Megan and Jessie #1: Part 1
Megan and Jessie #1: A walk in the Woods
By Jappio
Part 1
“Jessie, hurry up and get your clothes back on. What if someone catches us?” Jessie ignored my pleas though. She only gave her care free smile as she peeked out from the bushes we were hiding behind. She didn’t have a stitch of clothing on her. I didn’t know what to do though. I wanted her to get dressed before things would get out of hand like they usually do, but something inside of me wanted this to continue.
I should probably explain things just a bit more though. My name is Megan, and the naked girl next to me is Jessie. The two of us have been friends for what seem forever. Megan is the type of girl who gets an idea in her head and runs with it. She’s probably the most care free person I know. Megan wouldn’t describe me that way though. She says I need to learn to loosen up more. Her favorite analogy for it is, “If we were one person, I’d be the subconscious and you’d be the voice of reason.”
Now her being naked out here in the middle of the park would be an example of her care free nature. Why she isn’t embarrassed to be naked in front of me, why she isn’t afraid of getting caught, and why she feels so compelled to do this stuff is beyond me.
Most of you might be thinking that me asking her to get dressed and stuff is a sign that I’m just looking out for her modesty, trying to keep her safe. Well although partially true, there sort of is more to it. It’s embarrassing to admit, but honestly I’d prefer if she stayed naked.
 She is an incredibly beautiful woman. A cute face with a smile that could make you melt. Her figure is so well kept and toned in the right spots. I can only describe her curves as flawless. She might not be voluptuous goddess that some people are into, but in my eyes she is near perfect. Her breasts aren’t big honking double d’s, but I think her C-cups are incredible on her frame. Her bottom knows how to be nice and small but bubbly and bouncy at the right times. Her legs may not be the long sexy kind you see in some nudie mags, but I could kiss every inch of them and die happy. Then there is her treasured little spot between her legs, the area she even shaves bare. I can’t believe my fortune with the amount of times I get to see her wonderful body.
Oh god this is embarrassing. This is part of my problem you see. When it involves Jessie and her body, I seem to put myself into some embarrassing situation. You must all think I’m some freak to be into her body like that. I’ve sort of have had a crush on her for awhile. I know it isn’t normal for a girl to get a crush on her best friend, another girl even, but it just sort of worked out that way. We’ve always been so close, and feelings for her started to grow. It doesn’t help that she prances around without clothing either.
So I don’t so much have a problem with her exposing her body. I’d be happy to look at it all the time. I do worry she might get herself into an embarrassing situation or into some trouble, but I more so worry about myself when she gets naked.
When she is like this, I don’t think straight. You’re the only people I’ve ever admitted my feelings, none of my friends, and especially her, have a clue. I’d rather it didn’t get in the way of our friendship really.
Well when she is naked, things get sort of tough. One part of it is that it’s hard to hide that I like her when she has her whole body right there for me to see. It’s almost as if she is offering me her body, and it’s hard to not stare for too long or admit something I probably shouldn’t.
Then comes the issue where Jessie likes company when she is taking risks. I’d probably live a pretty boring life if it weren’t for her. She insists on making me have fun, and I guess that’s another reason I like her. However, when she gets naked, she eventually comes up with a way to get me naked. Thinking back every time I don’t see how her arguments work on me. Normally I’d be able to argue out of such ridiculous plans as hers, especially if someone else suggested them. As I’ve said, I have issues when it’s Jessie and her body though. I’m too busy being hypnotized by her bare skin to properly say no. That’s why I try to get her to put her clothes on, so mine can stay on too!
I remember back when we were 13, years ago. I was staying at her house one night. I had started developing these feelings for her, and they left me pretty confused. I didn’t get why I wasn’t into boys like everyone else. Well she was never shy, so even though I was definitely shy about my developing body, she’d just merrily change out of her clothes and into her Pj’s with me in the room. This was different that night though, she also took off her underwear. I asked her what she was doing and she told me about how for the last few weeks she’d been sleeping naked. She also explained how one night she even took a walk outside in her backyard. I told her she was crazy, but she then wanted to prove it.
It was so late at that point, her parent were sleeping. I remember my heart was racing as she pulled me by the hand through her house. She was completely naked. I was still clothed, but I couldn’t help but be worried for the both of us. I know we were young back then, but I still wasn’t able to look away from her bare flesh. I didn’t know why I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. It didn’t take her long to get us out her back door and into the cool night. My mouth was probably open the whole time as she adventured around her yard. I truly didn’t get why she was doing it, and I was really worried we could get in trouble.
When she started to giggle and pulled at my Pj’s, I didn’t know how to stop her. Either I was too tired and shocked, or my feelings for her were stronger than I thought back then. She had me stripped naked and I didn’t even make a peep. I remember covering up and being so shy. She was happy to go anywhere in the yard, but unless she pulled me somewhere, I’d hide off to the side, covering myself up. After that day though, things kept escalating. Jessie never knew when to stop, so from what I can tell I’m stuck with this for awhile.
It’s hard to tell why she tries and strip me. I mean she says she’s just trying to get me to have fun, to loosen up, and a few other things. I worry sometimes she does it because she knows it embarrasses me. I know it isn’t a sexual advance, since Jessie really isn’t that type of girl. Nudity to her seems just so casual or something.
That’s sort of how things led up to today. We had just done some shopping and decided to spend some time in the park. We were just walking around when Jessie suddenly did her thing. She got a twinkle in her eye and began to giggle and smile. She pulled me along till we were hidden in the woods at the side. By now I’m able to tell this essentially meant she had some type of naughty idea in her head.
She never answers me when I ask what she is planning. I guess she knows by now that I’d probably just try to stop her if I knew. So even in my heart I knew what was going to happen, I wasn’t fully prepared when she was pulling her tank top over her head.
As usual she wasn’t wearing a bra today. I worry she knows about my feelings. She knows that I’m opposed to her stripping us out here in public. If she knew about my feelings, she might do things like forgo the bra just to make sure I stay nice and quiet, too busy watching her reveal herself. I never seem to get tired of it, and I sometimes wish I would.
Conversely, I wish she did know though. She strips a little too fast for me to properly saver it. Before I even got a good look at her breast, she pushed her shorts and panties to the ground. Just once I wish she’d take it slow, a little more teasing in her strip. I guess she really doesn’t know the way I feel.
There I go again though, gushing on and on about her. Trust me when I say I’m not normally like this. I wouldn’t dare tell anyone how I want to see my best friend slowly strip for me. I wouldn’t dare let anyone know about our naked time together either. Yet I guess I can’t keep quiet forever.
So now we’re up to speed. She’s naked and looking out into the park as I hope she gets dressed soon before this gets out of hand.
“Think I could make it over to the restroom?” Jessie asked me. Her total disregard for what I was saying told me she was too far gone. I knew I’d have to come up with some reason fast so I’d be able to avoid her getting me stripped, but I also couldn’t get the image out of my mind of seeing her naked body running to the bathroom.
She’d have to run out in the open space ahead of us. Although this area of the park was more secluded, if anyone decided to walk around the pond near us would definitely be able to see her.  I swear I was never into voyeurism or exhibitionism type stuff before Jessie dragged me in. It’s her fault that at night I find myself going to sites and watching videos or reading stories of this type of stuff, picturing her and me being the stars of those. Had she not got me hooked, I might be a bit normal.
Obviously I was too lost in fantasy to answer her, but I guess she didn’t need one. Next thing I know I see her butt bouncing as she runs off away from me. I’d go after her, but I’d rather just watch here. She was completely without clothes or hiding, and yet there she was running off smiling. I didn’t know if I liked the view from back here or if I would have preferred being by the bathroom to see her running towards me.
As soon as she was entering the ladies room though, I knew I should probably follow. I knew I shouldn’t have let her out of my site. I went running after her. I hope she’s alone, or else I might have to help her out of a mess trying to explain why she is naked.
When I got inside I saw Jessie standing there, hands on hips, smiling broadly at me. I guess this was her idea of greeting me.
“What if I was someone else coming through this door?” I warned her. I was thinking how that person would be very lucky though.
“Then I suppose they’d get quite the surprise,” she laughed. I could only sigh. She never seemed to take the risk seriously. I wish she could at least hide better some times. Would it have killed her to hide in a stall? I don’t know what I’d do if I was caught with her like this, what would people think? I mean my crush is a secret. Someone could walk in at any moment and think that we were some weird perverted couple. I mean I don’t think Jessie is a pervert, but that wouldn’t stop other people from thinking that, right?
“Now how about you get those clothes off and we can head back into the woods, take a delightful nature stroll,” Jessie suddenly offered.
I knew this was coming. I could swear I had a good argument before as I came running to the bathroom. She’s giving that smile of hers too. I can’t stop looking, I need to say something. It’s hard saying “no” to the naked girl of your dreams, you know?
“Always with the shy act honey? You know it’s not too hard once you get this stuff off,” Jessie said as she circled around me. Oh my god, I can feel her reaching her hands around me and to my waist. She’s pulling my shirt up. I can feel my heart beat. Every time she does this, I have to wonder if this will be the day that she will do more than just strip me. It’s moments like this that I picture that leave me up at night, rustling around in bed unable to sleep. I know to her she was just playfully stripping me, but the level of eroticism in it for me was unbearable. I really am hopeless I’m starting to think.
So she was able to get my shirt up and over my head, without me fighting it. Before I could get too worried though about standing with my bra on show in the public bathroom, I was a little worried what Jessie thought of my bra. It wasn’t the most flattering thing around. Now I know this probably sounds stupid, but normally if I think Jessie might be doing something, I put on something sexier under my clothes. I know it’s a long shot, but I sort of just hope to impress her. Sadly today I just had on an ugly sports bra.
“Now that just won’t due Megs, let me get that horrid thing off,” Jessie’s words were sharper than I thought they would be. I know it was ugly, but to think she thought I looked that bad.
I was too hurt to even think about how she was now removing my bra. “There are those cute nipples of yours. I have to say you look a hundred million times better,” she complimented. I would have been ready to whine and complain about being topless, yet my heart was fluttering too much now. I was actually smiling a little too, between blushing of course. I know her compliments were just meant to be friendly, but they meant a lot more to me.
“Get these things down and off too,” Jessie was muttering as she was crouching at my side. I side stepped and grabbed my pants. I had to slow her down before I was naked as her.
“Woah, I don’t know about this. You know I don’t want to get caught.” It’s an age old argument for me, but I had to try something.
“We won’t get caught, if we’re lucky,” her cute grin appeared again. She moved closer to me. I would have moved away again, but as she moved closer, in her crouched position very little was hidden. Her shaven mound probably could have gotten me to cluck like a chicken it was so hypnotizing.
Now her head was just inches away from my crotch. Her hands played with the button on my jeans. She had them open and was pulling the zipper down. My plain white panties were being shown to her. I couldn’t help but whimper a little. I was again running a fantasy through my mind.
My whimper had gotten her attention and Jessie looked up. She probably saw some fear in my eyes and decided to pull away. Luckily it was only the fear she saw, because at that moment I was a mix of worry and anticipation. I had to breathe a sigh of relief.
“I’ll let you keep the pants for now, but once we get into the woods you’re joining me all of the way,” she warned me. Of course in my mind I wished her accidental innuendo was what she actually meant.
“Let’s not wait any longer though. The longer we stay here, the less fun we can have.” She was out the door before I could stop her. I knew I had to follow quickly. Beyond not wanting to stay in the bathroom topless by myself, I also wanted to be with her.I went to grab my clothes so I could maybe cover with them for the short run, but I couldn’t find them. When I looked out the door I could see them bundled up under Jessie’s arm. I hated when she did that type of thing. I knew I couldn’t wait for her; I’d have to run topless to the woods like she intended.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 |
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