The Forgotten Dare
This is a true story.
My wife and I were drinking wine and playing truth or dare a few months back. The final dare I accepted but was opened ended with no tme limit.It seemed like fun and harmless so I was all in.
My wife would have a command phrase which would be "Get naked". Ifshe said the command out loud I was to get completely nude within 30 secondswithout any hesitation or speaking. She made it very clear that I was to nothesitate even a single second. As soon as she said the command, I  was tobe facing her wearing nothing but a smile within 30 seconds. We also agreedthat the command could only be used inside of our home so it would be no big deal.I obviously would not agreed if the at home clause wasn't added. Safe but fun dare.
About two months go by and after I ate a great dinner that she made the doorbell rang.My wife went tothe door and greeted 4 women that I didn't know. All of them were carrying what seemed likefairly high end slr cameras. My wife loves outdoor photography. I stood up and shook their hands as I was introduced to each woman. I was starting to walk away to watch tv in the back room and I said I will see you later.One of the women then said a very odd thing to me. Brenda said we will soon be seeing ALL of you very soon and was smiling broadly! I looked at my wifewith what I am sure was a strange and curious facial expression. She smiled and said "Get naked!".
I couldn't believe it !!!!! OMG  !!!!! My face went from a curious look to that of shock and then most likelyvery very red. I looked back at the ladies and they were all smiles. 
The bottom line is that it's still difficult to believe that I kept my end of the agreement with 4strange women in-front of me. Combined there were thousands of totally nude photos taken of me inevery possible angle. Close ups and full shots showing my face were included as I took directionfrom each woman posing as she asked me to do. There was not a single inch of my nude body that was notphotographed. All 5 ladies had a great deal of fun directing me and there were so many camera flashes that Icould hardly see. I couldn't believe that I was completely naked allowing strangers to take photos of me.
I now walk into work each day just wondering if a co-worker or my bosss is going to humiliate mewith a naked photo. I have the same fear whenever I get on the internet. Will I find myself nude on the net?I am thinking that it's just a matter of time that the world will see me nude.Page 1 | Page 2 |
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Classification: Non-Fiction
Date: 03:24am September 2nd, 2010
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what a shame you have not shared a photo or 2 with us!
September 2, 2010, 2:07 am


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I think your wife totally ROCKS !! I love the fact that she is willing to do this with you. No inhibitions and I am so jealous. What a great story . . .
September 2, 2010, 7:51 am


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at least you kept your word, and did as told.way to go!!
September 2, 2010, 5:12 pm
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