Woodland Dares
So it's been quite a while since Rachel, Sam and I have completed any dates at all, but last weekend Rachel all proceed me with her latest idea, and to be honest the prospect of potentially seeing the pair of them naked again was more than enough to convince me to join in.
There's a large wooded area about an hour's drive from where we live and her plan involved the the of us having an evening picnic in the woods with a twist. We'd be there for exactly 60 minutes, but every five minutes we'd play a game of rock, paper, scissors, with the loser losing an item of clothing.
The day we had chosen for the date finally ruled around, and I was concerned that it would be called off as it was pouring with rain. It appears however that nature was smiling upon me however as the sun fought it's way through in the afternoon, and I got the text from Rachel confirming the plan was still on. As such at 4:30pm she picked me up and the three of us found a nice little clearing in the woods, only just off the main road. The sound of cars passing was pretty clear and if you looked carefully you could just see them driving past through the trees. We started to just sit and chat as Rachel set a timer for the first five minutes, and it caught us all unawares when it suddenly went off.
We all looked ready for our first hand, and I went for paper, watching as Rachel picked paper too, and Sam went for rock. Somewhat cursing us Sam reluctantly kicked off her shoes, squealing as her now bare feet made contact with the cold damp mud. Most of the next five minutes were spent mocking Sam so much so that at one point Rachel pulled her out of her chair making her stand in the dirt, the mud covering her bare toys, drawing another scream. It wasn't long however before the timer went off again and Rachel and I shared a look both of us concerned that perhaps we may come to regret or jokes.
I decided to stick with paper one again, watching as Rachel produced scissors and Sam went with paper too. Having seen Sam's problems with the muddy floor I chose to remove my shirt, especially as I had a t-shirt on underneath. Sam however had to remove her cardigan, leaving her in a beige best top and leggings.
Things returned to general conversation before the timer suddenly went off to announce the fifteen minute mark. Hoping that the third time would be the charm I again went with paper, Rachel chose rock and Sam had rock also. Sam began to complain about Rachel and I cheating her as Rachel pulled off her shoes, crossing her legs in her chair to prevent putting her sock class get down in the mud. Both Rachel and I began to tell Sam she had to strip and she gave a nervous look towards the road through the trees before finally peeling of her leggings, giving me a nice flash of her bright pink panties before tugging her best top down to cover them up.
Again we turned out attention to general chatter, mentioning at least three or four times that we still had nine games to play and Sam only had three items left too loose. As such when the timer went off to mark twenty minutes Rachel suggested Sam just get naked now.
Tired of paper I went for rock this time, while Rachel chose scissors and Sam picked rock too. Rachel made quite a show of picking what to remove before pulling off her socks and throwing them at Sam, who was clearly not amused to still be losing, even if she had won that hand.
At the twenty-five minute timer I chose scissors, Rachel went with scissors and Sam went with rock.I copied Rachel's idea of removing my shoes and sitting cross legged to avoid the mud. Rachel however had no footwear left too loose which passed me considerably until she reached under her vest top to unhook and remove her bra without actually showing any more skin. Still I took some comfort from the fact that as we drew close to the half way mark I was in fact in the lead with for items left, while both girls were now down to three.
When the timer went off for the half hour mark I don't mind admitting I was a little excited in the hopes that the girls would have to undress again and could feel my boxers growing a little tighter. I went for scissors, Rachel chose rock and Sam picked scissors too, back to losing again. My socks joined the pile of clothing and to be honest rather enjoyed the distracting feel of the wet mud between my toes as Sam stole Rachel's idea, removing her bra from beneath her vest top. Still another six games to play and between us all we only had eight items of clothing left. There was a pretty good chance that all of us would be naked before the game finished.
At thirty-five minutes the timer rang again, and I switched back to paper as Rachel went with scissors and Sam chose rock.all the of us had lost.I was a little surprised to see that Rachel actually went first with the stripping standing up in the mud and pulling down her jeans, making no effort to hide the black thong she was wearing, even going so far as to give us a twirl. Clearly she was enjoying stripping as much as I was enjoying watching.still keeping an eye on Rachel's now naked legs I pulled off my t-shirt, leaving me completely topless before both Rachel and I turned to look at Sam. Looking very uncomfortable Sam turned away from the two of us, peeling of her pants and trying to use her vest top to hide her nudity, but not particularly well.
With so much flesh on display it felt like an eternity waiting for the timer to go off again, and if I'm honest I was really hoping that Sam would loose once more and have to be completely naked for the last twenty minutes of our picnic.  Of course, once the forty minute mark rolled around the timer went off and we all were ready to go again.  I went with Rock, while Rachel took scissors and Sam went with paper.  Again it was a case of all three of us stripping.  I started to undo my jeans as I watched Rachel stand up, grabbing the hem of her vest top and pulling it over her head with a little too much pleasure, standing before Sam and I in nothing but her thong.  As I stood to remove my jeans, both girls eyes were clearly on the now very obvious erection in my boxers and Rachel made a series of smutty comments as I finally kicked off my jeans, not really caring about the mud getting on them now.  Sam however seemed to suddenly want to back out of the deal, her eyes constantly darting to the cars driving along the road, just visible through the trees.  As she argued however Rachel made a move, running over to Sam and almost tearing her top off.  Sam put up a bit of a struggle, and I'd love to say that it would up with the two of them rolling around in the mud fighting for the top, but unfortunately that part was just in my imagination.  The end result however was the same.  Rachel stood in just a thong holding Sams vest top aloft while Sam tried to cover her breasts with one hand and her crotch with the other.  Of course, with the timer ticking down at least one hand would have to come away for the next round.  Before the timer could go off however, Rachel bought up a very interesting point.  If Sam lost the next hand she had no more clothing to remove.  Between Rachel and I we came up with a deal, not really giving Sam much of a choice as she sat there sulking.  If she lost the next round she had to loose her chair and sit in the muddy puddle in the middle of our little camp for the rest of the game.  Almost on cue the timer went off to mark the forty-five minute mark, and much to Sams pleasure only a few more games to go.  Both Rachel and I picked Rock while Sam went with scissors, and Sams face fell.  To be honest I was almost dissapointed I didn't loose, my boxer shorts were beginning to get very uncomfortable.  It took a little bit of work, but eventually Rachel and I convinced Sam to move to the floor, warning that if she didn't then her next loosing dare would be even worse.  She actually screamed a little as she finally sat down, the cold wet mud instantly molding itself across her legs and buttocks, and she looked very uncomfortable sat there, completely naked, in the mud.  She vowed that with only three rounds left she was going to win them and get us joining her in the mud as well.
The timer reached fifty as we were still mocking Sam and I picked Scissors this time, while Rachel went with Rock and Sam paper.  Once more all three of us lost.  To be honest I'm really not sure which off us pulled off our underwear first, but I know it was a relief to finally have my cock free of the boxers, even if it did mean I was now standing completely naked with two attractive women in the middle of the woods.  Finally Rachel and I turned to Sam, having not actually arranged a dare for her this time, and as per usual it was Rachel who reacted first.  She walked over to Sam and kneeled down beside her, and for a moment in my erotic haze I actually though she was going to kiss her.  Instead she planted her hand in the mud beside Sam, rubbing it around for a moment before grabbing her right breast.  As Rachel removed her hand I realised her plan, as a perfect hand print now covered the breast completely.  She then motioned me over, indicating I do the same, and although I was a little nervous for a second I soon found myself kneeling opposite Rachel, my mud stained hand holding Sams breast in my hand, feeling her rock hard nipple digging into my palm.  I probably held on a little longer than I was supposed to, but it wasn't too long before Rachel and I returned to our seats, Sam trying to cover herself up as much as possible on the floor, but just getting more muddy.  All three of us were naked now and we still had two more rounds to play before the picnic was over.
The fifty-five minute mark came slower than ever and I found my eyes more focused on the naked girls around me than on the actualy game itself.  Still I went with paper, while Rachel and Sam both picked rock.  I couldn't believe my luck.  I reminded Rachel that we'd made Sam sit in the mud when she first lost while naked and Rachel seemed to have no problem collapsing into the mud beside Sam, spraying up more all over both of the girls.  Then Rachel began to get that evil gleem in her eye when you know she's going to take a dare too far.  It was starting to get a little dark in the woods now anyway, and she suddenly suggested that Sam now needs to move closer to the road.  Close enough to be seen by the cars, if they happened to look in our direction.  Oddly enough Sam point blank refused to go and stand completely naked by the road side, but instead offered up a counter dare.  There was still one last round left to play, and whoever lost the last round would have to leave their clothes here in the woods and make the journey home completely naked.  To be honest I was shocked that Sam would make such a bold suggestion, but the prospect of being able to see the two of them naked for the entire journey home was enough to make me agree.  Rachel too agreed, although she was a little upset that Sam had refused to properly expose herself.
The final sixty minute timer went off and we all looked expectantly at each other wondering who would be traveling home naked.  Of course, there was a chance it would prove anti-clamtic and none of us would loose, but I don't think that crossed any of our minds at the time.  So for the final round I went with paper, Rachel with rock and Sam with paper.  Sam actually jumped up for joy at winning and seemed to momentarilly forget her current nakedness giving Rachel and I a very good view of her entire naked body.  Rachel, to her credit, took it in good humour, but asked if she could at least carry her shoes home.  Sam and I agreed and I'll confess I did watch as Sam slowly got dressed again before pulling on my own clothes.  It was possibly the least exciting outcome to the game, with Rachel shockingly comfortable with her own nudity led us back to the car, shoes in hand.  When we got to the car Rachel asked Sam to drive and ducked into the back seat, still not bothering to cover up at all as we started the journey home.  Unfortunately Sam dropped me off first, so what happened when they got to Rachel's home I've no idea, although I did get a text from her later that night claiming it was rather uneventful.  Even if the night had ended on a little bit of a down swing, the image of the two of them sat in the mud completely naked will stay with me for quite some time.
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AnonymousAmazing story. Wish I could have been there to play along.
March 19, 2014, 7:02 pm
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