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WOW . . . last Friday and today I posed as a Figure Drawing Model for 2 different groups.  Friday's group had 8 people and today's had 4.  I just love modeling naked for these artists.  Here's my story from today . . . I arrived 10 min early and met Matt at the door.  Shortly came a cute young gal, Abby with her sketch pad.  We decided to get started with just the 2 art students and me as the model. The platform where I would be standing is just a few feet away from the art students.  Abby sat in the chair and I proceeded to undress right in front of her.  Slipping out of my briefs to become fully nude is an awesome experience.  I climbed on the table and began my poses.  Within a minute, Allison came in with her board and she sat right in front of me.  I did 2 long poses, 1 standing full frontal with arms stretched out and legs apart.  The 2nd pose I sat on a small stool but angeled myself so both the girls could see my cock.  Allison was just a couple feet away from as they did their drawing.  During the sitting pose, I had a little desire to get hard (which is highly unfavorbale in figure modeling).  However, this group is quite liberal and I'm sure they wouldn't mind.  Because I was elevated I could see what part of the drawing she was working on.  I make continuous eye contact as she was drawing my cock and she spent a much longer time than expected.  She kept coming back to the cock to redo it.  As I watched her eyes, focusing on my penis, I could feel a hard on coming.  I felt my cock began to expand and stretch but I did not allow myself to become fully erect.  I kept looking into her eyes as my cock was changing and was loving every moment.  Knowing that she was focusing so much time viewing my penis and looking it over was nearly all I could do to hold back from an erection.   Anyway, we spend 3 hours and all the time I was fully butt naked while everyone else was dressed.  We all had a great time and they have asked me to be their continuous model each month.  Soooooo looking forward to it.Page 1 |
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Date: 08:36pm May 7th, 2012
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