Nude for inspection . .
As of late, I have so enjoyed the chance to do Figure Modeling.  Today I had another modeling job.  Here's the scoop . . .I was asked to pose for a group this morning.  I arrived at 10:20am and the owner of the studio came out and said that unknowinly, a birthday party had been scheduled in the room we were to use for our draw.  Within 5 minutes we had 2 other females come for the draw and so the owner said, let's all go up to her home about 10 minute drive.  We all agreed.  We got to her home and we met in her living room area with large windows that were wide open.  We all talked for a few minutes before they looked at me like . . . let's go ahead and get started.  So I then stood up and proceeded to undress, first my shoes, socks, shirt, then slipped my pants off.  I could see they were all looking at "the model" as I was undressing.  I then slipped my underwear down and stepped out of them, standing 100% totally nude in front of the 3 attractive females.  They each had their own drawing boards and pencils and were in a semi-circle around me about 5 feet from where I was standing.  I proceeded to do several poses ranging from 5 minutes (3 of them) and then we moved into 30 minute (4 of them).  Each pose was very erotic as I stood in front of them positioning my head so I could look at their work and their eyes.  The 1 girl directly in front of me was very intent on my body.  I could see her start with my head as she drew, then moving down to my shoulders, chest, belly.  I then could tell by her eyes, that she was focusing on my cock as she drew my penis on her paper.  She spent a fair amount of time anaylizing my cock and my eye was focused on her eyes.  Knowing she was starring at my cock, I could feel the change starting to occur . . . I could tell my cock was "stretching".  Most men will know what I'm talking about.  I knew my cock was larger than just a moment prior but fortunately a full fledge erection did not happen.  Again, I was watching her eyes as my cock was expanding.  My last pose was sitting on the floor, back again the wall, legs pulled to my chest and the legs were also spread open slightly.  I wanted to make sure  all 3 females had a very nice view of my cock between my legs as they drew the next pose.  We spent nearly 3 hours together, all the time I was 100% naked.  We talked, shared stories and had a great time.  They all said they wanted to do this again and we're planning another draw in Aug.  What a real R U S H   !!Page 1 |
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Date: 06:16pm July 13th, 2012
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