awesome massage
OK . . . so we've all had great massages and of course many end with a "happy ending".  I decided to call this one lady about 1 hour from my home.  She greeted me at her door.  She was very friendly, kind fairly attractive but somewhat overweight.  She was maybe 5'1" about around 200.  Anyway, she had me do the normal undress and lay face down on the table.  A moment later she knocked and walked in with me butt naked face down on the table.  Of course the soothing music was playing and the mood lights were on.  Honestly, she gave an incredible massage but then things got fun ! !  As she was working my upper legs, she would slide her hands to the inner thigh and work her was down my leg.  Each stroke she became a little closer to my genitals.  She was an amazing "peter teaser".  So I finally, etched up just a little to where my ass was just off the table giving her room to go up under and stroke my cock.  She did this for a few minutes and then I moved my ass higher up to where I looked like I was "doggy style".  My ass was shooting right in her face.  It was then she began a prostate massage.  OMG . . . I had never had one of those before and it nearly sent me through the ceiling.  She was amazing and I could tell she had much experience.  I let her continue in my ass hole and then the other hand was working my ball sac.  At that time I was fully erect and just waiting for her to turn me over.  That moment finally came and I turned over with my cock solid like a rock.  She only spent a couple minutes massaging my front side and then went back to my cock.  At this time, she took off her top to expose some massive tits which she let me play with while she was working my dick.  After about 2-3 minutes she then took off her bottoms.  I initially thought, "how gross".  But actually even though she was a larger women, she was not fat.  She had firm skin.  She then placed 1 leg on the table and positioned herself so my hand would be within reach of her pussy.  While stroking my cock, I moved my hand to her pussy and she agreed to "let me in".  She had a moist wet pussy and I put 2 fingers deep inside.  We continued to masturbate each other for a couple more minutes before she took her leg off the table and bent over to put my full cock in her mouth.  I asked if she was OK for me to shoot my warm man-goo in her mouth and she said yes . . . she just doesn't swallow.  So she gave me an amazing blow job and I within another 2 minutes the feeling came (as all you men know).  I then blew the load in her mouth and seemed to last for a while.  When I finished she smiled with mouth full of sperm and went to the garbage can to spit it out.  That was the most incredible massage I've ever had.  In fact I've gone back her another 4 or 5 times. Page 1 |
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Date: 10:47am December 6th, 2010
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