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I just returned from a great morning.  I have been working with this lady who runs a figure drawing class.  She had me come over this morning and I had a chance to do some awesome modeling in front of a bunch of people.  I didn't know what to expect . .  maybe a couple people is all.  I was fully dressed as the artists started to show up.  In all there were 7 females and 5 males who came with their sketch board & paints.  2 older ladies (in their 50's) and then 5 younger females (20-30).  3 of the guys were younger and 2 older men.  At 9:50 Susan asked me to go ahead and get ready (there was a small room adjacent to large art room where I was to change.  I brought a robe to use in between the breaks.  I changed and walked into the room where all these people were gathered around the pedistal in the middle of the room.  There were lights shining right where I would be.  I then walked by everyone and she said to make this a long pose 2 1/2 hours with breaks every 1/2 hour.  The moment of truth was here as I then took off my robe and exposed my full naked body.  I then climbed up on the model pedistal and all the artists were surrounding me about 6 feet from where I was.  It was such a thrilling moment as you know what they are doing.  All of the people were very professional and went right to their work.  I was just imagining all the eyes dissecting every inch of my body trying not to think of them glueing their eyes on my cock.  Last thing I wanted was a hard on.  Fortunately no boner today but what a rush being fully nude with everyone else dressed and having them inspect every inch of your body as they completed their drawings.  I loved it so much I asked Susan if I could come back again and she openly agreed. 
     I would suggest everyone get up the nerve and do something like this.  Sorry, no pics.  I asked Susan if she could snap a pic for me but the policy at the art studio is NO PHOTOGRAPHY . . . bummer.Page 1 | Page 2 |
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Date: 03:03pm April 15th, 2011
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well, ask for a scan of one of the artist prints with permision to post here.
May 3, 2011, 11:59 am


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June 19, 2011, 1:17 am
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