Doctor, Doctor . . .
This happend just last week.  Each year I plan for an annual check up.  I was nervous but yet excited at the same time.  I never enjoy having blood drawn but the other part of the exam is what I looked forward to.  I decided to check out the Doctor prior to my appointment.  I found a female doc who had recently graduated from medical school.  I could not find any photo of her but thought I would give her a try.  The day came and I checked in to the medical office and was ushed back to my exam room.  I was asked to undress and put on the "goofy" little gown.  Within a couple minutes walked in a very attractive female doctor.  Knowing what was ahead, I was praying not to get a bonner.  She talked for a couple minutes and then asked that I remove the gown.  I thought to myself, "with pleasure".  So I stood up, removed the gown and was standing right in front of her, bare ass naked from head to toe.  She then proceeded to check my testicles and the "old" turn your head & cough.  Which I did.  She checked the other nut and I coughed again.  She then put on the rubber glove which I normally would begin sweating bullets.  However, she had me bend over the exam table and she examined me all over my abdomin.  Then she inserted her finger in my ass and gave me the good news that all feels well and looks fine.  The only bummer was when I had to put back on my gown.  I definately look forward to my next exam from her . . . .Page 1 |
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Date: 10:32am December 6th, 2010
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