Ashley at the Theater
Ashley at the Theater
By Jappio

Part 1

Ashley stepped
out of her car as she made her way inside the theater. She wanted to
make sure she got a seat as soon as possible, so she kept a fast pace.

She got her ticket ordered and made her way into the appropriated numbered theater, she didn’t bother with popcorn.

was out to solve a problem that day. Recent events had led her to being
nearly caught naked in public. Too many times she had risked her own
exposure, and even though she was the one undressing herself, she felt
like she had little control.

Ashley has a problem where once she
loses some clothing, she feels like she has to lose the rest of it. The
thrill and fun of nudity was intoxicating to Ashley. The clothing lost
could be as little as something slightly slipping off her, or a button

Ashley wasn’t sure if she wanted to give up on the
thrills, but she didn’t want to be ruled by them. So Ashley had gone to
the one place she felt safe enough to discuss her sexual kink, the

There, Ashley had found a few people who seemed
interested in her issue. One person in specific seemed to have an idea
for her. After some planning, Ashley agreed to do an experiment with the
person that would help her overcome it.

So Ashley found herself a
seat for the chosen movie, and got her phone out. She began to type
away as she got in contact with her online friend.

carefully read every word sent to her. The theater she was in was pretty
empty. They both agreed that a boring movie would be the best area to
fight off temptation. It would be too easy if she was seeing a good
movie to not concentrate on her desire to strip.

The online
friend explained it would be a simple exercise. Some removal of
clothing, and then stopping and not letting it go too far.

The lights hadn’t even dimmed. Ashley sat in the back so that no one would be distracted by her phone as she typed away.

“To start, let’s remove your belt? Assuming you wore everything I requested,” the words appeared on Ashley’s phone.

happily typed back, “yes. Thanks again, it’s so embarrassing to admit
this to anyone, but at least I found someone so willing to help : ).”

looked around. Although it was just her belt, it seemed a little weird
to take something like that off in public. Yet no one was looking her
way. Ashley had on a simple outfit, as had been instructed. Ashley had
sandals, shorts with a belt, and a t-shirt. Beneath, Ashley was even
told to wear just basic underwear. She was embarrassed to let some
stranger online dress her, but again she told herself it was for her own

Ashley carefully undid her buckle, and slowly looped it
off herself. She instantly could feel how loose her shorts had become.
When told to wear a belt, Ashley wore the shorts that she used most
often with the belt, because of how loose they were. She was glad she
was sitting; she’d be worried about them falling now.

sighed. She was starting to get that same tingling sensation that came
with her thrill. She had actually undressed in public again. Her eyes
were moving around the room. The lights hadn’t even been dimmed yet as
someone else sat in a seat in the front.

Ashley didn’t mention how she felt, but she did message her friend that she had removed the belt.

took a moment, but she got a message back. “Sorry about this, but I
have to go. Anyways, we probably didn’t have much time; you can’t be
keeping your phone on there anyways. We’ll do this again another time if
you’re interested, later!”

Ashley was shocked to see that things were ending already. She was really looking forward to getting rid of her problem.

lights began to darken, and trailers were rolling. Ashley quickly
turned her phone off, her friend not around anymore. She’d just have to
pack up and leave.

She thought about it though. Ashley figured
she could do the rest on her own. There was little reason to leave too
after paying to get in. She’d sit through the rest of the movie, just as
was planned.

The problem was, Ashley didn’t know the plan. She
was only told the basic start of it. She was wondering if the belt was
the only thing that would happen.

Ashley shifted in her seat,
feeling the waistband of her shorts tickle her sides. Ashley really
wasn’t interested with what was on screen, so she kept concentrated on
her mission.

She could see her belt still in the seat next to her
where she had put it. It seemed naughty to just have it sitting there
in the open.

That’s when Ashley started to think what would be
next. Was the goal to just sit there and do nothing? She knew the boring
movie was picked so that it wasn’t distracting. Perhaps there was going
to be more before her online friend got cold feet about using the phone
with the movie going.

Ashley took a look forward. The half a
dozen people there were for some reason staring up at the screen. She
supposed they were just putting up with the boring thing so they
wouldn’t feel like they wasted their money either.

Ashley had
even begun to see the tops of her panties. She saw the purple cotton
between the shorts and her waist. “This isn’t going to be easy,” she
thought to herself.

Then again, Ashley knew she had to get over her problem. She knew that she couldn’t take it lightly.

when she had an idea. Surely the belt wasn’t the only part of the plan.
She’d have to up the difficulty in some way of her mission.

thinking about what to do next had Ashley shifting in her seat, and it
didn’t take long for her to notice how her sandals hung from her feet.
Every time she lifted them, she felt their weight.

Ashley knew
that normally, she’d lose her shoes in some way soon, and that is what
usually led to her trouble. If she could stop herself there, surely
she’d be able to stop herself anytime in the future.

breathed deeply. She looked around. She as alone in the back of a
theater, and taking off her sandals had her nervous. It was unlikely
anyone would catch her taking them off, much less be bothered by it. To
Ashley though, it was a big deal. It was one of her few pieces of
clothing. Her sandals being off would mean she’d have no clothing on
from her feet to her thighs.

Lifting her feet up, Ashley felt the
sandals hold onto her toes barely. Ashley wiggled a foot, feeling the
thong of it wiggle between her toes. Then with a flick, it fell from her
foot. In a moment, it flopped to the floor, now off her now bare foot.

had to do her best to stay quiet. She had forgotten how good it could
feel to do that. To feel her clothing just slip off was a delight for
sure. She had another sandal to go too.

Ashley took her time with
the second sandal. Knowing she’d be without any more thrills there, she
wanted to at least enjoy that one last sandal. She shook her foot
lightly, causing the sandal to inch off her toes slowly. She even
challenged herself to keep it hanging by nearly just a centimeter for as
long as possible. She couldn’t keep a gasp in when it finally hit the

With her feet bare, Ashley kept her feet hung up in the
air. It felt so nice to have them naked. Sure, it was basic nudity, not
that the sandals even hid them, but to Ashley it was unclothed feet, and
therefore naked feet. It brought a bit smile to her face.

placed each foot on the chair of the seat as she bent down to get her
sandals. She knew better than letting her feet touch the floor. That’s
the type of thrill she’d want. Having her feet touch new surfaces was
always a pleasure. However her soles on her the fabric seat was probably
as bad. She shivered as she grabbed her sandals and tossed them next to
her belt. She quickly let her feet dangle in the air again.

wasn’t comfy to sit like that, having to suspend her feet off the
ground, but she knew she had to. She was to resist the thrill. Her feet
were bare, but she wasn’t going to enjoy it. This was where the fun
would stop.

Ashley couldn’t ignore everything. Even if they
weren’t again the cold floor or rough seat, Ashley noticed how her skin
felt in the air-conditioned air around her. She knew they were bare now,
and that was tough to just ignore.

Yet Ashley was confident none
the less. She was proving she had plenty of self control for once. Even
with her feet bare, she was avoiding the risk and thrills that would
normally come next.

Ashley stayed like that for what felt like
quite awhile. The movie did little to pass the time for her. Keeping her
feet extended in the air wasn’t very comfortable either. Yet to Ashley,
it felt like quite awhile. What had been about only a couple of
minutes, felt like half an hour to Ashley.

Ashley thought about
how well she was doing. That’s when she started to think she should make
things tougher. She was doing so well, why not raise the stakes.

thought about what could be next. She hadn’t done anything taboo really
yet. She’d want to keep it that way, since she was trying to avoid the
exposure that would get her in trouble.

That’s when she thought
about her underwear, specifically her bra. She’d in the past been able
to get her bra off before while wearing things like her shirt before, so
why not do so again. This time keep the shirt afterwards of course. She
knew she savored the feeling of just one layer against her chest, and
she knew it always lead to no layers. Today, she’d keep it at one!

although a bit wobbly with her feet still up, Ashley reached her hands
into her t-shirt. Her eyes watched the people below more than anything
as she managed to get her bra undone. Next was the tricky part.

anyone to look, they’d surely be confused with what Ashley was doing.
The girl was trying to keep balanced on just her butt as she shifted
around the inside of her own shirt.

Ashley was finally getting
the bra off when suddenly she titled forward. She had to stop herself
from falling off her seat, so her feet went straight for the floor to
hold herself up.

“Eep!” Ashley gasped. Instantly she shut her
mouth, worried someone heard her. No one looked up, but Ashley didn’t
risk opening her mouth, she still wanted to make noise.

Her feet were on the ground. The cool cement flooring was in direct contact with her heel, sole, and toes.

had a second point of interest, or rather two more. Beneath her shirts,
she’d gotten her bra pulled away from each breast. They now were freed
from their bindings, and bounced with every wobble Ashley made. She
could feel her hard nipples rub against the bra she had half removed.

had to hold her breath. It was all too much at once. If she opened her
mouth, she’d be worried she might make a weird noise.

Ashley had
to win out against the thrill and excitement. It was those arousing
feelings that got her stuck going forward with her foolish desire to
strip. She’d have to ignore every good feeling and just concentrate on
her task.

Moments passed, and Ashley got her bra onto the seat
next to her. She dared herself to keep her feet on the ground, toes
wiggling on their own accord. She sat back and let her shirt fall
against her now commando top-half. She closed her eyes as she told
herself she was in control of everything.

Ashley’s face was a
little red. The denial of her feelings was impossible. Her toes kept
wiggling against the floor. Her breathing just caused her shirt to slide
ever so slightly on her skin, reminding her about her lack of bra. When
Ashley opened her eyes, it was obvious she was aroused with the way her
nipples poked against the thin cotton of her shirt.

Ashley told
herself she was doing well. She figured she’d probably be naked by now
if it was up to the old her. However, she conquered her emotions. She
was sitting in the theater, still legally decent.

Ashley went
back to trying to endure it now. She played little games to pass the
time, making herself lift her feet and place them down again. She would
flap her shirt a little to let little gusts of air go in. These games
were no different than what she might normally do, to enjoy the lack of
clothing. This time she was telling herself that it was to tease
herself, to tempt her to doing something.

Again, a short time
later Ashley was looking for something else. She didn’t even know where
in the movie they were. No one had even gotten up to get a drink or use
the bathroom. Ashley had to spice things up with how much they were

“My goal is to not be caught doing something wrong. I’m
practicing my ability to both resist, but also to use proper judgment,”
Ashley thought. She then considered her options. It was one thing to
just stay dressed. Ashley knew that was easy enough for most people.
However she knew she’d also have to learn how to turn back quickly if
she ever did end up exposed. There are many times Ashley knew that
things weren’t too bad when she started, but it usually ended up
becoming too much to handle afterwards.

That’s when she thought
of the perfect plan. The sandals slipping from her feet had been
wonderful. What if that happened with her shorts? She could let them
ride down her legs, and then she’d pull them up immediately. Train her
sense of modesty and quick thinking. She’d be safer from staying exposed
if she was better at that.

Ashley slowly stood. She looked down
at the people below. No one looked at her as she stood. Her shorts
already drooped a little. Her eyes shot wide at the site of more of her

“No Ashley, it’s not about the thrill. You can resist it. You’re doing this to get better,” she coached herself in her head.


Ashley at the Theater
By Jappio

Part 2

thought about what she’d do. She would walk as if she was finding a new
seat, but as she would, she’d let her shorts fall. She knew without a
belt they were loose, and they’d surely plummet down her legs in no

Once they were down, she’d pull them back up. She knew the
old Ashley would leave them down, and probably have the rest of her
clothing join the shorts. She’d make sure that wasn’t the case this

With another step, Ashley felt the shorts sag. With a few
more, she knew that her panties would be viewable by other people. She
wanted to stop and look around, but she knew the chairs would hide her.
If she stopped and took it slow, people would become suspicious.

every movement, the shorts came down lower. They stalled near the
widest part of hips, half of her purple panties exposed to just her, but
they soon passed that point as well.

She was still aware of her bare feet too. She took note of the surprisingly clean theater floor, probably was just cleaned.

Her breasts bounced slightly with her meaningful pace, and her nipples continued to threaten to tear her shirt.

was neck deep into her usual issue, and she didn’t even realize it now.
Her shorts were descending, and so was even her act of self control.

strides became smaller when the shorts got to her knees. It was tough
to make any distance. Ashley’s instincts kicked in and she did a small
shake to help the shorts fall to the floor.

Every moment that the
fiber of the shorts passed down her skin, Ashley could feel tingles
shoot through her body. It was that same feeling she loved so much. Her
clothes had fallen and gone now, and she was now truly in some way

Ashley didn’t reach down and pick up her shorts like she
planned. She instead stepped a foot out of them, but let them hang from
one ankle as she made it to a seat that was on the end of the row.

sat in it, nearly out of breath. The experience was too much for her.
She laid back and shut her eyes as she surveyed her body with her hands.
Caressing lightly her two breasts, she felt their shape through the
cotton of her shirt. She smoothed and flattened the shirt against her
until her downward pointed fingers could feel skin. She pushed and
prodded at the shirt hem, just letting her fingertips touch her stomach.
She had the shirt now raised until she exposed her bellybutton.

hands moved down past the shirt now, and over her panties. After one
smooth and slow pass between her legs, she brought her hands up again
and repeated the motion. Not only did it feel deliciously naughty to
touch herself like that, but it just was astounding to feel both the
cotton of her panties and her bared thighs.

Her hands final trip
was down her legs. She felt the smooth skin from thighs and hips, down
to her knees, to her shins, and finally she gripped her feet.

pushed the shorts from the foot they remained on and looked to her
side. She spied what looked like her old seat, and without thought
tossed her shorts there.

She gasped as she put her hands to her
mouth when she heard the thud they made. She hadn’t thought of that. A
quick check at least confirmed that no one else seemed to notice it.

now sat in just her t-shirt and panties. It was so little. She’d lost
so much. She was trying to find an excuse for herself, but she couldn’t.
This was no longer a test; she couldn’t keep deluding herself with that
idea. She once again was trapped in her desires.

She wondered if
the test was any help. She wondered if the person online knew what they
were doing. Maybe they knew too well. She worried that perhaps she was
tricked into letting this happen. Did the anonymous person intend for
her to strip naked?

She didn’t want to think it was a trap. Although she admitted that as far as traps go, it wasn’t unpleasurable bad.

wasn’t happy that she broke so soon, but she was enjoying herself. She
felt alive. She was wondering why she in the first place ever wanted to
not do this type of thing. Sometimes it would be bad, but like now, all
on her own in the back of the theater, she wasn’t at much risk. Her only
truly exposed area was below her waist, hidden by chairs.

was building. Ashley began to wiggle in her seat, embracing her delight
for what it was. She figured if she failed her mission, she might as
well still have some fun then. Next time she could work on her problem.

without too much surprise, Ashley grabbed each side of her panties.
While keeping an eye on all people below, Ashley pushed her panties down
her legs.

With a hop of her bottom, Ashley had no problem
getting them out from under her butt. She wasted little time to get them
down to her ankles.

“Why would I not want to do this… this is too fun…” Ashley mumbled. Her overconfidence was getting to her now.

if to risk even more, Ashley raised her panty-bound ankles. She slipped
a foot from a leg hole, delighted to know half of her lower half was
void of clothing now. The half that did have anything was only a bit of
cotton at a single ankle.

Ashley kept drawing her legs upwards
until she could raise her feet over the seat in front of her. Resting
her legs on the seat, Ashley now laid back.

Ashley’s bare bottom
was sitting on the front edge of her seat. Her feet were pointed
slightly in the air as she rests them on the chair in front of her. Her
legs were slightly parted, offering herself a clear view of her pussy.
Finally, her purples panties were hanging from one of her ankles. If
someone were to look back now, they’d see her sitting in such an
undignified way with her underwear hanging off a foot!

giggled softly. She knew it was naughty. Yet she wasn’t done. With a few
twists of her ankle, she managed to get her panties to hang from just
her toes.

In her mind she pictured it, her panties falling down
into the seat in front of her. She felt their tiny weight hanging from
her toes. She knew it would be deliciously fun to lose them now.

Ashley was decided and sure that’s what she wanted, so she let the
panties drop from her foot, and onto the seat. They were no longer in
hers or anyone else’s view.

Ashley clasped a hand between her
legs. She felt her lips now slick with juices. She wasn’t sure how she
was even trying to convince herself she could resist the excitement that
came with her undressing. It was just too seductive a feeling.

her fingers up, tracing the parting of her lips, up past through her
small patch of pubic hair, and up to her waist, Ashley was practically
giddy. She felt so deliciously exposed. Her fingers eventually met the
loose hem of her t-shirt. She’d have to pull it down to really hide
anything with it. Instead, Ashley pinched the fabric and shifted it from
side to side.

The hem of the shirt tickled Ashley’s waist. It
ran over her very bare skin. She picked up speed more and more with each
pass, the whole shirt started to move. She could feel her bare nipples
under it scratch at the surface. She started to play a game where she
tried to make out where her nipples were, and the scribbles they were
drawing on the underside.

Ashley was lifting the shirt up away
from her waist and stomach more and more now. The cool theater air
entered under it. Soon, the lowest point of contact that shirt made with
her body in front was actually her nipples themselves. The shirt was
billowed out, and if someone were to be perched in front of her, they
could clearly see everything.

Ashley loved the feeling of freedom. Even in the public theater, she was delighted she could be so undressed. She felt alive.

again, to Ashley, when she was feeling this free, the smallest of
things could make her free caged. That feeling of restriction was
swelling elsewhere With the playing around she was doing with the shirt,
her shoulders felt constricted. The arms of the shirt and even the hole
for the neck were locked where they were. Sure, they could shift a
little, but it wasn’t like the rest of her freed body.

the shirt had to go, without any argument of course, Ashley stood up.
She was a little bummed she couldn’t stay sitting and take it off.
However once in the air, she loved the feel of her bare butt no longer
touching the course material of the chair, even if moments before she
enjoyed it.

Ashley had her hands on the hem of the shirt when she
heard some sounds! Looking to her side, she was able to confirm that it
was a group of men about her age. They were entering the theater on the
other side, finding some seats. This late, they probably were just
movie hopping.

Of course, their breaking the theater rules wasn’t
the first thing on Ashley’s mind. Ashley was wearing only the shirt,
and they would surely see her as they were walking further to the center
of the seating. They’d easily see the woman standing awkward at the end
of the row.

Getting dressed was not an option. Getting into her
panties would probably only draw attention to herself, and wouldn’t make
her technically decent. Her shorts were left behind in the center of
the row. The guys were even heading down the row that had been behind
her seat where she left the shorts.

So Ashley’s only hope to be
safe without being seen was to retreat for the time being. She didn’t
really think it through; it’s just what her instincts told her to do.

grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled it down in front. The front
hem, now balled in her fists, reached down to the top of her thighs in
front. In back, Ashley knew her whole bottom was showing, but didn’t
mind as she backed away from the men. She looked behind her to make sure
she knew where she was going. She walked slowly, making sure she wasn’t
being watched as she exited.

Ashley was relieved that the guys
just sat in the seats and looked up at the screen. If they had seen her,
it was little enough of a glance that her undressed state wasn’t
obvious. Ashley wanted to try and head back, to at least get her
panties, maybe crawl under sight to get to her shorts. Yet the risk
would be too great.

The theater had two main exits. They each
were hallways that had archways at either end of the middle row. The
hallways themselves actually loop around the back and meet, the center
being where a door led to the lobby.

Once past the archway and
into the hall, Ashley had become safe from the movie watchers. She was
totally out of sight of them. She also was safe from the exit door, as
it was around the corner down the hall. With a sigh of relief, Ashley
rests her back against the wall behind her.

Getting her breathing
under control, Ashley worked up the nerve to peek back at the other
patrons. Ashley saw that the guys, although probably not the demographic
for the movie, had gotten comfy. They were sitting in their seats.
Ashley hoped they wouldn’t find her discarded clothes there. She even
worried that if they wandered away, her panties may appear obvious on
the other seat.

Yet she wouldn’t be able to go back in at the
moment it seemed. The guys were horsing around a little, and not paying
much attention to the movie.

Ashley resigned her fate to having
to wait in the hall. She was starting to think it wouldn’t be too bad,
assuming she would be able to get to her clothes before someone saw her.
She wasn’t exactly interested in the movie, and she still could at
least enjoy her nearly-no-clothes-state.

The new texture of the
wall on her bottom was a definite plus side in her book. Ever since she
rested her back on the wall, it was almost a game to her now to leave
her butt against it. It seemed so naughty to do that. Hundreds of people
could pass that wall later and not know that a girl had her naked butt
against it.

She was even barefoot. She knew that no one ever
really did that either. To have her bare soles on the ground, in a place
no one would ever consider doing that, was an accomplishment to her.

she had relaxed the front of her shirt. Her fingers let go of it, and
her shirt sprang up. Underneath, she could feel her very naked chest
wanting to be released.

Ashley knew somewhere in the back of her
mind that total nudity was a bad idea. Had she done it a few seconds
earlier, she may have been caught by a bunch of people. She’d be
discovered as the type of girl who gets naked in a public theater!

at the same time, Ashley knew she wasn’t much better dressed anyways.
She was also in earshot of each end of the hall. She could hear from the
entrance, and hear if anyone was walking up or down the aisle to the

However, that earshot would prove useful to again stop her
from taking her shirt off. The boys were getting louder. Worry came over
Ashley as she peered around the wall to see what was happening.

guys were talking to each other, and then shook hands. Then they stood
up. She could just barely make out them counting down. Seemed like a few
of the people watching the movie looked back too, bothered by their
rude and rowdy behavior.

When their count reached zero though,
each darted off in one of two directions. Some went towards the exit
they came from; the others were heading Ashley’s way!

couldn’t tell what was happening. They were probably having some type of
dumb race or something. Clearly, the movie she picked was too boring,
as the guys invented some game to entertain themselves!

was in the crossfire of this game though. The one half of the group was
heading her way, and she had no hiding spots! Retreat became her only


Ashley at the Theater
By Jappio

Part 3

down the hall, Ashley quickly zipped around the corner. Ahead of her
there was a door to her left that lead out in to the lobby, and straight
ahead was the other hall that lead to the other side of the seating. It
had been her plan that if anyone did try to leave the movie, she’d just
be able to loop around to that side.

After running a step or two
past the lobby door, Ashley realized that her plan wasn’t going to
work. The group of guys were using both halls!

Without any other options, Ashley threw herself out the lobby door!

Ashley exited, she was tucked away in the back corner of the lobby. To
her right were the counters for buying concessions. Ahead were the main
doors. To her left was a wall that opened up to a large hallway that led
to other theater rooms.

With racing boys hot on her tracks
though, Ashley couldn’t stay. She wasn’t about to try a cartoon styled
attempt of just hiding against the wall to the side of the door. One
look back from the boys exiting, and she’d be caught. Not to mention
that she had the whole lobby to worry about too.

The bathroom
seemed like her best show. She knew the theater well enough to know that
the door to it was right around the corner of the big hall on her left.
Twenty feet, and she’d be able to get there.

So with a mad dash,
the girl in just a shirt ran for the hall. She couldn’t see around it.
Anyone using it would easily be able to see her dash around that corner.
From where she was, she could see a few people at the concession
stands, thankfully not looking to their side. A few people near the
front were sitting on benches, heads down at their phones. Timing was
perfect for Ashley, and she made it to the hallway at least without
being seen.

Multiple theater doors were lined down the hall
before Ashley. A few people were walking down to them, thankfully not
looking back. Ashley had enough time to run the couple of feet to the
bathroom door and without hesitation she rushed inside.

knew she wasn’t safe. Even if it was the woman’s bathroom she was in,
she still was bottomless. She didn’t want to even explain that. So she
knew that she still had to hide more till she had a chance to go back to
her seat.

Rushing to the first stall, Ashley dashed over to it and gave the door a shove. It didn’t budge though, it was locked!

Ashley heard from a woman behind the door. Ashley’s face grew red. It
was proving harder to find safety than she thought. She hadn’t even
thought to check if she was alone in the bathroom. Not wanting to of
course wait for that stall to be opened, Ashley hid quickly in one two
doors down.

With the stall door shut and locked, Ashley again had
to stop and catch her breath. This time, she had been at even more risk
than in the theater. She had actually made a bottomless dash through a
small corner of the lobby. The sound of her own blood rushing made it
hard for her to even make out if there was anyone outside possibly
shouting about a streaker or something.

The woman Ashley
disturbed flushed her toilet. Ashley also heard her start a sink. She
couldn’t make out any sounds from outside the bathroom, but Ashley hoped
that since no one was chasing her in here, she actually made it out of
the situation unseen!

When the door open and closed, Ashley took
it as the sign that she was actually alone. With her breathing better
regulated, her mind turned to the events that transpired again. She
stripped nearly naked, and was now in the bathroom naked. She loved
being able to confirm the fact she was naked even with her eyes closed
by wiggling her toes. The room was covered in cool, ceramic tiles.

some moments of silence, Ashley thought she’d get her need to be naked
out of the way in privacy. She had almost now been caught twice thanks
to it. She was reminded as to why she was trying to fix that in the
first place. At least if she got it out of her system, she’d be able to
get redressed.

The saying “third time’s the charm,” proved to be
true. Nothing stopped Ashley this time as she pulled her shirt up her
body. Her naked body popped free from her shirt.

She happily
sighed as she stretched her arms up high. She still gripped the shirt in
her hands, and it dangled and tickled her now bared arms. As Ashley
rested her arms down to her sides, she felt her breasts bobble thanks to
them dropping from their raised state when she was stretching. Every
little sign of her totally nudity was appreciated by Ashley.

that there were mirrors at the sinks gave Ashley an idea. She rarely
got the chance to verify her nudity perfectly. She loved being able to
look down and see it, and even feel it. Yet it was tough to see her
back, and see her entirety. She also knew that seeing herself in a
public bathroom’s mirror would be extra thrilling.

Hanging her
shirt on the coat hook of the door, Ashley crept out of her stall. She
was indeed alone in the room, which made it easy for her to cross over
the tiles to the mirror. She was almost happy enough to skip.

mirror was small, but stepping back a little, Ashley was able to
quickly see most of her naked body. The unfamiliar background behind her
of the bathroom wall really accentuated the situation for her. Ashley
was excited and began twisting and turning her body. She tried her best
to see herself from every angle.

Ashley in her mind pictured
every piece of clothing she had before. When she pictured her sandals
that had slipped off her toes earlier that were off on her seat, she
wiggled her feet. Picturing her bra also next to them and her shirt in
the stall, Ashley knew she was quite topless. She even gave her chest a
shake to cause her breasts to bounce around. When thinking of the shorts
she tossed away, and the panties she flicked onto the seat in front of
her, she spread her legs. She put her hands on each side as she gyrated
her hips. Closing her eyes, Ashley tried to feel every little touch of
moving air around her very naked body.

Ashley then heard the
bathroom door open! She was plenty used to running away at this point.
Like when she first entered the bathroom, she ran to the first stall
available, and this time it was open. As she hid inside, she just barely
saw a cleaning lady pushing her way into the bathroom. Ashley was lucky
she was using her back to do it so she could pull her cart in.

took a seat on the toilet. She told herself it was enough now. After
the cleaning lady left, she’d get redressed and leave. She had her naked
fun she wanted.

As she waited though, more trouble struck. The
cleaning lady was seemingly close to being done in the room, just there
to replace some paper towel. However the woman suddenly made a noise, as
if confused. She then spoke up, “Who would leave their shirt here? I
have to say it’s the first I’ve seen something like this. I mean maybe a
jacket, or a ruined shirt in the garbage, but never just hung up and

Ashley knew that had to be her shirt. She didn’t think to
use the same stall she had used before. She was worried. She didn’t plan
on showing up naked to the lost and found for her things, but she
couldn’t say anything with the way she was!

“Sorry to disturb you
miss, but you wouldn’t happen to know where this shirt is from?’ The
woman asked. Ashley figured she must have seen her feet below the stall.

didn’t want to just pretend she wasn’t there, that wouldn’t help. She
couldn’t leave the stall to look with the way she was. Ashley didn’t
want the cleaning lady to wait for her to exit either.

quickly did the only thing she could think of. She got up on her tiptoes
and peered over the edge of the door. “Um, nope, don’t think so…”
Ashley lied as she looked at the cleaning lady holding her shirt.

thanks anyways,” the lady said. Ashley sat back down, but could hear
the cart being rolled out near the door. She was about to lose her

“Oh wait… I um… I think I do know! It looks like the shirt
of someone else who was in theater three! Yeah, I had walked in right
after them. I recognized it. She might be in there…” Ashley said. It
seemed like the best idea, to get her shirt at least returned to the
right theater.

“Oh thank you, I’ll go check, the movie is
probably just letting out now anyways,” the lady explained as she left
Ashley alone and naked once more. Now though, Ashley really was naked!

had to stop and catch her breath. This was bad now. Beyond having to
get back to rest of her clothing without her shirt, she also would have
to get that shirt. It wouldn’t be possible to leave with just her bra on
up top.

To really make it worse, the movie was letting out.
Ashley maybe would have time to get in there while it was empty between
shows, however if she was too late, she’d have to deal with a crowd of
people entering it for a possibly popular movie.

With that worry there, Ashley had to act fast. She couldn’t exactly wait there.

out from the stall, Ashley made her way to the door of the bathroom.
Cracking it open slowly, Ashley peered out into the hall.

were a number of people Ashley could spot. She was wondering if it would
be possible. It was possibly going to be wiser to just wait there and
have someone help her hopefully.

She thought about how she made
it there without being seen. With or without a shirt, it should be the
same. If she ran fast, she could easily get into the theater.

wanting anyone to see her spying, Ashley let the door close again. She
tried to gather up all her courage. The first sign of no one being
around, and she’d take her chance. It was the middle of a weekday, and
the theater was slow. She was sure she could manage it.

Even with
fake confidence though, her heart still raced. She was completely
naked, and it would be luck alone if she was able to make it out without
being seen.

Ashley opened the door again. This time, she saw no
one looking her way. A few people were down the hall heading into
theaters. There wasn’t even anyone at the concession stands.

was already halfway out the door. She could feel the door frame run up
the crack of her butt. The door was rested right down the center of her
chest. She even wrapped one leg around it. Ashley was already half way
out there, so she figured she might as well go the whole way.

Ashley was outside of the bathroom, she let the door swing shut. Her
feet were already carrying her out of the hallway and around the bend.

took a moment to look around. She saw no one entering the building.
There was the usual batch of people near the door. However Ashley didn’t
have the nerve to look for long. She just focused her sight on the door
to theater three.

Ashley dashed madly towards the door. She was
trying her best to forget what was happening, in the hopes it would
somehow make her invisible. The only thing she knew was that she was
naked and running like crazy.

As she got to the door, she noticed
how her breasts and butt shook when she came to a stop. She couldn’t
believe her mind was still fixated so much on her body.

the door open, Ashley ran into the hall and let the door shut on its
own. She didn’t even look where she was going as she ran back towards
the archway she had used before, stopping just short of entering the
seating area.

Ashley fell to the ground, her back on the wall.
Her breathing was heavy as she tried to catch her breath. She was pretty
sure she never once ran that fast before. Just then she heard the thud
of the door finally closing on its own.

Ashley looked down the hall towards the corner. She waited, as if waiting for someone to come chasing her from the lobby.

When no one came though, Ashley was relieved. It seemed a minute passed, and no one was on their way after her.

Ashley would just have to get her clothing. The task seemed simple
enough, especially since she didn’t hear the movie playing. When she got
to her feet, she had to hold a hand to keep herself stable. Her legs
were still wobbly from being so nervous.

Ashley slowly stepped
under the archway and into the seating area. She scanned the room for
where her seat had been, but immediately ducked down to her hands and

The cleaning lady from before was now in the room,
rummaging down the rows and aisles! Ashley had been lucky that the woman
didn’t see her first.

Ashley heard the cleaning lady muttering
to herself. Ashley would have to be careful. Yet the odds were still
better this way than when there were more people in the theater, she’d
just have to take things slow.


Ashley at the Theater
By Jappio

Part 4

began to crawl on the floor, up the aisle to where her row had been.
Every now and again Ashley would stop and listen for the woman. She was
busy cleaning a row, heading towards the aisle Ashley was in.

much choice, Ashley started to crawl as fast as she could. She’d have
to pass the row that the woman was cleaning to get to her own. The woman
was cleaning row 15, and Ashley had been in the 17th.

When in
the row right before the cleaning ladies, Ashley knelt there for a
second. She spied on the woman cleaning; she was only a few chairs down.
Ashley waited till the woman had to bend down to clean somewhere, and
she was able to quickly dash past the row.

Ashley stopped near
the 16th row, making sure to listen to see if she was caught. The
cleaning lady didn’t say anything, and Ashley was about to make her move
into the 17th row until she stopped. She remembered what she’d done
there. The seat she was next to of this row was where her feet had been
rested, and therefore her panties!

However after a quick
inspection, Ashley wasn’t able to find them. They weren’t on the seat,
the armrest, or under it. Ashley was wondering if someone perhaps had
taken them!

Ashley couldn’t look any longer though. In her
peripheral vision she saw the cleaning lady approaching the aisle.
Ashley quickly turned into the 17th row. Ashley stayed absolute still.
She worried that her scurrying was enough to alert the woman.

cleaning lady turned into the aisle, and then right into the 16th row.
Only a chair separated Ashley and the cleaning lady. Ashley’s breathing
was stressed, and she had to hold a hand to her mouth to keep quiet
enough. The cleaning lady obliviously walked down the row though, not
noticing Ashley. Ashley was also happy to see that the cleaning lady had
a bright pink ear bud. Hopefully the music would help keep her

So seat by seat, both women moved down the aisles
they were in. Ashley followed behind by about five seats, not wanting to
get too close in case the woman did look over. All was going well.
Ashley would at least get to her shorts, bra, and sandals soon enough.

as the cleaning lady got towards the center of the aisle, she
discovered something! She exclaimed, “oh my god,” as she reached over
the seats towards Ashley’s!

“My word! I can’t believe it. I now
have the matching set of underwear. There are even sandals and a belt
here? Was it a couple of love birds who were stripping themselves? To
think some woman is running about without her under things?” The woman
went on to rant to herself.

Ashley started to shake. The cleaning
lady must have found the panties she had before. If only the cleaning
lady knew that the girl without those things had even less than she
thought. Her shirt was lost, her underwear was lost, and it was almost
everything Ashley had!

That’s when Ashley assumed that her shorts
must not have been discovered. On top of it, her shirt might still be
on the cart and not directly in the woman’s possession. Daring a chance
to stand a bit taller and look over the seats, Ashley poked her head
above the head rests of the seats. The cleaning woman had returned to
her job. Her cart wasn’t far, just near the archway on the other side of
the room.

Ashley ducked back down. Her heart was racing. If the
cleaning lady was zigzagging up every row, she’d be in the row Ashley
was in when she got to the end. Ashley could try to escape behind
herself, but that would mean that when the woman cleaned row 17, she’d
discover the shorts that Ashley hoped were just on the floor.

think that the careless action of tossing the shorts earlier is what
possibly saved them. Then again, taking them off at all was probably the
real mistake.

Ashley really only had one option. She’d have to
sneak quickly down the row, get her shorts, and then out of the row and
into the aisle. She’d quickly turn and hide in another row. Jumping over
the seats in the center would be too noticeable after all. She’d wait
for the cleaning lady to head into the row she was in now, and then when
she had her back turned, Ashley would have a lot of time to get to her

The plan was as good of one that a naked girl could ask
for, given the circumstances. She would have to rush it though, there
was probably little time till the next movie started, so waiting wasn’t
an option anyways.

So gathering up all her courage again,
something she thankfully had enough of, she started to crawl forward,
and trying to close the gap she had created between her and the cleaning

Seat by seat, Ashley got closer to the center. She
couldn’t ignore the way that as she tried to move fast her naked hips
would occasionally rub or bounce against the seating on either side. The
stimulus of the concrete below her toes, knees, and palms was tough to
ignore too. Her breasts were also swaying with each advancement she
made. Ashley continued to find at least some enjoyment in her torture.

she got to her seat, it was easy to see the crumpled pile that was her
shorts under the chair. She would have put them on, but her search had
put the cleaning lady a few seats ahead of her again. She would have to
beat her to the aisle for her plan to work. If she were too slow, she’d
end up being seen crawling naked in the movie theater! She’d also be
caught as the girl who was stripping her clothes off everywhere. She’d
have to explain her naked dash in the lobby too.

So, hoping the
cleaning lady’s music was loud enough, Ashley started to crawl faster
and more recklessly. Her hands and knees slapped against the floor.

Ashley was neck and neck with the cleaner, a chill was sent through her
body. Only two chairs were ahead of her. The woman just had to look
over the back of the seats she was cleaning, or even just glanced ahead
of her if Ashley kept going.

Stopping wouldn’t help though, and Ashley made her dash for the aisle ahead!

free from the row, Ashley turned left and around and into 18th row. She
let herself suddenly sit, needing to take a break from being on her
knees. Her naked butt pressed now on the cool ground, Ashley did her
best to stay silent and unnoticed. Just over the chairs she could see
the top of the cleaning lady’s head. The woman slowly made her way
around her own corner, and into the row Ashley just was in.

took this chance to get to the woman’s cart. She’d have her back turned
for awhile, so Ashley got up on her feet, and in a hunched over jog,
made her way back into the aisle.

Heading down a few rows, Ashley
kept glancing at the cleaning lady, making sure she wasn’t looking back
at all. The cleaning lady was thankfully in her own world.

at the cart, Ashley started to search it for her shirt. Such a simple
piece of fabric though was hard to find. There were wags, bottles of
cleaners, and so much other things. Ashley had wanted to stay on the
side of the cart that would hide her from the rows of seats, but she
couldn’t find her shirt there. She quickly went back around to the other
side to look.

Worrying she didn’t have much time, Ashley became
frantic. She eventually found her shirt though, jammed above a few
bottles on a lower shelf of the cart. Ashley reached in and pulled it
out, but doing so caused her to knock over multiple bottles!

noise was definitely noticeable, and with shorts and shirt now in hand,
Ashley quickly dashed under the archway into the hall. Just as she
rounded the corner, she a heard a, “Who’s there!?”

Ashley never
did well with authority. She was a good girl, and wasn’t sure just about
running away. Running could also lead to the woman chasing her. It
already sounded like she was marching her way. Without her shorts and
shirt on as well, Ashley had few places to run to.

“Oh sorry,
just me. I accidently bumped into your cart,” Ashley lied as she poked
her head around the corner. This was now the second time the cleaning
lady would see only Ashley’s head, not knowing that Ashley was naked on
the other side of the separator between them.

“Oh, ok. That’s fine, I needed to get more stuff anyways,” the cleaning lady explained. She was still heading towards the cart!

pulled her head back around the wall and frantically started to mess
with the clothing in her hands. She had wadded the shirt and shorts up
into a ball. She did her best to untangle them, but as she got the shirt
free, she dropped it to the ground.

Being a nervous wreck by
this point, the cleaning lady approaching, she pulled her shorts up her
legs first. It took awhile to get herself coordinated well enough to
even get one foot in.

“You wouldn’t believe it though. You know
that shirt? I found a matching pair of underwear to go with it! I think
some youngsters were getting a bit overly fresh in here,” the woman
chatted as she made it to her cart.

Ashley couldn’t believe the
irony. She was pulling the shorts up her naked legs as the cleaning lady
was unknowingly talking to the very girl who she was referring too. “Oh
really? That’s awfully weird… must be some real kinky girl…” Ashley
said, blushing at the fact that she was talking about herself.

I don’t really get it. You wouldn’t catch me just taking my clothes off
in public. Some people just don’t have modesty I guess,” the cleaning
woman continued on. She was fixing the fallen bottles now.

bent down to get her shirt, trying to find which way to put it on.
“Yeah… I mean… um… it’s not very decent to just be naked in public!”

I just found underwear and what must be an under shirt. I assumed just
some girl trying to give easy access. You think someone is streaking the
theater?” the woman asked.

Ashley didn’t even have an answer, she was revealing too much. She just continued to struggle with her clothing.

do you need help?” The woman asked. Ashley then realized that when she
had bent down, she was sticking her butt out too far. Her shorts-clag
bottom was wiggling out for the woman. Ashley was glad her shorts hadn’t
dropped to show off her lack of panties at least!

“Oh… I just dropped something!” Ashley said, struggling to put her shirt on.

“Oh?” The woman asked.

at the very last second pull the shirt down her chest and stood up when
the woman walked away from her cart and under the archway!

“Yep, see… umm my phone!” Ashley said as she pulled it from her pocket quickly! “Thankfully it’s ok,” Ashley chuckled.

woman looked Ashley over. Ashley was worried the woman was going to
notice her lack of bra, or perhaps notice that the shirt was the one
that had been on her cart.

“Well, I have to get back to cleaning, so you better get going before the next show starts anyways.”

Ma’am!” Ashley said, glad to get out of there. She was hoping she’d
somehow get a chance to get her sandals or underwear back, but she was
at least decent, so Ashley spent no time waiting there anymore. She head
straight to the exit!

The cleaning slowly was putting the pieces
together. Luckily for Ashley, it would be a couple of minutes before
the woman put it all together. Ashley without a bra, belt, or shoes at
all; set of underwear, belt, and sandals found in the theater.

was very relieved as she walked through the lobby. She was worried
about her lack of bra. Her hard nipples poked at her shirt far too much
without it, and she worried it was obvious she was commando. Even her
shorts felt like they sagged more in back and maybe showed the crack of
her butt. Yet she was dressed, and that was enough to get her out of

As she walked down the sidewalk outside the theater,
headed towards her car, she heard people talking about a ‘streaker’. She
also thought she heard the words ‘naked butt’. Yet when she passed
right by those very people, they didn’t recognize her. She admitted it
was possible someone maybe saw her running away when exiting the
bathroom and into theater three, but at least it didn’t seem like her
face was seen. It also was just hopefully a coincidence.

couldn’t believe a simple trip to the theater would have been so nerve
wracking. She was pretty sure she could have seen the scariest movie
around, and her heart wouldn’t have been beating as much as it was.

in her car, Ashley got her phone turned back on. She had a message from
her online friend. It was full of apologies. Ashley usually didn’t get
too mad, but she did feel as if maybe it was this person’s fault she
ended up naked at the movies!

“No apologies needed. Yet, I think I
can help myself better with my problems. Thanks anyways, bye.” Ashley
wrote. She was sure that with what had happened, she’d learned her
lesson. She knew now she’d just have to keep her urges in check when she
was in public from now on. She wouldn’t need some online flake helping

Ashley started the car up and left the parking lot. She
wiggled her bare toes on the pedals as she pressed them down. On the
drive home, she couldn’t help but notice the way her hips and butt had a
bit of wiggle room in her shorts too. Her lower half felt so nearly
naked without her panties especially. More and more she was shaking her
butt in her seat until eventually she had to pull over to take them off.
No big deal though, she was hidden mostly. Then, when waiting just a
few too many seconds at a stop light, she became restless and couldn’t
stop herself from taking off her shirt.

She drove the rest of the way home naked.

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