medical exam for publication
     I was asked to be a male model for a photoshoot that will be published in an upcoming medical journal the summer of 2013. I was asked by the associate professor at our medical school if I would be willing to allow him to do a male exam on myself while close up photos were taken. They would then be included in the medical journal that will be published for all to see and learn from. So I thought it would be an exciting experience since I like modeling and if it involves nudity, then I'm all for it. So I arrived at the college of nursing building on campus at the location he told me. I entered the building and he greeted me in the lobby and introduced me to the photographer. She happened to be a graduate in photography and I didn't realize a young college grad would be snapping these close up photos of me. Well, all the better in my mind. So we went into the exam room, pulled the curtain so no one else could see in. London proceeded to set up her camera gear and Dr. X said let's get started. So at that moment I began to undress right in front of them. It's always a "charge" or thrilling experience when you strip naked in front of strangers. So I did just that. I pulled down my underwear last and stood there fully naked for the Dr and London to look at me. They had me stand against a white wall while she took a number of full frontal shots with my arms outstretched and several shots from my backside. She then took several shots with me standing sideways. Dr. x (I don't want to list his name) . . then asked London to take several close up shots of the penis & genital area. She proceeded to get close to my cock and she took a number of photos. The next phase was the male genital examination. You can see from my attached pic that London took many shots of Dr. X doing an examination. As he took my cock in his hand, I could feel an erection begin. For you males out there you'll know what I'm talkin about. This is where you can feel the blood start pumping into your cock and you can feel the cock start stretching and growing. London snapped about 10 different shots of Dr. X doing this male genital exam on me with close up shots. This job, which I did for free, was a real thrilling experience as I was totally butt naked, with an attractive young graduate student using her camera as she took a bunch of nude photos of me and having the associate professor there overseeing the project. I hope you liked the pics of my exam . . . let me know what you think . . . luvnipPage 1 |
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Date: 09:39pm January 5th, 2013
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