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Just wanted to share my figure drawing experience from yesterday.  I was asked to be the model for an art class.  I arrived at 9:50am and there was no one at the studio.  About 5 min later an attractive lady (about my age) came in with her drawing board.  Then the owner came in and told me to get changed.  I went in the small bathroom next to the art studio.  I undressed to full nude, put my robe & slippers on and went into the studio.  The owner had me take off my robe and stand on the square platform in the middle of the room.  At this time we had 2 more females come in and 1 older gentleman.  The females were about own age and the man was somewhat older.  I was standing in front of all these people butt naked.  They each sat on a drawing horse with their board about 5 feet from my body.  They were all at different angles looking at my total undraped figure.  We spend 2 1/2 hours as I held a single pose with 1/2 hour breaks.  It is always a rush (like a CFNM) situation but a total rush for me.  Oh yea . . . no erections either as everyone was very professional.  2 of the ladies were very attractive and just knowing they were analyzing every inch of my body was massive turn on.  I can't wait for my next modeling adventure . . .Page 1 |
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