2 nude draws in 1 day
      Yesterday was a great day !! I started off at 10am modeling for a figure drawing class. I arrived a little early and met the director. She had me change in the small adjacent room to the studio where the figure drawing occurs. It's quite a feeling as you look at yourself in the mirror watching yourself undress totally naked knowing that your body will be fully examined from head to toe within minutes by a bunch of total strangers. I then put on my robe, slippers and walked into the main studio where I saw 9 art students gathered (4 males and 5 females). The small pedistal where I would be standing is surrounded by all these students which are about 5 feet from me in a semi-circle. I then made my way to the pedistal and the director said, "Let's get started". This becomes the "moment of truth" when you're standing there and you take your robe and take it off, standing there totally naked in front of all these people. I then climb onto the square pedistal which is about 2 feet high off the ground level. A bright spotlight is now shining directly on my naked body and I set the pose which I will then stay in for the entire 2 1/2 hours (1/2 breaks). Knowing that all these eyes are scanning over every inch as they draw your nakedness is very erotic and kind of thrilling. Anyway, this particular group will have me back next Friday for a follow up to this same pose. I am looking forward to round 2 with these people. Now . . . the 2 for 1. Two hours after my first nude modeling job, I then travel up to another home for another nude job. Laura was the host and had invited several art students to join us. I arrived a few minutes early and so Laura and I visited for a while. She is a very nice person, early 20's, pretty girl with nice large breasts. Anyway, after about 10 minutes I said let's get started and she agreed. This time, I undressed myself right in front of her. Kind of strange talking with a female face to face while at the same time undressing. Again, pretty awesome to pull your shorts down right in front of her exposing your totally naked body. Everything came off including my watch. So she took her pad/pencil and I climbed up on her storage bench which was about 3 feet off the ground. (refer to attached photos). So I then did the nude posing for her to draw me. Most of my poses were totally directly facing her. It was very erotic as I was able to watch what part of my body she was drawing. I could see from my higher pedistal when she was drawing my penis. I would then look directly into her eyes and felt a tingle inside as she was studying my penis and the drawing it on the paper. She kept looking at my penis several times until she got the size, shape, just right. I felt a little stretch happen as she was studying my cock which is why she may have looked several times at the changing size of my cock.. Fortunately I never made it to full erection. For 2 1/2 hours I posed for her and none of the other students ever came. So it was just Laura and me. Following the posing, I asked Laura if she would take some photos of my poses where I could send out to future directors looking for models. I need some photos for my portfolio. She was more than willing to accomodate and she ended up snapping about 30 photos from different angles and some of the shots I was 1/2 erect and getting a little excited. I'm sure she notice my cock as it was sticking straight out instead of hanging down. Again, what a thrill as I had a 2 for 1 draw in the same day . . . Hope you like the picsPage 1 |
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Date: 08:45pm October 20th, 2012
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