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Part 4
Mary at Work
Part 4

By Jappio

Julie moved up a few rows and found a center seat. “Well, I’m waiting for the show to begin.” Mary thought about it for a few moments. She wasn’t sure about it anymore. Yet she slowly approached the large screen. She was red in the face with embarrassment at the thought, but she slowly got up on the small ledge in front of the screen. She shivered knowing she was already bottomless and very exposed to the entire room. Thoughts of it being a full house went through her mind again.

She saw Julie sitting and watching. In a small way it made her feel a little more comfortable to see that at least the only real person watching was already naked. Perhaps there was some truth to the whole “Picture the audience in their underwear” thing.

Mary began undoing the buttons on her vest slowly. Really, since it was only the vest, she didn’t have much trouble with this step besides the overall hesitation of the event itself. Yet once she began to undo the buttons on her blouse she slowed down. Even if the only person seeing her had seen her plenty of times by that point, it was still very embarrassing for Mary.

Mary could see that Julie was waiting. She felt both flattered and embarrassed by the want in her eyes she could sense. She wasn’t sure if Julie wanted to see her embarrassed or if she actually got a kick out of seeing poeple strip.

Mary had her shirt open after some time and she let it slide down her shoulders. Now she had on only shoes, socks, and her pink bra. Julie clapped and hollered, “Take it off, take it off!” Mary flinched and fidgeted. She was afraid Julie was being much too loud.

Mary let her fingers rest on the latch on the back of the bra. She took a deep breath and undid it. Not wanting to slow down now, she quickly let it fall from her chest and down to her feet. She now stood naked on stage for a wildly clapping Julie. Mary’s face was pure red; she couldn’t believe she just stripped for one of her best friends on stage. It was one thing being naked around Julie, but in this environment and doing it in this way, it made it a lot more intimate.

Mary didn’t even know what to do at this point besides stand naked there. She was having a harder time picturing a crowd looking at her. She thought she would never be able to do anything like this in front of a real crowd of people. One close friend was too much for her even.

Mary hopped off the stage, not wanting to be the center of attention for much longer. She bundled up her shirt and things and walked towards the exit. Julie got up and both met near the exit. “That was super hot babe,” Julie compliment. Mary just blushed and looked down.

“Now what?” Mary asked.

“I guess we should head back, huh? Before the last showing lets out,” Julie suggested as she looked out the exit. “I guess all fun has to come to an end at some point after all.”

Mary although still embarrassed about the show she put on, was a little disappointed that it had to end too. However she knew they had to get to the counter soon. Getting dressed was probably the best idea at that point.

The two started to creep out of the exit. The two approached the hall and Julie made sure the coast was clear. “You know you can put your shirt and stuff back on, I put you through enough already,” Julie told Mary. Mary realized she still had her clothes tucked under her arm. She didn’t know why she had forgotten about it, maybe Julie was starting to rub off on her even more.

After a few moments, Mary had gotten her bra, shirt, and vest back on. Sadly her pants and panties were still locked behind the counter, and the two would have to hurry if they wanted to get to it before everyone started exiting the last show. The two made sure the coast was still clear and made it down the hallway towards the lobby.

They seemed to be getting close, but Julie raised her hand to signal for Mary to slow down. The two stayed close to the wall as they got to the end of the hall. Mary saw why Julie was so cautious; it was because someone was waiting in the middle of the lobby at the counter.

The two slipped into the entrance of the closest theater and did their best to stay hidden. “Now what?” Mary asked, not sure what to do. Julie was completely naked, and she was bottomless, and there was no way they could sneak behind the counter.

“We have to wait I suppose till he leaves. With no one to serve him, maybe he’ll just give up and go back to the movie,” Julie recommended.

Mary thought about waiting there for him to leave, but became worried. “What if the movie is really close to being done? We might not get a chance, specially since we’ll have to wait for the safe to open too.”

Julie started to consider their options. She spoke as soon as she had a plan, “Maybe I can sneak in close enough to handle this. Punch the safe code in at least so it can open in time.”

“You can’t do that, he’ll see you!” Mary said, not wanting to let Julie expose herself again for her sake.

“I think it’s possible. Don’t worry though, you know I like the risk,” Julie said as she started to walk away from their cover. Mary reached out and grabbed her wrist.

“Please, at least take my shirt or something to cover up some!” Mary offered. She couldn’t let Julie do this.

“Don’t worry, again, you know I enjoy the risk,” Julie smiled. Mary could tell Julie was forcing the smile partially, Julie was nervous underneath. Yet Mary was left to watch her naked friend walk out into the hall and back towards the lobby.

Mary’s eyes followed Julie as she walked in a half crouch along the wall. Soon she would have to abandon the wall to approach the counter in the center of the lobby. Mary then turned her attention to the man at the counter. Mary couldn’t get a look at him sadly, since most of the counter was in the way. This hopefully meant that he wouldn’t be able to see Julie sneak up to it.

Mary knew that the man had to just look in the right direction probably. Julie was just a few muscle twitches away from being noticed probably. Mary was so worried for her, but felt useless to help. Mary hadn’t a stitch to cover herself with, and Mary had an idea of just how vulnerable she probably felt.

Although she was worried and scared for her friend, she could feel her own heart beating like mad. She pictured herself in that same position, being so vulnerable. It made her body almost tingle in both fear and excitement. She really felt bad about it, but she had to admit to herself that seeing her friend in such a risky position was also exciting her.

Mary was picturing Julie getting caught. She was picturing herself getting caught. She didn’t wish it on herself or Julie, but the thought was still there. She had started to hold her breath without even thinking. She didn’t know what was going to happen, but she kept her eyes wide open and watched, rarely blinking as Julie got closer and closer to the counter.

Mary almost jumped when she saw the man begin to move. She was sure he had seen Julie. Mary didn’t know what she was doing, but she felt she was ready to jump out of cover and run up to Julie to help her somehow.

Fortunately for them, the man was instead turning around and heading back towards the east wing. He was returning to the movie!

Julie looked back to find Mary spying on her. The two shared a smile as Mary slowly snuck out of her hiding spot. The two joined back and made their way to the counter.

“I can’t believe how close you ended up getting!” Mary was almost breathless. There had been so much suspense in the air. She was so happy that things worked out in the end. The two opened the gate to get back to their work stations and walked in. Julie had already crouched down to start putting the code for the safe in. It seemed their naked adventure at work was coming to an end.

“Yeah, I know…” Julie said, almost as if her mind was in a different place. “Few more moments of exposed time, and then we can get dressed,” Julie stated as she rose from the floor.

Julie walked up to the inside edge of the counter. She looked all around, “God, I can’t believe I’ve been naked for almost an hour now here.” Before Mary could even say something, Julie began to slowly move her hand up to one of her breasts. Mary watched as Julie pinched and tweaked her own nipple. Mary was left mouth agape, surprised that Julie started doing something like that in front of her.

Julie didn’t let up though. She pulled her hips back, away from the counter she had been leaning on, to give her hand access between her legs. “Uh, Julie…” Mary wanted to say something more. She wanted to in some way tease Julie for what she was doing, like they had done to her in the past, but she couldn’t think of what to say. She was more mesmerized than anything else.

“Sorry, if you don’t want to watch you can look away, but,” Julie warned as she stopped for a moment. She lifted herself up and swung both legs over the counter to the outer side. She then hopped off and started to walk away, “tonight’s been so exciting, I just have to take a moment to myself.”

“Wait, where are you,” Mary began to ask. Before she could though, Julie sat down in the middle of the lobby, in a spot that was furthest from any kind of cover. Julie sat facing Mary, and slowly let her legs spread. Mary was shocked to see Julie’s hands return to where they had been moments ago. “There?! You’re going to do that there!?” Mary asked, trying her best to keep from shouting.

Julie only smiled as her hands began to pick up speed. “The movie is due out any moment though. If they show up now!” Mary’s words seemed to be useless though. Julie didn’t move from her spot.

Julie began to close her eyes and arch her back. Mary had a perfect view of the events. She felt almost bad for looking, like it was a bad thing to do, but that didn’t stop her from doing so. She knew Jenny and Julie did a lot of crazy things, but this had taken the cake. This wasn’t just nudity anymore. Julie was sitting in the middle of her work place completely naked, and her hands were busy with quite a private and personal task.

Mary almost jumped when one of Julie’s moans broke the silence that had taken over. Mary started to listen and could tell she was panting heavily too. Mary figured she had to be pretty worked up at this point. It made her feel a bit better knowing that Julie was affected the same way by these adventures too.

Julie’s arousal must have been contagious, because without realizing it, Mary’s own hand had snaked its ways between her thighs. Unlike Julie, she was hidden behind the counter top.

Julie fell to her back with another loud moan. Both her hands were now busy between her legs. Mary thought it looked like her whole body was shaking.

Julie’s panting and breathing became more noticeable. The moans were more frequent. Mary’s eyes never blinked as she watched her friend start to be overtaken by the first orgasm. She could easily tell Julie was experiencing unbelievable amounts of pleasure. Mary was amazed when it seemed to keep going too. Although she only suspected it, Julie had pushed herself into a second and even third orgasm.

Mary had been so enthralled with watching that even her own hand had stopped. She still watched as Julie lay nearly motionless. Julie’s chest rose and sank with each tired breath. It took what seemed like a minute for Julie to finally sit up. Mary couldn’t even process everything that had just happened in that amount of time. The two didn’t say anything as Julie slowly approached the counter again.

The first thing from either of their mouths was, “wow.” Mary wasn’t even sure why she said it, it just sort of came out. She was even more amazed though to see Julie look away and appeared to be blushing. “Wait, are you actually embarrassed?” Mary asked.

“Like you never are!” Julie said, trying to tease back, but it was clear that Julie was indeed just a little bashful after all that. It made Mary smile knowing she wasn’t impervious to it.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s like you and Jenny say sometimes, ‘nothing to be ashamed of’,” Julie responded to Mary’s joke with a playful nudge in the shoulder.

“Oh wait, we probably can dress now, huh?” Julie brought up. Indeed the safe had finally opened. The two immediately began to get dressed, knowing that a small crowd of people weren’t far from showing up.

“Wow, fully dressed, huh? Figured you’d at least stay bottomless for a couple more hours,” Mary said as she watched Julie pull her pants up.

“Believe it or not, I’m satisfied with how exposed I’ve been today as is,” Julie joked as the two made sure their uniforms were back on.

Soon groups of people milled out of the last showing of the night. There wasn’t a single issue. The three girls from earlier were nowhere to be seen either.

The two were left alone and they began closing things down. Then the cleaning crew arrived and Julie instructed what had to be done. The work day was over and it was the time for the two to head out.

“No one around, right?” Julie asked Mary as they were about to leave. Mary looked around and nodded her head when she didn’t see anyone.

Julie then began to strip again. Mary shouldn’t have been surprised, but it was still quite sudden. Julie again stood naked in front of her. “Let’s get out of here,” Julie said as she headed towards the main doors without hesitating.

Mary chuckled to herself. Although she didn’t know how, but it would seem Julie was still not quite satisfied yet.

The End
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i like your story line it sounds so real, keep up the great work
October 11, 2011, 9:24 am
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