Mary's Challenge Day 2
Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 1


Mary groaned as she struggled to avoid the bright light
shining against her closed eyes. She tried rolling away from it, but the damage
was done.


If it hadn’t been for the sun though, something else
would have woken her up. She could swear she was cold… or something like it.
Not so much that she was actually cold, but she could tell something was
missing. She couldn’t feel the weight of any blankets on her. Her hands began
to feel around, seeing if they could pull a blanket up to cover herself.


That’s when it hit her. She needed the blankets for more
than just warmth. She felt bare skin whenever her hands touched her body. She
then realized that she was missing a lot of clothing!


Her eyes opened wide after that thought. Her hands
naturally cupped each breast to hide them, and her legs crossed. She looked
around. She wasn’t in her own bed either. She was in a room she didn’t
immediately recognize. Where was she and why was she naked?


The sudden appearance of Julie only made things worse.
Mary almost wanted to yell, as if she was being walked in on during a private


Yet Mary was now finally remembering what was going on.
She wasn’t supposed to be home, she was spending the weekend at Jenny’s! Her
nudity was because of the crazy challenge the girls had set for her. She was
spending the weekend naked, and trying to follow all their requests. It was
some kind of crazy bet thing. The riskier she was, the less risky the final
challenge would be.


“Finally up sleepy head?” Julie asked. Mary’s hands
didn’t budge. Although it was just Julie, she still wasn’t about to just lay
out naked for her. Mary looked around. The blinds had been opened, explaining
the bright light. Her blankets seemed to be hanging off the foot of the couch.


“Did you take my blankets off?” Mary asked grumpily. Yesterday
had been exhausting, and she wasn’t used to being rudely awoken naked.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Breakfast will
be done in a bit!” Julie said as she hopped off to the kitchen. Mary looked up
that way and saw that Jenny was spying too for a bit while she was busy at the


Mary looked at the clock. She had really slept in; it was
arguably not even morning anymore.


With a slight moment of privacy, Mary stretched her arms
above her head. She visually inspected her body. She wasn’t exactly looking for
something wrong, but it was weird to find herself naked in the morning like
that. It almost seemed foreign.


Mary swung her legs around to the side of the bed. She
placed an arm across her breasts and a hand in front of small patch of fur
above her legs. She stood up and began to walk towards the hallway.


Every step down the hall felt different to her. She was
naked in someone else’s house. Sure she’d been naked there before, but it was
still different every time. It felt like she shouldn’t be, or more
specifically, something that doesn’t happen often. Mary felt that even if it
were her own house it would be strange.


In the bathroom, Mary’s eye caught her reflection in the
mirror, another reminder of her nudity. With the door closed and locked though,
she was willing to lower her arms finally.


She felt like she was a mess. Although the rest was
great, she still felt as if she must have been tossing and turning.


She thought about how she still had at least a full day
of more embarrassments too. The day before Mary was shown off around town, made
to streak the neighborhood, and even was teased mercilessly by the other two
girls. Just the thoughts of the day brought back her blush.

What surprised Mary though was the fact that she could actually feel her body
warm. She was almost unfazed by the discovery of her hard nipples. She just
noticed them, but wondered if they’d been around since last night. Was she
still aroused through her sleep? She hardly ever remembers her dreams, and she
didn’t very well take note of anything like being aroused when just first waking


Mary finished up in the bathroom, and put her hands back
to cover her body as she made her way back down the hall.


Jenny gave an official ‘good morning’ to Mary as she
walked into the kitchen. The two girls seemed to be setting up the kitchen table
with breakfast. Mary thought the pancakes looked really good, so although she
was a bit naked and shy, she didn’t stop herself from finding a seat.


Mary now noticed too how the other girls were dressed.


Julie was wearing what seemed to be just a shirt. Mary
couldn’t tell if it was the only item. Mary was sure Julie didn’t have a bra
on, but the jury was still out if Julie had panties or not. Mary knew that
Julie would probably not have anything on under that shirt, even if it seemed
like a risky outfit. The shirt came to a teasingly low point too. If Julie were
to move just a little more than she was, Mary was sure she’d be able to tell if
the girl was going commando or not. Yet Julie was either good at hiding it, or
just lucky.


Jenny’s outfit appeared more modest. It consisted of a
silky pajama top and matching pair of pajama pants. Mary could tell that even
Jenny was without a bra however, the way the silky top hugged her breasts. Mary
knew though that out of the two, Jenny would probably be wearing panties. Yet
the outfit wasn’t completely without a naughty twist. The items looked like
they could easily slide on, and in Jenny’s case, easily slide off. The pants
were the riskiest of course. They were large, and seemed to shift and have some
weight to them. With too much of a hop, Mary was sure they’d plummet to the

Mary concluded both girls were definitely in sleep wear that suited them. Mary
chuckled a little as she thought if her outfit fit her. She really didn’t feel
that natural in it, but at the same time she seemed to be in it a lot over the
last year.


Breakfast was very pleasant, although it came with plenty
of teasing from Jenny and Julie. Mary wasn’t once able to get a solid answer as
far as the day’s plans were concerned either. The best she got was a comment
from Julie about how, “we have plans for a few stops today.” Being naked out on
the town on a busy Saturday seemed like a recipe for trouble to Mary.


With breakfast done, and Julie working on dishes, Jenny
had Mary follow her into her room. “I think the first thing we’ll do is get a
bit of a tan, sound like a good idea?” Jenny asked, leafing through one of her


The gears in Mary’s head began to turn. She was smart
enough to know where this was leading. “I’m guessing that means you expect me
to avoid tan lines then?” Mary asked with a groan.


“You don’t have to join me of course, but I think you’ll
prefer if you did,” Jenny said with a smile, pulling out a bikini for herself.
Mary couldn’t figure out if what Jenny said was advice, or a threat. Obviously
if Mary refused though, she’d be losing a point.


“I guess I will…” Mary sighed.


“Catch,” Jenny said as she tossed some lotion to Mary.
Mary then looked up to see Jenny give her pants a quick pluck. With a bit of a
wiggle, Jenny’s pants slid right down her legs, revealing a cute pink pair of
panties. Mary was just now realizing that this morning was really the first
time that she was seeing the other two exposed. The day before they seemed
fairly uninvolved in the risk stuff, they were really focusing most of that on
Mary that whole time.


“Well, now isn’t this rude, aren’t you staring a bit much
you perv?!” Jenny said with mocked surprise. She placed a hand in front of the
panties. Mary blushed and looked away, realizing she was staring a bit much.
Jenny giggled though, and Mary realized that Jenny probably enjoyed being pantsed
like that in front of her anyways.


Mary didn’t want to push the subject though, too
embarrassed to be caught staring at her friend’s underwear choice. She also
didn’t want to seem weird for staying around and watching Jenny get changed
into her bikini, so she left. Not like she really had to change or anything
anyways. Although she had to chuckle to herself, she was getting flustered over
staring at Jenny, even though the two girls stared at her all the time.

Mary almost jumped when she saw Julie suddenly. Julie always knew exactly how
to give Mary a look to make her blush. A mixture of eye movement along her
body, and just the right kind of smile, as if Julie knew she saw something she
wasn’t supposed to, even if she saw it a lot or was even the cause of it!


“Are you going to join us for our tan?” Mary asked,
seeing that Julie was still in just the shirt.


“Probably not, you know I’m not big on tanning,” Julie


Mary wasn’t sure why Julie didn’t like it sometimes.
Sitting around wearing almost nothing seemed like a Julie type of thing, but
Mary wasn’t going to bring it up, after all, she was the one who was going to
be on show.


Without much more time of waiting, Jenny was soon out of
her room, now donned in just a blue bikini. Mary wasn’t surprised to see that
it had ties as well. Mary was starting to realize that Jenny probably picked a
lot of her clothing based on how easy it would be to get her out of them.


The two girls headed for the backdoor. Jenny of course
didn’t hesitate to step outside, but Mary did. She stared out into the
backyard. She could see a bit of a fence to one side, and no fence on the
other. There was a fence also in the yard right behind Jenny’s. Mary knew that
she’d be exposed from one side and to any second story window also.


“Come on Mary, I need the sunscreen!” Jenny called out.
Mary sighed as she took a step out and looked around. She didn’t see anyone, so
she quickly rushed to the lawn chair that was set up for her.


Jenny was sitting down, applying some sunscreen to her
arms. Mary immediately laid on her stomach, not wanting her entire front half
to be exposed. Yet she knew her nakedness was obvious with her bare bottom
exposed the way it was. Her eyes darted to all the houses around her.


“Don’t be so worried, you’re at my house. Not like you’ll
get in trouble. I’m the one who has to worry about the gossip more than you,”
Jenny reasoned. It didn’t convince Mary to sit back up.


Mary heard Julie at the door, “so then, are the two of
you going to be long? I really don’t want to wait around; we have a lot of fun
stuff to do!”


Jenny handed the suntan to Mary. Mary began to put it on
her arms and shoulders, listening to the two girls talk about the day, as if it
was normal. It hardly was though; it was all to expose her!


“You just be patient. You’re the one who didn’t want to
join us. If you want it go faster though, come get the suntan lotion and get
our backs,” Jenny said. Julie gave a slight huff, but did as asked.


Mary saw that Julie was still in just the shirt, and from
her lower height, she was able to confirm Julie definitely was wearing just
that shirt. She didn’t see too much, but she saw enough skin to know Julie
wasn’t wearing underwear under it.


“You know I don’t like tanning,” Julie said as she began
to apply some sunscreen to Jenny’s back.


“I’m sorry if you like looking like a ghost,” Jenny said,
faking a snobby accent.


Julie just laughed, “I don’t pull the buxom and tanned
look very well. I think nice white skin just looks better. I also don’t like
having pretend panties under my clothes,” Julie teased as she snapped the back
of Jenny’s bikini bottoms, revealing Jenny’s tan lines.


“I’m telling you, it makes your naughty areas more
apparent. Draws the eye, lets them know where your swimsuit area begins, and
that it’s where they shouldn’t be looking,” Jenny said. The two girls giggled.
Mary did too actually, although a bit softer. She was trying to get her mind
off all her nudity.


“Mary won’t have to worry about tan lines though, will
you?” Julie asks suddenly, as if able to tell Mary was trying to avoid
attention. Mary then felt Julie’s slick and cold hands touch her shoulders,
rubbing suntan lotion in. Without any clothing on, the touch felt a lot more
intimate than it was!


“I wonder what kind of sight we make. One girl rubbing
lotion into a naked girl, out in daylight!” Julie teased. Julie knew this would
only make Mary blush more.


“It’s great too; we get to keep exposing you. You say
‘no’ too hastily, and you get penalized later. You’re our little naked toy
today, and it’ll be so much fun. I’m honestly jealous!” Julie said.


Mary felt Julie’s hands touch where Mary’s top would
normally cover. It was a thin area of skin, but Mary took note that it was
being touched, and it was bare. “If you want to do it so bad, we can change
places,” Mary said.


“Ohhh, so Mary likes being bottomless, huh?”


“I didn’t say that!” Mary said, blushing more.


“You wanted to change places though, and in my shirt I’m
sure you’d be flashing everything below your waist, as much as you are now,”
Julie teased. “I mean, even my tiny self is falling out of it in back. I’m sure
I’m mooning Jenny right now.”


“You are!” Jenny remarked with a laugh, giving an audible
slap to Julie’s cheeks peeking out from the back of the shirt.


Mary felt Julie’s hand get closer to her own naked butt.
She wondered if her friend would actually touch her there…


“Well I meant being covered and not having to do this,”
Mary said, her voice rising a bit out of concern what Julie’s hand would do.
She wasn’t sure if she should request her to stop or not.


“Well too bad, you agreed to this. If you quit now,
tomorrow will be quite a pain for you!” Julie’s hands did get to Mary’s waist
and hips, but they avoided her butt and rounded on the hips to get down to her
legs. Mary just stayed quiet as Julie finished up. “You can get the rest you
lazy good for nothings. I’m going to go finish cleaning inside. Please don’t
take too long.


Mary was given the suntan lotion. She waited a moment as
Julie left. She knew what she had to do; well she had to do it if she didn’t
want to get sunburn somewhere that would probably hurt pretty bad.

So with a look around to make sure no nosy neighbors were spying, Mary rubbed
some into her bottom. Her face looked like she had sunburn with how red it was.
Rubbing her butt in public was something Mary of course never did.














Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 2


 Mary set the
bottle on the ground between her and Jenny, and she started to wait. Unlike
Jenny, who was happily relaxing, Mary couldn’t help but look around and worry.
Time crept slowly by as she lay there. At any second she worried someone would
look out their window, or the neighbor to the side would come out into their
backyard for some reason. Mary was stuck lying naked and her heart was beating


Mary was shocked when Jenny suggested they turn over. She
herself sat up and began to use the lotion again. Mary stayed on her stomach.
She didn’t have the lotion yet, so she was going to take every chance she had
to avoid showing her full front nudity.


Jenny didn’t take long though. She was now handing the
lotion to Mary. Mary looked around, and sat up. She kept her back to Jenny as
she started to apply the lotion. Her back honestly didn’t get all that toasted,
and Mary hoped that meant that this tanning was just a simple front and they
wouldn’t be out there that long. Yet she still had to make sure her skin was


Mary paused as she held the bottle and looked out in
front of her. She was facing the open yard, and knew that she risked someone
walking out and seeing her touch and sooth her body with lotion. The idea
worried Mary, but she had to do it really. She had to keep safe from the sun,
and from being penalized. She slowly put some lotion in an open hand and began
to bring it up to her chest.


Mary rubbed the lotion onto her upper chest. Around the
collar bone and onto her shoulders she spread it. Mary knew that even the
gentle motion was causing her breasts to move about below.

She ran her hand around her breasts and to her rib cage and rubbed some more.
She wondered if purposely avoiding her breasts like that would really be
better. Sure she wasn’t touching herself intimately, but at the same time it
was like she was framing them.


A glance to the side confirmed that Jenny was of course
watching the whole thing. Mary’s face glowed brighter as she tried to avoid eye
contact and get the job done.

With all her bravery, and one last look to make sure no voyeuristic neighbors
were watching, Mary moved her hand to her breasts.


With her hand moving across them, and sitting naked in
the open air, Mary soon found her nipples were hard and pointing outward. She
did everything she could to make sure every touch of her hand wasn’t for
pleasure. She got the lotion into her skin and finished as fast as she could.


Mary looked down at her own breasts. She saw how they
glimmered a little now. She could see every detail, and she knew they’d be
exposed for the rest of the day.

Her hand was now applying lotion to her lap and hips. She had to get a bit
extra in her hand, and she realized what was next. Getting her thighs was
something that normally she’d have to do at the beach, but without anything on,
even her normally exposed thighs felt naughty to touch.


With one nervous glance towards Jenny, who was smiling
and watching intently still, Mary let her hand dive between her legs for a
quick pass across her lips with the lotion. Mary tried to force herself not to
react in any way to it. She was just applying lotion, nothing else.


Once done with her legs, Mary quickly laid back, hoping
to just get the whole ordeal over with. She was now on the home stretch. She
managed to make it this far without penalties now; she wasn’t going to give up
her momentum. She hadn’t noticed any signs of anyone spying on them, so she
figured she could go a couple more minutes.


Jenny joined her in lying back. The two were laid out
under the sun. Of course Jenny had a swimsuit on, so Mary was much more

Mary didn’t know what to do with her hands. Her instincts told her to cover
herself. Mary knew she wouldn’t be allowed though, so she tried to force them
to her sides. She felt that was awkward though, so she tried a few different


She tried lying her hand on her stomach. Yet it would
keep twitching, and either rise or fall on her body, exploring her exposure and
yearning to cover it. She tried resting her hands behind her head, but she felt
it only brought attention to her bare chest. Sitting on her hands surely
wouldn’t let her forget about her nudity.


Jenny didn’t seem to move at all. Then again, unlike
Mary, she didn’t have a reason to be so anxious.


As Mary tried to will time forward, the back door of the
house opened. Mary quickly looked up to see it was Julie stepping outside, in
the same outfit as before.

“Hello my two cancer buddies, how are the rays?” Julie asked, slowly walking in
a circle around Mary.


“Things were good until you came out here,” Jenny
remarked with a yawn.

“And Mary, how are you? None of your sensitive bits are burning up, are they?”
Mary fought back the urge to cover herself. She definitely wasn’t close to
sunburn, but her face sure felt heated.


Julie made it obvious she was looking at Mary’s body. Her
eyes scanned up and down Mary’s figure.  Mary looked to the side, not wanting to
acknowledge what was happening. She told herself she was going to show them she
could handle this.


“If you want, I could apply a second layer for you. I’d
make sure ‘everything’ got protected. Not a single sensitive end would be in
pain once I’d be through with you,” Julie flirted. Mary hated how good Julie
was at this type of thing, teasing her so much without being able to tell if Julie
was serious or not.


“Julie, I’m just fine,” Mary responded.


Julie picked up the lotion. “Well good, cause we’re
probably going to get going soon anyways. Mary, you stay here. Jenny, you come
with me,” Julie commanded.

“Why do I only have to go?” Jenny asked, Mary feeling the same way.


“Well I need a hand, and Mary has more to get toasted up
than you do, so of course she needs to tan longer!” Julie said with a laugh.
Jenny joined in as she stood up.


“We’ll come get you when it’s time to go. Just hang
tight,” Jenny said, walking with Julie inside, leaving Mary alone out back.


“Sure… leave me alone,” Mary grumbled to herself. With
both of them gone, she crossed her arms over her chest. Being naked and alone
out back was even worse. She didn’t have the excuse of tanning with a friend
anymore. Would the neighbors recognize that she wasn’t Jenny and wonder why a
stranger was naked in Jenny’s backyard?

Mary had to be careful about her arms though. Jenny and Julie could come back
any second, so she forced her arms to her sides again. They might penalize her
if they caught her covering.


Mary saw her nipples were still extended outward. She
sighed in disbelief. She was worried the rest of the day would be another
mixture of embarrassment and unwanted arousal. “Well, it won’t be all bad…”
Mary said, rubbing her thighs a little. She felt a bit of a tingle inside her. Even
when trying to seriously picture another day of total nudity, Mary could hardly
believe it.


A short time passed, although it felt longer for Mary who
had nothing to do but sit there. Jenny and Julie emerged from the house again.
“Ok Mary, time we left! I’d tell you get dressed, but that of course isn’t
going to happen!” Jenny joked.


Jenny now wore a light sun dress. Julie was now in shorts
and a tank top. Mary of course was the only one exposed now.

Mary slowly stood up. She wrapped an arm around her chest as she followed the
two through the house towards the front door. Lucky for her, neither seemed to
mind her subconscious desire to cover herself. Mary was feeling naked, having
just been thinking about how she was stuck like that. Jenny reminding her only
added to the feeling.


At the front door, Julie and Jenny didn’t hesitate. They
opened it up and walked right out towards Jenny’s car. Mary of course paused as
she looked around.


Although it was a beautiful Saturday, Mary was lucky
enough to see no one was around. She quickly dashed outside, following after
Julie and Jenny.


Mary was quick to climb into the car, the other two
taking their time to get things set of course. Mary nervously looked out the
windows of the car.


Jenny and Julie took their usual seats in the front. As
they pulled out, they started to ask Mary about her run last night to the park.

Mary of course remembered it. The fear, the worry, and of course the
excitement. She had to run all the way to the park and back naked, but she
secretly had gone farther than she was supposed to too. Her face turned red
again as they asked if she was sure she did as they asked. She was supposed to
have made a mark in the park to prove she was there.


“Yes, I did it. Just where you asked me,” Mary explained.


“Well then, you won’t mind if we check, do you?” Jenny
asked. Just then, the car began to slow down and then stop. Mary looked out the
window and realized they were at the park!


“You don’t expect me to go out there?!” Mary asked in
surprise. In the distance she could even tell there were people there. She
hoped that the distance would make it so they had no clue she was naked.


“Well, I mean if you wanted to come you could, but we
figured you’d be fine with waiting by yourself while the two of us checked,”
Julie joked. “We do have a bit of a task for you here though.”


“What is it?” Mary asked nervously.


“Well first, sit in the middle seat,” Julie said. Mary
scooted to her side. Mary had been crouching down quite a bit in her seat, but
now that she was in the middle, she felt less hidden in the corner now.


“Now, scoot your butt up a bit on the seat, so it’s on
the edge,” Julie instructed. Again, Mary went through with it. Mary still
cradled her breasts with her hands, and made sure her knees were pressed shut.


“Very good. Now while we’re gone, you’re to keep the pose
we set you in. We might be peeking, so no cheating,” Julie warned. Mary nodded.


Then, both girls turned around. They each eyed up Mary,
causing her to shiver. They then reached down, squeezing between the seats for
a second to grab hold of each of Mary’s feet. They lifted them up, tipping Mary
back some.

“What are you-“ Mary began to ask as she wiggled a bit to fight it, but she was
caught far too off guard to do much. In no time, her feet were pulled away from
each other. Jenny and Julie placed Mary’s feet on the far sides of the head
rests of the front seats!


Mary’s first instinct was to cup both her hands between
her legs! With her legs spread suddenly, she was showing everything she had
below! Mary was instantly breathless. Even though she’d been naked for more
than 24 hours, she felt far more exposed suddenly!


Sensing that Mary would next want to retract her feet
back, Julie was quick to warn, “This is how we want you while we’re gone. You
are to leave your feet up like this.”


Mary tried to calm herself down. She looked down at her
body. She was posed in an incredibly obscene way; she’d never do something like
this on her own. She thought about undoing it and she remembered why she was
listening. She didn’t want any more penalties.


“…ok…” Mary muttered as she turned her head away from the
two girls. Out of the corner of her eye, Mary could see how her breasts were
completely uncovered too. She moved one of her arms to try and cover them.


“Nope! Your cute pose gave me an idea; I think you should
only be allowed to cover one area! Top or bottom only!” Jenny suddenly added.


“Great idea!” Julie agreed.


Mary shakily moved her hand away from her breasts, and
let it slide between her thighs again. Her breathing had come back, but it was
coming in heavy labored breaths. Before she could plead for any type of
leniency, the two girls quickly got out of the car.


Mary saw them staring in through the window. Mary had her
eyes drift down at her own body to see what they were seeing.


Of course her body was bare, void of any clothing. On top
of it, her body was in an incredibly daring pose. Her legs were spread wide,
and she was even suspended up. Her butt barely touched the seat under her.
Being in the center of the car, she knew that anyone at any of the side windows
or front window could see her, just as Jenny and Julie were.


Her hands were tightly clamped to her nether regions.
Without her hands, there’d be nothing hidden down there.


Her arms were also creating a problem. Each framed her
breasts and pushed them together. Her chest swelled up higher than usual. It
was like she was trying to show them off.


Jenny and Julie eventually turned and left. They were off
to find Mary’s note from the night before now. Hopefully they wouldn’t take long.
Anyone walking by would get quite the sight!


Mary fidgeted as much as she could, but if she moved
wrong, she could end up falling from her seat. She wondered if Jenny and Julie
would truly go anywhere, or just spy on her and take her word for the note.
Perhaps only one of them would go find the note.


Mary couldn’t take her mind off wanting to cover her
breasts. She looked from side to side, and then moved her hands away from
between her legs. She placed a hand on each of her breasts. It felt good to
have them covered, but the instant the air touched her exposed crotch, her
breathes became sharper.


Covering her breasts felt safer in some ways. Since her
upper body was higher up, and more near the back windows, she felt as if they
were more exposed to the outside.


However what was on show between her legs was surely more
embarrassing. She could even feel her lips were slightly parted. She’d be
showing pink to anyone who might see, she didn’t even want Jenny and Julie to
see that!


So Mary returned her hands to between her legs. It made
the most sense to her.







Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 3


Time passed, and Mary began to worry. From time to time,
Mary was able to crane her neck to see people in the distance. If anyone of
them were to leave the park, they might walk right by her.


The road was close too, so Mary constantly heard cars
drive by. At any moment someone else could park right next to Jenny’s car to
get to the park.


Mary fought all her urges to hide though, and stayed in
her pose. Surely she’d be able to quickly hide if it did seem like someone was
going to get close. Jenny and Julie surely wouldn’t punish her if she hid
because she’d be caught, right?


Mary was happy to see Jenny and Julie walking back
finally. The two were quick to start checking her out though, so Mary’s smiling
face didn’t last long.


The two got in the car. They looked at Mary, specifically
at her breasts and the trembling hands just barely hiding her total nudity.
Finally Jenny spoke, “Well, looks like you were here last night, all naked and
everything here in the park.”


Mary sighed in relief. She then took her feet down from
the seat.


“We didn’t tell you that you could take those down,
that’ll be another point,” Julie claimed.


“What? You said I had to stay like that while you were
gone, now you’re back!” Mary agued.


“I should deduct a point for arguing with a judge, but
you’re right. If I were really mean though, I’d just give you another challenge
to put them back up. However I think you better take your usual seat and buckle
up so we can get to our next stop. We have a bit of an errand to run.”


 Mary scooted back
into her usual slouched position to the side. The two girls eased themselves in
as well, and Jenny started the car.


Mary was able to cover her breasts again and cross her
legs. She felt a little better, even if she was still completely nude.


As she tried to mentally prepare herself for what could
be next, Mary could tell the last stunt had the usual undesired effect on her.
Her nipples were hard, poking into the side of her arm. She also ignored it
before, but there was a tingle between her legs too. She was thankful she
wasn’t caught, but the risk of exposure had once again turned her on.


Mary was unsure if she could accept her arousal. On one
side, it was embarrassing. She was turned on by weird things like being naked
in public, and Jenny and Julie knew about it. She hardly understood it fully,
and it was maddening.


At the same time though, she knew that if she didn’t like
it, she wouldn’t do it. She also couldn’t deny the thrill was intoxicating on a
few different levels. Not only the arousal, but the excitement as well was
usually worth it in the end.


If it weren’t for Jenny and Julie, there was no way Mary
would feel all these different feelings. It made her a little happy to know
that at least the two of them enjoyed it so much, even if it was at her


Mary was losing track of where they were. She was
thankful that they hadn’t driven into town really, but she didn’t know the subdivision
they were in very well.


Mary wasn’t sure why they were stopping at the side of
the street either. They were in the middle of a row of houses. Did they intend
to stop at someone’s house? Was Mary going to again end up naked in front of a


“Guys…” Mary began to say.


“You think we’d tell you?” Jenny said with a laugh,
predicting Mary’s question.


“OK Mary, here’s the big deal time. You get to do
something really bad, but if you do it, you get to win back some points!” Julie
suddenly offered. Mary didn’t say anything at first, wondering what it could
be, so Julie continued. “You’re going to go up to the door of that house,”
Julie said, pointing to the one they stopped in front of. “You then will ring
the bell. While you wait for someone to answer the door, you stand there with
your hands behind your head!”


“You have to be kidding, no way!” Mary immediately
responded. The two of them expected her to stand completely exposed for some


“Oh, think about it a little. Yeah, you’ll be super
naked, but we’re offering you five points back! That’s five challenges worth.
You could either make up for the points lost already, or have some more wiggle
room for future ones,” Jenny explained.


“Yeah, and I could be completely embarrassed! How would I
even explain myself?!” Mary complained.


“Well, that’s half the fun. However, if it makes you feel
better, we know the girl who lives here, and she knows we were coming today.
She also isn’t totally unaware of our games either,” Julie said.


Mary did take a moment to think about it. Five points was
a lot honestly. A bit of extreme embarrassment now by choice could avoid some
pretty embarrassing events in the future.


Mary looked out the windows. No one else was outside at
the moment. If she left now, she could maybe get this over with quickly.


“So like… what do I do once she sees?” Mary asks.


“Oh, well you can come right back here, and we leave.
We’ll even explain everything for you too when she asks us what is going on
later,” Julie bargained.


“It would just be a second…” Mary thought to herself,
trying to convince herself to do it.


Mary began to reach for the door, when Jenny interrupted
“Use the other one, and go around the front of the car.” When Mary sighed out
loud, Jenny was quick to add, “this is an official challenge too and you could
lose a point for this.”

Mary turned and quickly used the other door. She honestly wasn’t ready to do
this yet, but at the same time she didn’t want to lose any of the points she
was about to earn.


Mary stepped out of the car onto the pavement. The sun
was high up now. Mary quickly ran around the car, seeing Jenny and Julie
watching from inside.

There was no one around close by as Mary made it across the road. Mary was
happy that closest person, someone mowing their lawn, was too far away to
really notice her state of dress.


Mary was on the side walk, dashing down the path that
leads up through the yard. Mary wanted to wait and get ready for this more, but
she was standing naked out in the open.


Mary still had her breasts cradled as she ran down the
path, and when she made it to the door, she stopped and crouched down. She used
one hand to cup her lower lips. She looked behind her at the eagerly waiting
Jenny and Julie. Mary scanned the other houses for any potential witnesses.


Seeing she was alone, Mary eyed up the doorbell. She’d
have to press it and wait there for someone to come by.


“Five points Mary… five points. This’ll make your life
easier,” she told herself. She eventually stood up as she had been instructed
to do, facing the door and her legs parted slightly. She let one arm sit at her
side, the other hovering near the doorbell.


Looking back over her shoulder, she saw Jenny and Julie
still waiting. They were giving her the thumbs-up sign.


Mary took a deep breath. She steeled herself with all her
courage. She pressed the button, hearing the chime go off, her fate sealed.


Even if she wanted to run, she’d be seen for sure. Mary
still clasped her hand behind her head, even though the pose made her feel incredibly
vulnerable. She couldn’t believe she’d offer her naked body like this to


She tried to convince herself that it was Julie and
Jenny’s friend. She tried to tell herself that it would just be a second. Yet
nothing made her heart slow down.


Mary was frozen where she was, waiting and waiting. It
was total hell. Any second someone would open the door, but each second that
did go by felt like minutes.


How much longer would she have to wait naked outside? She
almost was hoping the door would be opened sooner.


Mary nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand
on her bare shoulder! “At ease Mary, just us,” Julie said to Mary, who looked
behind herself in shock. Jenny and Julie had left the car and joined her on the


“Here, how about we just let ourselves in?”Jenny
exclaimed as she opened the door. Mary was suddenly being pushed into the
stranger’s house.


“What are you doing?” Mary asked, both surprised they
were entering without being let in and that she was also naked.


“Don’t worry about it; you’re already guilty of public
indecency, what’s a little breaking and entering?” Julie teased. The door was
shut, and Mary looked around. She now had her hands hiding the usual spots as
she took in her new surroundings. The lights and everything were turned off
inside. Outside the three of them, things were quiet. Was this some type of set
up that the girls were playing on Mary?


“Honey, we’re home!” Julie called out loudly.


Mary glared at Julie. “Shut up,” she hissed.


“We brought home dessert as well!” Julie again shouted,
grabbing hold Mary’s wrists, exposing her.

Mary’s felt she was about to die. Again her body was exposed, and although she
was just about to do it to whoever lived here before, she was no longer
choosing to do it. “Julie, STOP!” Mary begged.


“Shh, be quiet,” Julie giggled. Mary did quiet up again,
not wanting to draw attention. Mary was given her wrists back and she covered
up again. She looked all around, but the house was still quiet.


“Oh quit teasing the poor thing Julie. Mary, don’t worry
about anything, it’s just us here,” Jenny explained. “Oh well I suppose Polly
is here too, but he doesn’t count since he’s a bird.”


Things were starting to piece together for Mary. “Oh! So
you’re like house sitting or something while whoever lives here is gone?” Mary


“See, it’s because you’re so damn clever I love tricking
you,” Julie joked. Mary gave Julie a quick jab in the arm, but it didn’t halt
Julie’s laughing.


“Yep, we were given a key so we could feed Polly while our
friend is away. So no one was here, we just wanted to psych you out,” Jenny


“Well it worked,” Mary said, rubbing her hands up and
down her arms. Her pose had become more relaxed once she had found out it was
just them. It was bizarre how even when naked sometimes she still felt normal
amongst the two of them. The contrast between at risk nudity and this more
‘casual’ nudity was an odd feeling as well to her.


Mary now with a clearer mind looked around. The house was
definitely nice. Rubbing her bare arms though, feeling her breasts on her arms
as well, reminded her too well she was indeed naked in a stranger’s home still.
She looked down at her feet and bare body, seeing it above the unfamiliar


“You two relax, and I’ll go feed Polly. I think Mary
needs a bit of a break,” Julie kindly offered.


Jenny walked over to the couch and sat down. Mary
followed her. Mary stared at the cushion of the vinyl couch. She was unsure at
first; it seemed a bit wrong to sit naked on someone else’s couch.


Jenny patted the seat though, so Mary sighed and sat down
next to her. Immediately Mary took note of what it felt like to be naked on
such a couch as she sunk in a little. Her face was red, even if it was just
Jenny and her at the time.


The two didn’t say much at first, really just taking the
moment to calm down. Mary was a bit on edge, still so unfamiliar with her
surroundings and everything.


Mary had placed her hands on her lap, trying to force herself
to at least act a bit more natural. She was hoping that maybe she could grow a
little more used to being naked around her friends. She also felt the constant
covering only served to highlight her nudity.


Glancing to her side, it was clear that Jenny was not
treating the exposure like it was normal. Her gaze drifted up and down Mary’s
body. Mary tried to ignore it, but her mind quickly thought about what Jenny
was seeing. Her bare breast topped with hard nipples, a little patch of fur
between her legs, and a girl shifting in her seat who was completely naked.


Mary tried to avoid eye contact, and look around the room
some. It only reminded her of the feeling that she didn’t belong there though.
This was a stranger’s house, and she was just trying to sit and relax in it,
while not wearing a stitch of clothing.


A tad fed up with the whole situation, Mary stood up. She
sort of did it with the intent of finding some privacy, but she didn’t know
where to go. She quickly thought up an excuse, “Um, Jenny… where’s the


Jenny smiled and pointed. “Up the stairs, first door on
your right,” and once Jenny was done talking, Mary quickly took her leave.


















Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 4


Every step on the stairs, Mary knew her body bounced
about for Jenny to see. She tried her best to not look fazed by the accidental


Julie was walking back down the hall at that very moment
Mary made it to the top. Julie gave an appreciative and curious stare. Mary
flinched, and wanted to cover, but kept her arms at her sides. She muttered out
the word, “bathroom,” as she quickly turned to the door at her side. Julie
seemed to continue walking by as Mary closed the door.


Mary placed her hands on the sink counter, and stared
down at the floor. She took a deep breath as she collected her thoughts.


She could see her nipples, still quite stiff. Mary looked
up at the mirror, and at her naked self. Even in the bathroom it was weird to
see herself naked like this.

With her privacy, Mary’s hands cupped her breasts, fingers rolling her nipples
around. She cooed softly. She instantly felt the warmth between her legs grow


“Oh Mary, what has gotten into you lately,” Mary moaned
to herself as she continued to play with her sensitive boobs. Her motions were
soft and slow, but they really were taking her breath away.


“You don’t even know who lives here, and you’re playing
with yourself,” Mary said as she stumbled back against the wall, leaning
against it. She glanced in the mirror again, seeing much more of her naked body
now. Her legs were even parted. Mary moved one of her hands from her breasts,
and started to move it down the front of her body. She closed her eyes before
she could actually watch herself masturbate in the mirror.


Mary’s whole body tingled as her fingers made contact
with her tender lips. A few rubs and Mary was about ready to take a seat on the


However Mary tried to stop herself. She told herself if
she wasn’t careful, Jenny and Julie would somehow tell what she was up to. Not
to mention, as much as the arousal tended to be another source of embarrassment
for her, it also helped keep her mind off worrying sometimes.


Mary forced herself to stop touching her body. Looking in
the mirror again, Mary was a bit hesitant to stop so she could go back
downstairs. It seemed like her heaving chest; even harder nipples, rosy cheeks,
and general body language were just screaming she wanted release. She wasn’t
sure if it was because she was denying her body what it wanted, or if because
she had become more aroused.


Mary used a bit of toilet paper to clean between her legs
a little, to get rid of excess moisture. She then flushed the toilet to fool
her friends, and then she washed her hands. She tried to tell her body to
settle down, but at the same time she considered continuing where she left off
too. However after flushing, it would be really odd if she took much longer.


Mary opened the door and stepped back into the hall. That
same unfamiliar feeling she had creeped right back to her. Stepping closer to
the stairs, she could see Jenny and Julie sitting in the living room.

She knew all eyes were on her as she stepped down the stairs. This time, she
was unable to fight her embarrassment and she crossed her arms over her
bouncing breasts. It didn’t help that she felt as if her nipples were now ten
times more noticeable.


Before Mary could take another step towards the couches
so she could join her friends, Julie jumped out of her seat, “Mary, I’ve been
waiting, come look!”


Julie ran up to Mary, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her
into the kitchen. Mary didn’t even ask what was happening as she was tugged
along towards the back patio door.


Julie pulled the curtain open, and bright light shone in
onto Mary. Mary cowered away from it at first. Outside Mary could see the
backyard, a tall fence, and a pool.


“How about a dip Mary?” Julie asked, opening the door.
Things were moving fast, Mary wasn’t sure what was going on.


“Oh I don’t know…” Mary said, concerned both for the fact
that this wasn’t their house, and that she’d be naked outside for the neighbors
to spy. With the home owner gone on vacation, someone using the pool naked
would definitely seem suspicious.


“Well, then that’s another point taken away!” Julie
teased as she stepped outside. Jenny calmly had walked in too. “You’ll lose
another if you keep hesitating to join us too,” Jenny threatened as she started
to undo buttons on her sundress, stepping outside with Julie. Mary gulped and
timidly stepped out onto the patio, her hands shielding her chest and between
her legs again.


Mary saw Jenny take her sundress off, reveal the same
blue bikini from before. Julie was peeling her own top off, Mary was shocked to
see Julie was wearing a top, and it was even more modest than Jenny’s.


Mary stepped near the pool side. She looked around, and
could see that the backyard was mostly private, but the second story windows of
the neighbors would be able to see in. Mary impatiently waited for her friends.


Mary was again shocked to see that when Julie pulled down
her shorts, she revealed a modest lower half for her suit too. She was honestly
not much more exposed than she was moments ago. Mary knew Julie would be the
type who would prefer to swim naked. Mary wondered if it was picked purely just
to make Mary feel more naked.


Jenny and Julie, now in only their suits, took off
running for the pool and jumped in. Mary knew that she’d be more hidden in the
pool then standing at the side, so she eased herself in.

The water was cool and felt nice on the warm day. Mary hesitantly just stood at
the edge of the pool, most of her body under water. She could see down into the
clear water pretty well, it seemed obvious she was naked up close, but
hopefully anyone spying out windows wouldn’t be able to see that well.

Jenny and Julie were already swimming about merrily. Mary sighed; figuring if
she was moving at least a bit her nudity would be less obvious.


The girls began to splash about and enjoying themselves.
Mary took some time, but she was starting to at least try to have some fun,
even if it was hard to ignore her naked body in the water. She could feel the
water slide all over her naked form, defining the shape and locations more than
the air normally did.


Eventually, Julie got out of the pool and got a beach
ball and tossed it in. The girls began to bounce it around between each other.
Mary realized that with all her jumps and bumps against the ball, her breasts
would bobble and splash up over the surface. The brief moments of touching the
air and then splashing down into the water again made her quite self conscious,
but also kept her nipples hard and sensitive. Although Jenny and Julie were
mostly behaving, they did give a few teases, including, “make sure you don’t
pop the ball with those things!”


The three began to talk about how nice the pool was.
Julie even suggested, “if we had one more person we could play chicken!” Mary
blushed thinking about that. She thought about being on top of someone’s
shoulders, suspended high above the water, her butt and boobs exposed to the
world. She pictured it being at a pool party, many other people around seeing
her like that.


Julie got out again and found herself an inflatable raft.
She tossed it into the pool and began to relax on it. Jenny didn’t let it last
long, and knocked the girl out of it. As the girls were all laughing and such,
Julie said it was Mary’s turn on it.

It was obvious what the purpose of this was for. It meant her naked body out of
the water, laying out for them all to see. Yet Mary was in good enough spirits
to not argue much. Things had been going well, and she wasn’t about to ruin it
by losing more points.


Mary managed to climb on the raft, lying on her stomach,
which quickly got her a round of heckling and she turned over to lie on her
back. She held her hands over her breasts and between her legs at first.


The two girls would occasionally push Mary around on the
raft, having her drift all around as they would swim. Mary nervously looked
around her, watching the windows of the nearby houses.


Mary was nearly tipped off the raft when Julie began to
shake it. Mary had to grip to the sides to keep from falling off. Julie
stopped, but Mary blushed realizing what she did, she had uncovered herself.
She also could have just let herself fall into the pool so she wasn’t so
exposed anymore either.


“Now, how about you stay like that?” Jenny challenged
with a wink. Mary sighed as she did her best to keep her hands folded on her
stomach, and not near her more delicate spots.


Mary was still wet from the pool, and she could feel the
water drip down her body. It contrasted a lot with the warm sun shining on her.
She could see her breasts glistening with beads of wetness dripping down them
from even as far up as her nipples. The nipples themselves of course poked out
high into the air. To keep balance Mary had to keep her legs slightly parted,
and she worried at the right angles the two girls would be able to see some of her
pink slit.


Still, with no one else seeing her, Mary was still
feeling pretty Ok. The girls’ teasing had slowed a bit, and things were going
nicely. She was expecting the whole weekend to be filled with nothing but high
energy thrills. However now things were peaceful and, she enjoyed.


As she was enjoying her time finally, naked on the raft
in the pool, there was a sudden foreign sound to her. It was the patio door
sliding open!


Mary turned her head to see a girl standing on the patio
with a smile on her face, staring with interest at the three girls in the pool.
Her eyes specifically locked on the totally naked one of course, Mary.


Mary yelped loudly as she covered her body like before.
Her sudden movements caused her to tip over the raft, and her fall into the
pool. Mary quickly righted herself up in the water, but she did her best to
swim and keep an arm against her chest. Her eyes were wide as stared back at
their captor.


“I’m sooo sorry! Oh my god, this is so embarrassing, oh
my god we can explain!” Mary said with panic. She looked to her two friends,
only to see the two of them also smiling. They didn’t seem concerned at all.


“No need to, everything is perfectly clear,” The girl
said. She kicked off her sandals, and walked to the poolside. Mary began to
swim backwards towards the far wall to stay away, her arm still clung to her bare
breasts she was sure were obvious through the water’s surface.


The girl sat down and dipped her bare legs into the pool.
She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. She happily kicked her feet in the water.
“So, any trouble while I was gone?” the girl asked, eyeing up Jenny and Julie,
who could hardly keep their laughter back.


Mary finally realized this girl was the one who lived at
the house. Either she was home early, or more evidently from their giggling,
Jenny and Julie knew this would happen.


“Julie! Jenny!” Mary hissed as she gave them evil looks.
She didn’t even need them to explain that this was all a trap. Mary remembered
that they said that this girl was used to their games, and that’s why she
didn’t seem freaked out to find a naked girl in her pool.


“Oh, don’t worry about it. Sal’s a close friend,” Julie
explained. Mary still gave her an evil look. “Really, she’s seen it all before,
no need to get worried.”

Sal, or as Mary assumed, Sally, spoke up, “Oh? I have to say I was actually
pretty surprised. I don’t think I’ve seen you wear a suit in this pool in like
years.” The three girls giggled, Mary apprehensively trying to asses
everything. One moment she was relaxing naked in the pool, and now she felt
very exposed and cornered.


“Oh shut your face,” Julie argued back. “Sometimes maybe
I just like to have a bit of a different fashion sense. Besides, I didn’t want
to be wearing the same suit as Mary!”


“Guys, I can’t believe you…” Mary said, trying to sound hurt.
However it wasn’t true, she expected this type of stunt from them. She found it
bizarre how it didn’t faze her more.


Jenny swam towards Mary. “Oh, you say that, but I bet
you’re super excited,” Jenny whispered, nudging Mary with her elbow knowingly.
She then began to swim towards the ladder.


Mary’s heart pounded. To be called out for something like
that wasn’t just embarrassing, but knowing it was sort of true really drove her


“Come on slow poke, everyone out of the pool, time to
go!” Julie yelled as she too got to the ladder. Mary in a huff began to swim
slowly towards it. Everyone was able to watch her slowly swim naked across the
pool. She didn’t want to get out of the pool and really expose herself, but she
couldn’t stay there either. She saw Sally watching her intently.


Mary stopped near the ladder, using the edge of the pool
to hide her for a few last moments. “Come on guys, can’t I at least get a towel
or something to cover up with?”


“You can’t cover up on a nude weekend Mary, you know
that,” Julie teased. Mary glared at her, not liking the fact that Sally would
also now know that this nudity thing had been going on for awhile, and was
still going to last.


Mary stared at the ladder, considering her options. She
couldn’t think of a reliable way to get out of the pool, and hide her body.
Until she was out on dry land again, she would have to be uncovered in front of


“Sal, you don’t think you could like… look away, do you?”
Mary asked.


Sally smiled, “nope, it’s my pool. I should have the
right to ogle anyone climbing out of it!” The three girls laughed. Sally was
looking to her right, ready to see Mary climb out. Jenny and Julie were both
standing there too, and even if they have seen Mary naked before, they seemed
ready to not miss a moment.


Mary took a deep breath, unwrapped her arm from her
breasts, and stepped to the side so she could grab hold of the ladder’s

Step after step, Mary could feel her body slip out of the cool water. Water
dripped down from her hair and face. The moment her hard nipples broke the
surface of the water she almost gasped. Each step was tougher; she was no
longer feeling the weightlessness she felt under water. She could feel her
bodies full weight, causing her to be even more aware of it. It was also a
struggle as she exposed herself more and more.












Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 5


Mary eventually pulled her entire torso from the water.
The water made her body shine. She had to move some hair from her eyes, and she
got a good look at all the eyes staring back at her. She had to avert her gaze
to the ground, the red in her cheeks burning darker.


The familiar but always surprising feel of the air
directly touching her lips as they were pulled from the pool was another
sensation that Mary couldn’t help but let out a silent gasp to. Mary wanted to
cringe and hide, but she had a goal to get out of the pool now.


Finally her toes were pulled from the deep, and onto the
metal ladder. Mary’s breasts hung slightly as she bent over, climbing out of
the pool finally. When her bare souls made contact with the ground, Mary
swiftly placed her arms into their usual defensive positions. Although hidden
now, everyone around her had seen her bare breasts and pussy, and Mary was
completely embarrassed by that idea.


Mary self consciously turned her bare butt away from
Sally. Sally was happily staring back up at her. Mary could swear she could
feel every drop of water pass down her bare form. She could feel it bounce over
every little goosebump. Mary felt water pool up between her arms and breasts.
She even noted the contrast between the cool water between her hand and lips,
but at the same time the warm radiance coming from her skin.


Mary’s face burned too. Even with the naughtiest parts
hidden, she was still standing completely naked in this girl’s backyard. Mary
nervously stood there, not even sure what to do next.


Mary’s wet and naked form didn’t go unnoticed. Jenny had
actually been drying herself off when Mary was emerging from the pool. “Mary,
we should probably dry you up a bit before we go,” Julie said, as she got a
towel too.


Jenny and Julie both whispered something to each other,
and stood around Mary. Mary wasn’t sure what was happening. “Now, you lose a
point if you don’t follow along. Just do as we say, and you’ll be nice and dry
in no time,” Jenny said. She then took her towel, and spread it out over Mary’s
head, and began to dry Mary’s hair.


Mary didn’t have much time to react, suddenly her head
was being jostled around. She did get a glimpse of Julie standing in front of
her. “Hold still,” Julie ordered as Mary felt her looping the towel around her.


With an end in each hand, Julie began to tug the towel
back and forth. The middle of it rubbed side to on Mary’s back, vigorously.
Mary almost lost balance by the sudden movement, but she was able to stand
herself stable again.


Mary noticed the effect all this movement was having.
Beneath her arms, she could still feel her breasts wanting to jiggle around.
Her backside, not being held down at all, did begin to shake a lot. Mary knew
that Sally had to see it, but there was little she could do about it.


When Julie started to move the towel down Mary’s back,
Jenny began to dry Mary’s neck and shoulders. Mary could finally again see
well. Sally was indeed looking at the three girls, the one naked and helpless
amongst the quickly moving towels.


Julie’s towel eventually reached her bouncing bottom, and
Mary was relieved when it was covered up, although the friction of the towel
being moved across her bare butt was new. This wasn’t herself toweling herself
off, this was someone else, and she had no control over it.


Mary was soon realizing how little control over the
situation she had. She had not been dried like this since when she was young.
Mary did sort of like how she was being a bit pampered though, ignoring the
total embarrassment of being naked while it all happened.


“Here, lift this arm, I need to get at it,” Jenny
requested. Mary felt a tug on the arm that was hiding her breasts.


Mary’s eyes grew wide, and she turned her head to look at
Jenny. “No way! I’m not doing that, then she’ll see my…” Mary couldn’t finish
her sentence.


“Well you have to lift your arms one way or the other,
cause I have to get your front now,” Julie said, having finished up drying Mary’s


Mary looked at both girls pleadingly. She looked to
Sally, who was grinning from ear to ear.


Julie sighed. “Fine, fine. Here…” Julie held the towel
out wide, like a big curtain in front of Mary. Mary looked down at it, and saw
that with how close to her it was, it actually hid her some. “Move your arms quick
and I’ll get you wrapped up and ready to go,” Julie offered.


Mary thought about it for a moment. If she refused, her
punishment could be pretty bad for all she knew. Julie did seem willing to
help, so Mary felt that maybe it wasn’t a trap. So Mary slowly peeled her hands
away from her body, and held them out.


In a moment, Mary felt the towel press to her nude body.
From the top of her chest, to mid-thigh, Mary was actually covered in some way.


Julie slipped behind Mary, like before holding both ends
of the towel. Mary now offered little resistance as Jenny took her left arm,
and lifted it up and outstretched horizontally. The two began another round of


Jenny’s simple arm toweling was easily overshadowed by
what Julie was up to. The quick and sudden tugs from side to side and the towel
dragging across Mary’s bare front side was something else. Mary could feel the
soft towel slide over every inch of her with how tight it was pulled against
her body.


One very noticeable point was the fact that the cotton
rubbed against her still hard nipples. The sensation nearly made Mary coo, she
hadn’t really attended to her arousal yet, and it actually felt sort of good.


Mary was very aware of where she was though. Her eyes
shot open as she looked around. Although it was all in her head, she was still
embarrassed that she was thinking about something like arousal while in front
of everyone.


Julie’s handiwork with the towel also reminded Mary of
her exposure. Beneath the towel, Mary could feel the fabric dart over her skin.
Yet at the same time, she could also feel the areas that weren’t. The bits of
skin that the air could still touch and the sun could still shine on. The
contrast only heightened Mary’s feeling of nudity. Even Jenny’s simple toweling
of her arm added to the whole effect.


Sally still eagerly watched as Mary was twisted around.
It was at that time that Mary also noticed that Julie’s wiggling towel began to
slip down. Julie was intending to repeat what she did to Mary’s back and
descend down her body!


“Julie!” Mary shouted, bringing her free arm up to the
top of the towel to try and grab it. Jenny though was quick to intercept.


“Hold it right there, I have to get this one. You better
leave the other one up too; it still needs to air dry in the sun!” Jenny
snapped, now taking hold of Mary’s right arm. Mary was a little shocked by the
sudden command, and followed through with it.

With both arms now outstretched, Mary wasn’t able to stop the towel from
slithering down her body. Mary’s breasts were unable to stay contained, and
with the towel down a few more inches, both of Mary’s breasts sprang free.


They didn’t once stop moving either. Julie’s technique
insured that the breast would keep bouncing and swaying. Mary’s face was
burning hot by this point. Sally, a girl she just met, was now witness to her
very embarrassing exposure. Mary’s arms felt heavy, but she didn’t move them
one bit. She was this far in, she was going to earn the chance to keep her


The towel fell lower and lower on her body, down past her
ribs and even down to her belly button. The whole time, her body couldn’t stop
shaking. Sally watched as Mary’s breasts bounced around. Mary herself wished
she could cover them. Feeling them move so freely was a painful reminder that
this girl could see everything about them. Size, shape, and even what her
nipples were like. It didn’t help that she no longer had the excuse of cool
pool water for the stiff nipples that topped each.


As Julie began to kneel next to Mary, she started to
shift the towel so it wasn’t rubbing across each side, but instead it wrapped
around her hip. This left the bare gab between the two ends on her right hip,
where Julie was kneeling.


Jenny was just finishing the arms. She told Mary she
could lower them some, but no covering. Jenny then waited at the side for Julie
to finish up.


Mary knew that things were going to reach their climax
with this little stunt the two were pulling. If Julie kept this up, soon the
towel would be so low that even her most private place would be out in the


Mary’s heart skipped a few beats when Julie slowed down,
and she felt the towel loosen on her body. Julie herself though just crawled
around Mary to her other hip. To Mary’s embarrassment though, Julie had gone
around the front, the gab in the towel briefly flashing her bit of girl fur to
everyone for a second.


At the other hip, Julie’s decent was hastened. She spent
far less time on the upper hip, and more of Mary’s front side became
progressively exposed.


Mary nervously wrapped her arms around her stomach. It
took a lot of her willpower to not cover her still shaking breasts or to cover


With a few more passes of the towel, a few strands of her
lower, brown locks popped into view. Mary didn’t have to look to tell, she
could feel the edge of the towel working lower. After just a few more twists,
the towel was now drying just the sides of her legs, below everything Mary
would want hidden!


Mary could see Sally’s wide eyes staring between her
legs. Mary was happy Sally actually wasn’t looking up at her, because Mary
immediately averted her gaze. She was ready for this whole show to stop, but
Julie wasn’t stopping.


When Julie did get low to the ground, Jenny too knelt
next to Mary. Both then took their towel, and looped them around the inside of
Mary’s legs. Mary looked curiously at them. That’s when Mary realized that the
only place that hadn’t been dried, was up along the inside of her legs!


Mary tried to say something, like for them to not do
this. Mary pictured how it would be, to have the towel rub all the way up.
About what kind of cruel allusions they could make to certain kinds of wetness
near the top. How the two of them could easily nestle their towels at the very
top, and to rub them along her…


Mary’s thoughts were cut off as soon as the two began.
Beyond the sudden sensations of the two towels slowly climbing her legs, Mary
also noticed her footing. Both girls had firm grips on the towel, and Mary was
sure they were trying to spread her legs as they shifted the towel against


Mary’s feet slipped a bit, still being wet. The two were
able to spread Mary’s legs just a little wider. Sally whistled at the new
sight. Mary was incredibly embarrassed, now being so incredibly revealed. Her
bare and wet lips, wet for two reasons, were now even out in the open. She
still stood motionless though, too caught up to react.


When the towels started to rub against Mary’s thighs, her
breathing became heavy. Her eyes darted to each of her friends. She couldn’t
read them. Mary didn’t know what was going to happen. Were the two of them…
were things going to go that far?


Mary loudly sighed when the towels suddenly stopped and
were dropped, all pressure on her naked body suddenly ceasing.


Mary questionatively looked at her friends again, almost
as if she was surprised they didn’t follow through with what it seemed would


Jenny and Julie played it cool though, and acted like
nothing happened. Jenny handed her towel to Mary. “You finish up, Julie and I still
have to change,” she said. Julie grabbed her own towel, and the two retreated
into the house without another word, Mary left speechless watching them.


Mary then looked back to Sally, who was still looking at
Mary with appreciation. Mary quickly crossed her arm across her chest like
usual, and took the towel and placed it between her legs. She felt a tingle
shoot through her body. Whenever a moment ended, Mary was bad at staying calm.


“We better hurry and clean up and head inside too,” Sally
said, arranging a few of the chairs and things.


Mary awkwardly moved the towel between her legs a little,
she was honestly still wet from the swimming there. Yet at the same time, the
fabric passing past her lips was more than enough to confirm she was aroused.
She couldn’t believe being handled like that, even in front of a stranger, did
little to cool her down.


Once Mary was sure she was dry, the rest of body having
been well dried by her friends, tried to drape the towel in front of her. Sally
though was quick on the uptake, “oh done with that, here, they probably would
want me to take that for them,” Sally said, taking the towel from Mary. Mary’s
brain wasn’t quite caught up yet, so she didn’t fight it. She instead made sure
to cover up with her hands, and follow Sally inside.


Inside, Sally set the towels she gathered to the side.
They were in the kitchen again. With bare feet, Mary could feel the couple of
small puddles the two girls left behind. They had dried themselves more poorly
than they did Mary.


Sally took a seat at the table. She looked Mary up and
down again, smiling.


“So you’re the new girl, huh?” Sally asked.


Mary wasn’t sure what she exactly meant by that. “What?”


“Jenny and Julie, they mentioned they had a new friend in
their games. They never really say much though,” Sally leaned back in their
seat. “I just know they said they were having a lot of fun with a really fun and
cute girl. So how’d they get you mixed up in all this?”


Mary thought about it. She was a little happy that the
two didn’t seem to talk much on the details about this. Mary also wondered just
how many other people were in on their games. She hadn’t found out till almost
a year ago. “Well, they sort of pulled a prank on me I guess,” Mary said, not
really diving into the details.


“Ah. I first found out when the two of them wanted to go
skinny dipping in my pool. They were so cute asking me, all shy and
embarrassed,” Sally said with a chuckle. Mary couldn’t believe what she had
heard. Jenny being embarrassed she could picture, but Julie almost never seemed
that way!









Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 6


“So they just one day wanted to skinny dip in your pool?”
Mary asked, wanting to know more.


“Oh, well it wasn’t Jenny’s first time,” Sally was again
giggling, Mary insisted she share more. “A few weeks before, Julie had stripped
poor Jenny during a small get together here between some friends. At that time,
I didn’t know that was part of their games. We joke now, the reason they asked
if they could skinny dip, was only because Julie was actually jealous, and
didn’t get to do some nude swimming. Now if it’s just us, Julie never brings a


Mary couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She loved
getting any chance she could to hear about those two being the naked ones.


“So like, you just let them and stuff? I mean, like do
you ever…” Mary was trying to figure out what roll Sally played. Her curiosity
was piqued a bit too much.


“I’m flattered, but I rarely join them. I’m what they
call a voyeur. I just enjoy watching. Don’t worry though, I’ve been around them
often enough to know what you see in it,” Sally said with a wink.


Mary’s face heated up, suddenly remembering her very
naked appearance, “It’s… it’s not like that! I mean, I don’t, it’s not like!”
Mary was trying to hide that she was a willing participant in these games for
her own thrill, even if that was technically the truth.


“Oh, so you mean you three haven’t…” Sally slyly


Mary’s face warmed up again, her eyes scanning around
her, as if worried Jenny and Julie might come back and hear. “Whoa! No, not
that! I wasn’t getting at that at all! I mean, we three would never… I mean
they… well wait, are they… well you know?” Mary’s mind was racing with what
Sally could have been implying.


“I’m only teasing. Don’t worry about it. Just joking
around,” Sally said, getting up from the table. She walked to the fridge, and
casually offered Mary a drink. Mary turned her down, still wondering if Sally
was in anyway serious, and if she had purposely dodged the question about Julie
and Jenny.


After another couple of moments, Jenny and Julie
returned. Already back in their outfits from before, the two took seat at the
table. Mary awkwardly kept standing, as if her being naked meant she probably
shouldn’t sit down.


Remembering all the stunts that Jenny and Julie had
pulled so far made Mary want to say something too. She thought it would be
appropriate for her to in some way yell at them. The two had been doing nothing
but teasing and torturing her all day. The towel stunt especially was more than
what she was used to.

At the same time though, Mary had a hard time feeling angry. She wanted to
yell, but she didn’t know how. She wasn’t sure if it’s because she just heard
the story about them, if it was her current arousal masking the feelings she
felt she should have, or if in general she really didn’t mind any of it.


“So what we miss?” Julie asked.


Sally giggled a little, “Mary here was just telling me
how you guys never lay off the naked stuff, like you’re obsessed with it or
something!” Mary looked towards Sally, as if to correct her, but she figured
she’d let the comment slide.


“Well maybe we wouldn’t strip her so often if she wasn’t
so cute!” Jenny explained.


“Hey!” Mary exclaimed, the three girls giggling.


“Guys, I know you probably have her naked plenty, but I
bet she’s seen more of you two than you two have seen of her!” Sally said.
Jenny and Julie both actually thought about it.


“You want to know what, I don’t think so. When the three
of us are together, Mary here is center stage usually,” Jenny admitted.


“No way! Get out. You mean two nude-addicts like you guys
have been staying dressed that often!?” Sally asked, seeming genuinely


“Hey, we never said anything about when she isn’t
around,” Julie teased.


Mary couldn’t help but wonder about that question. She
wondered just how often Jenny and Julie might do stuff on their own still.
“That doesn’t sound fair at all; you guys don’t have to leave me out so much if
you’re the ones getting naked!” Mary commented.


Jenny and Julie both seemed surprised that Mary spoke up.
They were expecting her to just try and remain less noticed.


“Well, next time we’re stripping naked, we’ll be sure to
strip you too then. I didn’t realize you wanted in more often!” Julie teased.


Mary pouted, “That’s not what I meant!” The three girls
again laughed, Mary joining in a little. Although still embarrassed on her
attire, Mary was getting a little use to things again. She always had to admit,
even if they were good at teasing her, Mary had a tough time not enjoying
herself around Jenny and Julie, clothed or not.


“I think we have to get going Sally. We have a few more
things to do,” Jenny said, getting up from her chair.


“So soon? No encore from adorable little Mary?” Sally
said, eyeing Mary up again. Mary’s arms gripped tighter around her body.


Julie leaned from her chair towards Mary. “How about it?
One last twirl, hands on head, for our friend Sally?”


Mary’s face began to heat up again. Jenny and Julie may
be fun, but they know how to also 180 a moment.


“Not like I have much choice,” Mary muttered as she
stared at the tiled floor below her. She glanced up for a moment, seeing that
three sets of eyes were already on her.


Mary shuffled her feet around a little, making sure her
legs were firmly placed together. She gave her own body one glance over; while
she still had it covered. Mary tried to assure herself that she had already
been seen, and it would only be a moment.


So with one last breath, Mary let her hands and arms move
from their usual spots, and placed both hands on the top of her head. She could
feel her breasts rise with her arms a little.


Mary was able to find the strength to start her spin
thanks to making brief eye contact with Sally. Mary wasn’t sure why Sally
wasn’t looking at her body all of a sudden, but it still made Mary blush


Mary twisted her body and dragged her feet on the floor.
She knew better than to do a quick twirl, knowing Julie and Jenny would have
demanded a slower repeat.


Once her spin was done, Mary’s hands re-hid all her
naughty places again. This time Mary was able to catch Sally’s eyes wandering.
She wasn’t sure which was worse, the knowing stare before or the interested
observations at the end.


Julie, Jenny, and Sally all shared a hug. Sally jokingly
remarked, “Sorry Mary, I’d give you one too, but I figure you might want a
little person space considering.” The three laughed, Mary smirked a little even
at that. She was appreciative too. Mary did think Sally was a pretty nice girl,
if maybe a tad too teasing like Jenny and Julie.


Sally saw the girls to the door. Jenny and Julie gave
Mary a moment, Jenny’s hand on the doorknob. Mary was happy they were giving her
a moment to psyche herself up for another naked appearance in public.


Once the door swung open, Mary saw that the sun was
starting to set already. She kept her body hidden with her hands, even with two
human shields ahead of her. Jenny and Julie began to walk back to the car, Mary
forced to follow.

Sally silently waved from the door. All three girls turned and waved as they
walked away. Mary did her best to stay covered, but the wave was short lived
since she wanted to keep her eyes looking forward.


She saw the road was deserted, but it definitely appeared
people would be home from work by this point.


Mary was thankful to get to the car without anyone
appearing. She waited as patiently as possible for the doors to be open.


When the girls were finally moving again, Mary felt a
little relieved for the whole ordeal to finally be over. She sighed a bit, and
thought about what all happened.


That’s when she remembered the grudge she had. “You guys
are the worse, you know that!” Mary suddenly blurted out.


Julie chuckled. “The worst, what did we do now?” she asked,
feigning innocence.


“Everything! You snuck me into a stranger’s house, and
then you go and trick me and have me caught naked in her pool! Oh my god and
that whole towel show thing you put on too!” Mary’s face was re-burning red by
just mentioning it. She almost regretted bringing all this up with them, she
may have preferred no one recalled it.


“You worry too much. Sally loved it!” Jenny pointed out.


“I’m not worried about her! It was super embarrassing for


Mary folded her arms grumpily, as if to make a point that
she was upset. Julie turned in her seat to talk, but Julie couldn’t even wipe
the smile from her face. “You hardly look intimidating when you’re all naked
like that,” Julie claimed.


Mary’s face grew redder as she sat there. She was losing
her resolve fast. Most of the anger had been artificial. “Still, you guys are
totally using this dumb game to just trick me and make me do a lot of bad


Julie just smiled and stared at the defiant Mary. Mary
herself wasn’t able to keep the look up for long. The way Julie was staring was
just too much for her. Her arms tightened on her body again.


“You know, I can tell you’re super aroused,” Julie said.


“Shut up! What?! You cannot!” Mary said defensively. Her
arms tightened more.


Julie exaggeratedly looked up and down over Mary’s body.
“All the classic signs of an aroused Mary. Cute red glow. Heavier breathing.
Inability to sit still. Thighs that keep shifting,” Julie listed off. “I don’t
need obvious signs like your nipples or lips to tell, which I’m sure are hard
and wet respectively.”


Mary turned her head to her side, unable to even look at
Julie. Mary had no idea that Julie was able to read her like that. Mary
wondered if all those things were so obvious, or if Julie was just luckily

Mary was incredibly aroused she had to admit. Ever since being woken up, the
whole day had been working up her arousal in some way. Although the few lull
points kept her tame, she still sort of wished for a chance to have the privacy
she needed to attend to it all.


Mary for a moment wondered if she really needed privacy.
She had enough of it in the backseat; it was only Jenny and Julie there with
her. The two would tease her mercilessly, but at the same time they’ve always
have seen so much of her. They even know that Mary does masturbate, and Mary
has even seen them do it.


Mary though couldn’t go through with it. Although the
thought of it made her tingle, she also couldn’t push her modesty away enough
to just do that suddenly with them able to watch her. Mary shook her head,
surprised she’d even consider it. She kept her legs crossed and her arms folded
across her chest.


“Tell you what, I realize that perhaps we did push you a
little with the last one, we’ll make this next one a tad easier,” Julie
explained. Mary inquisitively looked back at her. “We’re stopping for gas.
We’re going to have you fill the car, but we’re going to make it a little
easier on you. We’ll let you hide and stuff.”


Mary was still dumbfounded, “Pump gas!? I’m naked! I
can’t, I can’t just get out of the car like this at a gas station.


“It’s just the little one on the side of town. If you
haven’t noticed, we’ve taken a bit of a detour. You’ll be fine. The road won’t
be able to see you, and if no one else is there, then you’ll be fine. We’ll
even leave the doors unlocked too,” Jenny assured Mary. Mary was wondering if
they had planned to lock her out previously!


Mary could see the gas station in the distance. It was
true that it was a bit out of the way, only very local traffic stopped here
ever. It was a bit of an older one, and Mary was happy to see no one else
getting gas as they pulled in.


Jenny stopped the car so that when Mary got out, she’d be
between the car and pump, the road being on the other side of the car.


Mary looked out the windows. She made sure she couldn’t
see anyone. Jenny got out a credit card, telling Mary to put $30 in.


Mary figured the pump would hide her from the windows of
the station itself, so she hoped that no one would show up.


Opening her door, Mary set a foot out onto the pavement.
She gazed around, still making sure she was hidden.


Mary didn’t quite stand when exiting the car. She made
sure to stay hunched over. Once out of the car, she had to shut the door to
properly work the pump. She set it shut and looked at the machine.

Straightening her stance some, Mary rose up enough to slide the card in. Once
it accepted it, Mary wondered what to do with the card. Jenny was kind enough
to open her window and take it from the naked girl with no pockets.














Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 7


Selecting the fuel type, Mary opened up the gas latch on
the car. She peeked over the top of the car at the road. Mary saw a car driving
down towards them. Mary huddled behind the car, gripping her naked body. Mary
stayed like this till she heard it rush past.


Mary slowly stood again, finding the nozzle for the fuel.
She slowly removed it, as if doing anything too suddenly may suddenly draw
someone to her location. They seemed so alone, but Mary was ready for things to
change just in case.


Mary finally set it up so the car was finally filling.
She hit the latch so the gas wouldn’t stop. Her hands again gripped to her
naughtiest spots, and she waited.


As she did, she couldn’t help but notice the pulsations
between her legs. Mary could feel warmth and wetness against her hand. Her
arousal wasn’t dying one bit. Being outside, naked and exposed, and able to be
caught was pumping adrenaline through her veins.


The want to touch herself in a more purposeful way was so
much, that when Jenny suddenly stepped out of the car, Mary felt as if she was
caught doing something dirty, even if she was only thinking about it.


Jenny stood next to the car, shutting her door. Mary
wasn’t sure why at first. Was Jenny planning to do something?


Jenny pointed off in a direction. Mary looked that way,
and saw that a car was pulling into the station!


Before Mary could even think to get into the car again,
the car was pulling up to the pumps. It was right on the other side of the pump
Mary was using!


Mary didn’t dare move. Staying crouched and using the
pump as her shield, Mary waited. Jenny had stepped out seemingly to keep her
shielded from the car too while it pulled in. Perhaps also to make sure that
Mary didn’t put too much in the car, now that she was stuck.


Hearing a car door open, Mary did her best to stay
absolutely still and quiet. She was crouching naked next to Jenny’s car. She
was completely bare and without any reason for it, other than the devious game.


Mary could see the shoulder of the man at the pump as he
selected his options. Mary slowly tiptoed to the side a bit more, trying to
make sure she stayed out of sight. While she did this, Jenny stepped around her
and took hold of the nozzle, as if about done with it.

Time moved slowly for Mary. Mary wanted to avoid drawing attention by getting
back into the car. She stayed put where she was, technically safe for the time


All the while though, the heat between her legs didn’t
stop. Mary wished that this kind of thing didn’t turn her on this much. It was
beyond embarrassing and probably not good for her heart.


Mary was waiting for Mary to get back in. When she did,
Mary would be able to get in too, and able to sit low and hide while they left.


Jenny took the pump, and put it back. She was finished.
Mary watched as she waited for her receipt. This was it. This was the moment
that Mary had to make sure she did right, or else she’d be caught!


Yet Jenny didn’t get back inside. She suddenly got out a
squeegee from the side of the pump and began to clean the car windows! She was


Jenny began to clean the car’s windows. Mary still had to
wait there to be able to get in. Jenny had been seen to be alone outside the
car, so opening the door and getting in would seem suspicious with Jenny still
outside. Jenny kept flashing a few cruel smiles towards Mary, to really rub it
in that she knew what she was doing.


Mary shifted about in her spot a bit, a tad uncomfortable
with her stance. It was still a bit bright out, the sun just starting to set.
Mary heard two cars go by while waiting, and she knew the longer they were
there, the more likely that more people would stop for gas. Hopefully the
after-work rush was done with.


Mary’s heart wouldn’t slow either. It was tortuous to
have to wait. Yet she really was stuck for the time being.


Jenny had finished washing the front windshield, but
moved onto the side ones, the ones on Mary side. Mary shot Jenny a few angry
looks, but it didn’t ruin Jenny’s mood at all.


Jenny even held the squeegee in front of Mary as a threat.
Jenny bobbed it up and down, letting a few specks of moisture land on Mary. It
seemed Jenny intended to scrub Mary a little. Mary wanted to say something,
anything, to stop Jenny. Jenny just held a finger to her mouth, signaling for
her to be quiet, pointing to the car that was still filling up.


Mary kept quiet, and tried her best to use her hands to
push the squeegee away. This meant leaving herself quite uncovered, which Jenny
couldn’t help but chuckle at. Mary’s face went red. The way she was crouched,
on her feet, her knees bent and open, and both her hands not covering herself,
Mary was showing quite a bit!


Mary covered again, but Jenny retreated as well. She
apparently didn’t intend to actually scrub Mary down with the squeegee. Mary
again tried to stare Jenny down. Jenny just shrugged and continued cleaning.


When Mary heard the engine of the car finally start up,
she was relieved. The stranger must have already finished up and was leaving.
Mary stayed crouched as he pulled out, hoping she wouldn’t be caught in the
rearview mirror.


When the person was gone, Mary straightened herself up a
bit, to stretch her knees, but made sure to not stand much taller than the car


“That was close, now wasn’t it?” Jenny asked, finishing
up her scrubbing.


“Too close!” Mary complained. She was happy for things to
be over, and reached for the door handle to get inside.


“Not quite yet Mary. One more task. Help me with the
cleaning and get the back window,” Jenny handed Mary an extra squeegee.


Mary took it, but dumbfounded stared at Jenny. “Jenny,
I’ll be exposed to the road!”


“Only for a few seconds. You’ll be fine. Be glad I’m
getting the side windows on the other side, you’d be really exposed over
there!” Jenny joked, quickly disappearing around the side of the car.


Not about to lose another point, Mary quickly looked out
from behind the car to make sure no one was on the road. She saw one car
coming, so she had to wait.


Once it was past, Mary slowly crept around the back
corner of the car. She was fully exposed to one end of the road. There was
nothing to hide her body.  She slowly
brought the squeegee up to the glass, and began to clean.

Mary could see Julie turned in her seat to watch. Mary self consciously moved
the hand that had been between her legs to cover her breasts, to hide them from
her known voyeur.


Mary’s entire lower half was now uncovered as she cleaned
the glass. Mary constantly was checking over her shoulder for anyone coming
their way.


Mary could just barely see it, but there was a car coming
from behind her. She hadn’t quite finished, but she had to get out of there!
Without much of second thought, Mary quickly rushed back towards the side of
the car that would hide her from the road.


Breathing heavily, Mary crouched close to the car. The
side was still warmed from the sun, the light toasty touch against her skin
reminding her about her condition. She felt so vulnerable.


Once she heard it past again, she was determined to
finish. She had had one too many close calls for these tasks by that point.


At the back of the car, Mary quickly washed away the
small bit of the windows that needed cleaning. It was hardly anything, but Mary
knew cleaning it wasn’t the true purpose Jenny had her do it.


With the job done, Mary quickly put the squeegee back,
and without waiting for permission, returned to her usual seat in the back.


It was funny how Jenny suddenly seemed done too. Without
a word she sat back in the car, and started to drive them home.


Mary again was given her moment to reflect. Everything
had really gone by so fast. From having to hide naked in public like that, with
so many people who came so close to seeing her, Mary was about ready to call it
a day. Yet Mary could tell that wouldn’t be the finale the two girls had
planned for her.


“We’re going home now, yes?” Mary asked, as if just
begging for things to be done.

Mary was surprised when Jenny said, “yes.”


“Yes?” Mary asked out loud. She realized the mistake in
the question right away though, “I mean, I want to go back, but I’m surprised.”


“Well, we figured we would all be pretty hungry now.
We’re going to go home, wrap things up, maybe order some pizza,” Julie


Mary at first was sure there was a trap.


Outside of just the sudden surprises, Mary realized that
maybe she was in a bit of trouble. They had just admitted they were going to
order pizza! Mary wasn’t dumb, she realized that they surely would set
something up for her if they were going to have some stranger come by to order
pizza, her still stuck being naked till the next day.


With the destination now set, the ride did not take long,
even with Mary dreading what was to come. The three pulled into Jenny’s
driveway, and the two girls in the front got out of the car.


Mary hesitantly opened her own door. It was not yet
night, and she had to make sure nobody was around to see her.


Mary realized she got out of the car too soon. As she
stood and began to walk with Jenny and Julie, the pace began to slow down. The
two girls as usual took their time to get to the door.


Mary was first to the door. She held her body tightly,
waiting for Jenny to let her in. It was agonizing to be stuck naked like that in
front of the whole street. Jenny knowingly smirked at Mary. The two girls both
giggled when Jenny began to fumble with her keys, looking for the right one.


Mary seemed a little fed up, and so the two girls put a
stop to their teasing and let her in. Mary knew things weren’t over, but was at
least happy to be back at Jenny’s home.


As if to not let her relax though, Julie spoke up, “Ok
Mary, you go freshen up a little, and meet us in Jenny’s room. We have
something special for you. You only have 5 minutes though, so no dawdling!”


Mary wasn’t sure what it was, but both girls now seemed
quick to get away from her. They quickly walked off towards the bedroom. “Wait
guys, what do you mean?”


“Time is ticking, only 4 and a half minutes!” Julie said
with a giggle, quickly closing Jenny’s door as the two got inside.


Mary sighed. She was hoping she’d have time to relax at
least a little. The scares at the gas station were still too recent.


Resigning to her fate though, Mary stepped into the
bathroom. She took note she better hurry, so she quickly did as the two
requested and prepared for what sounded like it might last awhile.


Mary stopped and looked in the mirror. She confirmed she
was indeed still naked. It had been well over 24 hours now that she had been
without any clothing. She did her best to straighten her hair and such. She
felt pretty frazzled at least.


It wasn’t even like those 24 hours naked were private
either. She wasn’t just relaxing at home like a nudist. She was being dragged
around town and shown off. Mary could add more people to the list of people
that’d seen her naked. Seen her entire bare body, and her with no control over
it seemed like.


Mary’s hands went to hold a breast each. She sighed as
the touch sent small ripples of pleasure through her body. She was still pretty
sensitive too it seemed. She wondered if the strict five minute rule was to
prevent her from handling her sexual desires. Did Julie want Mary to still be
turned on?


It brought a warm glow to her face to think that Julie
and Jenny could be trying to manipulate her sexually. Did the other two just
appreciate and enjoy nudity, or was it the sexual side too?


Mary sort of knew the answer. The two often admitted to
the sexual end of their games, and they both loved teasing Mary about it. Mary
still wasn’t sure if there was anything more to it though. Did the two just
want to tease and torture Mary for their gain, her own gain, or was it all


Mary realized that her hands were slowly rubbing her
tender mounds. She forced her hands to the side. She knew she was almost out of


Mary slowly opened the door, even with over a day of it
all, she still wasn’t able to boldly step naked out of the bathroom. She was
even alone in the hall. She slowly walked to Jenny’s room.


Opening the door slightly, Mary was able to look inside
the room. Jenny and Julie were both sitting at the end of Jenny’s bed. They
were both watching her look inside. “Come on in Mary, time for your gift!”
Julie said, putting a bit of an emphasis on the word ‘gift’. Mary knew that it
wasn’t going to be anything good.


Mary stepped into the room and up towards the girls. Each
of them had their eyes on Mary’s body. Mary felt as if she was on show with how
they were watching. Mary adopted her usual pose to hide her chest and pussy as
she stood before both girls.












Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 8


“Now, I know you’re probably nervous, but what we wanted
to give you was a chance to end the game a bit early,” Jenny said. Mary of
course questioned what she could mean. Jenny continued, “We’re basically going
to offer you a deal. We either end this all with one last little challenge, one
that you have to go all the way through with. It won’t involve strangers, or
our friends you barely know, or anything public either. Just pure raw exposure
for awhile.”


Mary thought about what she meant. Something like ‘pure
raw exposure’ definitely sounded intense. Yet by the sounds of it things would
be kept private as well. The two loved exposing her outdoors or to people. Why
would they not do that for a big final challenge?


“Your other option of course is we keep giving you
multiple challenges, some of which will be plenty difficult and embarrassing on
their own. Like for example we do have that pizza coming soon…” Julie let the
thought trail off. She could tell Mary wasn’t sure what to do.


On one hand, Mary could just continue things normally.
What she might be made to do though could be tough. She’d either be pretty
embarrassed, or lose more points.

The other option was to take this one big challenge, one that she felt didn’t
sound so hard. It seemed like a trap, but then again the other route could have
traps too.


She figured with how things were, and how fast she wanted
to end them, one final challenge was probably best. She could get it done and
over with that way. Like a lot of the individual challenges, it was just about
biting the bullet and ending it all, and not drawing out the torture.

“I guess… the one last challenge,” Mary said, scanning both of the girls’ faces
for any signs if she walked into a trap. Both seemed happy with her choice.


“You owe me five bucks,” Julie teased Jenny. The two
laughed though, so Mary wasn’t sure if they were serious or not. Did they
differ on what they thought Mary would do?


“Now, you’re standing pretty much perfect for this. What
we want is to look at you,” Jenny explained. As if on cue, both girls began to
nod their head up and down to really take in the sight of the naked girl in
front of them. “We just want to look at you in any way we can. We want you to
be exposed and started at. You just need to pose as we request, and you’ll be
fine once we’re done.”


As if the heating was turned on, Mary could feel herself
burn with a warmth. It was like the embarrassment was suddenly intensified.
Moments before, she was just the target of teasing glances. Now all of a sudden
she was the victim of total ogling.


“Wait… what do you mean?” Mary asked, as if looking for a
different answer. This was so different than what she was used to. Jenny and
Julie only ever seemed to look out of… well Mary wasn’t sure how it differed
exactly, but this seemed so much more forward.


“We mean what we mean. We want you to be super exposed.
To have you body viewed by a very attentive audience. One that will see a lot
of very personal and intimate details,” Jenny further explained. “Now turn to
the side so we can see a profile.


Mary’s heart was starting to ache already. Mentally it
was as if she was just shoved onto her ass. Things were escalating too quickly.
“Wait, I’m just supposed to show off to you two,” Mary paused to think of the
right word, “perverts? Just supposed to let you guys get your kicks by staring
at me?”


 “Well, you can’t
blame us. You’re a naked cutie, and we want a good look!” Mary adverted her
eyes, unable to even look at her friends for that moment. Julie’s comment about
her being cute only added an extra mix of emotions into it all.


Jenny being the sensible one didn’t leave Julie’s point
end there, “we also aren’t planning on doing anything dirty directly to you. We
will appreciate the look, but at the same time, we know what a naked woman’s
body looks like. If I wanted to see one, I’m sure Julie here would show me, or
there is always the internet.” Mary looked back at them, with pleading eyes, as
if hoping it was true. “We do want to see your body, and we’ll enjoy it, but
we’re doing this not just for eye candy. Maybe we’ll explain more after.”


Mary tried to take a deep breath, but it was difficult.
The idea of her being exposed seemed so much stronger all of a sudden. Her
hands defensively hiding her body didn’t even ease her. She’d been naked and
looked at by her friends before, but the fact that the act was being focused on
made it feel new again.


“Now, turn to your side if you would please,” Jenny asked


Mary having only just agreed wasn’t resolved yet to go
with whatever was asked. However the request was simple enough, although
perhaps not too innocent as she may have liked. Taking another deep breath,
Mary turned to the side.


Glancing to left, Mary saw that both girls were busy
looking at her body. Mary’s mind was reminding her that she was naked. It was
reminding her that she was standing and letting people look at her like that.


Seeing down her shoulder and arm, her sides and hips, and
her legs and feet, Mary pictured her image at that time. Mary sucked in her
stomach a bit more, and tried to stand straight. It was all subconscious, but
Mary was trying to make herself at least look a bit better if possible.


Mary tried to convince herself that she wasn’t show much
more skin that a bikini would. Her hands though didn’t work well to hide the
fact that she was completely naked.


With an arm over her breast, Mary knew that for the time
being details like her nipples weren’t in sight. Unfortunately, it was her
right arm that was over her breasts. Her hand cupped the nipple on her left
side, meaning most of the shape and swell of that breast was exposed to her


Her bottom was of course uncovered. She stayed as still
as possible, even though she wanted to fidget and twist in anxiousness. She
wanted to prevent any peeks at her body the two could get, even if they’d seen
it before.


Mary looked at her friends eyes. They were wide, almost
never blinking. It was like they were trying to remember every inch, or take a
mental image of her. Mary’s breath began to come in quick again. It was hard to
control her breathing; she was being pushed from her comfort zone.


“Turn again please,” Jenny requested. Mary slowly turned
another ninety degrees till her bottom was pointed at her friends. She kept her
legs locked closed, so to prevent any revealing shots from behind.


Now Mary was blind to her friend’s voyeurism. They would
be able to look as intently as they wanted, not that they were hiding it
before. Everything was so silent. At moments, Mary wished they weren’t so
quiet; being silently judged was worrying her a lot. Mary knew that if they did
say something though, it would only embarrass her more somehow.


“Face us again,” Mary heard. She slowly did a 180 and was
now facing Jenny and Julie again. Their eyes were in a frenzy to take in


“Now, I have to say I love the ENF-look, but I want to
see more, right Julie?” Jenny asked.


“Definitely! She’s super cute all shy, but I think I want
an exhibitionist Mary to look at now!” Julie joked.


“I’m not an exhibitionist!” Mary suddenly objected.


Jenny chuckled a little, “Don’t worry, she’s only joking.
We know it’s never that black and white.” Mary, even through their earnest
eyes, could tell the two were sincere in the fact that they weren’t thinking
badly of Mary in the very least. “Just lower your arm so we can see your breasts,”
Jenny followed up.


Mary thought about it for a second. Her nipples had been
out of site for a bit now. Even though with no clothing, they had at least felt
covered to an extent. It was like stripping and flashing Jenny and Julie if she
lowered her arm.


Mary also knew that their erect state would easily be
noticed. Julie before hadn’t even needed to see them to know they were hard
before. Now each would get to stare and really take note of it. They’d be
completely aware of Mary’s arousal.


Mary knew that this would happen. She knew they’d sit
there and think that this show was turning her on. Yet that was half the
problem for Mary, it was true.


Mary was feeling very vulnerable. She felt so naked in
front of people she had thought she was getting used to being naked around. Yet
as if hooked on it, her mind and body insisted that this embarrassment she felt
was something that turned her on and wasn’t going to go away.


Mary had to finish the task, and she really felt as if
she should do it. She was convinced that she was supposed to, either for the
sake of completing the task, or deep inside the fact that she might for some
reason enjoy it.


Both girls were surprisingly silent as the pink, hard
tips were revealed. Straining out into the air, her nipples were nearly
tingling as soon as they were uncovered. The warm flesh that had been hiding
them was now gone. They were introduced to a sudden blast of the open air and
two pairs of roaming eyes.


Mary let her arm slide between her legs with her other.
Both hands now cupped the area between her thighs. The exposure up top was
tough, but for some reason, being the only area covered, she felt she really
had to hide her lips now.


“You’re doing great,” Jenny said.


“Looking it too!” Julie added.


Mary huffed a little, as if angry with the teasing. She
didn’t need to the confirmation that the girls liked what they saw. It was just
reminding her of the harsh reality that she was really showing off a lot.


As if in response to the comments and thoughts, her
nipples nearly tingled. Mary thought about how she could in a way feel them.
Aware that they were exposed. The way the air touched them. The way her
breathing made them move so slightly. The way her skin tightened around them. Even
her picturing and focusing on their exposure caused them to tingle, and Mary
worried they were tingling so much it was somehow visible!


In fact, Mary was now very self conscious of what her
body might be giving away. She was sure she was plenty red from embarrassment,
but she had to assume Julie was convinced some of it was from a general


Her breathing was getting pretty heavy too. The
embarrassment was pushing her adrenaline. She almost ached with how alive her
body was, the way her nerves were so on end.


Then there was the fact she couldn’t stand still. No
matter how much she tried, something willed her body to move. Her embarrassment
wanted her to either run or find cover. Her nervousness made her wiggle and
shift. She even had to fight her hands from moving too much, her hands being
against a part of her body that was begging to be touched more.


 “You have really
cute nipples Mary,” Jenny suddenly commented. Mary looked up at her, horrified
by the sudden personal comment. “I mean they’re just sticking out atop two near
perfect curves. Like I have to admit that it’s one of your best features,”
Jenny elaborated, “like something about this is just so ‘please look at me!
Please devour me with your eyes!’”


“I think they could use a pair of tongues!” Julie said.
Mary’s heart started to pound harder at the suggestions. Images of both girls
licking her nipples flooded her mind. She almost backed up, but at the same
time a similar pulse of pleasure quaked through the nipples, causing them to
tingle more. Was her body trying to make them feel like two big targets? Did
Mary suddenly want her nipples licked?


“Julie, behave, Mary is being so nice and letting us look
at her body. She’s offering her cuteness for us, and we should appreciate it
with every second. Not to say your nipples don’t look delectable Mary,” Jenny
offered. Although Mary definitely sensed that Jenny was supposed to be the
good-cop, and the more calming of the two, some her comments didn’t really calm
her down much at all.


Mary’s thoughts briefly returned to the previous night.
She recalled herself on the side of the road, when she’d lost all self control
and masturbated. She recalled how much her body ached and wanted to be touched.


She at first chided herself for such thoughts. Yet she
knew why she thought of that at that moment. Something was similar. Something
about her current arousal reminded herself of that, that feeling of her mind
wanting to detach from common sense and let her desires taking over.


Mary found something else odd though. Of course she told
herself to not just pleasure herself in front of her friends. Yet at the same
time, she wasn’t able to stop herself from doing it outside before. Something
else was holding her back, but she wasn’t sure what.


As if perfectly timed to interrupt her thoughts, Jenny
had another command, “hands at your sides now Mary. We want to see the
naughtiest part.”


All of Mary’s focus on her total exposure, and especially
her naked breast disappeared. Suddenly the only things Mary was aware of were
her hands and pussy.


Her hands felt stiff. They were locked in place. They
didn’t want to move in anyway. They both felt needed and comfortable. She could
feel the way they were so well fit between thighs. She couldn’t ignore the warm
and wet sensation on her fingers.


The still hidden area beneath her hands was also sticking
out in her mind. It was as if she was perfectly aware of that area. From the
hairs above and the sensitive skin below, it was all in her mind’s eye. Mary
thought about how that was the one area that needed hiding the most. It was
something so private and usually just hers to know about.


She worried not only the sight of her pussy, but the act
of showing it. She worried what it would mean to give in and show it to two
people who were so intent on seeing it. She worried also of what they would
know by seeing it.


Jenny and Julie would get a close look at something so
private and always be able to picture it. She could be in twenty layers of
clothing and that wouldn’t stop the two from being able to ‘see’ it whenever
they wanted.


Mary knew they’d also see so many signs of her arousal.
They’d see how the lips had become almost puffy and swelled. The coloring was
surely differently. It embarrassed her that she could even use a napkin or
something to clean her fingers due to how wet she’d become.


Yet Mary’s hands moved on their own. She hadn’t forced
it, and she didn’t want them moved. Yet she was doing as Jenny requested it
seemed, and Mary tried to prepare for the next few moments.












Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 9


Mary was able to safely look at Jenny and Julie without
risk of eyes meeting. Neither seemed like they’d look up at her face nor try to
read her expression.  The two were far
too concentrated on the showing of very naughty skin.


Mary hung her arms at her side. She stiffened her body to
prevent herself from moving in anyway. She caught her breath, knowing she was
about to exhale into some type of moan or whimper. She did everything she could
to not let her body betray how she felt she should be.


She stood like that, silent and forcefully calm. She knew
where the two girls were looking, that they weren’t seeing anything more than
skin. Sure it was clearly aroused, and that really embarrassed her even more,
but at least she didn’t appear totally controlled by it.

The naked girl though was fighting with herself too. Not only did she not want
to let Jenny and Julie know that she was being controlled by her torrent of
emotions, but Mary didn’t want to admit it either. She didn’t want to let it
take her over completely, but it was as if that fight as well was only fueling
her feelings.


Mary had to breathe again; she’d been holding her breath
without realizing it. Timefelt like it was moving again. Jenny and Julie
weren’t just staring, but now again surveying and observing. The two actions
seemed different to Mary.


“Julie, behave,” Jenny suddenly commanded. Mary figured
something must have been so obviously deserving of comment that Jenny predicted
Julie would have teased Mary about it.


Mary tried to close her fists around anything, like the
sides of her shirt or something if she had one. She wanted to hold onto
something, come to grip with things around her. Yet, she was completely bare
and with nothing to hold onto. The feelings of vulnerability had to do with
more than just her exposure.


“Your-“ Julie began to say, but was immediately cut off.


“Julie, I said behave. Let Mary breathe and relax some,”
Jenny again barked. Jenny sounded a bit on edge Mary realized. Were both girls
really so into this? It caused Mary’s body to quake internally.


Mary’s mind was finally coming off from its high. For
moments it had felt like this wasn’t happening. Yet finally Mary was accepting
that she was indeed very naked in front of Jenny and Julie.


This was total nudity for Mary. This was complete
nakedness. She felt as if they’d gone as far as they could, but Jenny and Julie
sat up. They stood, and it caused Mary to be uneasy, with them so close to her
exposed body.


 “Mary, I won’t be
able to keep Julie here quiet for long. Your body surely is worth commenting
on. I have a hard time holding my own tongue obviously. We would love to keep
viewing you like this, but for your own good I think we need to go to the next
step, please sit on the bed where we were.”


Mary looked all around her. She saw the spot she was
meant to be on. Stiffly, Mary shuffled to the spot and lowered herself to it.
She could feel the sheets below touch her hot skin. Even with people sitting
there before, they almost felt cool to her.


Mary liked that her lips were again slightly hidden by
her legs being shut, but this just refocused everyone’s attention on her


“Now Mary, we aren’t going to ask you to do anything too
crazy,” Jenny prefixed as the two began to kneel right in front of the bed.
Mary was both worried by Jenny’s foreshadowing and by the fact that both felt
so very close to her naked body. “Yet we want to really get a good look at you.
These next poses will require you to touch yourself in some ways…” Jenny


Mary’s heart nearly imploded. Images again of her
touching herself very inappropriately returned. She suddenly wondered if her
friends really intended her to masturbate for them! Mary though couldn’t even
find the words to create a rebuttal, as if she didn’t have one.


“Simple though… we just want you to hold your breasts.
Nothing too perverse,” Jenny added. Mary felt that this whole thing was
perverse, but held her tongue. She felt she was getting off easy, she wasn’t
sure if she’d been able to say no to her greater worries.


Taking a deep breath, Mary brought her hands to her
breasts. She slowly grabbed them, fingers just loosely around the sides as she
looked to Jenny for guidance.


“No, a little lower, like this,” Jenny demonstrated by
holding her breasts more from the bottom, through her shirt of course, “kind of
like a shelf bra, but with your hands.”


Mary’s breasts didn’t fill her hands nearly as well
Jenny’s did her own. Yet soon enough Mary was holding her breasts up, as if
presenting them more than before. Her nipples tingled having available hands so


“Very good. Now just give them a little bit of a push up
and ease down…” Jenny again demonstrated the motion.


Mary was starting to turn to autopilot. Her brain was
nearly exhausted with all the anxiety over every embarrassing thought. However
once she started the motion of bobbing her breasts up and down slowly, Mary’s
body ached again.


It was like every time they lifted and dropped, her
breasts grew warmer and tingled more. They were so more obvious now, with such a
subtle, but at the same time exaggerated, motion. They were the soul focus, and
now Mary could see and feel them move. She could feel their weight and shape,
and she was showing both as well.


“Now… just move your hands a little higher,” Julie
suddenly requested. Mary did so, and Julie was now showing with her hands. Mary
mimicked Julie, spreading her hands across her breasts. “Make sure to avoid the
nipples though, leave those pointing out between them,” Julie warned.

Mary did as told, and she shivered anytime she brushed one of her nipples. She knew
she wanted more of a touch, but she just followed along as told. Soon she was
holding the whole shape of her boobs in each hand.


“Now… just feel how soft they are. Move your hands a bit
in a circle, just move and enjoy them…” Julie softly commanded.


Mary did as she said. She felt embarrassed, to touch
herself so intimately in front of the two. “Breathe now, slowly…” Julie
continued with the guidance. Mary did so. Each breathe slowly eased her into a


“That’s right. Keep it up. You’re doing wonderful,” Julie
encouraged. Mary began to arch her back a bit. The rhythm was starting to sync
with desire. Her body was growing warmer still, and she felt herself losing to
those desires. They weren’t so much taking it over, as much as it seemed Julie
was telling her to go with them. Mary didn’t feel like she was out of control,
but at the same time she didn’t feel in it either.


“Good… good. You’re so cute Mary. Your face is so red,
and your breasts so rosy and pointy. You’re breathing heavily. I can hear air
escape, and the slight tone of what sounds like a moan trying to escape,” Julie
continued on, describing the small details of the scene in front of her. Jenny
seemed to be watching intently along as well.


Mary started to lean back more. Her upper body felt
heavy, she wanted to lie down. Sensing those desires, Julie was quick to say, “You
may lay back. Just relax…”


Mary lowered herself onto the bed, her hands never
leaving her breasts. She never stopped her motion either, at least until
suddenly Jenny and Julie were leaning over the side of the bed. They were on
Mary’s sides, propped on their elbows, so close to Mary’s chest. No less than a
foot from Mary’s rubbing.


“Keep going Mary. You’re doing wonderful. I love what
you’re doing; I love how adorably you’re struggling to do this naughty little
show. I love how it has you so wrapped up but you want to deny it too so much,”
Julie continued to say. Although Mary’s face felt like it was in pain with how
hard she was blushing, Mary continued on.


“That’s very good, thank you so much Mary. Please, let us
see your nipples more clearly. I can see they are so hard, but place your thumb
and forefinger around them…”


Mary slowed her hands down, and peeled them from her
skin. She looked at her friends intently still taking in their shape, color,
and everything about them. Mary brought each set of fingers to her nipples, and
since they were so extended, easily got a hold of them.


Mary sighed out loudly. The touch was almost electric.


“They’re sensitive. Let’s back up a little. Just your
finger tips on top of them, like you’re trying to hide just the nipples from
us,” Mary complied. “Good. It might almost hurt, so please take it slow our
little cutie. I want you to just move your fingers on them. Not quite anything
as intense as fully twisting or pushing them, but just wiggle them around a


Mary began to move her fingers, causing her nipples to
move about. Her breathing came out in small gasps. The arousal was overtaking
her breathing. Mary subconsciously arched her back, pushing her wanting nipples
into her fingers.


“Now… you can slowly place your fingers around them again.
Just a tiny, non painful pinch,” Julie reordered.


The world around Mary was hazy at this point. What was so
embarrassing before was forgotten. Now only the act of following the orders to
tease her nipples existed. It was all whirling by so fast for Mary. She never
could catch up because she was on to a new task already.


“Ah” Mary muttered as she began to tease her nipples.


Julie giggled a little. “There we go, not able to hide
that moan, were we?”


The accusation alone caused Mary to let go another small
moan. Mary was starting to understand the idea of this exposure. It was more
than just her body. It was so much more.


“Mary, time to rest your arms and hands at your sides,”
Mary heard Jenny say. Without thinking, Mary did as Jenny asked.

Suddenly Mary’s body felt total exposure again. The touching that once
distracted her was gone. Her body screamed for fingers once more. She wanted
her hands to be against her vulnerable tender areas for both pleasure and for


Surrounding her on each side was a girl. They were
staring down at her naked breasts, now heaving up and down with her breathing.


She shifted in her lying spot. Mary was totally on show,
and her body was so on fire it was insane. She started to think as if she had
just a bit more time and more intense play; she may have orgasmed from her time
with just her breasts. A wiggle of her thighs confirmed her pussy had been
quite aroused, her thighs were even moist.


Julie, acting in the role of the psychic that Mary always
felt she was, spoke up again, “Sorry Mary. I know you’re close to orgasm.
You’re aching and wanting, but just a bit longer.”


Mary turned her head, wishing she was closer to the
pillow so she could bury her face in it. A second wind of energy was catching
up with her and she was able to get out a grumbled, “shut up!”


 Both girls just
smiled. Mary was getting her moment to think. Her chance to cool down wasn’t
really doing much of that, since embarrassment and modesty were rising.


“Time to sit up dear,” Jenny said. Mary started to rise.
Sitting up again, Mary tried to take another breath. Both girls returned to
their kneeling position on the floor.


“Sorry I let Julie have her go there, but I hope you
don’t actually mind much,” Mary just avoided eye contact, knowing that Jenny
was right, she didn’t mind.


“Now… time for the toughest part. Please place your hands
on your thighs,” Jenny asked.


 Mary did so,
noticing her hands still shaking. She felt if she were alone, she could relieve
all her tension in probably a few moments.


“Now, just slowly, and very slowly, open your legs. Just
enough that we can truly get a peek at those slick lips of yours,” Julie said.


Jenny gave Julie a punch in the arm, “that was my line;
don’t tease the poor thing so much. She’s clearly worked up enough.”


Even with the teasing, and the very embarrassing request,
Mary surprisingly focused on something else. Jenny and Julie both had sounded a
little out of breath as well. Although still sounding controlling, they seemed
to be a bit out of it. Both seemed to have developed a red shade in their
cheeks, although not as a deep a hue as Mary’s.


Mary’s hands were shaking as she started to shift her
thighs open. She could see down between them herself, and get a good idea what
the two girls were seeing.


Within moments, her feet were dangling off the side of
the bed about shoulder width part. Mary could feel every moment as her thighs
unstuck from each other. She could feel the way that the moisture on her lips
almost felt cold when exposed to the air. Every extra inch her legs opened, she
knew was showing herself more to both Jenny and Julie.


























Mary’s Challenge, Day 2

By Jappio


Part 10


Jenny and Julie were back to total observer mode. They
gazed between the opened thighs, right at the puffy lips presented before them.


“So wet…” Julie muttered. Again Jenny punched her arm.
Mary wiggled in her spot, almost slamming her legs shut. “Sorry, she just
really is,” Julie again said without thinking.


“Ignore her Mary. Please… just lean back and rest on your
hands…” Jenny asked.


Mary was a bit tricked by Jenny’s nice girl act. Leaning
back seemed to be a more relaxing pose, but there was more to it. With her
hands now away from her opened legs, Mary felt more vulnerable. Her chance for
both hand cover and hand comfort were gone. Not only that, but she could no
longer see what she was showing, only feel and guess it.


Mary could swear she could feel herself leaking. She
worried she’d be dripping on the bed. She could see that both girls were
leaning in a bit closer. She felt hands grasp at her knees. Mary wondered if
she were to lose her nerve if they’d even let her close her legs now.


Jenny and Julie’s eyes darted up and down along Mary’s
private area. Jenny suddenly looked up first, to look at Mary. Mary could sense
that she wanted to ask something, the eyes were almost pleading. “Please Mary,
open a bit more. You can do it,” Jenny said.


Mary didn’t need to ask for how wide she was to do it. As
she slightly pushed her legs farther open, the hands on her knees guided them.


Mary didn’t look down at them after a few moments. She
had to look up and away from them. Her hands felt weak, as if she was about to
fall onto her back. She knew she was probably showing everything by this point.
She even could feel a few stray hairs tickle her thighs; both girls were
probably leaning in closer.


Every moment grew Mary’s intense desire to be touched.
Her body was crying out for anything. Her thoughts were lost between modesty
and relief. No longer did it even matter to her anymore. She could just tell
this prolonged moment, of such a sensitive area having so much mental focus,
but no physical touch, was almost too much for her.


“You’re so beautiful Mary,” Jenny commented. Mary for the
first time noticed the breath of the two on her hyper sensitive nerves. She
wasn’t sure if they’d been holding their breath up until now, or if they just
moved in closer.


“Such an amazing sight. So naked and exposed,” Julie
said. One of Mary’s hands shifted a bit, she almost fell back. “All puffy and
pink. I bet you feel like your skin is crawling. Little tiny tickles over every
inch,” Julie went on to describe.


“Guys…” Mary muttered. She was so short of breath she
couldn’t even say anymore.


“Just a little more… just keep going. Follow along…”
Jenny said, grabbing hold of one of Mary’s feet. Mary didn’t resist for a
moment as it was brought up from the side of the bed. Julie began to mimic, and
in no time both of them were bringing her feet up on top of the bed.


With her feet now wide apart, placed on the top of the
bed, Mary’s legs were spread wide open. Mary felt herself almost become
completely light headed. Her hands slipped and she fell onto her back.


Her body felt too alive, almost as if she was going to
pass out. Breathing felt difficult. She brought both hands to her chest,
placing them over her heart. It wasn’t slowing down at all.


“Please hurry guys… I can’t…” Mary said. She was
realizing what she was starting to ask for. She was admitting she wasn’t going
to be able to stop from orgasming. No longer was her desire to hide herself.
Arousal was winning over fully. Her body was only seeking that. If she had more
of a mind for it, she’d have been more embarrassed about what she technically


“You can do it Mary. Just hold on,” Jenny said again.
Mary felt the warm breath of her friends again. For a few brief moments, Mary
was even open to the idea that they touch her. She wanted it, and would have
been OK with it. Never before had she thought anything like that, and never
before has anyone ever brought her off. Yet she was ready to lose her virginity
in that moment.


Julie was next, “we can see your clit Mary. We can see it
sticking out and wanting to be touched. You’ve never been this aroused, have
you? It must almost hurt!”


Mary almost wanted to kick her friend. She couldn’t
believe that suddenly again embarrassment was seeping into her mind. Just a
moment ago she had wanted her friends to bring her off. Now she wanted to be
covered. Mary’s conflicting feelings had her dizzy.


“Mary… spread your lips…” Mary heard. She couldn’t even
think of who it was. The question was almost shocking. One of Mary’s hands was
guided down her body. The hand was placed between her legs, and Mary’s body
jerked as her fingers graced across her wet folds for a second.


The guiding hand was precise and carefully. It never once
touched anything more than Mary’s hand itself. Whoever was guiding it was
making sure they didn’t cross any lines.


“With your fingers… open them, let us see…” Mary heard a
voice again.


Although Mary could tell her lips were a little open on
their own, her fingers still pushed and prodded until they pushed her folds
further open. The first attempt though, her fingers slipped, already too slick
to hold anything in place. She moaned as her fingers reattempted the
embarrassing act.


Mary’s ears were buzzing. She couldn’t hear much anymore.
She heard her heart pounding. She heard the awkward way her breaths came out.
She thought she could hear her friends heavily breathing, but that might have
been her brain filling in the blanks, and assuming it due to the air flow she
felt between her legs.


Mary for that moment was completely and utterly exposed.
She could swear she heard, in unison, “let us see you cum.”


Her fingers slipped and rubbed and prodded. They did
exactly as her body wished they would do. It seemed as if just the first few
moments drove her into the first wave of her orgasms.


It came over Mary so fast that her mind was spinning.
Pleasure shot all through her body at once. It had felt like she achieved
something she’d been on the edge of for hours.


Yet the adrenaline energy was enough to keep her fingers
moving. It completely overtook her, and there in front of her friends, Mary
couldn’t stop as she pleasured herself into a second orgasm.


During the second, Mary wasn’t even aware of what was
happening. All she knew is her body was quaking in pleasure.


Thing went dark for Mary. Her eyes were shut, and her
body began to finally cool down.


The next moment Mary remembered was her body feeling
stiff. She felt as if she’d just run a mile. Her breath was still heavy.


Her legs were dangling over the bed again. She was still
completely flat on her back.


She felt a pat on her lap. She looked down past her still
naked body, Jenny and Julie were still there. They were smiling.


“That was wonderful,” Jenny said.


Julie almost seemed speechless. Mary was trying to
connect the dots of what happened.


A flood of embarrassment was returning, but it only
burned her cheeks some. “I did good?” was the first thing Mary said. She wasn’t
even sure where it came from.


“The best, now you get some rest,” Jenny said as she got
up and gave Mary a pat on the shoulder. Mary rested her head back. She closed
her eyes and drifted away again, too tired to do much else.


A few minutes later, Mary was stirring. Although her body
would have been fine with going to sleep, something was still buzzing in her
mind. Everything that had happened had been a lot for Mary, far more than
anything she ever thought she was ready for.


Mary forced herself to sit up. She looked around, and saw
she was alone in Jenny’s room.


She looked down at her body. For some reason, she felt…
more decent all of a sudden. The contrast from moments ago made her feel not so


Mary was still embarrassed though. Some details were
fuzzy, but Mary knew what had just happened. She knew what she had done.


Mary got to her feet, although a little unbalanced. She
walked to the door. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to talk about what
happened, but she also didn’t want to hide for much longer.


Mary walked out through the hall. She was starting to
feel naked again already, considering she was going to reshow herself. She had
to stop and consider it for a moment. She had just been really exposed. She
pictured what she had on show, and how Jenny and Julie would probably still
remember it very clearly.


Mary got to the end of the hall and couldn’t find Jenny
and Julie. They didn’t appear to be in the kitchen or living room. Then she
heard something behind her.


Julie was slipping out of Jenny’s parent’s room. Mary
immediately noticed that Julie looked different. She was in just her sleeping
shirt, and her hair was messy and her face a bit flushed.


“Oh, up already Mary?” She asked. Mary covered her body.


“Yes… I just…” she started to say. Mary wasn’t sure what
she wanted to say.


“Well you go wait in the kitchen. Jenny and I were just
finishing… changing. We can talk then, but don’t worry, you were fine,” Julie
said, slipping back into the bedroom with a bit of a giggle.


Mary made her way to the kitchen. She took a seat and
waited. In no time both girls were with her, changed into their night clothes.


“So Mary, how are you feeling?” Jenny asked.


Mary thought about it. “I don’t know,” Mary said. She
thought about it. What just happened was very intimate and intense beyond just


“Well, what are you worried about?” Julie asked.


Mary thought about it. “What does this make me… us…


Julie giggled, “a super cute and adorable nudie for us to
look at!”


“I’m serious!” Mary mumbled.


“So am I,” Julie said with a wink.

“I think she means nothing is different, although hard to tell with all her
cheesy flirting. Yet I suggest you sleep on it. Now I’m going to order our
pizza. We don’t’ need to go to bed on empty stomachs. Mary you can hide in here
so they don’t spy you from the doorway,” Jenny said, getting up and finding the


Mary yelped a little at the sudden suggestion someone
might see her. She was relieved that Jenny was honoring the promise to end the
challenges and exposure. That reminded her though, “guys, what about the
forfeit I have to do? How’d I do on points and stuff?”


“Well, we’ll get to that in the morning. I mean, we won’t
want you dressed for long,” Julie teased.

Mary knew that it was also a matter of keeping her guessing. However she had
enough to think about, so she let it go.


The night went on more or less like it normally would.
The two girls held back on teasing though, and Mary wasn’t too chatty. Jenny
and Julie definitely were trying to keep things as they normally would be, just
three friends enjoying a sleep over.


Shortly after their dinner, Mary had to admit she was
tired. Jenny and Julie offered to retreat and get to bed early too.


Mary lay on the couch, beneath her covers. The day had
been more than she ever expected. She thought about all the moments and very
specifically at her exposure to her friends. She could tell her sex life was
changing, something she never really had before. She was sure she wasn’t
romantically interested in her friends, but at the same time there was
something new in their friendship now, something far more intimate than what
she was used to.


The feelings began to well up again, thinking about what
had transpired though. Her mind was nearly empty besides her memories at that
point. She wanted to think more critically about what happened, but instead her
fingers began to wander.


Before eventually drifting off to sleep, Mary made sure
she didn’t have her friends spying on her. There on the couch, she let her
hands explore over her still naked body, feeling it, feeling what she had on


It wasn’t long after her last orgasm of the day that Mary
peacefully drifted to sleep.


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