look at Mary. Julie then said, “Sure, but we’ll only keep them down for about five minutes. Now if you want this deal, get your bottoms off and pass them over and we’ll put them all in our bag here.” Julie and Jenny didn’t take long to reach down and get their bathing suit bottoms down to their ankles and off. They held them out in their hands waiting for Mary’s.


Mary lifted her butt the inch or two she needed to start pulling her bottoms down. She sat back down and instantly found out what it was like to sit bottomless on the wooden bench of the table. She could feel every grain of roughness against her bare butt. She hoped she wouldn’t be walking away with a very painful splinter later.

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still very good work, i love the story line, as if im right there.
August 10, 2010, 5:42 pm


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keep up the good work, cant wait for next story.
August 10, 2010, 5:43 pm


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THanks for the comments guys.
August 11, 2010, 1:04 pm
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