Naked night for others
This night started out with me doing some figure modeling for a very small group.  I was asked to be the nude model between 4pm to 7pm at this art building.  Unfortunately only 1 artist showed up. He still wanted to do some drawing and I had planned on modeling for the full 3 hours so we decided to get started.  Prior to me undressing I saw 2 very attractive girls come out of their studio door located just a few feet from where I would be modeling.  I asked them if they would be joining us for the draw and they said they are jewelry makers but might come out a little later.  So when Jean-Paul returned, I proceeded to undress to full nudity.  I sat on a small stool on a platform as he began to draw.  Within about 30 minutes the 2 girls came and brought their jewelry to work on.  We had a great time all talking together which is much different because normally when I do figure modeling I rarely speak to the artists.  However, this was a much more casual time.  It was a real thrill knowing that I am fully butt naked with everyone else fully clothed.  One of the girls was very attractive and I occasionally would stand up to stretch and I noticed her eyes looking over my body as I stood up right in front of her.  I'm surprised I didn't get a hard-on. Anyway, we proceeded to complete the drawing and then the girls asked if Jean-Paul (the artist) and I wanted to come into their studio where is was a little warmer.  We agreed and so I went in fully nude as everyone else was dressed.  The 2 girls were working on their jewelry again and I stood naked for Jean to keep drawing. Within 10 minutes another younger gal came in and started playing her guitar and singing.  She had a remarkable voice.  So everyone is in this studio and I am the only nude person there.  Kind of like the CFNM stuff.  Very hot, erotic and a thrill for me.  The attached pic was taken by the hottest girl. You can see everyone doing their thing.  I came home a wrote an email asking the cute gal if she would want to get together. She was saying how much of a "cougar" she was and I was definately interested in being her prey. I have not set the email yet cause I don't want to offend her. Maybe I'll still sent it to her. What a great night being naked for all these people as we casually enjoyed talking, drawing and doing our own thing . . .Page 1 |
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Date: 03:03pm November 8th, 2011
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