Nude on the town . . .
This happened last night as I was out of town on business.  I was finally able to accept a dare given me previously where I would drive to a location, strip naked and put my clothes in the bag, hide the bag and drive back to the hotel room naked before retrieving my clothes.  Well, I took it a step further . . . I decided to spend a fair amount of time driving around the city nude.  It was later in the evening and the police were out like flies.  Every few cars was another cop.  So it became pretty tricky for me to jump out of the car and do my own "chinese fire drill".  Anyway after about a hour of nude driving around town, I finally went back to get my clothes.  Yes, they were still there and I made it back to the hotel.  Of course I could not get dressed until I entered my room, which meant walking across the parking lot naked to my room.  Nothing to shocking as most of the guests were already in their rooms . .  Sorry no pics were taken with this dare ;(Page 1 |
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Date: 05:09pm February 9th, 2012
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good story!!!
February 9, 2012, 7:19 pm
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