a very H O T adult photoshoot
Well the day finally came and I had arranged for a very steamy adult photoshoot with myself and 2 other female models.  The 1 girl I did a shoot with about a month ago and she brought her 20 yo hot female friend along for today's shoot.  I lined up the photographer and he met us at the Days Inn motel at the right time.  We all went up to the room and exchanged our greetings introductions.  After seeing this hot 20 yo, I knew I was in for a real treat.  The shoot began with the 2 girls making out, kissing, caressing, with their clothes on.  This lasted about 10 minutes.  They began to undress each other until just in their panties.  Both girls have small, perky tits, but very nice, firm skin all over their bodies.  Once in their undies, they got off the bed and came over to me.  The younger 20 yo took off my shirt and unsnapped my pants.  I was French kissing the other gal while this girl pulled my pants down and also my briefs that I was wearing.  She took my cock into her mouth while I kept kissing the other hot gal.  After about 10 minutes of this, we all climbed on the bed, me nude and the 2 girls still in their panties.  I then pulled each of their panties off exposing their amazing naked bodies right before my eyes.  Both had very nicely shaved pussies, nice pussy lips and tight, firm asses.  It was then that I began oral sex on them, licking their clits, ass and anything else that got in my way (haha).  While I gave them oral, they each were kissing again and giving some slight moaning sounds while being eaten out.  My cock was rock hard the entire time.  We did several different poses on the bed.  I liked where the 20 yo was laying on the bed, getting eaten out by the other girl and me sticking my cock in her mouth while her head was at the edge of the bed.  I began face fucking her and the photographer got some very hot video and good pics of the whole thing.  I then moved to the other side of the bed and the other gal had her ass in the air and so I went down on her licking her pussy and asshole for about 5 minutes (again with some great photos).  I then moved back on to the bed and put the younger gal on all 4's with her ass in the air.  I spread her pussy as wide open as it would go so the photographer could get his camera right next to the goods.  I then stuck my hard throbbing cock deep inside her.  It was in as far as it could go until there was no more cock showing.  She was moaning during this time.  She had such an amazing, tight little pussy and loved the back door, doggy style fuck that we were doing.  I then pulled my cock out and let the other gal suck off the juices, then put it back in again.  After about 10 minutes of this penetration, I then moved over to the other gal and fucked her missionary style and also shoved my cock deep inside her.  She was also loving the pleasure (at least she seemed to be) haha.  I then pulled my cock out and let the young hot chick lick the juices.  Finally after about 1 1/2 hours I laid down on the bed and the older gal sat on my cock for a nice deep penetration fuck and the other gal sat on my face with her lips spread wide open.  So as I was eating out the 1 girl, I was fucking the other girl.  At this point I couldn't hold back any longer and told them I was going to cum.  The older gal kept fucking me harder and harder until I cum inside her pussy.  Both girls then went down and licked up the cum that was dripping down my cock and leg.  Following the cumshot, we all 3 got into the small bath tub and had a nice warm bath together.  The photographer had a great time with rock in his pocket the whole time, I'm sure.  I should be getting my CD with all the pics on it this next week and I'll be sure to upload some of these amazing photos on this site.  It was perhaps my most crazy, hot fuck session of my entire life.  2 very hot chicks, great little bodies and me enjoying them both together.  What a deal !!!!Page 1 |
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Date: 11:55pm September 25th, 2013
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Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
October 28, 2013, 1:02 pm
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