Troubles with Science 2: Tina and Kayla Intangible
Troubles with Science 2: Tina and Kayla Intangible
By Jappio

Part 1

and Kayla both walked down a forested path. The two giggled while
holding hands, thinking themselves maybe a little bit foolish to come
out this way over a simple hunch.

Tina and Kayla had just started
dating no more than a month ago. The two were off in the forest looking
for the strange government experiment building in town. It was all
Tina’s idea; a few months ago something strange had supposedly happened

Tina’s best friend Lisa had wandered to that very
building. While there, she had actually become invisible! Tina had told
Kayla about the strange occurrence, and Kayla obviously didn’t believe.
The thing was, to Tina, it had been very real of course. Lisa and Tina
had gotten fairly intimate during the time that Lisa had been invisible.

The story had always piqued Tina’s interest. Lisa eventually
explained that she ended up stripping naked while invisible, and
explored the town. Although it had somewhat backfired on the girl, Tina
was still intrigued. She could only imagine the fun trouble she could
get into if that were to happen to her.

So, when Kayla had claimed that it couldn’t have happened, Tina thought at least she could prove the building existed.

Tina was a taller girl. Her long blonde hair was silky smooth. Her tank
top fit the shape of her full breasts very well. She also knew that
wearing her tiny shorts, her long legs would hopefully catch her new
girlfriend’s eyes.

Kayla was definitely shorter than Tina. She
was petite as well. However, Tina often praised her cuteness. Kayla’s
dark black hair came down to her shoulders. Her blouse was tight, though
not obscene in appearance to her more moderate chest size. The skirt
she wore Tina had specifically picked out for her, and it was definitely
shorter than what Kayla was comfortable with, coming down just below
her thighs.

The two eventually came across their destination. The
lines of trees eventually ended, and after a small clearing, they saw
the tall building. It had no windows, only a few small gratings to vent
air. It was dark, and seemingly silent.

“This is it. Out front,
they have it all fenced off for the parking lot and stuff. There isn’t
even security back here,” Tina observed.

“You better be right, I don’t want to get caught and trialed as some type of saboteur!” Kayla complained.

Tina got closer to the wall of the building. She could almost hear something. “Hey, come listen!”

Kayla and Tina both got close to the wall. There was definitely a hum
noise, and maybe the sound of talking, but they couldn’t make much more
out than that.

“When Lisa was here, she said she got zapped with
some ray! I guess I don’t know if they did some type of field test or
something out here. After it, she’d become completely invisible… well
unless you looked in a mirror,” Tina explained.

“Some type of ray!?” Kayla gasped in shock as she backed away from the wall. “You didn’t say it was a ray!”

it was harmless. I mean, there are people in there, so I doubt they’d
do anything dangerous to their or our health,” Tina explained.

couldn’t fight her curiosity, and went back to trying to listen through
the wall. The two didn’t know what was going on, but after hearing what
sounded like thunder, they suddenly tripped and fell!

Both girls
weren’t sure how it happened; they had been leaning against the wall.
Yet in a single moment each fell flat on the ground. Neither were hurt,
they were able to soften their fall by putting out their hands. Yet
something was weird, the ground below them wasn’t grass, it was

“There you have it colleagues! You may not be able to
see it yet, but watch!” They heard a woman say. Kayla and Tina looked
up, they couldn’t see much. There was some lighting above, and a lot of
wires and stuff being strung across the ceiling. A large table blocked
their view of whoever was talking and who she was talking to. They could
see the shoes and bottoms of lab coats if they looked forward under the

They were somehow inside a building now! They weren’t sure what was going on.

above caught their eyes. For a brief second they had seen what looked
like a Frisbee being thrown. It went right over head, and was about to
crash into the wall behind them! Each girl watched though as the disc in
the air flew right into the wall… and disappeared!

When they
looked behind them and down the wall, the girls discovered they weren’t
all there! Their ankles and feet were missing, and instead replaced by
the wall of the room they were in! It took all they had to not scream!
Tina though kicked her feet, and felt they were still there. Something
odd was going on!

“And as you see, the ray was able to make it so
the wall became completely intangible! Anything can pass through it now
as if it were air!” The scientist lady followed up.

Tina and
Kayla held hands to their mouth. They had actually stumbled upon some
type of crazy scientific breakthrough! It was just like it had been with
Lisa. They didn’t want to be caught, so they kept quiet and continued
to lay there.

“With this, I’m sure you can all imagine the many
uses this could have! From explorative research, a better understanding
to how matter interacts, and of course even military purposes! Watch
again, as I take this baseball and throw it through!” She said. Again,
Tina and Kayla watched as something actually passed through the wall!
They were even easily able to pull their feet through as well to verify
they were not lost. The whole reason they had fallen was because it was
as if the wall they were leaning on disappeared!

wonderful! This really is a marvel. However Miss, what happens if you
don’t localize it to an area of the wall? For example, if you did it to a
ball or something, would it just fall through the ground till it hit
the earth’s core?” a scientist asked.

“Great question! Very dense
things like the crust of the earth can’t be passed through. In fact,
prior tests show you can’t really fall through anything more than a foot
or two. No worry of the building collapsing or anything either. The ray
has been tested extensively, and we are sure it has no negative effect
on the objects we use it on,” she explained.

She continued, “We
even tested humans going through the intangible items. It’s safe to the
touch, or rather safe to not touch, or however you might put it. No harm
will come from overlap with an intangible item. The only issue is that
matter struck will not stay stable. It can become solid again, and
become intangible later again. The effects never last more than a day
though. Also there are no worries about things fusing together. The
atoms can’t rebind when something is going through it.

“Let’s get out of here!” Kayla whispered. Tina nodded, and both began to crawl backwards, right through the wall!

outside, they both stood to their feet. They did their best to stay
absolutely quiet. Yet each smiled at each other. “That was insane!” Tina
said in a hushed, but excited tone.

“I know, but let’s get out of here. They are probably going to send someone out to get the disc and ball!” Kayla pointed out.

“Right, let’s go!” Both girls then ran back into the woods!

on their way back, the girls started to talk about what they saw. “So,
you think I could sell this to the newspaper?!” Tina asked.

They’d catch you for sure! We can’t let anyone know what we saw! It’s
secret government stuff! Although, I’m wondering if we might want to see
the doctor or something…” Kayla said, a little concerned.

were on the other side of the wall, the scientists weren’t even wearing
suits, and you heard the lady there, the ray is for like objects only,”
Tina reasoned. She then eyed Kayla up and down. “Although, you’re an
object to me, my naughty little sex object!” Tina joked, flicking the
back of Kayla’s skirt up!

“Hey!” Kayla shouted, pushing the skirt back down.

Tina chuckled, “I think I saw a color I don’t recognize. Was that a naughty pink pair?”

was blushing hard now. She still wasn’t used to how forward and teasing
Tina could be. “I… I don’t have to tell you. And you shouldn’t be
keeping track of what I wear!” Kayla pouted.

“Oh, fine, I’ll forget about that white pair, the black ones, and those orange ones,” Tina started to say.

Kayla jabbed Tina in the arm, “You should shut up now!”

“Fine, fine!” Tina said with a laugh.

two eventually made it out of the woods. They were still in shock with
what happened. Going home would have definitely been boring after that.
“Want to head towards the mall? Maybe some window shopping would help us
get back in touch with our boring reality,” Tina offered.

“You’re such an adrenaline junky. Can’t for one moment relax,” Kayla joked.

“You love it!” Tina retorted, giving Kayla a kiss on the cheek. The two shared another giggle.

though, that does sound nice to do. Let’s go,” Kayla said. The two
girls got in the car, and drove into town and headed to the mall.


Troubles with Science 2: Tina and Kayla Intangible
By Jappio

Part 2

Kayla was happy she didn’t have to park at the back of the lot, having found a spot more near the center of the sea of concrete.

was not accustomed to having to be careful while exiting her car, but
with her shorter than usual skirt, it proved a bit difficult to not
flash her pink cotton again. No one was around, but she was still

Tina and Kayla were soon out of the vehicle, and began
their window shopping. Only Kayla brought her purse, neither girl was
planning to buy anything. The two were just enjoying each other’s
company. The mall wasn’t overtly busy either, no crowds to push through.
A relaxing afternoon was all they expected.

After visiting a few
stores, the girls decided they’d take a break. Near the center of the
mall sat a fountain. The brick barrier for it supplied an adequate spot
for tired shoppers to rest a bit. Kayla and Tina each sat on the stones.

was surprised as she sat, something didn’t feel right. It took a wiggle
of her bottom, but her rear end felt different. It was hard to place;
it was as if her panties had grown a bit rougher. That’s when she
realized the feeling of her boyshorts cozily hugging her bottom was
outright gone! Her bare butt cheeks were touching the coarse material of
her skirt!

Kayla clamped her legs shut as she looked around in a
panic. It seemed impossible, but it was like they vanished. She
wondered if maybe they somehow slid off while they were looking around.
Not spying any bright pink fabric on the ground nearby, she couldn’t be
sure of that. She wondered how they could even fall off without her

Kayla patted her lap, checking to see if maybe they
only slid partially. Yet even with her legs shut tight, she could tell
her thighs weren’t bound by a pair of escaped panties.

In her
worry, Kayla was starting to wiggle more. She felt very bare now under
her skirt. She was not happy at all that she wore such a short skirt
now. Even with panties it was embarrassing enough, but now without them
it felt completely perverse! She wouldn’t have worn a more modest skirt
without panties.

Tina took notice of this wiggling of course. “Something wrong?” Tina asked.

didn’t know what to do. She knew Tina would tease her to no end if she
found out that she lost her panties! “Um… no, but maybe I should head to
the bathroom, you wait here,” Kayla announced. She knew it was a long
shot, but maybe if she retraced her steps she’d find them. Perhaps they
fell off in a store and no one had found them yet!

When Kayla
stood though, she was horrified with what she saw! Her panties were
sitting right on the stone she’d been sitting on! She wasn’t sure how,
but she must have been sitting on them! She quickly reached her hand out
and tried to snatch her panties!

When her hand just touched the
cool stone though, Kayla was at a loss for words. Of course her actions
caught Tina’s attention. Kayla tried grabbing the panties in her hands
and sat right back down. When she opened her palm though, her panties
weren’t there!

“What’s up, seriously? What is it you’re sitting on?” Tina asked. She had seen them!

Kayla gasped out, “nothing!” Her hands then went to her skirt to make sure it was held down.

I doubt that, move over,” Tina requested as she pushed her girlfriend
to the side a little. Kayla wasn’t able to stop her from discovering the
pink cotton hidden under her! “Are, are those your panties?”

“I… I… don’t know how…” Kayla tried explaining, but she didn’t understand it herself!

my god, you naughty little thing! That’s so hot, here, let me see
these,” Tina excitingly exclaimed. She then went to try and pinch the
pull the panties out from under the Kayla. However, she wasn’t able to.
It wasn’t that Kayla was sitting too firmly on them; it was that her
fingers didn’t grab any material!

“What, what was that?” Tina
asked out loud as she tried again and again. She couldn’t get the
panties. “Is this some type of prank? Why can’t I get them?”

Kayla was lost. She wasn’t sure why neither of them could grab the panties. She had no explanation.

“So, is this just a trick? These aren’t yours but some kind of funny… what hologram?” Tina interrogated.

bit her lip. She didn’t want to admit to them being hers. She knew for
sure they had to be hers though, but couldn’t explain the phenomenon
either. “Um… well… they are mine…”

Tina’s eyes lit up again! “No way, let me see!” Tina then grabbed the hem of Kayla’s skirt and tried to pull it up!

Kayla shouted. Both girls stopped what they were doing when they
realized they made a few people look over. Tina had really wanted to see
if Kayla was indeed without her panties, but she couldn’t now with
everyone looking. She had little reason to doubt Kayla though
considering that reaction.

“So… how’d you do this though?”

tried to again defend herself, “Tina, I didn’t do it! Not on purpose… I
wouldn’t ever think to… take you know, those off in public! Not in this

Tina again nudged Kayla to the side to better try to get
the panties. “Oh my god, I think I realized what’s going on. It’s like
the wall at the lab!”

Kayla wasn’t sure what Tina meant at first,
but then it clicked. “No way! You can’t be serious; you mean my…
unmentionables are intangible?”

“Well that’s what the word means, right? They’re like ghost panties now!”

was not happy. Could they really not pick up her panties? Did she have
to go bottomless under the skirt? “Tina, help me. I can’t go around like

“OH why not? I think it’s a good look on you,” Tina
announced. She then got to her feet and pulled Kayla up with her. “Now,
let’s get out of here before someone calls someone about the pair of
panties haunting the mall and find out they are yours!”

Kayla complained as she was pulled away. She looked back at her panties,
not sure what to do. Everything was too confusing. Beyond the odd
occurrence of her panties being turned intangible and the embarrassment
of now being bare under her skirt, she wasn’t in a position to really
make many decisions. She let Tina drag her away.

“Seriously Kay,
you could be arrested! Murdering that poor pink fabric,” Tina teased.
Kayla was a little upset that Tina wasn’t taking this seriously.

jogging away though, Tina encountered her own problem. It was tough to
really tell what happened, but all in one step she felt her breasts
bounce more than usual. They felt heavier. She instinctively looked down
but didn’t see anything odd.

Kayla saw exactly what happened!
Kayla was witness to a white bra suddenly fluttered away from Tina! She
looked back and saw how it hit the floor behind them, as if littered

“Tina, your bra! What are you doing?” Kayla called out.

slowed down. Without thinking she brought her free hand up to her
chest. She cupped one of her breasts through her shirt, feeling that she
indeed only had the cotton tank top separating her hand from the flesh
of her chest.

“What the hell!?” Tina exclaimed. She looked behind
her to see that her bra had fallen to the ground. She then looked up
and saw that people were staring at it and the two of them. Three or so
people must have thought that Tina had just thrown her bra to the

Unlike Kayla, Tina’s instinct was to keep running! She
tugged Kayla along with her as she fled the scene. She had now lost her
underwear mysteriously like Kayla had! Before long though, they were out
of sight of the lost bra and she shuffled the two of them onto an

Kayla was out of breath, it wasn’t easy to keep up
with Tina when she was so focused on something. She hoped to god that
her skirt hadn’t lifted at all during their dash. Tina was still reeling
from the odd occurrence. She put her hands on her shoulders to try and
see if it really happened, and only her tank top straps remained.

my god Tina, did you have to run us here? I can’t go up this in this!”
Kayla whined as she tried to tug her skirt down, worried someone on the
ground floor might be able to see up it. They were too high up now to
exit nonchalantly.

“I have my own problems too! I lost my bra, what’s going on?” Tina asked, hoping Kayla somehow had an answer.

Kayla pondered it, she was unaware to the fact that she lost two
buttons on her blouse. The small pieces to her shirt had just slipped
from their strings. One had already been unbuttoned, but the second
exposed more of the white skin below Kayla’s neck, down to her collar

“I… I think that maybe our clothes were affected by that
science experiment that was going on. So, we sort of just walk through
them or they fall through us I guess,” Kayla theorized. Tina adjusted a
fallen tank top strap as they continued to ride up the escalator. Though
she seemed to have her cool kept better than Kayla, she was worried
about her nipples showing through her top now.

Kayla had a
realization. “Wait, you don’t think this could happen to the rest of our
clothes?!” Kayla quickly patted her shirt to make sure she still had
her own bra on. Tina was worried too, though just at the thought of
Kayla losing her clothing, her nipples grew hard, and sadly notably so
through the shirt.

Tina decided to again take charge, “Ok, well
then how about we try to get out of here before that happens? I like you
naked, but it would be bad if that happened here.” Once nearing the
top, Tina planned to lead them back down and out. Wanting to pick up the
pace, she started to step up the last couple of steps. The down
escalator ran the other direction though, so they’d have to go around a
distance to get back down.

Kayla didn’t immediately follow with.
She was still worried about her pantiless condition. She carefully rode
the elevator with her legs shut, fearful someone below would see up her
skirt. Meanwhile, another button dropped from her shirt, her shirt now
open to just above her bra.

Tina felt the leg holes of her shorts
tickle lower on her thighs. Sensing they must be falling, she tried to
pull them up again. She could even see the waistband of her panties! Yet
as she tried, she wasn’t able to actually grab them!

She stopped
and looked back at Kayla, who was only just getting off the escalator.
With another attempt to pull her shorts up, she was worried. Her cute,
striped panties were coming into view. One strip of white and one stripe
of blue peeked out from her shorts.

Kayla saw what was
happening, and did pick up her pace to try and help Tina. However as she
did, she lost another two buttons. This time she noticed because her
shirt opened wide to expose her pink bra. Only one button kept the shirt
shut near her waist.

Kayla screeched as she quickly tried to shut the shirt. However her hands passed through the shirt when she tried!

“Oh my god!” Kayla rushed up to Tina and tried to hide her chest behind her back.

Tina wanted to enjoy having Kayla’s cute bra exposed, her shorts were
slipping faster. She felt them just about to fall off her hips. No
matter how much she pawed at them, she couldn’t raise them any higher.

I have my own trouble too you know!” Tina tried explaining. Their show
was thankfully only noticed by two people. They looked on perplexed by
the two women without their clothing fully on them. Surely they wondered
why such red faced girls weren’t covering themselves.

wasn’t sure what to do. Again she felt her shorts slip, totally exposing
her panties. Kayla’s shirt fully opened when the last button dropped
away and opened up at her sides. Tina wanted to help Kayla out enough
that she ignored her own predicament to come up with a plan.

run and hide, come on,” Tina announced. She pulled Kayla along with her
as they quickly retreated to the nearby clothing store.

The two
awkwardly dashed into the store entrance. Tina still had her other hand
at her hip, seeing if she could get her shorts. She couldn’t feel them,
so she had to look down, but saw that they too had fluttered away like
her bra before!

Once inside the store, they quickly moved to hide behind a clothing rack before the person at the counter could see them.

heavily, each girl took the chance to survey themselves. They were
shocked to see how exposed they suddenly became. Kayla’s shirt was wide
open, her pink bra very obvious through it. She still couldn’t shake the
feeling of nakedness below her skirt either. Tina’s tank top and
panties were hardly appropriate public attire either!

“What are we going to do, how are we going to stop this!?” Kayla asked.

didn’t have an answer. She awkwardly tugged at her tank top, wishing
she could pull it down far enough to cover her panties. She also was
shocked at just how much her nipples still tingled. She knew if Tina
were like her, Tina would tease her about it! However she was thankful
she didn’t have to deal with that. The exposure in the hall had been
embarrassing, but she also couldn’t deny the excitement factor either.
She then also looked at Kayla, who looked really good with her shirt
open, at least in her opinion.

Kayla was in actually a similar
boat, though for different reasons. She was so out of breath and
worried. She wished she could close her shirt and hide her bra. However
with all that going on, the feeling of being helpless and things going
out of control had her tingling too. She just really wished they weren’t
now trapped in a public store!


Troubles with Science 2: Tina and Kayla Intangible
By Jappio

Part 3

I think we could maybe… try to buy something? New clothes wouldn’t have
the same problems these- DO!” Kayla called out as she felt her breasts
suddenly touch the air! Her bra had just fallen away from her!

even being able to try and pick it up, the bra fell down through the
floor! Kayla and Tina both watched in amazement as the bra vanished. It
didn’t take long for Tina to look up at Kayla’s breast in amazement

“How... why did it…” Kayla began wondering aloud. She
then saw where her girlfriend was staring and quickly shut her shirt,
“Hey!” Kayla was happy that she was now able to close her shirt at
least, unlike before when her hands just phased through it.

“I guess it fell down to the other floor. I don’t know why the rest of the clothes didn’t…”

thought about it. “I think I remember them saying at the lab that the
more dense materials would still stop stuff. So I guess the floor here
is just a bit thinner or something,” Kayla reasoned.

either way, let’s get out of here before someone finds us! Let’s go hide
in the changing rooms over there,” Tina pointed out the two small
cubicles at the back of the store.

They both slowly stood; making
sure no one was nearby. With Kayla’s shirt shut, each girl at least had
their top halves covered. They then dashed to the back of the store,
avoiding the customers in the store.

Both girls crammed into the
cubicle. It was just big enough to hide them both. Sighing with relief,
they started to discuss who would get new clothes.

“There is no
way I’m going to go out there when this stuff could come off any second!
I can’t even keep my shirt shut all the time,” Kayla argued. She was
far too shy to risk being exposed.

“You’re covered though. I
can’t go out like this, I’m practically naked!” Tina argued, and then as
fate would have it, she suddenly muttered an, “oh crap,” as both her
hands clamped to the front of her now bare pelvis! For a brief moment
both girls saw the panties fall down through the floor. Tina was now in
just her tank top!

“Oh my god, did you just lose your… oh my god,
but I can’t go out there like this either… but if we wait we’re going
to end up naked…” Kayla was becoming more and more worried. The more
naked Tina was actually taking the situation better.

“Look Kay, I
think I can handle this actually. You give me your skirt, and I’ll go
get us something to wear, OK?” Tina offered. She was worried too, but
she actually had a devious plan too.

“Really?” Kayla asked back, surprised Tina would be that nice.

“Well, that things been hugging your hips safely so far, so it’s better than anything I had on,” Tina joked.

was so happy she didn’t even hesitate at first to find the zipper to
her skirt. She did stop though when she thought about it. She was going
to end up bottomless in the stall!

Tina stood with her hand out.
She even uncovered her hairless mound to do so. Kayla was now suspicious
if this was just a ruse so Tina could see her bottomless. Her fear of
being exposed while making the purchase was easily the worse outcome! So
with as much courage she could muster, she started to remove her skirt.

almost felt guilty as she checked out Kayla. Kayla’s naked hips and
even tiny black patch of fur were revealed. Tina considered reaching out
and petting it, but decided to be a bit nicer. With what she had
planned, she’d want to be on Kayla’s good side for the time being. She
knew it was maybe wrong to be so mischievous at a time like this, but
she couldn’t get over the thrill and the way her body was feeling.

herself was battling inner demons. Even as she covered her lower half
with her hand, something about handing her skirt over to someone was
making her unmistakably aroused. Even with her worry, being trapped in
the small cubicle without anything below her waist was a turn on. Tina’s
usual teasing attitude also made it so Kayla felt that much more
vulnerable. She wasn’t sure how well she could resist Tina at that time,
so she was glad that it seemed Tina was a bit subdued thanks to the

After an awkward silence shared by the girls, Tina
took the skirt and pulled it on. Being taller, the skirt covered less,
but Kayla had seen her in shorter before.

“Well, wish me luck sweetie,” Tina requested as she opened the door and left.

the door!” Kayla remarked as she quickly closed it herself. Tina had
forgotten to shut the door as she left, almost exposed poor bottomless
Kayla to the store; at least Kayla hoped it was just a mistake!

worriedly stayed in the booth on her own. She nearly had a heart attack
when she felt her body drop by a foot! She looked down and discovered
that her sandals had disappeared, surely dropping to the floor below!
She was glad she was at least in the safety of the changing stall.

Tina didn’t waste time gathering some clothing for each of them. She
was already at the counter, waiting to be checked out. The lady there
was taking her time finding the tags, and Tina began to impatiently tap
her foot.

As if the world was punishing her for her impatience,
it decided to spice up Tina’s wait. Both of her tank top’s straps fell
from her shoulders to her armpits, and so the top had little reason to
stay up. When Tina reached down into Kayla’s purse to get the money for
the purchase, the top slipped off her breasts!

“OH my!” exclaimed
the clerk as she saw Tina’s breasts bounce out of the top! Tina wasn’t
even sure if it happened because her breasts phased through the top or
if they just came out on their own because the straps had undone

When Tina tried to fit her top back on, the clerk
couldn’t help but mention, “you might want to get a bra too ma’am, if
you don’t mind me suggesting.”

Tina assumed it was just a joke.
Her face was warm thanks to the embarrassment of flashing the clerk, and
she felt it best to ignore what happened. “Here, this should cover it,
right?” The clerk rang the money through the register, giving back only a
bit of change. As Tina took the coins though, she dropped and scattered
them all over the counter! The skirt had fallen right off Tina as she
was taking the change, scaring her enough that she couldn’t keep a grip
on the small coins!

“Wow, today isn’t my day,” Tina said with a
forced laugh. She then bent down to try and fix her skirt, under the
guise of picking up a lost penny that’d rolled onto the floor. Lucky for
her, the counter did a good job of hiding her body from the clerk. She
was still in full view of the entrance and the shop though!

thought she had a chance to get her skirt as it was only pooled at her
feet. Yet it didn’t take long for the skirt to altogether fall through
the floor like the previous couple pieces of clothing. Tina was now
completely bottomless again!

Tina quickly stood up. She grabbed
her bag of purchases. Thankfully the large plastic bag was opaque enough
to hide her partially. She held it in front of her waist towards the
entrance and the clerk. She began to back away towards the changing
rooms, saying, “I better go get my friend… thanks again.” Tina then
turned and walked away, using the bag to shield her naked butt, the
clerk unknowing about the fact that the person she just served only had
that tank top on.

Kayla was very happy to see Tina return, but was shocked by seeing her bottomless again!

Tina set the bag down and caught her breath. “Wow, you really do owe me after that, you know?”

was happy to agree, “Oh my god, yes, I do! I can’t believe you risked
that for me, you’re the best!” Kayla then hugged Tina.

Tina was
happy for the praise, but knew it wouldn’t last long. “Well, if you
think you owe me, don’t be mad about my purchases then, ok?”

was confused, but Tina started to dig through the bag. She held up what
looked to be like a very small pink thong. “I couldn’t find something
to replace your boyshorts fast enough, but I did find something pink!”

blushed hard at the sight of the naughty lingerie. It was similar in
color, but that was all. Kayla rarely wore thongs, but it was better
than her current bottomless state. She quickly took it and pulled it up
her legs. Tina took her time watching too, even adding in a wolf whistle
to cause Kayla to blush some more.

The thong felt like it hid little, but Kayla assumed that wasn’t all, so she stood and waited for more.

“Now, off with that old top,” Tina commanded.

“What!?” Kayla asked. She gripped her shirt close to her body. “I… I can’t just take it off.”

giggled, “You’re going to lose it anyways probably, might as well beat
science to it!” Tina then grabbed the bottom of her own shirt and pulled
it up and off her body. She stood now naked in front of Kayla. Kayla’s
heart raced as she slowly peeled the sides of her shirt away and took it
off. She crossed both of her arms over her small buds. It was
embarrassing her how much Tina was staring.

Tina then presented a plain t-shirt from the bag. “Nothing special, I know, but it’s what we could afford.”

happily pulled the shirt on. When she pulled it down as much as she
could, she was sad to find it wasn’t long enough to at all cover the
thong. She then also noticed how much her hard nipples showed through
it! Covering her chest again, she complained, “Did you not get a bra?”

had taken noticed of the issue Kayla was having. “Look, I didn’t have a
ton of money to work with. Not like I could have used your credit card.
See, I don’t have much,” Tina then pulled out of her bag a pair of
tight jeans. She slowly did her best to struggle into them. She even had
to bounce around a little to get them to fit, causing her breasts to
bounce. Kayla’s face grew a deeper crimson when she saw Tina knowingly
smile at her, having caught Kayla staring! Tina then got out a halter
top that she put on. “See Kay, I’m going completely commando, so you’ll
just have to deal with being a bit naughty under your clothes too! Not
like you don’t like it!”

The comment stung a bit and Kayla mouth
went dry. She was worried Tina would notice her arousal, and having it
be pointed out got to her. She then noticed she was still very not
covered! “Tina... um… what about some pants for me?”

“Not pants, I
got you a skirt,” Tina said as she got the last item out of the bag.
The small black pleated skirt was something Kayla never thought she’d
ever wear! When she took it from Tina, she had hoped she’d be able to
unfold it a couple of times! Holding it up to herself, she doubted it
would even cover all her thighs!

“Tina! What are you trying to do, I can’t… this isn’t nearly enough!”

again giggled. She knew she’d been a bit mean to get such a tiny skirt
for Kayla. Yet she loved teasing the girl. “Sorry Kay, but I was in a
rush. I also had a budget; I got less than a buck back. A longer skirt
would have cost more because it uses more material!” Kayla knew that
wasn’t how it worked, but arguing seemed futile. She needed something to
hide that thong now. “Besides, if you want longer, you’re free to go
downstairs and find where your skirt fell too if you prefer a ghost

Kayla figured she wasn’t going to fit into Tina’s
clothing even if she wanted to switch for the pants. She brought the
skirt up her legs and tried to adjust it to cover herself. If she walked
slowly, she’d be fine. It hid what it had to, but that meant it only
came down to just about mid-thigh.

Both girls were now decent
again, and had gotten rid of their useless clothes. The old tops had
even fallen through the floor while Kayla and Tina were distracted with
their new ones. The trouble seemed to finally be over.

“Well then
my naughtily dressed cutie, I think you and I need to get home to have
some privacy,” Tina said with a wink. She took Kayla’s hand, and walked
them out of the changing room.


Meanwhile, at the lab, the scientists were still discussing.

“Ma’am, we do wonder, how does it affect living things?” A scientist finally asked.

planning to go slipping into the ladies locker room, are you Jim?” the
lead scientist joked, getting a laugh from everyone. “We have done some
testing. It would seem that it can affect humans and other living things
actually. The process is a bit more unstable. It can take awhile to
have any effects, and sometimes only in small dosages. More
interestingly, the radiation even seeps into tissue and can sort of
manifest a field of intangibility. So the person can pass through stuff,
and so can things around them too at times. We’re still doing a lot of
tests though. It isn’t easy finding test subjects willing to be blasted
with a ray!” Again, the scientists laughed. Surely, this new
breakthrough would yield many new findings!


Tina!” Kayla called out. Tina felt Kayla’s hand slip from her own. She
at first thought Kayla must have tripped, but when she looked back, she
was shocked!

Kayla had sunk waist deep into the floor, as if
wading in a pool! “Oh my god Tina, my body, I almost fell through the
floor!” Kayla was trying to keep herself calm and quiet, but it was hard
to hide her panic.

Tina observed the area. “Wait, you don’t think this was because of the ray? Maybe it does work on humans!”

couldn’t believe it, she was actually phasing through the floor! “Help
me Tina, I don’t want to fall!” Kayla placed her hands firmly on the
floor, able to just barely hold herself up. She then kicked her feet,
and realized they were indeed suspended in air somewhere.

Then a light bulb lit up in Kayla’s head. “Tina, my skirt! Oh my god, if someone is down there, they can see that damn thong!”

did start to think about it. The floor below surely now had a pair of
legs kicking about, just a tiny skirt and thong to barely hide anything.
She almost had to wipe her drool away at the thought.

wake up, you have to help me up!” Kayla begged. Tina knelt down, trying
to help Kayla up. She placed her hands under her arms and tried to lift
her up. It wasn’t easy, but she was starting to get her up an inch or
two when suddenly something slipped! It was as if her hands weren’t able
to grip Kayla, and moved right through her. That wasn’t the only thing
to move through Kayla though, so did her t-shirt! The shirt stayed in
Tina’s hands has she pulled away.


Troubles with Science 2: Tina and Kayla Intangible
By Jappio

Part 4

“Tina, what are you doing!? Don’t strip me here!”

Tina was indeed shocked. “I promise I didn’t do that on purpose. I mean your arms were down the whole time!”

my god, you mean we aren’t even safe in these clothes?” Kayla asked.
She then tried to cover her chest with her arms. When she slowly sank
another inch though, she threw her modesty away so she could use her
hands to hold herself up again.

Tina looked at the pink nipples
sticking out. Kayla was now topless. “Look, you stay here, and I’ll go
catch you. I don’t think that rays powers will let me keep enough of a
grip long enough to pull you up!” With that, Tina knelt down further,
and gave a playful pinch to each nipple, “not that you can really go
anywhere on your own like this anyways!”

Kayla gasped at the
touch. She then saw Tina turn and run off, leaving her there! She
regretted how much she was tingling from the touch, but of course hoped
Tina would hurry before someone found her topless self. She also hoped
her lower half wasn’t drawing too much attention!

She then saw
the t-shirt that had been removed lying on the floor. Tina must have
dropped it and didn’t bring it! Kayla tried reaching for it, but it was
out of reach. She wasn’t even sure if she’d be able to put it on in her
condition, but if she did fall through, she wouldn’t have it!

rushed out the store and ran for the escalator. She was in a hurry
after all. Her more perverse side did want to see Kayla from below, but
she did honestly want to help her too.

Tina made it to the bottom
of the steps. She looked in every direction, trying to think where Tina
might be. She looked to where the shop had been upstairs and tried to
figure out where Kayla was falling to. She didn’t see any legs coming
from the ceiling at least.

She then realized what the store must
have been over. She tried to take a step to get there, but she fell and
tripped! Tina’s pants had dropped down the ground and were trapped
around her ankles!

The fall wasn’t harmful; it just managed to
make Tina end up on her hands and knees. If her standing bottomless for a
few seconds wasn’t enough to draw attention, her fall was enough to get
even more people to look over!

Tina’s heart pounded in her chest
as she then tried to pull her pants up. Everyone was seeing her naked
butt, and she had to try to put a stop to that. Yet the pants were
tight, and getting them up wasn’t easy. She was starting to wish she
spent more time picking out appropriate clothing. Then again, if she did
that, she’d have ended up naked before even making her purchases.

able to even get the pants past her thighs, Tina turned to sit on her
bottom instead. Everyone around who was watching was now able to see her
bare pelvis! Keeping her legs shut so to at least preserve as much
modesty she could, Tina worked on getting the pants up the rest of her

Meanwhile, Kayla had a close call or two. Every time she
saw a pair of legs under the rack of clothes heading her way she’d hold
her breath. She was fortunate enough to be in a corner of the store that
wasn’t being shopped much.

If risk of someone finding the oddity
of a topless lady falling through the floor wasn’t enough, there was
the very fact she was falling that had her worried too. Every moment
that passed would lead to her falling a bit more through the floor. She
didn’t know the exact science, but she figured it was just her atoms not
being stable and occasionally phasing more and more of her body through
the floor.

“EEeek!” Kayla shouted louder than she had wanted.
She had suddenly felt something on her legs! At first just a gentle
caress of her ankle, but the touching moved higher!

Out of
instinct, she tried to use her hands to brush the feeling way, but the
floor was in the way! She fell another couple of inches, to the point
that only her breasts were now above ground.

The touching moved
higher up her bare legs and even under her skirt! Kayla couldn’t believe
that someone would do this to something as odd as a pair of legs coming
from the ceiling!

Then, she was shocked when she felt those
hands find her thong! Kayla wasn’t happy about her bare butt and thighs
being viewable under the tiny skirt, but the idea of her pussy becoming
visible to this stranger was too much! She tried kicking her legs, but
the thong managed to fall to at least her thighs! It was also hard to
have the energy to kick while trying to hold herself up.

hadn’t been quiet enough, and she heard someone asking out loud if
someone was there. The clerk had thought the store had become empty
since the last customer left, but she heard Kayla’s panicked gasps. She
was now coming in search of the noise.

Between the panty thief below, and the person who was about to discover a naked pair of breasts, Kayla didn’t know what to do.

she heard just barely through the floor, what must have been a loud
shout, “KAY, IT’S ME! TINA!” Though muffled, Kayla realized the playful
hands were of course Tina’s!

Scared of getting caught, Kayla
finally moved her hands, and stopped fight gravity. In the last moment,
Kayla slipped through the ground just as the clerk rounded the corner,
and found no one!

Below, Tina barely caught Kayla. Tina held
Kayla close. “Sorry for the scare, but you couldn’t hear me. I thought
my patented thigh tickling would be a good clue!”

Though normally the joke would get Tina a jab in the arm, Kayla was just happy to see her!

“What took you?” Kayla finally asked. She then also looked around and saw they were alone in a bathroom!

“Sorry, I wasn’t sure where you would be, and then my damn pants fell off!”

“What? They were so tough to get on, how do they just fall off?” Kayla asked.

Tina guessed, “I think it was the dumb ghost ray. It took forever to get them on, like a dozen people saw too!”

Kayla gave another hug, this time for support. “What about my shirt though, you dropped it up there!”

hadn’t realized that. She then noticed that she was indeed hugging her
topless girlfriend. “Well, I mean this isn’t so bad, is it?” While
asking, Tina let her hands drops down and slip under the skirt to grip
Kayla’s naked bottom. This time, Kayla didn’t hold back from jabbing
Tina in the arm.

Their moment alone was interrupted, “So, then I
told Frank where he could shove it!’” The two heard as the door opened
to the bathroom. It was the sound of a man and his buddy! Tina and Kayla
were in the men’s bathroom!

“Ok, topless girl with her lesbian
girlfriend are not the things that need to be caught in the men’s room,
let’s go!” Tina then pushed on Kayla, Kayla falling back towards the
wall, and then through it!

The cool air hit Kayla’s naked back first, causing her to gasp. She stumbled back as Tina followed her through the wall!

“Oh my god, what just, how did we, wait but…” Kayla muttered in confusion.

didn’t use the door to get in the bathroom; I think if we push enough,
we can go through whatever right now! So, since I’m assuming you didn’t
want those guys seeing you topless, this was the best choice,” Tina

Kayla then recalling she was still topless wrapped her
arms around her chest. The two were on the sidewalk that circled the
outside of the mall. They were out in front of the parking lot now, the
sun shining on them.

“Tina, I’m topless, we need to go back, and oh my god!” Kayla slapped a hand to the front of her tiny skirt.

“What?” Tina asked.

Kayla sheepishly avoided eye contact. “My… my panties… that dumb thong… it’s gone.”

smiled, not being able to stop herself from trying to flip Kayla’s
skirt up. Though Kayla was trying to hold it down, the skirt went with
Tina’s hand instead, and flipped up, revealing a very bare set of hips,
and half exposed patch of hair thanks to Kayla’s hand being in the way.

“TINA!” Kayla complained, re-attempting to hold her skirt down.

was charged up. She was having too much fun with this. She also was
quicker to think, so even before explaining, she took Kayla by the arm
and ran them away.

“Where are we going?” Kayla asked, doing her
best to hold an arm over her chest, and use a hand to keep her skirt
down. The small skirt did little to help itself to stay down, and the
back fluttered up often to expose her bare cheeks!

“Well, with
the way you are, we couldn’t just go back into the men’s room to hide
you. So your thong is gone, and the shirt is up on the second floor, we
probably wouldn’t be able to get it before falling through the floor!”
Kayla couldn’t argue with the logic, but this topless run through the
parking lot and just a tiny skirt below had her panicked enough.

at the corner of the mall, Tina looked around it. They weren’t too far
from where they parked. Luckily this corner of the mall had no
entrances, so few people were nearby. Only a few were off in the
distance. “We just need to get home at this point. We’re close to the
car, let’s go!”

Again, Kayla couldn’t argue, but maybe that was
because she was so overwhelmed. The strong tug of Tina was all she felt
she could trust. Even with this new set of worry settling in, her
nipples remained hard and she shivered in a delightful way whenever the
air would travel under her skirt between her legs!

Perhaps it was
karma for Tina enjoying Kayla’s exposure so much, but Tina’s halter top
slipped from her neck. At the start of their dash from around the
mall’s corner, her top came tumbling down! Before she even tried to stop
and fix it, the few quick steps she took were enough to pull the fabric
through her and away! It had turned out that the building was shielding
them from the strong wind that had picked up since they entered the

So, as Tina turns to watch her halter top get blown away,
Kayla felt trapped in her tiny skirt. The pleated skirt could not stay
down, and only half the time her hand could actually touch it! It didn’t
help that Kayla also had to use an arm to hide her bare breasts!

can see the path to the car isn’t unpopulated. With half the lot to
run, surely they’d pass people. She knew it meant exposing hers and
Kayla’s bare chests. Yet her adrenaline was running even more now. So
Tina threw caution to the wind that had taken her top and she quickly
ran off to the car.

Kayla didn’t want to be left behind. She
desperately wanted to keep with Tina. So she grabbed Tina’s hand and ran
with her, now only one arm able to hide her breasts, her skirt flapping

The two turned heads as they ran through the maze of
cars. Tina’s large breasts bouncing about, uncovered as the woman let
all see her. She probably could cover with the arm that was holding the
purse, but it seemed she was in too much of a hurry! Her face was red,
but with the broad smile of adrenaline junky atop it. The girl behind
her, desperately clinging to her tried hiding her more modest chest.
Every now and again her hand would come down to expose her nipples. It
would try to hold the skirt down, but be useless in taming the tiny
skirt that would just pass through it!

Once at the car, Tina got
Kayla’s keys out of the purse and ordered her to drive as she went over
to the passenger side! Kayla unlocked the doors and got inside.

gasped as she felt her bare butt touch the seat! The skirt must have
fallen off! She wasn’t sure how long it had been gone, perhaps having
only just fallen. Yet the presence of people only a couple of feet away
meant her breasts were still in view!

She quickly put the key in
the ignition, wanting to drive out of there fast. She was thankful for
her bottom half to be low enough to be out of sight. Tina herself seemed
anxious as well.

When Kayla tried to turn the key though,
nothing happened! Again she tried, nothing happened though! Her hand
wasn’t able to grip the key anymore!

“Oh my god Kay, you gotta
hurry!” Tina commanded. Kayla saw that Tina had a hand on each of her
breasts. Kayla at first thought it was for modesty, but Kayla suspected
Tina was doing it for more reasons. Modesty wouldn’t explain why it
looked like she was actually massaging them!

Kayla’s own modesty
was enough of a drive for her to hurry though. After a few more
attempts, she was finally able to turn the key! The car started, and she
quickly drove them from the parking lot. The people left behind
confusingly looked to where the car had been parked. They weren’t sure
how, but a pair of jeans lay on the ground.

Both girls heavily
sighed once on the street. It was finally over! They’d have to drive
careful, so no one would notice them driving naked, yet they were at
least away from the mall!

When home, they rushed to get inside.
The naked streak through the yawn was quick, and they didn’t even bother
opening the door to get inside. They each pushed through the wooded
door and slipped inside.

Tina and Kayla both were in shock in how
the day went. The conversation started out with amazement,
embarrassment, and general confusion. They tried to make sense of it.
Then they started to admit how it made them feel. Tina was first,
admitting that it was thrilling and exciting. She was embarrassed by
being seen, but at the same time it was unlike anything else! She even
managed to probe Kayla enough to get Kayla to spill the fact that the
helpless feeling was somewhat fun.

The two girls still had not
put any clothes on. Tina had used the excuse that it would be pointless
to try to wear anything till the ray wore off. They had moved to the
bedroom, and were exploring things beyond their feelings now. The day’s
excitement had them both a bit hot and bothered, and the two couldn’t
help but relieve some of the tensions that built up.

their climaxes though, Tina was shocked when her lover disappeared! One
moment, she’d been above Kayla on the bed, quite enjoying herself. She
heard the moan of Kayla not far away, and realized that Kayla had fallen
through to under the bed!

The girls had a good laugh about it,
and would then agree to resume off to the side on the floor so they
wouldn’t be interrupted again, thankfully Kayla didn’t have a basement!

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