My simple self dare
I just found this site.  Looks like fun (except it seems the responses section is currently broken).Before I start the dares, I guess I'll get started here by sharing a little story.It's not great, but perhaps you'll enjoy it or relate.
One morning a few months ago (when it was nice and warm), I woke up extra horny and made the mistake of not taking care of the problem before running off to work. Once at work, things were slow and my mind wandered to sexy thoughts.  Unable to concentrate, I decided to setup a dare to do after work.
I nervously made a tiny browser window and went to the casual encounters section of CL website.  I quickly typed out a short post asking if anyone wanted to play a little truth/dare by email; and to send me a dare.  (I've done this before with different people and it can be lots of fun.) I was worried random internet people would tell me to do illegal or 'obviously stupid' things, stuff like eat something from the garbage can or do naked jumping jacks at the police station - but hopefully I would get some viable dares.  I hit "post" and quickly closed the browser window.
I tried to get work done, but I kept wondering about the dares.  Maybe an hour elapsed and I couldn't resist any longer.  I made a tiny browser window and logged into my naughty email account.  I saw there were a bunch of unread messages and felt myself getting excited.  I quickly hide the browser and looked around to see if anyone could tell I was sitting at my desk with a big hard-on.  I was hot and felt like all eyes were on me, but of course nobody knew, it was just in my head.
Feeling emboldened, I told myself, I must pick one of the dares to do.  In fact, I decided I would do whatever dare #3 was, and there must be a penalty should I chicken out.  My penalty would be to go into the bathroom, give myself a hard-on, then walk back to my desk.  I was wearing baggy jeans and I knew the tent in my pants would be readily noticeable.  To get back, I'd have to walk past the receptionist, a female co-worker, and the coffee area, so I definitely did not want to have to do my penalty.
I looked around, nobody was near me, so I opened the browser window and read dare #3.  Ouch.  Some guy had dared me to naked oil wrestle with him in some kind of blow-up kiddie pool.  Apparently, he is shaved all over.  ick, no thank you!!  I decided very quickly I'd be forced to do my self-penalty.  I shut down the browser and headed into the bathroom.
I was in the stall with a hard-on and about to leave when it occurred to me there was no good excuse to walk out of that bathroom with a boner.  Stupid me.  What if one of the other guys heading into the room saw me (an all too likely scenario).  Any normal person would hide in a stall until 'the problem' went away.  I was very afraid of leaving, and sort-of cheated by listening for a moment until I was pretty sure nobody was in the hallway outside the door.  Then with my hard cock trying to escape my pants on its own, I started my journey back to my desk.
I got to the reception area and was a little relieved to find she was not sitting at her desk.  I kept going, past another female worker who never even looked up from her keyboard as I passed.  So far so good, just need to make it through the coffee area... And I did.
I was back at my desk, and felt pretty safe unless someone came over to talk to me.
It was very uneventful, but quite a rush anyway.  I decided to up the ante.  I would pick one of those dares to do, or else I had to get caught with a hard-on.
I discreetly opened my naughty email and started reading the dares.  Except for some spam, they were all from guys.  They were all, "I dare you to let me suck your cock", or very similar.  I was willing to do a dare, even one I didn't really want to do... but I just couldn't do any of them.
I was still pretty turned on from 'being bad' and decided I'd better get my next penalty over asap before I lost the courage for that too.  I didn't want a co-worker to see me hard; so I left the building to grab some lunch and think up my plan/excuse.
On the way back, from a few blocks away, I saw a lady sitting on the steps in front of our building and talking on her phone.  This was my chance.  I put a hand into my pocket and grabbed myself.  Without drawing any attention, I did a little massage and quickly got very hard.  I then put my phone to my ear and approached the steps.  The lady was staring off into the distance, but looked at me when she saw I was going to walk up the steps past her.  Then I saw her eyes go right to my crotch and stay there.  I guess the tent in my pants caught her eye.  I knew she saw I had a hard-on and was shocked that she really stared at it and didn't even pretend to look away.  I felt her eyes burning a hole in my pants as I started up the stares.  Since she was sitting on the steps, there was a point when my obvious 'problem' was right there at eye level, and I could swear there was a little smirk on her face.
All in all it was quite a rush.
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Date: 03:01pm December 23rd, 2010
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Nice story. Loved it and nice job to follow through.
December 30, 2010, 3:02 pm


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man, it would have been so hot if you would have sat next to that lady and unzipped for her. I bet she would have played with it for you.
February 10, 2011, 9:21 pm


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yeah, I'm sure that would have made for a better story; but probably i'd get hit with a purse, arrested, fired... Getting caught with a hard-on was enough!
February 12, 2011, 10:35 am
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