Part 6

By Jappio


Part 6


The material
began to slide up across her skin. Even though her butt was already in view, it
was soon completely bared for all the girls behind her, who cheered. Amber
gritted her teeth as she kept the ascent going.


In front,
Amber saw that the hem had passed her patch of hair already, and her bare
stomach was coming into view. The soft material running past her bare skin was
making her tingle more and more. She knew every inch exposed that much more
skin. She was heading to total nudity, and there was no stopping it now she
felt. Amber truly felt that it was going to happen now, even if it was by her
own hand.


Amber did her
best to not even slow when she got to her breast. She even started to use both
hands to pull the material up. She could feel the cloth pull past her nipples,
flicking them as the hem caught on them for a moment.


Amber had the
material off her body finally and it all only took a few seconds. To Amber, it
had taken what felt like minutes. Amber wrapped an arm across her breast, still
holding the teddy, and the other hand went between her legs, thighs closed
around it.


Amber turned
back around, hiding her butt again, and every face had a huge smile on it. Not
a single one of them seemed bothered or annoyed, instead enjoying Amber’s show
to some degree. They must have all gotten a kick seeing one of their future
rivals being stripped and embarrassed.


She’d successfully
kept most of her body hidden, but she’d have to be careful enough. No pale,
purple tint there any longer to hide her bits any more, she had to keep her
hands steady.


That’s when
Amber realized, as bad as things were, she was going to win. It wasn’t even
that she was going to get into the specific sorority. It was just in general
that she was going to conquer her goal.

With a weird mixture of embarrassment and hesitation, but also determination
and pride, Amber stepped forward some and asked for the phone.


The girls were
happy to create a path, their leader leading her to a phone and holding it out
for Amber.


Amber’s momentum
slowed for a moment here. She had no way to hold the phone and stayed covered
as well as she was. Amber felt a new wave of embarrassment come over her as she
realized how vulnerable she really was.


Amber tried
her best to move her arm across her chest so to take the phone, but keep her
nipples covered. The best she could manage though was to keep only one half
hidden. This left one breast hanging free to one side, which brought a round of
giggles from everyone watching Amber.


Amber knew she
might as well not try at all, considering the half she was covering was
symmetrical to the one exposed, both being very naked and the nipples being
quite hard, but Amber still tried to keep one covered. She eagerly waited in
front of all seven girls as she dialed the number.


The ringing
didn’t last long, and a girl on the other end picked it up. “Hello?” they
asked, Amber not recognizing the voice right away.


“This is
Amber, is Lindsey there!” Amber said in a rush, wanting to get back as soon as


Amber? Oh yes, you’re the one who we locked out in just that sexy nightwear,
yes? Let me put Lindsey on, just one moment.” Amber realized she’d been talking
to the sorority head. A new shade of blush crept on her face once she realized
that the head herself was waiting for the call. This challenge must have been
interesting if she was going to wait near the phone.


“Hello, this
Lindsey,” Amber soon heard on the phone. Amber smiled thinking she’d finally be


“Can I come
back in now!” Amber begged.


chuckled. “Oh, you want to come back here? Do the girls there not like your


Amber wasn’t
sure what to say, she technically didn’t have that outfit anymore. “They did
just fine... can I just come back now?”


While Amber
was on the phone, the girls around her moved closer. It caused Amber to squirm,
but she really didn’t have much choice, she had to get permission to be allowed
back inside.


Amber really
wished she could run when she felt a hand on the arm that was leading down
between her legs. The arm tugged, and Amber tried to keep it firmly in place.


“Come on, move
it, let us see,” one of the girls teased.


“Yeah, we
really want to look,” another added.


please,” another went.


“No!” Amber said
with a hush, but Lindsey overheard it.

“No? No you don’t want to come back?” Lindsey asked.


“No! I do,
please, you have to!” Amber had to ignore the hands for a moment, she might
lose her chance!


Then the
leader of the girls stood next to the phone receiver, her finger over the
button that would end the call. “You better follow house rules and move those
hands of yours, that is if you want to stay on the line.”


Amber couldn’t
read the woman’s smile. She wasn’t sure if she was serious or not. The call was
most important though, she had a goal to get back inside, and she wasn’t going
to lose it.


It took a
moment and a deep breath, but Amber slowly eased the hand between her legs
away. She looked up and away from the girls as she tried to pay attention to
her conversation.


This was no
easy task for Amber. She knew that all around her now that the seven girls
would get an unobstructed view her pubic hair and even a bit of her pussy between
her closed legs. She knew that she was exposing her naked body to strangers,
and it wasn’t just the embarrassment that made it harder to talk to Lindsey
now. The tingle was growing even greater now, and making it hard to think


“Well, let me
talk to their head, and then we can see,” Lindsey said. Amber was left with no
other choice than to hold the phone out to the leader.


The leader
happily took the phone, and the two began to talk. Amber got the feeling the
two seemed to know each other to some extent. Amber was about to cover up now
that she was off the phone, but the leader stopped for a moment to tell Amber
to keep her hands down.


“Oh yes, we
have a rule that she couldn’t cover up while using our phone. Exposed? Oh she’s
super exposed! Like completely!” Amber heard her say.


“I do believe
it’s your Amber. I can check for you,” the woman said as she walked over to
Amber. She began to circle around and inspect her. “Yes she does seem to blush
a bunch.” The woman nodded as she looked at Amber, who was doing her best to
avoid eye contact. “Yes, she did show up in this great looking teddy, but she
lost that now. What, she didn’t mention that? Yep, another rule, she had to
strip out of it, you should have seen it!” Amber couldn’t believe what was
happening. Seven set of eyes were bad enough, but she was hoping to have kept
some of this a secret from the girls back at the sorority. Amber was too far
gone to even fight it when the leader reached out and took the teddy from


“OH yes,
definitely, she should give you guys a show when she gets back, show what she
did,” the woman said with a laugh. “I’m telling you, it has to be the same
girl. Yes, yes she does indeed have gorgeous breast. Yes... yes. Oh god yes,
that’s perfect way, like they’d fill a hand just wonderfully, nothing overly
huge, but definitely the right size for a cutie like her, also jiggle
beautifully when she fidgets!” Amber couldn’t believe how embarrassing this was
getting. The two girls were actually talking and complimenting her breasts so
casually! Amber also hadn’t realized just how much she was starting to wiggle
and fidget.


“You’re not
kidding about her butt either; the girl here is definitely got quite an
adorable one. Like I’m a bit jealous of it myself!” Amber did everything she
could do to not cover herself up in anyway. “Hm? Well I guess I can tell you
that the drapes do match the carpet, in case you didn’t see it much before.
Yep, yep, she does keep it trimmed pretty well!”


Amber was at
the end of her rope now. Her whole body was there for viewing, and she had no
way to stop it. “A little more, then you’ll be back and be able to finish this
all. It can’t get much worse, it’s downhil from here,” Amber assured herself.


“Hard as
rocks!” Amber heard the women comment suddenly. Amber knew what it had to be,
and it was true. Amber’s nipples were very erect, sticking out and she could
feel those tingles tickling them too. Were she in private, Amber knows she
wouldn’t be able to resist touching them. The tingles were spread across her
body, but she did notice they seemed to focus more at her naughty parts that
were in view more than anything.


“Yep, she
definitely is your Amber. Give us a few minutes, and we’ll have her back to you
in a jiffy,” The leader finally said as she hung up the phone.


Amber didn’t
like the sound that she wouldn’t be able to leave right away. She didn’t even
have to ask why once the leader began to speak again, “So, you’ll be let in,
but first, I think we should talk a bit before we give your clothing back.”


Amber knew the
clothing didn’t hide much, but she didn’t want to go back completely naked, so
it was probably in her best interest to stay there. “Talk about what?” Amber


“Well, we want
to see how you’re doing really, how this is all going for you. Are you enjoying
it?” she asked.


“Enjoying it!
No way, this is completely embarrassing! I’m naked and exposed and can’t do a
thing about it!”


The woman
chuckled, “True, but I mean, you are doing it, right? I mean we’ve only teased
you, but every step of the way you’ve let yourself be exposed.” Amber didn’t
even know how to respond. Was it really that way? Had she been too stubborn to
notice? “Also... well, like I told your friend, your nipples are hard as rocks,
and it’s not cold out.”


Amber hated
how everyone noticed that little fact.


“I mean, maybe
it’s just a nervous reaction, but some of your body language tells me you enjoy
this on a couple of different levels.”


levels?” Amber asked.


“You probably
should be more honest with the girl who holds onto your only bit of clothing,”
the leader said holding the teddy tauntingly.


“I know... but
I mean, I feel butterflies in my stomach, and I get nervous being seen, and I
guess I feel sort of tingly...” Amber explained. She blushed, having to admit
to these feelings, but she really wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say.


“You mean, you
really don’t know what’s going on?” the leader asked, somewhat shocked for the
first time. Amber shook her head. “I mean, you’re aroused, right?”


Amber didn’t
even want to respond to that question. She thought that was a completely
unrelated thing. Today had just been a weird day, and she was particularly
horny out of coincidence. “Well.... umm....” when the leader dangled the teddy
again, Amber had to finish her sentence, “yes. Yes I’m feeling horny.”


“Girl, you do
know that it’s because you’re naked, right? Like, it’s because of the showing
off?” The woman asked. Amber didn’t say anything, she instead thought about it.
It seemed like the tingles were driving her arousal. The more she was
embarrassed and exposed, the more she’d tingle, and the more her body seemed to
become aroused. Amber didn’t really think it made any sense though, why would
embarrassment and exposure arouse her?


“I don’t know
where those girls find girls like you, so naive and innocent.” Amber wasn’t
sure if that was a compliment or not. “It’s really adorable though, seeing you
girls every year, some of you so confused and lost on the things you’re


Amber was
starting to get what the woman was saying. Maybe she was enjoying this all on a
sexual level. It seemed odd, but she had heard that there are a lot of weird
things involving sex and stuff. Lots of fetishes and stuff are out there. Amber
wondered if that’s what this was, a weird fetish. Was it that entirely rare if
girls previous had enjoyed the embarrassment too?


“I mean, would
your nipples,” the leader said as she reached a hand out and flicked one of
Amber’s hard tips that stuck out, “feel so good right now if you didn’t sort of
like this?”

Amber yelped and covered up again. She then blushed, realizing her yelp wasn’t
so much of surprise as it was of a quick moan. The girls all giggled. “See,
you’re aroused. You like this!”


“I do not!”
Amber retorted. She was having a tough time understanding it all, and she
didn’t really want to admit to something as naughty as enjoying her exposure,
even if it might be true.


“Really, are
you sure? Isn’t your breathing getting deep right now? Aren’t your nipples
becoming sensitive? I bet even though you’re embarrassed, with us all seeing
you like this, you’re feeling warmer and warmer. You want to curl up in your
bed back at home and think dirty thoughts!”


Amber’s face
was at full blush again. She felt incredibly on the spot, and with her total
nudity, that really made her feel exposed. All seven girls were hearing all
these things said about her, and worst yet, she wasn’t sure what of it she
could deny and what she would have to admit to.


“I mean, I
know you aren’t sure, and maybe I’m exaggerating some, but if you really want
to know, how about you drop your arms and let us see your boobs. Spread your
legs, and let us see your lips. If you feel you’re getting aroused in the big
mix of emotions, maybe you do like this stuff?” The leader offered. “Either
way, I give you your teddy back, and you can leave, you don’t even have to say
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