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Last week I received an email from the Medical School in my state.  The director was looking for male speiciman to use for a photoshoot of the male anatomy.  He asked if I would be willing to pose for these photos, and also be willing to allow for a "genital exam" and have it photographed.  I replied back saying I would do it.  I arrived at the designated time and location.  He met me in the foyer of the building and walked me back to the room.  Waiting there was one of his past students who also had a minor in photography.  It was a young female who had never photographed a nude male before.  I could tell she was a bit nervous but told her professor she would help with this assignment.  We all went into the exam room where an exam table was along with other medical devices.  Thom then closed the curtain to the room which would have been open to anyone walking by.  London had her camera and tri-pod and was getting it all set up.  I was standing there dressed waiting for the nod to begin to undress.  I then took off my shirt, shoes, socks, pants and lastly my underwear.  So now, I am totally and 100% nude (not even my watch).  London then asked me to come over to the white wall and stand fully facing her with legs spread and arms outstretched.  She then took several full body shots from head to toe.  The professor told me that this would also include "close up" shots of the genitals (which I didn't mind).  So after the full body shots, he asked London to zoom in on my genitals.  I was watching as she adjusted her camera and zoomed in on my penis.  I was a little bit aroused but did not get a hard on.  She then had me turn around for several full back side shots and then several side shots.  We then moved into the genital exam.  Thom (the professor) gave me the exam and London took some very close up shots.  Thom held my cock in his hand while London snapped the pics.  He then had her take some pics of the scrotum and finally he took his fingers and opened the mouth of my penis so she got a good close up of my penis head with the mouth wide open.  At this time is was feeling a hard on coming.  NOTE:  To you guys, you can tell when the erection is starting by the stretching of the cock and feeling the blood flow into your penis).  Well, this is what was happening.  So by the time he finished with handling my cock, it was about 1/2 erect.  They then had me lay on the "gourny" bed and took some more pics of me laying down.  I was very eroused by this project and I know London was feeling more comfortable.  By the end of the shoot we were very comfortable with each other as I stayed nude while we spoke.  After I got dressed London asked I would be willing to be a speciman to their college class who are learning about giving male genital exams.  I know I would be working with "many" young college students with me being totally naked while all these kids feel my cock and testicles as they are learning how to do this type of exam.  After all this is a medical school for students.  I am looking forward to being their male speciman and being handled by all these students.  What an erotic thought . . . .  PS:  London will be sending me the photos she took once she has them uploaded.  So I'll need up to upload to this site once I get them . . .Page 1 |
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Date: 06:48pm August 29th, 2012
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woudl love to see the pics
January 4, 2013, 2:22 pm
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