Mary at Work
Mary at Work
Part 1

By Jappio

Mary had finally
recovered from her last adventure. She had somehow convinced herself to
go through and do something on her own, rather than having Jenny or
Julie push her into it. Although she felt she regretted it, deep inside
she knew she also had enjoyed it.

At first she wasn’t sure she
wanted to tell Julie and Jenny, but she really wanted to share some of
it. So she did give up her secret a couple days afterwards. She of
course left out a lot of details, she in no way wanted to brag about it,
not to mention she would be deathly embarrassed had they known
everything that happened.

She tried her best to make it sound
like it wasn’t too big of a deal, but Jenny and Julie still seemed proud
of her. Mary didn’t quite get it, she wasn’t sure if it really was
something to be proud of. Yet even though it made her blush to hear
their compliments, she also did like that she had pleased her friends.

was also worried though. She knew that since she did something on her
own, this would seem like an invitation for Jenny and Julie to come up
with more ideas. She hadn’t intended to raise the bar, but she knew it
was an unavoidable consequence. Now whenever she thought about it, she
would be on edge. Who knew when the two would strike and somehow get her
naked again?

That strike did eventually come, and it was somewhere she hadn’t suspected!


help fund her life, Mary had begun working at the local movie theater.
Julie already had a job there for awhile, so she was able to get Mary in
easily. The two would end up sharing shifts plenty of times. Sometimes
it was busy, and other nights they really got a lot of time to just hang
out and not do much.

Julie had been up front selling tickets.
9:00 PM had rolled around and the last show of the night had already
started. Julie left the front register and headed over to the
concession stand where Mary had been.

She hopped up on top of the
counter and swung her legs over so she could hop behind it. The
concession stand was an oval in the middle of the lobby. There was
candy, snacks, and popcorn all around the front of the counter, and in
the middle of the oval was their slushy machines and such.

“Jake, Heather, you two can head out. It’s a slow night and Mary and I can handle it till the cleaning guys come in.”

nights like this, when Julie was manager on duty, she’d let some of the
crew leave. Two people were typically enough to handle selling the
snacks and such. Before long, Heather and Jake left, leaving Mary and
Julie to themselves.

Soon multiple movies started ending, and
people began heading out. Julie checked the schedule and saw that only
two movies were left to finish up. Mary looked over Julie’s shoulder at
the schedule. “Wow, some real lame movies, I’m sure the place will be
dead. Wouldn’t mind if I took a nap boss?” Mary joked.

laughed and then looked around. “Well actually, you’re right, we are
alone. I figured it would be like this tonight,” Julie said as she
licked her lips. Mary could tell something was up, but wasn’t sure what.

without warning, Julie’s hand was at the button on her black slacks.
She didn’t hesitate as she undid it, and began lowering the zipper.
Mary’s eyes followed Julie’s hands as Julie’s pants loosened and began
to sink down her legs.

Mary was once again treated to the view of
Julie’s bare sex. Julie was without underwear, and with the slacks now
down to her knees, it was out in the open. The shirt tails of Julie’s
uniform perfectly framed the area, almost in a way begging for Mary to

Julie pushes her slacks all the way down and began to
struggle to get them off her feet. Mary now began to look all around her
to see if anyone was around. She was convinced Julie was absolute
insane now. They were at a public movie theater. It wasn’t even like
this was just anywhere, this was where they worked!

“You can’t be
serious! Here?!” Mary asked as she began to blush. She wasn’t even the
one naked and she had begun to get very nervous.

“No one is
around; no one else is coming in. Not to mention that this counter is
high enough to hide it,” Julie explained. She held her hand up to the
counter and showed that it was indeed high enough to hide the fact that
she was bottomless.

Mary’s eyes were caught staring below Julie’s
waste. The tails of Julie’s blouse perfectly framed her bare mound.
Behind her the shirt covered the top of her bottom, but not much more.
Julie giggled when she noticed Mary hadn’t looked back up yet, and
wiggled her bottom. “From your reaction, I’m guessing that the real show
tonight is out here, huh?” Julie asked while giggling. Mary quickly
averted her gaze. She felt stupid for being caught doing such a thing.

began strutting around. She walked a few laps, just enjoying her own
nudity. Mary stood still just watching Julie and looking left and right
constantly. She didn’t want her friend to get in trouble, but she had to
admit she was very impressed too. Julie was doing something she’d never
dream of doing.

“I’d ask you to join me, but I’m sure you’d say
no,” Julie said as she sat atop the counter. Mary couldn’t help but
glance and notice she wasn’t sitting the most lady-like. Julie’s legs
weren’t obscenely far apart, but enough so Mary could see plenty. Mary
couldn’t tell if Julie really was at ease, or if she was just purposely
trying to get her to stare.

“You do know that’s probably a health violation?” Mary tried joking, not wanting to awkwardly stand there and say nothing.

me one guy in the theater who would really object to this,” Julie
laughed. Yet she still hopped down from the counter. Mary thought she
may have taken the joke almost seriously, but she noticed Julie was
slowly creeping around to the other half of the counter. It was then
that Julie noticed two customers coming down from the east hall.

was about ready to panic, yet the one who was naked below the waist
seemed perfectly calm. Since the two men approaching weren’t acting
oddly, they must not have noticed Julie’s nudity. Julie was soon waiting
at the register. She was fairly close to the counter, probably trying
to keep herself hidden.

Mary just watched as she began to take
their order. Mary then realized that one of them asked for a slushy.
Julie would have to step away from the counter and turn away from the
men to do that to reach the machine in the center. Surely they’d see her
bare bottom!

“Mary, while I get their popcorn, do me a favor and
get their slushy?” Julie asked. Although she was calm, Mary could tell
that she was essentially calling for help. Mary felt bad for not jumping
in sooner.

Soon the two were side by side. Mary knew she
shouldn’t have made it so obvious, but she kept looking over to Julie’s
bare bottom half. She couldn’t believe that just on the other side of
the counter two people stood there, none the wiser.

The way Julie
purposely stuck her butt out towards Mary while she bent down to scoop
some popcorn out let Mary know that Julie was far from too nervous. She
was still toying around and enjoying it, and knew that she had been

Before long the two men were on their way, not once realizing that one of the girls at the counter was bottomless.

my god!” Mary said in a hushed voice as the two men were headed back
into the east hall. Julie only gave a grin as she got up and stood on
the counter. She turned her back to the men and then proceeded to bend
at her waist to completely moon the two men while they weren’t looking.
She even flipped the back of her shirt up so nothing would have been
hiding her naked rear as they returned to their movie.

stood, hand over her open mouth. All she could do was let out a gasp as
she watched this. She still hadn’t grown use to just how crazy Julie
could be. Typically Jenny and Julie were always stripping her and rarely

Julie got down once they were gone and stood
proudly. Mary was nearly convinced she would probably strip naked if she
asked for it. Julie really seemed like a girl who was willing to risk a

“Well, how about you give it a try now?” Julie asked. Her
grin made it hard for Mary to tell if she was serious. It scared Mary to
think that she wasn’t sure about just saying no right away. A part of
her actually was considering it.

“I don’t know Julie, I mean
that’d be a bit much…” Mary instinctively took a step back. Although she
didn’t think Julie would forcefully strip her, she was still just a
little worried.

“I’m sure a prude like you has at least some
underwear on under there though, so you could just lose the pants for
awhile. We still have some time till any of the movies let out,” Julie
had already begun to barter.

Mary looked around. She thought about how Julie was so far getting away with it. She could just do it for a little bit of time.

was now unbuttoning her pants without even being sure yet. She figured
she would be able to pull them up if the need arose. She slowly eased
them down her legs. She glanced at Julie who was grinning as her eyes
wouldn’t gaze away from the pink panties Mary now had on show.

tried to just ignore her and continued to push her pants down till they
were at her ankles, her shoes preventing them from sinking any lower.

now took a moment to just think about what she was doing. She was
standing with her pants around her ankles. She was at her job, with her
underwear on show. She knew it was wrong, but that alone didn’t seem
like enough reason to pull her pants back up. She was really surprising
herself just how much she had changed. In the past she would have never
done anything that would risk something like her employment.

approached Mary and crouched in front of her. If Mary’s feet weren’t
tangled in her pants, she would have probably backed away from Julie
since her face was parallel with her crotch. “Want me to help you take
these off?” She asked.

Mary should have said no. She hadn’t
intended to take her pants off, but she also felt she couldn’t say no to
Julie. So she nodded in agreement and soon the two were struggling to
pull the pants off her shoes.

In not time Mary was freed from her
pants, but also trapped bottomless. It would now not be easy to get
dressed again. It also worried Mary that the one holding onto her pants
was Julie now.

“So, feels better, right? Now how about those panties?” Julie asked.

Mary felt that Julie was probably serious about the question, she
decided to act as if it was just a joke. “Maybe later,” she said, hoping
it would be enough.

“It’s a promise then,” Julie said, assuming
Mary would actually go through with it. Then again, Mary herself wasn’t
sure if she would or wouldn’t. “Now how about you strut your stuff a
little? See what it’s like to be out of dress code,” Julie said as she
skipped around the inside perimeter of the counter.

Mary was slow
to join her, but soon she found her feet guiding her around. She
couldn’t believe the feeling of her bare legs in the cool,
air-conditioned workplace. She rubbed her thighs just a little to verify
just what was happening. She didn’t even see where Julie had set her
pants. That meant she was stuck like that.

“Customers!” Julie
shouted from the other side of the counter. Mary froze up right away.
Suddenly she was very worried. Neither of them had pants on and someone
was coming to get food from them!

Mary made sure to stay on her
side. She didn’t want to abandon Julie, but Mary also didn’t want to be
on the same side that customers coming up could see her. Before long she
heard Julie helping the people who had come up. Luckily it sounded like
Julie was keeping everything together.

Mary was left with her
own bad luck suddenly. She saw coming from the other wing of the theater
a different group of people approaching. There was a guy coming out of
one of the theaters and heading towards the counter. Mary quickly made
sure she was tightly pressed against her side of the counter, she had to
make sure he couldn’t see below her waist.

Before she could even
try to calm herself, the man was already asking for some stuff. Mary
didn’t even catch the order the first time she was so nervous. She
eventually was able to mumble back what he asked properly and began to
really think about what the order meant.

The man had wanted some
popcorn, a drink, and some candy. The candy and popcorn would be easy,
but the drink would be a problem. Like with Julie before, Mary would
have to go to the stand in the center. This would make it so she would
have to step away from the counter, and she would be showing off her
pantied butt!

It was a shame too, all she would have had to do
was grab the cup and he could fill it himself, but that one step or two
away from the counter is all it would take. Mary was now stalling with
the popcorn, but she knew the customer probably wanted to get back to
the movie soon.

Julie soon made her way around to Mary’s side of
the counter. She had been careful to slowly approach so she was hidden
too. Mary realized that another bottomless girl wouldn’t really help her
issue, but Julie still looked confident.

“Just trust me and get
the drink, I’ll make sure everything works out,” Julie whispered. Mary
really wasn’t sure what she had planned. Could Julie keep her from being
seen? Julie’s face though didn’t waver, so it didn’t seem like a trick.
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