Grace was 13 years old. She was an average girl, not exactly
beautiful but not ugly. She had long brunette hair, her pubic hair had yet to
start growing and her chest was barely big enough for a training bra, but she
wore one. Although she wasn’t old enough to have sex she had explored her own
body and enjoyed the feeling when she touched herself ‘down there’ and run her
hands over her little bumps. Her problem was she was about to start a new
school but was extremely shy. She had to find a way she could fit in.

The first day of term arrived and Grace dressed in the
regulation uniform of white blouse, grey pleated skirt, black tights and black
shoes. She finished it off with a pair of frilly white ankle socks. Her mum
dropped her off at the gate with a kiss and best wishes. Grace wanted to cry
but knew she had to hold it back if she wasn’t to be tormented. All the new
kids had to meet in the main hall so they could be divided up into their
classes. She could already see there were groups of boys and girls dotted
around the hall. “Am I the only one who doesn’t know anybody?” she said to
herself as she tried to hide at the back of the room. 15 minutes later and
everybody found out who her new classmates would be. She found, to her horror,
that she was with the biggest group of girls. She spent the first day trying to
fade into the background, looking at the ground and not looking anyone in the
eyes. This happened for the first few weeks, the girls looking down their noses
at her thinking they were better and the boys just ignoring her.

As the fifth week started Grace decided she had to overcome
her shyness and ask one of the girls if she could join their ‘gang’. She opted
for the one she considered to be low down the rankings and see what happens.
“I’ll have to ask Kelly” was the reply “I’ll let you know later”. Grace waited
anxiously for the rest of the day and thought she’d blown her chances when,
just as they were going home, Kelly walked up to her and said “I hear you want
to be in my gang”

“I’d like that very much” replied Grace


“Because you are really popular and I want to fit in if I’m
to spend six years at this school”

Kelly thought about it for a few minutes and said “OK. But
to be in my gang you have to earn it.

“How?” replied Grace, starting to get a bit worried

“What you have to do is do whatever we tell you for the rest
of the week. There will be things you won’t want to do, but if you don’t then
you don’t join and will never fit in. Should you complete the test you will go
to all the best parties and will get to talk to all the boys. You have until
tomorrow to think about it. If you want to take on the challenge sit next to me
in the first lesson tomorrow morning.”

Grace was worried all night. She desperately wanted to fit
in and go to the best parties but was scared about what she would have to do to
get that status. She woke the next morning and jumped in the shower. While
washing, she absentmindedly started to feel herself ‘down there’, enjoying the
intense feeling it gave her.  She jumped
out, dried herself and put her uniform on, all the time thinking of reasons why
she should and shouldn’t put herself up to be, basically, a slave.

Grace was too nervous to eat breakfast and decided to walk
to school. This way she would have more time to think. She even thought of
bunking off to avoid the situation. Once she got to school the girls still
blanked her. She hated having no one to talk to and decided she would do
whatever they asked her. The bell rang and everybody went to their classroom.
Grace was the last person in and noticed the empty seat next to Kelly. She took
a deep breath and sat in the empty seat. Kelly said nothing for ten minutes,
not even looking in her direction. Grace sat there wondering if she was supposed
to do or say something when a note was slid across the desk. She picked up the
note and read it:

You have 15 minutes to
change your mind. If you are still here after that time you agree to the terms
of joining the gang. The terms are as follows:

1, You will not speak
to us for the duration of your initiation.

2, You will be given
notes, receive text messages or emails detailing your tasks.

3, You will carry out
the instructions you receive in the time allowed.

4, Failure to carry
out instructions within the time limit will mean the end of the game.

5, If there is no one
present during a task you will provide photographic evidence as proof.

6, If you succeed you
will be allowed to join our gang as a junior member. As a junior member you
will be expected to be at our bidding until we get a new member.

7, You will provide us
with your phone number, email address and Facebook details at the bottom of
this note.

8, You must not tell
anybody why you are doing the tasks

If you wish to
continue write your details at the bottom of this page and leave it on the desk
then go and sit somewhere else.

Good luck

Grace read the note twice, taking in the conditions. Could
she really be at their mercy for at least a week and until they get a new
member? The 15 minutes was nearly up. “Decide, Grace, decide” she mumbled to
herself. She’d do it! She got her pen, wrote her details down, left it on the
desk then moved away. She wondered how long she would have to wait.

It turns out that Grace had to wait until just before the
end of registration. Another one of Kellys friends walked pat her desk and
dropped the next note. Grace picked it up and read it:

So you have decided to
take up the challenge. Here is the first and easiest task. In the next lesson
you are to sit at the desk in the opposite corner to the door. Details of your
next task will be taped underneath. You have until the end of the lesson to
complete the task. If someone else gets to the desk before you, game over!


Grace took stock of the note. She realised that she had to
be quick if she was to get in the right place first. She started to pack her
stuff in her bag so she could be out as soon as the bell sounded. She was
itching to go, although a bit apprehensive too. She checked her timetable and
noticed she had a double English lesson. At least there was double the time to
do the task. As soon as the bell rang Grace was out of her seat and heading to
the door.  She got to the classroom and
found there were two people inside already, luckily they sat near the front and
not at the desk she needed to be at. After putting her bag on the back of the
chair she pulls out the chair and sits down and waits for the room to fill up
before looking for the note. Kelly sits down next to her, a big smirk on her
face. As soon as the class starts Grace found the note under the desk and tentatively
reads it:

Congratulations on
getting to the seat first. Here is your task. I would like something of yours,
a personal item. You now have until the end of this lesson to remove your panties
and pass them to me. You will then spend the rest of the day without them. You will
get them back at the end of the initiation, but only if you pass.

Grace took stock of the situation. She realised she would
have to remove her shoes, socks and tights before she could remove her
knickers. Then she would spend the rest of the day with no underwear on. Could
she be that daring? In a class full of kids! Would the end result be worth it? She
had an hour and 20 minutes to decide and spent the first 20 minutes mulling it
over. She decided she had to at least try and hopefully she could do each stage
quickly enough not to draw attention to herself. The first thing to come off
was her shoes. That was easy enough, they were the kind you just slipped on,
and she’d noticed all her school life that girls slipped their shoes on and off
all the time. The shoes were now under her chair and she now had to lift each
foot so she could take her socks off. The first one came off without a problem
but as she lifted the second she caught her knee on her desk, which made an
audible bang as it lifted off the floor and back down again. At least half the
kids turned to see where the noise came from but Grace just kept her head down,
hoping they didn’t realise what was going on. A few moments later, when
everyone got back to what they were doing Grace carried on. She lifted her leg,
more gently this time, and removed her other sock. Now for my tights, she
thought to herself. She raised her skirt so she could get her fingers under the
waistband of her tights and gently lifted her ass off the chair. Slowly she
slid her tights down, over her ass and down past her thighs. When she got them
past her calves the teacher asked her a question about verbs or something.
Stunned, Grace didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t been taking any notice of
the lesson. The teacher started to walk towards her but stopped halfway, Grace
would have just died if he had walked all the way to the back of the classroom.
Of course everybody had looked at her and laughed but she hoped it was because
she was stupid rather than because her tights were halfway down her legs. The
teacher carried in with the lesson and all eyes were, again, on him at the
front of the class. Grace continued, carefully, taking her tights off and managed
it without further incident. All she had to do now was remove her panties and
put on the clothes she had taken off. Again, she put her hands up her skirt so
she could slip her fingers inside her panties so she could take them off. While
her hands were there she couldn’t resist having a little feel of her pussy. The
task had been more exciting than she thought. She let her fingers linger a bit
too long and felt like she normally did when she touched ‘down there’. She didn’t
realise that Kelly knew what she was doing! She managed to suppress a groan and
lowered her panties to her feet. From there she took them off and, under the
desk, gave them to Kelly. Now all she had to do was put her tights, socks and
shoes back on.

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