nude with a girl in front of a class
This was the best nude class I've posed for.  I was scheduled to be a nude figure model last Friday and apparently the organizer of the figure drawing class had double booked another female model with me.  This was a very cute, slender, female about 21 years old.  We all gathered in the hallway to decide which model to work for the class.  I suggested that since we were both there, that we both model together (girl/guy).  the organizer had never done a girl/guy together but she agreed.  So we both got into our robes and went into the main drawing room.  It was the largest class I've modeled for . . . approx. 20 people came to draw and little did they know that they would have a male/female together.  They positioned her sitting on a chair and then I was standing right next to her looking down on her.  She had nice tits, perhaps c cup size with a nicely groomed pussy and tight/firm figure.  I was a little nervous that I might get an erection during this draw as I have never done this before.  Fortunately for me I did not get hard (as this would not be professional).  We had incredible energy in that room as the 20 artisits did some awesome drawings.  Some focused just on her, others focused on me and some focused on us both together.  We posed for 2 1/2 hour with breaks and we had a great time.  I told the organizer that we should do this "girl/guy" again in the future.  She has already booked me for Oct 18th and Nov 15th.  I'll just hope that the female shows up at the same time so we can do this again . . . .   NO pics available because no camera's are allowed in the art room.Page 1 |
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Date: 11:24am September 17th, 2013
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So, modeling again tomorrow? Maybe ask one of the students if you can photo his/her drawing!
October 17, 2014, 2:35 pm
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