Mary at the Beach Part 3
at the Beach





the bottoms Julie’s opened hand; Mary watched all three pairs get hidden away
in the bag. The revelation was starting to sink in now. The three girls now sat
in just their bikini tops. Over a hundred people were all on the beach, all not
too far away. Mary knew that any could glance over and see Julie’s and Jenny’s
bare bottoms, or at least the top of their cracks. If anyone were to walk along
the path behind them, Mary would be the one with a naked butt on show. She
didn’t know how she would explain this if they approached them.


Mary was
snapped out of her worry though when she saw the two other girls pull their
tops down. Jenny’s easily flopped over the triangles of her top and sat out in
the bright sun light. Julie had to work at hers a little more, but eventually
managed. Now both girls had their pointy nipples pointed at Mary, and whoever
would be lucky enough to go for a walk along the lake path behind them.


we know you’re hungry for these puppies, but how about we eat the food we
brought,” Julie said as she tweaked both her nipples. Mary blushed having been
caught staring. She took one of the sandwiches that the girls laid out on the
table. Mary still couldn’t help but glance everywhere. She’d look out at the
beach or other tables to see if anyone was looking towards Jenny’s and Julie’s
butts. She would look behind her, afraid someone would show up. She also would
look at Jenny and Julie, their breast out in the open and yet acting so casual.


minutes seemed to end too fast for Mary. Jenny and Julie began to tuck themselves
back into their tops and started to finish up their meal. Mary now knew the
only show from behind was her own bottom and that made her shiver.


tried to relax as she sat eating. However she couldn’t help but tense up when
she heard a dog bark behind her. She looked back and saw someone was walking
their dog out of the forest path. Mary turned away so she wouldn’t catch any
attention. She grimaced as she begged for them to not notice her. She
involuntarily wiggled in her seat, worried of what could happen.


nothing happened for a few moments, Mary looked back. The man was gone and she
had no idea if he had seen anything. She wondered if the person could be
heading home right now pondering if she had been bottomless or not.


the girls finished eating, Mary was handed her bottomless. She was happy to get
to be able to put them on without having to ask for them back.


let’s pack up and go for a bit of a walk,” Julie suggested. They got the thing
altogether and put into bags. They then made sure to slip on their sandals.


 The path they were taking goes around the
lake. One part of the lake was an open sandy beach; the rest though was
surrounded by trees. Not many people were really taking walks, more interested
in the fun on the beach. For half of the trip they didn’t see a single sole


thirds through their walk, Julie stopped the group and pulled them to the side.
There was a small, rough path through some of the trees that lead to a little
more open area right on the lakes side. A good number of trees blocked sight
from the path, and due to how the lake bent in this area, the beach couldn’t
see this area either.


are we doing over here?” Mary asked.


normally some people come here to fish or something I assume. However with how
secluded it is, I have to say this is one of the perfect places for some skinny
dipping!” Julie exclaimed. She was already taking her top off.


can’t be serious!” Mary remarked, but Julie had her bottoms at her feet and
kicking them off. She picked up her suit and hid it in some bushes.


on Mary. I shouldn’t have to always explain why something is safer than you
think. The path can’t see us, and the beach can’t see us. We’re perfectly safe,
we’ll hear anyone coming before they see us.” Julie then took a step over next
to Jenny. Jenny hadn’t disrobed yet, so Julie decided to start it for her. She
picked at the strings on the back of her bikini till the knot came undone and
the material became loose.


one will be able to see our little fun back here, it’s just us girls. I mean
only you and I can see Jenny’s beautiful and full bosom,” Julie teases as she
wrapped both hands around Jenny from behind. She placed each of her palms over
Jenny’s breast. She wasn’t shy about pushing them together to expand Jenny’s cleavage.


what are you doing,” Jenny giggled as she brought her hands up to Julie’s;
Julie just pushed them away though. The straps to the top fell to Jenny’s
sides. When Julie lifted her palms for only a moment the top came falling to
the ground. Julie kept her hands in place though, so nothing was quite on show.


I’m just give Mary here a little private peep show, just to show her how
secluded it is here.  I mean if someone
were to come by they’d be able to see that you’re missing your top Jenny dear,”
Julie teased with a squeeze of Jenny’s breast. “Oh are these little guys
getting hard under here, perhaps Mary would like to see?” Julie asked as she
looked towards Mary.


couldn’t really say much. She wasn’t sure what to say. Her face blushed knowing
that both girls knew that she was looking, but she couldn’t look away either.


gave one final squeeze before she started to slide her hands down Jenny’s
breasts. Mary watched as the little pink nipples came into view, popping out
from under Julie’s descending hands.


also took note that Jenny was now silent. She looked up at her face, and Jenny
was just looking down at the ground. Her face was starting really redden; Mary
didn’t know why she’d be blushing so much. Jenny had been naked in front of the
two of them before. “Is this part of her act?” Mary wondered.


crouched at Jenny’s side. “Now come on now, let’s not keep the audience
waiting,” Julie then grabbed hold of the strings on Jenny’s left side. With a
quick tug the bottoms separated on that side and both the front and back flaps
began to fall over. Jenny yelped and was able to stop them from falling too
much. Wisps of Jenny’s dark pubic hair were sticking out for Mary to gaze upon.


silly me, you’re right. Any good stripping has the butt shown before the full
frontal.” Julie gave Jenny just the right amount of push to get her to twirl
around. Mary saw the back of the bikini slipping. A good portion of Jenny’s
left cheek now sat out to be viewed.


had her greedy mitts on the last tie holding the bottoms up. She gave a wicked
smile and wink to Mary before tugging it away. The right side of the bottom now
fell just like the left. The entirety of Jenny’s butt was now there for Mary’s
curiosity. Mary had seen Jenny before, but with a show like this it felt like a
lot more of an intimate view.


bottom piece didn’t fall off Jenny completely She now had both of her hands
wedged against her pubic mound. She kept the piece of clothing clutched against
her to retain her last piece of modesty.


again gave Jenny a quick spin around. Jenny still had her breast on show, and
Mary wondered if the nipples were possibly even harder than before. What was
definite was that Jenny looked a lot more embarrassed now, her blush had


ready for the finale?” Julie asked no one in particular. There was a brief silence
until it was broken by a quick yelp, then back to silence again. Julie had
pulled the bottoms from under Jenny’s hands. Now Jenny stood with both hands
securely pressed between her thighs, hiding her naked pussy.


my Julie, why so shy all of a sudden? Hasn’t Mary here seen you naked plenty of
times now?” Mary couldn’t help but assume this made things even more
embarrassing. She didn’t understand it, but she knew that Jenny must have been
legitimately embarrassed. She couldn’t get how someone who normally seemed so
confident was now embarrassed. She knew it had to be more than an act.

Although Julie only gave a slight tug on Jenny’s arms, Jenny let her arms be
pulled to her sides. Mary now was able to look over Jenny’s entire naked body.
She could look at Jenny’s heaving chest, nipples pointing right at her. She
could look at the furry patch of hair leading her eyes to what looked to be a
pair of puffy pink lips. She could see all the curves and smooth skin. She
could pretty much see everything Jenny had to show.


on, get a better look. She’s being so nice to show you, you can’t deny her,”
Julie said as she giddily pushed Mary forward in front of Jenny. She forced
Mary down to her knees so Mary’s eyes were only a couple of inches away from
Jenny’s pussy. “Now open up and show her just how much you love this,” Julie


couldn’t believe her eyes. She could see Jenny’s legs shakily open up. Mary was
being shown a very personal view of Jenny’s normally private region. Mary knew
she shouldn’t look, and was embarrassed for doing so, but Mary didn’t stop.


slight trickle of moisture was running down Jenny’s thighs. Mary knew that
Jenny was more than just embarrassed right now.


up. It’s time that we gave Jenny her reward.” Julie said as she helped Mary up.
Mary didn’t know what happening until Julie start to tug at Mary’s top.


Mary could even ask what was going on, she could feel the string going around
her neck become loose. The tips of the cups of her top began to droop. Mary
clasped a hand over each breast to hold them in place.


now you’re getting shy too? It’s just us girls. Jenny and I are already naked,
and we’ve seen your pretty body already,” Julie said working on the other knot
of the bikini. Mary knew that now there was nothing holding her top up besides
her hands. The strings tickled her sides as they hung uselessly.


pulled the strings down suddenly and Mary was only able to hold for so long.
The garment slipped out from between her breast and hands, and Mary was left
topless now. She didn’t know why, but she was feeling incredibly embarrassed.
She knew that she had been seen before by these two girls. She also knew that
there wasn’t any huge risk of a stranger coming by and seeing. Even still, she
couldn’t help but feel like she would die of embarrassment if she let her hands
move away from her breast at all.


wasn’t about to let up. She crouched behind Mary and grabbed both sides of
Mary’s bottoms. She gave a tug and Mary could already feel her it slide against
her smooth butt and pubic hair. Mary quickly threw a hand down to grab the
bottoms. She grabbed the front of the waistband and made sure they wouldn’t
fall. She could feel her hairs against her palm. She knew if she had been any
slower a lot more would have been shown.


 â€œNow let’s compare your boobs you two.” Julie
said as she pushed the two girls a little closer. “Mary, you know that I’ve
said you’re boobs are plenty hot, but I do have to admit that Jenny’s larger
ones are pretty sexy.” Julie even poked the side of Mary’s breast. Mary was
shocked when she looked down and saw that she had forgotten that her right boob
no longer had cover since she used a hand to save her bottoms.


tried to move her left hand to cover both breast, but she knew it was sloppy
and she probably showed off more in the process. Mary also noticed that Jenny,
although blushing at her own exposure, was also looking at her. Mary blushed
deeper knowing that both girls were inspecting her so closely.


couldn’t help but realize that this situation was similar to one in the past.
She remembered how Julie had shown her own body off to her, and then proceeded
to look over hers. She was doing the same thing now, but now the showing and
comparing was between Mary and Jenny.


your arm Mary. I mean we can’t very well compare nipples if you keep them
covered. I mean I get you might be a little jealous of her Jenny’s cleavage,
but pressing your arms against your boobs isn’t about to make you win against
her.” Julie couldn’t seem to help herself from teasing the two girls. She
seemed to know just how to point something out that would bring far more
attention to both of them then they wanted. Mary was too embarrassed to even
think straight and lowered her arm like Julie asked.


I think it’s too hard to tell whose are pointier. Either you both are enjoying
the view, like giving the view, or perhaps both?” Jenny asked, giving each girl
a sly smile. Mary figured the reason her heart was beating so fast was probably
to keep all the blood pumping to her face. She could feel the heat of her own
blush all over. She didn’t get why this was so embarrassing. Part of her wished
this was over with, but at the same time she was experiencing a thrill like
none other. How this embarrassment could be causing such an intense excitement
in her she didn’t know.


can’t say I like either of your breasts more though. I mean Jenny’s here are so
large and squeezable,” Julie said while demonstrating. She cupped both and
lifted them up a couple of times. She even gave a few tight squeezes. Mary
could hear what sounded to be a sigh or moan from Jenny. “Jenny’s nipples are
also so pinchable, but yours look like they are too.” Julie again demonstrated
by pinching Jenny’s nipple. This time Mary was sure she heard a quiet moan.
Mary was both curious and worried if Julie would perhaps move her hungry hands
to her own breast. She could practically feel her nipples tingle to the idea,
but Julie didn’t seem to want to push Mary too far and didn’t touch her.


did reach her hands out to Mary though, but only to grasp her shoulders. “Butt
time,” Julie announced as she turned Mary around. Mary practically lost her
breath as she felt her bottoms tug down below her cheeks. She knew that now
Jenny could indeed see her full bottom.


my, a match between cute and hot. I’ve always admired Jenny’s curves, but being
a petite girl myself, I can’t deny that cute has its own perks too.” Mary
didn’t get why she let herself just stand there on show like this, listening to
Julie talk about her and Jenny like this. She figured a sane person would just
cover up and leave, but she just stood there nearly naked.


turned Mary around again. Jenny and Julie once again could look at each other.
Jenny’s body was still there for Mary to view, but Jenny and Julie still
couldn’t see what Mary’s suit and hand were covering. Of course Julie wasn’t
going to let that happen for long.


for the last piece,” Julie remarked as she got down and began pulling away
Mary’s bottoms. Mary held onto them for a fleeting moment before giving up. She
didn’t bother putting up too much of a fight. She could feel the fabric around
her ankles, her whole body now naked. Not too far away the beach held a large
chunk of people, and here she was with only a few trees for privacy from them.
She knew they were far, but it didn’t settle her nerves.


“Do I
need to pry your hand out?” Julie asked, giving a playful tug at Mary’s wrist.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 |
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