What I'd like
I'd like to be controlled to someone. Male or female!
I read a story recently about antics in a cinema, so here goes
would all go to the cinema to see an unpopular film, so there wouldn't
be many people there, and Im wearing what I have on in the
picture underneath my normal clothes. We queue for tickets and then get
some popcorn and drinks before taking a seat near the back of he
auditorium. As soon as we sit down I'm told to remove my shoes and hand
them over for safe keeping. I'm sitting there getting nervous as a few
more people turn up. When the main film starts I have 90 mins to do
whatever im told. Im told to remove my jeans. I look around to see if
anyones watching and as nobody appears to be I slowly undo the buttons,
lift my bottom off the seat and slowly slide then down. Again I have to
hand them
over This leaves me in shorts, tights, knickers, socks and a t-shirt.
After sitting like this for 5 mins I then have to remove my shorts.
Again, I look round getting really nervous as this has never happened to
me before, but a dare is a dare so I unbutton my shorts and slide them
down and just hand them over. Then I get instructed to put my legs over
the chair in front, which is worrying as there are people in the row in
front of that. Luckily they seem engrossed in the film, so I do it.
Another 5 mins pass I'm told I can bring my legs back, but only If I
take my socks and tights off! I wonder which would be worse! Being seen
in tights and socks or sitting there in just my knickers!!!!! I decide
that sitting properly in my seat would be marginally better so I slip my
tights and socks off so I can sit normally. So now I'm just wearing
Knickers and a t-shirt! The next order is really worrying, I have to
push my knickers down to my ankles, although I'm
allowed to keep them! Im told that if I get any form of erection before
im allowed its going to be slapped. Ten minutes later, i'm sitting
there thinking of the situation I find myself in. I am normally a very
shy person and wouldnt dream of doing this normally! I start to get
excited. This doesnt go unnoticed and SLAP! I let out a yelp.
Unfortunately this was a little too loud and the people two rows in
front turn and tell me to be quiet, Luckily they cant see me from the
waist down. I stay quiet and un excited for the next 30 mins. At this
point I am told I have to stroke my cock until I am hard and then leave
it. This I have to do 3 times before I'm allowed to cum over the seat in
front. As its getting close to the end of the film I ask if I can have
my clothes back, only to be told I can keep my knockers and am only
allowed two of the three other items (my jeans and trainers being kept
for good measure) What should I have? I have a choice of toghts,
socks and shorts! I decide on the tights and socks, (i'll lose the
shorts) as im going to be embarrassed anyway and wearing tights and
socks is a massive turn on for me and my t-shirt would cover the worst
bit. As the end credits are rolling I'm told to stay in my seat until
everybody else has left. That way there would be more people outside to
potentially see me. Everybody has left and I am more embarrassed than I
have ever been in my life. I now have to walk out of the cinema, through
the foyer and out into the night to the car. I try to keep my head down
but I notice a few people giving me strange looks and sniggering, I
want the ground to open up and swallow me. We get in the car and I think
its over, but no. Im instructed to go to the drive through and get some
food. I hope the server doesnt take too much notice. I have to wait in
the queue for a few minutes before reaching the window. I casually order
my food and pay the money and drive to the
next window. I drive up and hear a gasp from the server as she notices
my clothes. I hold my head high as she hands over my food. Im sure I
hear her giggle! When I have the food Im able to drive home without and
major occurrence. The nearest parking space is about 300 meters away so I
park up and hope for the rest of my clothes, otherwise the neighbours
might see. No such luck. I have to walk in what I'm wearing.
(un)fortunately I only see two people and neither are my neighbours so
I'm all fine.Page 1 |
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Date: 02:08pm December 17th, 2012
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Hello, I would love for that to happen to me as well. The only thing else is I would hope I have to take my T-Shirt off as well.... If anybody else would like to do this to me please get a hold of me...
December 28, 2012, 9:44 pm
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