full out porn shoot
Well, this has been a while in the making trying to find the right girl to do a very explicit photoshoot with.  I finally found her and we exchanged emails for about 3 weeks.  She is married and her spouse is very supportive of her doing these porn still/video shoots with me.  So last Friday I set up our first shoot together.  I confirmed with a male photographer who said he would meet us at a hotel room.  I first met the photographer at the McDonald's just near the hotel.  We then drove over and saw my female partner and her husband.  We all went into the hotel room and the photographer began setting up his lighting and he had 2 camera's (one set on the desk pointing at us, and the nice Cannon he was using himself).  She my partner's husband held the spot light during the shoot.  So at first, my partner (let's name Stazia for anonymity), was asked to slowly undress.  I was standing at the end of the bed while she slowly took off her top and then bra.  He then asked her to slide her shorts down slowly leaving just her panties on.  He then asked her to slide her panties to the side exposing her pussy lips.  Now keep in mind, this photographer was very professional and went right to work and he must have taken 400-500 photos of the 2 hour session.  So he had so do several solo, spread eagle shots, and masturbation pics.  All this time, I was just licking my lips and my cock was already hard as a rock.  It was then he said for me to get undressed and leave my underwear on.  I climbed onto the bed and began caressing her body and sucking on her tits (small perky tits with very long nipples).  Stazia had the most amazing body, with beautiful tan lines.  She had an amazingly tight ass with a perfect shaved pussy and was very clean.  After my initial contact and caressing, I began to lick down her tight tummy and on down to her pussy.  All the while the photographer was snapping the camera.  I then spread her pussy lips apart and he got some very close up POV shots of her spread lips and a bunch of pics with my tongue inside her hole.  He then asked me to take my underwear off, exposing my rock hard cock.  She then took my dick in her hands and began working me over.  I have never had such a "deep throat" suck in my life.  She got my entire dick in her mouth and did the gagging reflex action.  Fortunately I was able to do 2 cumshots for the shoot.  The first one was after a series of blowjob photos, we then laid together on the bed and fucked her sideways and I was already so horny that after pumping about 2 minutes I shot my load up inside her pussy (bareback).  The photographer then took a bunch of creampie shots.  We then took a small break and came back and we began fucking again, doggy style and then some great 69 shots (it was totally amazing).  We finished up the shoot with the photographer asking me to cum in her mouth.  So she then took my cock and once again gave the most amazing blowjob with the long, stringy, saliva, hanging from her mouth (which made for some great shots).  After a few more deep throats, I could feel my load starting to work.  I told the photographer i was going to cum and so he got the camera right next to her mouth and he captured me pulsating my hot cum into her mouth and then she opened up showing the cum on her tongue and dripping down her face.    OMG . . what a great experience for our first shoot together.  I already have our 2nd shoot lined up for this next Friday at 2pm.  If any of you want to chat with me about this experience, just give me a shout.  I will be picking up the photos from the photographer tomorrow and I can share a few with you then . . ..   So I would say this shoot today was a full out porno shoot with our lighting man (her husband), the photographer/videographer, the male & female models and a lot of amazingly hot SEX !!!Page 1 |
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Date: 11:46am July 7th, 2013
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