Standing fully NUDE.
Well, I just returned from a great experience.  I had done a little figure modeling in the past because I love being naked in front of people.  Well over the past couple weeks I had been in touch with a very cute art student who was home for the holidays.  I had posed for her in the past and she said she would be up for another session.  I arranged a location and she said her sister also wanted to join us.  Well at 10am today I arrived at the studio waiting for her to show up.  Sure enough about 10 minutes later a car pulled up.  Inside was this cute brunette, her sister and also her brother-in-law.  We knocked on the studio door and was greeted by a owner, an older gentleman who said we could use his place.  It was very small and the 4 artisits could barely fit.  Along the wall was a platform, where I would be standing.  Each of the artists organized themselves and got their drawing boards all set up.  It was then that began to undress.  There's nothing as thrilling knowing that in just a short minute you will be fully NUDE standing right in front of these people.  I lowered by skivies and it was a real rush.  I then did about 12 short 5-minute poses for them.  I then did a 15 minute pose, 20 minue pose and 2 50 minute poses.  One of the 50 minute poses was totally & fully facing the 2 cute gals.  The interesting thing, is that they were all business.  They were truly professional art students who were there to draw the male form.  During the longer pose my eyes were watching their eyes and how they captured every inch of my body.  I was quite excited as I watched her eyes look directly at my cock and and kept looking from her paper pad to my cock for several minutes.  I thought for sure I'd get a hard on but I wanted to keep professional for more jobs down the road.  We had a great time and they did marvelous work as I saw their drawings of my naked body.  As we walked out together she asked next time she is back from school if we could do this again.  Of course I said yes and I can't wait . . .
     Sorry, no pics as I was modeling the entire time and they had no cameras.Page 1 |
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Date: 04:55pm December 30th, 2010
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