Part 4

By Jappio


Part 4


Amber had the
two pick their drinks. When she was ready to turn and leave though, one of the
two spoke to the other, “Oh my, did you see how hard her nipples are!”


Amber could
feel the heat rise from her cheeks. The two girls giggled some more and walked away.
Amber had left her free arm at her side in her attempt to seem confident, but
it was back to crossing her chest in moments.


Amber wasn’t
sure why, but between all the worry and embarrassment, she could tell her body
was also feeling... she didn’t quite have a word for it beyond ‘tingly’. It
wasn’t quite like anything Amber was use to experiencing at all. Her first
assumption was that it may have been seeing what all the other girls were
doing, and it was true that those scenes would entice more of this tingling,
but just now with the two clothed women that she felt the tingling. Could it
have been their teasing?


thoughts were again interrupted by another of Lindsey’s commands, “time to go
see if the girls outside need anything!”


“Outside, are
you nuts? I can’t go out there like this!” Amber said, having her free hand tug
at the front of her teddy.


“You have to
serve all the girls though, and I think a few are out there,” Lindsey
explained. Amber followed Lindsey towards the door out of habit at this point,
but when Lindsey opened the door for her, she stepped backwards away from it.


It was bright out;
light was spilling in towards Amber. She could see out the door and towards the
street. She looked down at her body, seeing just how indecent she was for a
public place. She tried to picture what it would like to see a girl dressed as
she was out there.


butterflies in her stomach, the red in her face, and the tingles across her
skin all intensified. The idea to go out there was ridiculous, but Amber
couldn’t completely convince herself not to. “It’ll be quick,” she tried to
convince herself.


“If you’re
worried, just know that you’d be out there naked if you decide to drop out
now,” Lindsey said, not that Amber needed that kind of encouragement. Amber
took her first step towards the door, but stopped to think again. It was
starting to hit her that she was actually going to step outside the way she was


With a few
more steps, Amber was at the door, it was open, and she could feel the warm air
outside. She didn’t see anyone, but she did hear the sound of water running
nearby, a hose by the sound of it. She wondered what could be going on.

Fueled by her stubbornness, her fear of having to go home naked, and now also curiosity,
Amber took her first few steps outdoors.


Part of Amber
realized that if one ignored the transparent nature of the teddy, she was more
covered than what she would be with a bikini. From a distance, you probably
couldn’t see the through the teddy much either.


None of this
put Amber at ease though. The teddy was very thin, so even the slightest breeze
caused it to move around, and tickle Amber’s bare skin beneath it. The bright
light of the sun was stronger than inside, and it seemed like the material was
more transparent now because of it.


Looking to her
side, she saw that three girls were watching one girl washing a parked car in
the driveway. The three girls didn’t even look back and Lindsey and Amber
stepping out of the house. Amber could tell the girl washing the car did at
least seem to have a shirt and some form of bottom-wear, albeit a bright blue
pair of panties.


Amber though
realized just how tough this girl had it as she walked closer. The shirt was
very white, and with the water everywhere from her washing the car, the thing
was clear as glass and stuck to her like a second skin. Her chest was more
exposed than Ambers!


Amber blurted
out her question if any of the girls wanted anything. The girls all happily
took some drinks and thanked Amber.


Amber wasn’t
able to get away before any more embarrassment came, “Oh wow, Sally, this girl
has two hard little headlights too!” One of them called to the girl washing the
car. The girl, Sally, blushed and looked away and tried to concentrate on her


Amber had been
holding her teddy down, but now again she had to move her arm to cover her
nipples. She was too torn on what portion of her body to hide, and kept hoping
that holding the drinks high enough would hide her, but all the sorority
sisters seemed insistent at noticing any embarrassing detail they could.


Amber then
felt her teddy being tugged up in back. One of the women was pulling the hem
up, exposing her panties completely to all of them. More giggles ensued as
Amber tried to get away. Balancing the tray was tough though, so she wasn’t able
to get away, stop the tray from falling, and try and keep her teddy down.


Amber mainly
didn’t want to be standing out on the front lawn anymore, nearly naked. So she
settled on holding the tray, and just trying to pull away. Her exposure was
thankfully short lived when the girls seemed to have enough fun. They in short
time let go of the teddy and let it fall back into place. They all returned to
watching Sally wash the car, and Amber was free to start walking back to the


Lindsey of
course was there and smiling, obviously again amused by Amber’s embarrassment.
Amber felt plenty more embarrassed, but also felt more of those tingles.


Amber sighed
in relief. Lindsey even suggested they head back to the kitchen to get a new


On the way,
Lindsey also pulled one of the envelopes form her pocket, a green one. “Perhaps
we should get one of your tasks out of the way too, do it while we finish this
one up?” Lindsey asked.


Amber wasn’t
expecting to jump to the next challenge so soon. This first one had been tough,
but she also saw how rough some of the other girls had it. What if her envelope
had something like having to be spanked, go outside, or get tied up!


Amber also
knew she had to do them all eventually. The faster she had them done, the
sooner it would all be over.


Amber nodded
her head and Lindsey began to open the envelope for her. Amber wasn’t even
allowed to be the first to read it. Lindsey’s smile grew a few sizes bigger as
she read the words. That made Amber all the more jittery. Amber finally was
handed the paper and began to read it.


“You are to
remove all your underwear,” is all it said, but it made Amber’s heart stop. She
kept reading it over and over in her head. She could hardly accept what it was
asking for.


Amber looked
down at her outfit. She knew the teddy was tiny, and it hardly covered much of
her lower half. What it did cover could still be mostly seen thanks to how
transparent it was. Without her panties, Amber feared that she’d be practically


Amber looked
to Lindsey for help, but Lindsey just stood there, waiting for Amber to get on
with it. Amber knew that if she refused to do it, she’d lose the panties and
the teddy.


continued to try and imagine what it would be like without the panties. The
teddy felt so small, she figured it might as well be a t-shirt. It did come
down to her thighs, but Amber wasn’t used to wearing anything that short.


Amber knew she
had a free hand. At least she could cover her front half some and make sure the
teddy stayed low. Amber also realized though that her butt would be almost
completely on show. She also wouldn’t have a hand for her breast anymore.


butterflies were intensifying. At this rate, her future challenges would
require her to do some embarrassing things though. She’d have to do them
without the panties then, and that could force her to really expose everything.
The thought of total nudity seemed dreadful, but at the same time that tingling
rose with her heartbeat.


“This isn’t
like you Amber, you can do this! You aren’t about to back down. Take the panties
off and get it over with!” She said, trying to convince herself to do it. It
seemed silly, but it was honestly working. Amber was finally slipping her hands
under the hem of the teddy.


With a grip on
the waistband, Amber again looked up at Lindsey. It was a bit of a mistake,
because now Amber saw that she indeed had someone watching as she was about to
strip herself. Amber lost some nerve and had to turn away from Lindsey, but her
hands didn’t leave from the panties.


Amber thought
for a single more moment before she just told herself one last time to get it
over with, and pushed the borrowed panties down her legs. Once at her feet, she
stepped out of them and picked them up. She avoided doing anything that would look
showy or like a tease.


With panties
in hand, Amber used one hand to pull the teddy down in front, and hide her
sparse hairs showing through. She held the panties out to Lindsey, and Lindsey
was happy to take them away. Amber was now completely bottomless below the
small teddy.


Amber could
feel the material slightly move against her bare skin. She could feel it along
her butt, and she could feel the soft silky material pressed against her


Amber could
feel the cool air conditioned air all the way down her legs. Besides her
sandals, there was nothing actually secured to her below the straps of the
teddy. The little bit she had on was so barely there in her mind, and she felt
as if she was naked.


She finally
was able to look up to Lindsey. “What now?” she managed to squeak out. Amber
was wondering if it was maybe time to move onto the next envelope.


“Oh, well we
go back to serving drinks of course, some people may need new drinks, and we
missed a few girls,” Lindsey explained. She pocketed the panties as she did,
Amber not happy to see her covering become out of reach.

“Oh my god, like this?! That was the last task, why do I have to keep doing


“Amber, it
said you had to serve drinks, it didn’t say that you were done if you took your
next challenge,” Lindsey explained. Amber wasn’t even sure how to respond to
that. “Besides, I think the girls will need the extra beverages, you’re going
to be giving everyone dry mouths with a hot ensemble like that.”


“I could do
without you picking on me and teasing me!” Amber complained, hugging the bottom
of the hem closer to her, becoming even more self conscious.


“I’m being
completely sincere though!” Lindsey began to circle around Amber. “I mean look
at that cute bottom,” Amber used her free hand to try and cover her butt. Amber
would have thought she was naked as she did it, she could feel every curve of
her bottom through the material. Only its silky feel reminded her that it was


“Not to
mention pointy little bits out in front,” Lindsey remarked as she was again in
front of Amber. Amber moved the hand from her butt to her breast. Amber was
shocked to find they were indeed hard, perhaps even more sensitive.


“We’d all be
real lucky if we were able to see what you’re hiding under there too...”
Lindsey said as she gestured down to between Amber’s legs. Amber’s face was
burning again. She wasn’t even sure how to react anymore. Amber couldn’t tell
if Lindsey was teasing or telling the truth. Was she hitting on Amber? Was she
just being nice? Was she being mean? Did she want Amber to feel so


Those weren’t
the only feelings Amber was feeling. Her hand on her butt before, and her arm
across her nipples were sending little shots of electricity through her body.
Amber wasn’t sure why she was being turned on. The tingly feeling she had been
feeling increased too. She was finally starting to think there may be a


Amber was
shaken from her thoughts when Lindsey told her to start helping with the drink
tray again. With her holding the platter up and a hand between her legs to hold
the hem down in front and cover herself, Amber was mostly set to go back into
the rest of the house.


Amber wasn’t
ready personally, but her stubborn instincts caused her to still step forward out
the kitchen door.


Amber nearly
was about to run away when she right away saw some of the other girls. The one
who’d been doing the exercises and the two who had been watching her were
walking in Amber’s direction.


The interest
in their eyes told Amber that they somehow could tell that something was
different in Amber’s outfit. Amber wasn’t sure how they could have remembered
what she was wearing before. When they got real close, they asked if they could
have another drink.


The tray was
shaky as Amber held it out. The two took their time looking at the different
drinks. They perhaps could have gotten them faster if they weren’t looking at
Amber’s breast half the time. Amber, wanting to keep a hand lower to hide her
pussy, couldn’t cover her nipples now. She knew that all three girls could
easily see how hard her nipples had gotten. Amber thought that the stares
themselves were actually touching her nipples, making them feel even more


Once their
drinks were taken, the three went off. Amber heard them giggling behind her,
obviously seeing her bare butt. Amber didn’t have a hand to cover it though,
and just stood there and tried to bare the embarrassment.


Lindsey encouraged
her to continue heading along. The two then got to a room they hadn’t been


Amber was
greeted with the sight of a girl putting on a small crop top, no bra, and just
panties below. She shrieked a bit as she try to adjust her top so it would
cover her.


The three watchers
in the room laughed. Amber wasn’t sure what had been going on, but the girl
seemed to at least be done with it.


Amber began to
serve the drinks to all four girls, but Amber couldn’t help but think about the
situation. This was now the first time that Amber actually felt she was more
naked than one of the other girls actually taking the test. All the other girls
seemed to have it just as bad or worse. Yet now this girl she was also serving,
who was in barely anything, at least had more cover. Amber actually had a lucky
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