Nude figure modeling -- part 2
Well, today I did my next Figure Modeling session as a "nude" model.  I had 2 girls and 3 guys comitted to attend.  Our session was outdoors in a beautiful location at a picnic site just off the main road.  Well, there was only 1 girl that showed up so we went ahead with the session.  I asked her if she had ever drawn nudes before and she said NO but wanted to.  Since it was just me and her I tried to make her feel comfortable.  We found the exact picnic spot which had some shade and I laid out my blanket and then a small rug to stand/lay on.  She got her drawing board & pencil and sat on her stool waiting for me to undress.  I think she was a bit nervous and yet intrigued that I was going to strip to full nudity right in front of her.  I set my things down and began to take off all my clothes.  It was that "tingling" feeling inside knowing that you are totally butt naked and someone else is looking over every inch of your body.  I proceeded to do about 4 15 minute poses and then out of clear blue she asked if I wanted to draw.  I am not an artist but I said with you nude?  She thought about it for a minute and agreed.  So I put my shorts back on and then watched this 21 yo female undress to full nudity.  She had a "decent" figure but an amazing "fiery red" full pubic bush.  She asked what I wanted her to do and I just gave a few suggestions.  She was not at all intimidated as I thought she'd be.  I asked her if she wanted any "erotic" type poses and she asked "like what"?  I said well how about spread eagle and sitting on the ground.  So she proceeded to spread her legs apart and allow me to look right into her beautiful red carpet.  Her knees were bent and her large full breasts were  . . .. great !   I then did a crappy job on my drawing but she didn't care. 
     I then traded her spots and I took my shorts back off and sat on the carpet pad facing directly at her and looked in her eyes as my own legs were spread as far as I could spread them.  She began drawing every inch of me and just thinking about it was so hard to prevent an erection.  Well , good for me, I never got an erection but for some reason actually wanted her to see me hard.  Anyway, we wrapped up for the day and decided to do this again.  Probably in her back yard next time with a few friends.  What an exhilarating experience . . . 
    Sorry no pics because it was just the 2 of us.Page 1 | Page 2 |
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Date: 06:49pm August 12th, 2010
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can not wait to hear the next session. maybe she can take picture for you.
January 8, 2011, 2:44 pm
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