3-way from the internet
Wow . . . so I responded to an ad from CL from a guy looking for another guy to meet him and gal at a hotel room.  Usually these are "flakes" and never pan out.  But this guy seemed legit so we emailed a few times and he told me which hotel in the city and confirmed the time.  He said he has a 22 yo gal who wants a 3-way.  So I decided to give it a try.  I drove to the hotel where he said and went up to room 413.  It was amazing, he met me at the door and invited me in.  This guy was from out of town on business and was a little older, but in decent shape.  I looked over at the couch and saw this young brunette sitting there and he introduced me to her.  She was quite friendly and we did about 15 minutes of small talk.  Then she got up and went into the adjoining room where the beds were.  I sat in the other room where the TV was and waited for a few minutes.  I looked into the bedroom area and saw that he was taking off his clothes.  I then got up from the couch and walked into the room where I saw the 2 of them on the bed, she was still in her bra & panties and he was only in his shorts.  He then laid on her and was kissing her breasts and down her tummy and on her panties.  After about 2-3 minutes he then removed her panties, exposing her nicely trimmed pussy.  He then went down her and began lapping it up.  He then came up for air and took her top off and at the same time she took his shorts off, exposing a very nice size cock and very hard.  He then did a 69 and they did some very heavy oral on each other.  It was then that I took all my clothes off and was sitting on the side of the bed nude.  I had a great view of his cock in her mouth and a great blow job just inches from my face.  I then moved down to watch him eat her pussy and spread her lips apart and used his fingers to masturbate her.  At this time he pulled his cock from her mouth while he kept fingering her.  I then moved in and she took my cock in her mouth for a nice warm blow job.  After a few minutes, he got up and handed me a condom which I opened and gave to her.  She then put the rubber onto my throbbing cock.  After my cock was "rubberized" I then went down on her pussy licking her clit just a few minutes.  I then came up onto her as she had her legs spread wide.  I then slipped my covered cock inside her tight little pussy.  I could tell she had not been stretched very often as she was small and tight.  I gently slipped my cock inside and then began a more aggressive motion as she was giving some quiet moaning.  After about 2-3 minutes, I couldn't hold on any longer and blew my wad inside her pussy . . . of course into the condom.  What an amazing experience from something that I only read about.  To think this actually happened doesn't seem real but it really did happen yesterday afternoon.  
    That's what I call a true "Afternoon Delight".  Oh BTW . .  when I was done he jumped on the bed and pulled her on top of him.  I then got down at the foot of the bed and had an amazing view of his thick cock pumping inside her pussy.  My face was about 3 feet from there genitals and to watch her pussy lips spread over his cock while the fucking action was taking place was a beautiful sight.  I watched until he blew his wad.  I then thanked them both and left the hotel room.  It really was an amazing hour together.  Thanks to this random dude for the email invitation to join them at the hotel room . . ..     I did ask the guy if I could take a few pics cause I brought my camera but he felt it best to leave the camera out.Page 1 |
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Date: 11:20pm April 24th, 2013
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