Ashley at the Library
I'm happy to present another Ashley story. This is a sequel to "Ashley's
Bus Ride." As always I appreciate anything anybody has to say.


Ashley at the Library

By Jappio

Part 1

Ashley sat down in the comfy chair, a book in hand. She had decided on
this lazy afternoon to visit the library. It was Saturday, and spring
break. Most kids were down in Florida or somewhere enjoying their time
off, but Ashley instead opted to stay at home for the week.

The library was quiet, no students working on research or anything.
Ashley had searched the racks of books, and when she found something she
thought she might like, she took it over the reading section. The
reading section was cozy. It had a lot of comfy chairs and a few small
tables all on a slightly raised wooden deck. It was still indoors, but
the large window that opened up to the woods behind the library gave it a
very relaxing feel.

Ashley took a moment to look out the window, appreciating how nice the
day was. Then she relaxed back in the seat, feeling herself sink down
into its cushions, as she began to page through the small novel.

She was really happy the way the day was turning out. She was looking
forward all week to be able to just take the day off and just enjoying
herself. She couldn’t think of anything that would be nicer than a quiet
evening at the library for that day. She was just so comfortable.

That is, she thought she couldn’t think of anything. Although she was
quite comfortable, something suddenly changed for her. As she was
bobbing her foot on the ground as she read, the back of her shoe came
loose, and heel of her foot came into contact with the wood floor.

She still had her ankle socks on, and the feeling only lasted an
instant, but she gasped none the less. Her mind suddenly switched gears.
No longer was she completely comfortable. No, now she could become more
comfortable. There was only one way she could do that she thought.

Ashley sat up and looked in all directions. She wanted to make sure she
was absolutely alone. With the way the library was set up, she couldn’t
even see the front desk, the only place where she had seen people that
day. With only one known person there at that time, Ashley wasn’t able
to stop herself.

Ashley’s heel still stuck out of her shoe, but with a little wiggling,
her entire foot came out of it. She planted it on the ground as she held
her breath. She took the moment in for as long as she could stand. It
wasn’t long until she was using her toes to help her other foot become

Now both her sock clad feet were free from her shoes. She pushed the
shoes to her side so her socked feet were all on their own, out in the
open. She could feel the cold wood through the soft cotton of her socks.
She shifted them against the smooth surface as she closed her eyes and

Ashley was quite proud of herself. She finally took a deep breath, happy
she got away with what she did. Sure it wasn’t much, but to her, even
removing just her shoes was enough of a thrill. It was just what she
wanted. Now again feeling comfortable, Ashley sat back again and began
reading the novel she had chosen.

After another page of reading, Ashley began to think again. She did love
how her feet felt without her shoes. Yet it wasn’t quite perfect. She
could tell the wood flooring was smooth and cool to the touch, but she
knew there was more to it. The thin cotton of her socks gave a taste,
but not a full bite. She again had her neck twisting around to make sure
no one was around.

Honestly, mostly people wouldn’t think it was a big deal to take their
socks off at the library. Sure some might be against it, but Ashley had
cute little clean feet. There would be no problem with what she was
doing, but in Ashley’s world it was a lot. Her heart was beating faster
and faster. She wiggled her toes as she bent forward. She grabbed hold
of the sides of one of her socks. She then began to peel it right off
her foot.

She held her foot in air. The air-conditioned breeze in the room was
just enough to bring a large smile to Ashley’s face. She wanted to rest
her foot down, but she decided she would wait. Next she began to remove
of her other sock. Now both her feet were out in the open. She stretched
her toes and stifled a slight giggle. She was feeling better and

Before anything else, Ashley figured she should hide her socks in her
shoes. She didn’t want to just leave them sitting about messily after

She then looked down at her hovering feet. She licked her lips as she
watched them lower. In an instance she was swept over by all the
feelings as her bare soles touched the wood floor.

Ashley bounced in her seat as she sat back. She felt great. To most the
exposure would seem like very little, but any little inch excited
Ashley. She looked around some more to make sure she hadn’t been caught
or anything. Then she again made an attempt to read through her book.

This was when things become dangerous for Ashley. Getting her feet bare
wasn’t anything bad, but something happens to Ashley when she gets like
this. She can hardly ever stop. Sometimes she doesn’t realize its
happening, sometimes she does her best to tell herself no. Today the
chain-reaction wasn’t about to stop either.

As she read her book, she had shifted in her seat a few times. Her skirt
was becoming a tad bundled up underneath her. She hated the way it
would do that. The material like that wasn’t comfortable. She did
however like the feel of the leather cushion on her back of her legs.

She lifted her bottom up as she adjusts how the skirt was. When she sat
back down she wasn’t quite sure if she liked the way she had done it.
For about a couple of minutes she kept doing this. Every time she didn’t
like how the skirt felt under her. Also every time, she kept bring the
skirt farther and farther back. More and more of her legs were being
exposed to the seat.

Before long Ashley just bites he lips. She takes a long look behind her,
and then lifts her butt up one last time and just completely pushes her
skirt behind her. Now as she sits, there is no skirt to get in the way
of her bare legs. She can feel the smooth cushion up to the leg line of
her panties.

She looked down at her lap, seeing the hem in the front had also risen.
No longer was it down to her knees, but it was still very modest. Her
thighs remained unseen, and no one would be able to tell that underneath
she had lifted it out from underneath her.

She was happy though, and ready to continue to reading. In fact she got
through a few pages until something else crossed her mind.

It was a pretty warm day. It was also a pretty slow day at the library.
Even if someone was there, they weren’t able to see under her skirt.
Ashley knew that anyone looking would only be able to guess what she had
on under the skirt. She wasn’t planning to be doing anything that would
really put her at risk of someone seeing underneath, not that there was
much chance for anyone being around her for awhile.

Ashley set her book down and stood up. She knew she had to check to make
sure the library was still mostly empty. She knew if she just sat there
she wasn’t going to be able to stop herself. Her butt cheeks begged to
feel the soft library chair.

She tiptoed away from the reading section. She had for a moment forgot
she was shoeless, but she wasn’t able to convince herself to put
anything back on. Just walking bare foot was enough to really heighten
her senses. She surveyed every row of books she could see and checked
around the corner towards the front. Still only one lone librarian was

Ashley did her best to calmly walk back to the reading area. She stood
in front her chair looking around again. She may have just verified she
was alone, but she was still worried. She let her hands slowly creep up
the sides of her skirt. She could feel the cotton panties hugging her
hips. Gripped the elastic and pulled it away an inch. Even that small
exposure of the little bit of unseen flesh under her clothes was enough
to send a chill of excitement up her spine.

Before she was caught with her hands up her skirt, Ashley pulled the
panties down her legs to the floor. The feeling of the fabric pulling
away and leaving her butt and pelvis, the feeling of it gliding down her
legs, and it finally resting loosely around her ankles was too much for
her. She had to stop and breathe for a moment. She was standing in a
library now, and she had nothing gripping her body below her waist.

Ashley could have stood there like that for awhile, but the craving for
her to finish what she started took over. She turned her back to the
chair now, and slowly lifted the back of her skirt. For a moment she
flashed her butt to the library, but was quickly seated before anyone
could suddenly appear and see it.

Again the feelings left her motionless. No longer was anything in the
way from her feeling the seat of the chair. As she slowly sank just a
little lower, she could feel the material wrap around her bare skin. It
felt so great. Something about non-clothing against her skin made Ashley
go wild. She couldn’t wipe the smile from her face.

She tried sitting back, but noticed that she felt something at her
ankles. She hadn’t even removed her panties all the way! She bent
forward and got her panties removed. She jammed them in her shoes with
her socks so they too would remain hidden.

Ashley now tried to lose herself in her book. She was now very
comfortable, and didn’t think of a way to make it better yet. The book
was getting too, almost to the climax. Yet Ashley’s mind again pulled
her out of it. Her subconscious wanted more, it wanted more taken off.

Her lower half was fairly content, but now her upper body wanted the
same treatment. She thought her shirt was fine, but underneath it she
had a tank top on, and it felt much too tight against her skin. Her legs
felt so great being so bare, so why restrict the rest of her skin?

Ashley’s fear was rising now though. Before, taking something off had
been easy. Now though she wouldn’t be able to be discrete. To get to the
tank top, she’d have to get the shirt off. If she had both off, she’d
be nearly topless.

Luck had been on her side too though. She also hadn’t seen anyone yet.
She again played her game of looking around, and before she had a chance
to convince herself it was a bad idea, her hands were pulling the
bottom of her shirt up.

She got it off her body and laid it on her seat. She hugged herself and
shivered. She really felt exposed. She honestly wasn’t. Her skirt was a
respectful length, and it was plenty warm to be wearing a tank top. That
wasn’t how her mind worked though. Now the entirety of her arms were
out, and the tightness of the tank top she felt showed the shape of her
body too well.

Ashley didn’t even finish looking all around before she began pulling
the tank top up now. She was worried, but her increasingly exposed tummy
kept a smile on her face. She felt she would just die if someone came
and saw her now, but that didn’t stop her.

Before her bra clad breast could slip out yet, she did stop. This was a
lot. She wasn’t sure she could do this. This was a public library. Could
she just so carelessly take her clothes off? Yet even with doubt, her
hands wouldn’t pull her top back down either.

Her body though needed to be freed she felt. She had to get that awful
piece of clothing off. She could get her other shirt on really quick.
She couldn’t wait and stall. In a quick motion the tank top was pulled
the rest of the way up and off her body.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 |
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