a great sexual week
This has been great week for sexual stuff !!  On Tues I did another nude modeling job for a group of people (2 guys & 2 girls).  Then on Wed night I made a trip to Las Vegas and went to the Red Rooster (an adult swinger's club).  There were about 30-40 people at the club that night.  I was the only person totally naked during the whole time.  I would go from the hot tub then back into the TV room where the big screen had porn playing.  They have couches in the TV room that opens up to the entire club so everyone can see.  It was there I was sitting on my towel fully naked, checking out the porn, while everyone at the club was making eye contact with the naked dude on the couch.  I happened to see a younger couple walk back & forth past me.  He was a very large black man and she was a slender white gal.  After checkin me out, they asked me to join them in the back bedroom area.  I walked back and he asked if I had a condom, which I did not.  He went and got one from the front counter.  When he came back he proceeded to take his pants off revealing a massive large cock and very thick (much larger than mine, and I think mine is pretty good size).  The girl named Darcy, then undressed herself revealing a very hot piece of lingerie.   He then laid on the bed and she went over and began giving him an awesome blow job.  The kind where slobber is present and slurpping sounds.  I was getting rock hard watching this happen so I went and knelt beside her and began carressing her ass & pussy (through her lingerie).  She opened her legs wide for me to have a good angle.   I then untied her hot clothing and proceeded to pull them down exxposing her naked body.  She continued to give him a blow job while I was sticking my thumb & then 2 fingers in her tight, wet pussy.  I began masturbating her rapidly, in & out until she started to moan and squirm (all the while sucking on her bf large cock).  She then climbed on the bed and spread her legs wide open for me.  It was then I did a face plant right into her pussy and began licking her clit with my tongue . . . back & forth, in and out.  She had a sweet taste of pussy juice as it flowed onto my tongue.  After eating her pussy for about 10 minutes I got on the bed fully expecting a blow job of my own before fucking her in the pussy.  Well, she stopped sucking her bf cock and went over to mine and shoved it all the way down her throat, giving me an amazing head job.  At this point I was so damn rock hard with all the porn I had been watching all night that I was ready to explode.  It didn't take her long before I said I was going to cum in her mouth.  He said "go ahead and take it baby".   Without hesitation I could feel the orgasm build and ready to erupt.  Within about 15 seconds I began to moan very loudly as she continued to maul my cock in her mouth.  I then felt my hot man juice shoot from my throbbing cock into her mouth.  After about 3 full ejaculations she moved my cock to the side of her face and I continued to pump my cum all over her face.  What felt like 3 minutes of extreme ejacualtion, I finally finished my cumshot.  It had dripped all down her tits, face and left a massive puddle on the sheets.  She looked down and couldn't beleive all that cum came from this white boys cock.  She told her bf she needed a shower and so we finished our small talk, she cleaned herself up and I went back to get dressed.   What an amazing night at the Rooster.  I left but waived to her as I left the club and we both had smiles on our faces.
    Lastly, just today I had another nude figure modeling session with 4 females and 3 males drawing my naked body as I sat on the floor in front of all these people.  I would say it was an amazing week of sexual activity . . . .   Sorry no pics allowed at the Rooster or at the figure drawing classes.Page 1 |
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Date: 11:28pm February 15th, 2013
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