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By now most of you know that I enjoy doing nude modeling for figure drawing classes.  Last Monday, I was invited to another draw.  We had 2 guys and 1 girl who were drawing me.  About midway through my posing, another younger gal, came into the room.  I don't think she knew that we were having this class. But to make matters worse, she had been drinking.  So she came stood right next to me eyeballing my cock and saying some pretty crude things (good thing I don't take offense very easily).  Anyway, she said if they wanted to draw her, then to just go in the back room and bring her in.  After my pose was complete, I walked naked through this home to her room and said we wanted to draw her.  She was eager to come to the living room area where we were.  She then pulled her dress up over her head revealing a totally naked female body.  She was a little younger than myself and had a very decent figure.  I had noticed a slight sag in her tits, a nice flat tummy, and a very beautiful pussy with neatly trimmed hair.  She sat in the models table right in front if me and the other 2 art students.  Of course all the time I was totally naked myself.  I took a piece of paper and began to draw.  She was looking at my cock much of the time she was modeling.  I knew what she was looking at and I was eager to show her what I had.  While the others were still drawing her, I felt my cock starting to stretch.  She could see my erection starting and it grew a little larger with each heartbeat.  I had my legs spread apart so she had a nice full view.  She sat on the models table for about 10 minutes and I continued to have about 1/2 hard on.  When she was done, she put her dress back on and I climbed back on the pedistal . . . without my erection thank goodness.  I then posed for another hour before calling it quits. Page 1 |
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Date: 12:23am August 9th, 2012
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