Last weekend I did a high stakes dare/bet with someone.He had to be my slave for 80 hours; then at the end of it all I had to give him a blowjob.
I knew being my slave would really suck; and he knew if he pulled it off I'd have to suck.
I warned him that being a slave wouldn't be fun or easy. I told him he'd end up doing chores around the house, cleaning dishes, doing laundry, and humiliating things like jerking off on himself for my entertainment, sitting in the corner. I threatened to invite people over and make him jerk them off, and many other ideas. He had his fair warning.
But - he was blinded by the idea that he'd knuckle-down and make it though whatever I threw at him. Then when it was over, he'd do his victory lap and laugh because i'd be forced to blow him.
His eagerness and enthusiasm was making me extremely anxious, but it was to late to back out. It was a 2-way challenge and I had to believe he'd be weak and I'd prevail.
With butterflies in my stomach, I gave him my 1st order. The clock started and he was being my slave and doing what I was telling him. My fate was sealed, there was no getting out of it now. He was taking the dishes out of the dishwasher and I instantly realized that it was a lot of work to have a slave. He didn't know where anything goes, so he just put stuff anywhere. The dishwasher was empty in under 2 minutes and I wasn't sure what to do with him next. I had him move some dirty dishes into the now empty dishwasher and started making a list of things for him to do on my computer.
I had a few sections. Chores and easy things, less fun chores, embarrassing things, gross things, evil things... I knew I wouldn't have the heart to make him to many things an I think he was counting on that. But if I found myself with only 2 hours remaining, I needed some ideas that were sure to make him quit.
Of course - I should know - once you're 70 hours into an 80 hour bet you just can't quit. You have to much invested.
He finished the dishes and decided to sit on the couch. I was pissed. What the hell is my slave doing sitting idle on the couch while I fret and worry because I'm going to have to blow his smug ass. I told him to do the laundry, but made him separate everything into a zillion piles 1st.
... time passes and I was getting into my master zone. Giving him orders. Stopping him and making him do things over and bitching aloud about how my slave sucks at being a slave. We were about 3 hours in and I could see his spirit breaking.
He realized that doing my chores really sucks. I had him climbing around in the closet. Fetching things for me; then running and putting them back.
I had him wash and chop vegetables for my salad. Made him sit in the corner with his pants around his ankles while I drank a nice cold beer on the porch.
Then I looked at the time. He'd only been slaving for about 4 hours!! I let him know. All that SUCK and it's only been 4 hours. He had the whole day ahead of him!  I told him my evilness would only get worse as we went along because there was no way I was going to suck him.  He was broken and regretting getting involved; but he wasn't about to quit. I was wondering... do I make him stick ice cubes in his ass now or during his next slave session?
I snickered as the laundry buzzer went off and just pointed in the direction of the dryer. Off he went.
He returned and I said "OK, next you're going to..." and that's where he cut me off.
"I'm done." He knew he wouldn't make it. No point slaving for hours and hours just to quit later.He grabbed his jacket and promptly left.
Looking back I'm glad he agreed to so many slave hours. I'm pretty sure if we picked 40 he would have suffered thought it and I'd have lost.

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