Megan and Jessie #3: Part 2
Megan and Jessie #3: Sleep Over
By Jappio
Part 2
I woke up the next day, feeling pretty good. I slowly opened my eye and meant to wiggle around a little, but a few things were off.
Now obviously beyond just the fact I was in an unfamiliar bed, there was the fact that I had no clothes on. I usually have something on, and wiggling around under the covers, I could tell I was naked. The other weird thing was I felt restricted by something too, some type of weight against me.
Well it took a bit to register what was going on. Whatever was there, it was warm and had itself wrapped around me. It had to be none other than Jessie!
When I figured that out, I was able to tell exactly what was going on. Jessie had her front side against me, I could feel the swell of her breast against my back. Her left leg was up and over my legs. Since her legs were wrapped around my hip too, and they were sort of spread, I think I could even feel against my butt cheek her bare… well you know. Then there was also an arm draped over me, and it was resting against my own breast. She was spooning me!
 Had something happened last night? Why couldn’t I remember? I remember her joining me in bed, but this? God wouldn’t be so cruel as to make something happen and yet have me not remember any of it?
Well in my confusion, panic, and wiggling, it had stirred Jessie awake too. She used her arm near my breast to push herself up a little, letting her hover above me slightly as she looked around. Morning light was coming in through a window, lighting up her form for me. “What time is it?” she asked groggily.
I didn’t even know how to answer her. I still wasn’t sure what was going on. She had looked down now at me, and at where her legs were still wrapped around. She didn’t even seem to be shocked though. I mean here we were, inches from each other, both naked, waking up in the same bed! Would it kill her to be a little surprised or something with stuff like this?
“Oh, sorry if me sleeping on you woke you up. Normally I have nice big body pillow to hug as I sleep. I guess since you were the closest thing, I wrapped my arms around you instead,” she giggled as she glided the back of her hand against my side, “good thing you’re so soft or warm. Had you been a cactus or something I’d have woken up in the middle of the night pretty sore!”
This was really killing me. This was one hell of a way to wake up. I went from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye as far my feelings went. To wake up to the girl you’re into holding tightly to your naked body! To have her be so relaxed and unfazed by it. Yet Jessie is Jessie, and somehow manages to joke about it like nothing sexual or awkward had happened. Heck, she even manages to make a joke and makes me laugh too about it. It’s just a roller coaster with this girl!
She sat up fully now, stretching her body. I do have to say, even with her hair all messy and her just waking up, she looked like a goddess. I couldn’t take my eyes off as she got out of the bed and walked to the door. Once she was gone I got up myself. Even only after a few moments with her, my nipples were hard as rocks and I could tell as I moved my legs that there were a few trickles of moisture on my thighs. I wouldn’t be forgetting this morning for a long while.
Having also just woken up, I was feeling very shy again. It was like a whole new experience to walk around her parents’ room naked. It was bright thanks to the sun too, and I felt just so weird about it. No one around to see me, and yet still embarrassed?
As I left the room it felt like I was sneaking around. I had a hand between my legs even. I could hear Jessie was in the bathroom, so I’d have to wait my turn for my morning duties. I instead let my adventurous side take over (because I apparently have one) and went out back into the living room.
I had spent the whole night, slept, and now woke up, not having worn any clothes for hours now. This whole time I wasn’t alone either at my own house. I was over at my best friend’s house, and she was naked too!
Would this be what it would be like to live with her? I mean ignoring the embarrassment and awkward feeling, if the two of us were really together, would this be what it’s like. I smiled thinking about it. It would wonderful to live with her like this. To always have such a beauty to stare at and admire. Even in just one night, I had seen so much. To have every night like that would be something else.
I still had that hand between my legs for modesty reasons, but picturing the things I saw the night before and what happened this morning, my hand started to do more than just guarding anyone from seeing between my legs. I know it was stupid to be doing something like that in my best friend’s living room, but it just sort of happened. Lucky for me I heard Jessie coming before she could see what I was doing!
“You can have a go at the bathroom if you need it. I’ll start making breakfast. Then another fun day can begin.”
I made my way to the bathroom. I would say that this would be one of the few times I would truly have a private moment to myself, to have my body hidden with no risks. Yet thanks to the work being done to the house, there was actually no doorknob! The door shut fine, but anyone could walk in. Even Jessie though wouldn’t be so brazen as to walk in on someone when they were in the bathroom.
Looking at a clock, I could tell we’d be having a late breakfast. We’d stayed up so long that we slept until noon by the looks of it. I took my time to brush, fix my hair, and more. I do have to admit I also took a chance to take a little bit of tissue to dry up in that one spot. I knew with a full day ahead that it would become pointless, but just a bit of time without it being damp would be nice.
 With myself freshened up, and the smell of pancakes in the air, I exited the bathroom ready to again face Jessie. It was going to be tough spending even more time naked with her, but I told myself I would try and keep my hands at my sides and not cover up. If I did one day want to live with her or something like that, I’d have to learn to be Ok with spending time naked with her.
I walked out into the living just like that, naked, and arms at my sides. I’d let her look at my bare breast and even girl fur between my legs if she wanted! However things didn’t go as planned and my hands darted back to covering up my naked body.
You see. As I walked out like that, it wasn’t just Jessie who was there. Jessie was actually standing there with a girl named Stacy. Stacy is a friend of ours. What she was doing there, I didn’t even know! All I knew is as I saw her, her eyes going up and down my body; all I could do was cover and screech.
“Oh hey Megan, look who stopped by,” Jessie said, gesturing to Stacy.
In my embarrassment, I just sort of rudely blurted out, “What are you doing here?”
“Oh, I was over yesterday and left my phone here. Figured I’d stop by and pick it up as soon as I could. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” Stacy explained, and evil smile forming on her face. Oh my god, she probably thought Jessie and I… last night…
“Oh no, nothing at all!” I said, squirming as I stood there naked. All I had was my hands to cover with!
“Oh, I better go get back to breakfast,” Jessie excused herself as she went off into the kitchen. That left me and Stacy alone, and I was completely naked!
Stacy couldn’t seem to wipe the grin off her face. She clearly found my embarrassing moment funny. Jessie may see me naked a lot, but our other friend’s haven’t! “So, you’re looking quite comfortable there. I didn’t know you and Jessie…”
I had to cut her off, “No, it’s nothing like that… you see…” I tried explaining what was going on, but I couldn’t come up with an excuse as to why two girls were naked together.
“I know Jessie is a total hippy and doesn’t like to wear clothes, but you always seem so bundled up.”
She knew about Jessie getting naked? I suppose her stripping her clothes wasn’t just a special show for me? This was my chance though. I could just tell her that I too like getting naked. “Oh, well you know, it’s just so…” I was trying to think how Jessie always puts it, “Comfortable and stuff.”
“Really? Then why the shock at me being here and covering up?” Crap, she was seeing through it? I mean I know I really do like Jessie, and would love this little lover theory of Stacy’s to be true. Yet I just couldn’t let her think something like that. That wasn’t what was happening. I couldn’t tell her the truth though. That I had this crazy crush on Jessie so I strip when she asks!
This left me with no option. I had to try and keep the nudist angle going. I couldn’t control my blush, but I could control my arms. I slowly was able to get them back at my side. Oh my god, I couldn’t believe it. Here I was giving one of my friends a full frontal view of me! I desperately wanted to hide, cover up, and get dressed. Yet I couldn’t let Stacy go thinking Jessie and I were some crazy perverts or something.
I started to cringe and hunch as Stacy looked over my entire body. Oh my god, oh my god. This was really too much. I started to feel bad knowing that I’m always looking at Jessie’s body, I wonder if Jessie gets chills like this when people look at her?
“You just startled me is all. Really, I like being like this,” I tried telling her. My voice was so shaky. I hoped she would buy it though. I mean if you have one friend who likes being naked, the odds of another being the same way aren’t too bad, right?
“The both of you are nuts.” She said laughing as she walked by me. It was just a relief in itself to know for a few moments her eyes weren’t on my body.
“I could get dressed if you want, you know if it makes you uncomfortable or something,” hopefully she did find this all awkward or something. I mean she was probably straight, so she didn’t want to see me flaunting my body around.
“Don’t worry about. I’ve seen Jessie like this a couple of times. If you actually just like being like that, it doesn’t bother me,” I could almost hear her snicker I think! “We better go eat, smells like it’s done.” Oh no, she was staying to eat! I was going to have to sit and eat breakfast naked, with our friend sitting at the table, her completely clothed!
“Eat em up girls, while they’re still hot.” Jessie said as we got to the table. She had a bunch of pancakes, eggs, and sausage set out for us. I sat down, and tried to take my mind off the situation. I really wanted to enjoy Jessie’s great cooking; she’d done a great job again. Yet the whole time I could tell Stacy was stealing glances at us. It was not helping my appetite.
“So Jess, how long has Megs been getting naked too? I mean did you poison her mind or something?” Stacy asked out of nowhere. I nearly spit my food out at that question.
“Oh, I guess for awhile now. You know, whenever the mood comes in, I strip down. Jessie’s always happy to join me,” My blush was at the maximum again. The grin on Stacy’s face told me she found this whole situation funny. Did she believe that I was like Jessie, or did she think something else?
“So do you two just get naked all the time when you’re together?” Stacy asked me.
“Oh um… well… sometimes I guess.” I said, not sure what to say.
“So you totally get naked when you’re home and stuff too, just like Jess?” She wouldn’t stop with the questions!
“Um, yes.” I said, trying to just answer the question and hope she would stop. What if she started telling our other friends? I really didn’t want people we know to think I was some crazy nudist/streaker.
“You have been getting naked when you’re at home? That’s great Megs, glad to hear it!” Jessie said smiling. I was happy she was proud, but I knew that only meant that it would be harder to say no to her strippings in the future. I really was backing myself into a corner with this lie!
The conversation luckily was able to change subjects. I guess Stacy was as use to Jessie’s nudity, because she didn’t seem to stick on the subject long. I do admit I felt a little jealous thinking that Jessie wasn’t showing her body off to just me. Well I mean of course that wasn’t what this was ever was about, but sometimes it just feels that way, or at least I want it to be that way.
With breakfast ending though, it was time to clean up the table. I just wish I could stay sitting and hide. I know this sounds mean, but I also wish Stacy would go home. She’s a good friend, but I just wanted to die of shame with her being there, seeing me naked.
“Oh, I should probably go get the mail.” Jessie explained as she headed for the front door. I just watched as her and Stacy headed that way. I wasn’t too shocked actually that Jessie would go to her mailbox with nothing on, even in the middle of the day. Her doing it with Stacy around was a bit different though.
“Coming with?” Stacy asked. Oh god, that’s right. She thought I was ok with nudity! She didn’t actually think I’d go? “Jessie was heading out the door when Stacy hung back a moment. “Unless of course maybe you’re naked for a different reason,” she said lightly enough so Jessie wouldn’t hear. It was like she was blackmailing me!
My face grew warmer, and I knew I had to try and prove to her that I was Ok with this. I looked out the door and saw the empty and bright lawn in front of me. I had to walk across that, naked? Any of Jessie’s neighbors and who knows who else could look over and see Jessie and I. I couldn’t even cover or run and hide if I wanted to!Stacy’s grin though told me that I had to; there was no way out of this. I took my steps out that door and into the light.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 |
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